8 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks for BEGINNERS – Find ANY Program to Promote

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best affiliate marketing networks for beginners alright so before we get into
it if you don’t know what an affiliate marketing network is essentially what it
is it’s kind of like a middleman alright so here’s you right you consider the
publisher or the marketer or the blogger right you’re the one that’s promoting
products and services from other companies alright and get paid whenever
someone buys based on your referral and then you’ve got this person who’s the
what you call the the puppy advertiser right that’s the person that is the one
that has the product they have the service and they want to get more more
sales so they want more people to find their stuff so they’re willing to come
to networks affiliate marketing networks who have the advertisers and who have
you the publisher to come together to say hey you have a product and this
person can help you promote it hey let’s let’s let’s do work this
together I expense what affiliate marketing network is alright so let’s
get right started right into it alright the eight best affiliate marketing
networks for beginners alright so number eight is Clickbank all right so you
probably have heard of Clickbank alright good Bank is one of the oldest and
well-known affiliate marketing networks right that have been in the game for a
minute they are free to join so you can get started pretty easily the startup
process is pretty easy very simple application what they have they have a
bajillion different products mostly digital products marketing products and
courses pretty much of all kinds that you can see here you can see they got a
plethora of different genres and different place things that you can look
into to decide which one’s fit best with what
you’re trying to promote and talk about and they have physical products too as
well and so they have an affiliate marketing the marketplace where you can
click there and kind of get more information on all the different
categories and stuff that they have so one thing about about Clickbank is that
they also have what’s called a Clickbank University which is pretty cool that you
can help that helps you designed to help you get started pretty quickly
especially for a beginner in affiliate marketing and making some cash only
thing my Clickbank though is that they tend to have a lot of crap products as a
matter of fact a lot of them are pretty much spam products so that’s something
that you want to be careful with in terms of trying to make sure that you
find a product that has that’s pretty disqualify ated with those quality
products alright and then I’m number 7 best affiliate marketing Network to help
you find the best offers to promote with the beginners is jvzoo alright so jvzoo
actually is a marketplace right network where they have a lot of products so
they have digital products mostly digital marketing products they’ve been
around for a while alright you can see they’ve got about a half million
different products that are sold in 22 different categories well known as as an
affiliate affiliate network and a lot of top marketers use them if it’s free to
get started so that’s the nice thing for beginners you don’t need a website as
well so if you’re beginner that’s helpful um like I said they have a lot
of digital products and online courses that’s really what they’re into um and
you can see that they really they’re really designed to really help
experienced marketers as well who have an online presence to take advantage of
product launches because that’s what they really really are big on and they
still gonna also help you create funnels so as you can see the help you maximize
your traffic you know you can all have automated webinars um commission
boosters you know things designed to help you get more more money out of your
funnels out of your marketing all through the health student help you to
learn your scaling and so it’s really good they got a pretty good support as
well so that’s one of the things that that’s pretty good is that you can kind
of have like and a marketing aspect that with your
funnels and webinars along all we did the same Network where you get all your
affiliate products as well so as you can see they got a lot of a lot of the stuff
here retraining for members ongoing updates no limits to which how much you
can do and all I want to Philly marketing platforms so kind of what I
was talking about there so one thing to know about JB’s is you gotta kind of be
careful as well some of their products is sometimes crap as well but so you
want to make sure that what you’re promoting is legitimate quality and that
is actually helping people check out the reviews things like that alright so that
was number seven of our affiliate marketing networks for beginners
all right so for number six number six times six affiliate marketing network
for beginners help you find offers that you can promote would be flex offers all
right so flex offers is another affiliate marketing note that’s been
around for a while now and is well known high-performing very good quality
network as you can see they have thousands of the new affiliate programs
up to 12,000 different affiliate programs right so that’s that’s a lot of
publishers right a lot of publishers product people people who are products
and services coming here because they feel confident that they can get their
stuff promoted because the inequality of affiliates here or high quality why
because flex offers takes care of their affiliates so they do a pretty good job
of it as well they have 10 plus years in the game as you can see you got
publishers and you got the advertisers and they got the technology to make it
all happen together so like they got 12,000 plus advertisers different
programs they’re promoting here 500 a month premium one thing that I do like
to see a reward I’m high high volume moving publishers so if you’re a blogger
content creator and you’ve got a nice little audience and your make and you’re
making money well they’ll help you don’t let you get
paid quicker within seven days versus everybody else is like a 30 day thing
which is not bad another nice thing too is that they help you get your affiliate
your affiliate dashboard set up and they’re helping you just kind of get
that stuff together nothing is real cool to that they have a revenue share
program so if you just refer someone to flex offers and make you start in Philly
as a publisher you can get paid from whatever they promote so that’s really
really nice something that I thought it was pretty cool
so that’s clucks operas right there it’s pretty good filling marketing Network
for four for beginners and I hope that is helpful that’s actually one of my
favorite ones too all right so get right into the next one
right number five on affiliate marketing best affiliate for marketing networks
for beginners would be veg lane so I like viglink because big league is
pretty cool is really good well-known affiliate marketing network that works
pretty well for beginners you know like here they’re really focused on leverage
and giving you insight and information and automating a lot of things one thing
about them that they’re really well known for is that they’re really good
for bloggers so what they do is that they have this technology that’s set up
so that they’ll automatically create links for anything that you talk about
upon a blog post on in any of your blog post and it will automatically create
links to like you know Amazon or whatever so that you can automatically
get the sale if someone were to click on it and it does it like automatically and
dynamically which is really really cool but doesn’t mean that you can’t use it
you know especially if you’re not you know how to blog if you’re a beginner
you have a blog you can still use it it’s really good too for just you know
just if you want to choose your own offers and and promote that you can
still do that too and so you can see there’s a top-tier Network a lot of a
lot of well-known people are in the space so like I said if you’re a
publisher you can go here and get more information and get signed up right so
they just you know they’ll give you a lot of information designed to help you
understand what’s going on with your affiliate marketing and with your
different offers they give you a nice little dashboard so you can see what’s
going on a lot of metrics click sales to help you fine-tune yours your strategy
but one of the things too as well is that they have they’re also really good
program for they tend to have a lot of affiliate programs for for retailers
that don’t have their own program and so they don’t have a program you can
actually come to big lengths to see if big link is already connected with
and has a program through them that way you can promote it so that’s another
little management viglink that I really do like so that was number five right
there so number four top for affiliate marketing Network there were for
beginners that works really well to help you find offers to promote would be CJ
affiliate so CJ affiliate is a well-known affiliate marketing network
there’s a really big network as you can see they do one hundred twenty six
million dollars in sales annually between in their network it used to be
called Commission Junction before they turned around before they flipped it
around but as you can see though they’re a well-known network a lot of top end
marketers on top and brands and products you’ll find them on CJ affiliate if you
get started with like those those programs you’ll end up getting refer to
CJ affiliate and getting set up from there for their program and so you can
see that they got they got a lot of stuff set up for you really if you go to
power of affiliate here to get signed up you can see what they’re doing for
affiliates all right they’re connecting publishers right you the content creator
with the advertisers who has a product service and just creating this whole
entire network where you’re able to take advantage of the synergy of being able
to promote in their network and get more clicks more sales it’s really cool
process is intuitive getting links from for your products is for your blog is
really simple they have reliable payments that they
give you every month and the reporting suite you’ll see that it’s pretty robust
gives you a lot of data to help you really maximize what your join on CJ
affiliate but the other thing is that it can be a little for the beginner so it
can be a lot of information but if you take it slow you it’s a lot of its
information is eventually you can learn and really help your in promoting the
best products for your affiliate offers so that was number four all right so
onto three number three affiliate marketing network for the best affiliate
marketing networks for beginners don’t we find the offerings that you best
offers to promote is share a sale so share a cell is
affiliate marketing Network gets been around for a while as well they’re
pretty large network you have about 4,000 plus different merchants that are
promoting on hand you can see they’re not really fancy dancing but they get
the job done that’s one thing you can know you can see they’ve been here for
18 years they’ve been in the game and they’re all about speed efficiency and
accuracy and just making the relationship between you the publisher
the content creator and the advertiser smooth so that you can get paid you can
see they got a lot of different merchants on hand a lot of products that
you can promote so they give you a lot of information here so if you want to
get signed up and you can even hit I’m gonna fill it right here and get signed
up and so one of the good things about share cell is that it’s easy to compare
the offers between the different offers from the different programs with the
metrics that they have and their pealing cycles pretty fast as well so you can
get paid pretty quickly too so that was number three of our best affiliate
marketing networks all right and then number two best affiliate marketing
networks for beginners to help you find those offers that you can promote would
be tearful I so pier fliers more is a more of a newer network affiliate
marketing network but it’s fast growing and very very well known that in fact a
lot of people are really having a lot of success with it and really enjoy it a
lot of affiliate and one of the reasons why is that it’s got very it’s got a
very good intuitive board get started process for beginners which is really
good and they have a lot of they have a good retention rate which we still teach
– that’s another thing which means that whatever they’re doing you’re doing
really well right people are liking it the obviously affiliates are loving it
which means that it’s great for advertisers so you can see number one
affiliate network for advertisers back in 2013 great if your advertiser trying
to get the sales got to getting the data and the stuff that you need to make sure
that you’re you’re promoting your products and without all the hassle of
having to keep up with it and but if you’re an affiliate Wow they said it’s
custom tracking platform that is really intuitive actually from what I’ve heard
is really great for beginners easy to get started with but if you’re a veteran
is even but it’s great too because it’s got high quality products on this on
this network um the app process is what I’ve heard is
actually pretty pretty extensive right she’s just
started getting signed up is not easy though like you have to go through an
application process but I think that’s one of the things that brings the
quality into the network and the reason why so many people are so many feelings
like it so you can see they have a lot of popular brands here as well but I
think that’s one of the things that makes it that’s been making it very
popular so you’re cutting you know just making sure that you have the best
affiliates on on the network and so you can see what’s going on here if you
wanted to start it you can just click here to join and they will kind of take
you through the process of application giving you all the information that they
give you custom tracking for arm rewards programs and contests free trainings and
tools and things that you can earn so it’s really it’s really good really good
program affiliate marketing Network bitch you should definitely consider
specially if you’re a beginner all right and further my number one affiliate
marketing network best affiliate marketing network for beginners to help
you find those products and as you wanted that would you want to promote
would be racket an all right so let’s rack 10 marketing so if most retailers
are gonna have some type of affiliation with racket and marketing they’re one of
the oldest networks affiliate marketing networks in the game and yet they’re
probably the some of the highest quality that you could get you’ll find out there
in fact they were ribbon right number one in terms of filling marketing
networking sales they’ve made which means it’s good to use in Philly because
obviously they’re doing something right and obviously advertisers are wanting to
put their products on there so you as an affiliate might want to be there too so
maybe really good starters one of the things the rectum marketing is actually
linked up with another company called racket and incorporated you’re either
see their network is so massive which is like the sixth largest Internet service
provider right now they have do 1.1 billion in terms of consumers who buy
from their network and over 230 countries you can see like I said most
likely your brand you’re looking for is on racket in marketing right and so if
you want to become an affiliate you can kind of get more information here by
clicking there take you over to their page here where
you can learn more about the fact that hey there’s no more affiliate marketing
network and seven consecutive years and so you can definitely find definitely
find what you’re looking for here as an advertiser right so they’re all about
connecting your advertisement publish your quality technology service the
reach you need to promote what you’re looking for and the different and the
different opportunities there so one thing about them is that they have a lot
of flexibility with their marketing so you can rotate different ads and
different offers once you on the dashboard and the payments is pretty
it’s pretty stable so you get paid pretty well and you can see they’re
pretty just they’re just in tune with the fact that affiliate marketing is
just what’s happening right now so they’re all about that they’re all about
just inspiring you and making sure you get paid so that’s it right there my
friend that is the eight best affiliate marketing networks for beginners that I
think you should definitely take a look at and consider some of them are really
good great for beginners some I even have things for veterans as well so
that’s something that hopefully you can take from there and help you in your
affiliate marketing business so hope you enjoyed it right if you didn’t get the
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