8 Things NO ONE is talking about with the ECHO SHOW 5

– Hey, what’s up everyone? Today we’re gonna be talking
about some fun things that you can do
with this device, so stay tuned. (upbeat music) All right, so this guy’s been
out for a little while now, and I have seen
lots of unboxings and first impression videos which there’s nothing
wrong with that because I do those myself, but I wanted to go into a few
key features on this thing and then also show you guys some unique ways on how to use this. So, let’s get started. Okay, number one on my list is adding this device
to a group or bedroom. Now, the reason
you’re gonna wanna add this to a group is because that way you can use this
device to control that room. So say for example, I put this
in the group for my office, and I had it in here, but then I changed my mind, and I wanted to
move it upstairs, and while I’m upstairs, I tell the device here
“turn on the lights”. Because it thinks
it’s in an office, it’s gonna be turning
on my office lights. Now, I can specify what
lights I want it to turn on, I can say “turn on my
master bedroom lights”, and it’ll do that, but if I just wanna
be nice and simple just “turn lights on and off”, different things like that, I’ve also got the fire
tv in my room now, so if I wanna say
“play this on the tv”, it now knows it’s the tv
that’s in the master bedroom, I have to have this guy in
the master bedroom group, so everything in that
group can be referred to with just the simple phrase instead of the full
name of that device which is just super
convenient to have. Computer, put Echo Show 5
in master bedroom group. – [Alexa] Okay, the Echo Show 5 is in the master bedroom group. – All right, so
number two on the list is using this guy as a
digital picture frame. So what you would do is you
would swipe down from the top, go into settings, go to
the home and clock section, type on customize your clock, and then you’re going
to pick it from there. If you wanna do personal photos, you do have to have an
Amazon Prime account which includes Amazon Photos, you would load photos up there and then from there you
would create albums, and then, on this device,
you would select that album that you want to use
as your digital clock. I went through and
I created an album that just has my logo on it, so that way it’s
permanently just my logo instead of one of the random
backgrounds that they had, and that is how I got this
on my background here. So if you do set up an album
with a bunch of pictures, it will rotate through those. Okay, so number three
on the list is alarms, and alarms sounds
pretty straight forward, but there are some
certain things that you cannot do on
this device with alarms that you would need
to use the app for. For example, if you wanna
change the alarm tone on here, you have to go into the app and you can select the
different tones in there. Also if you wanna
choose gradual volume, you would have to do that
through the app, too, so it would start quiet and
slowly get louder and louder, and you can also adjust the
alarm volume in the app. Something that you cannot
do in the app however, that you can only
do with you voice is if you want the alarm
to wake you to music. So I found that if I want
my alarm to wake me up to say Maroon 5 or
if I have a playlist or something like
that, I can do that, but I have to request
it with my voice. Alexa, set an alarm for
5:30 a.m. to Maroon 5. – [Alexa] Alarm
set for 5:30 a.m. tomorrow to Maroon
5 radio on Pandora. – Perfect, now, if I
wanna go into the app, I can make that
a recurring alarm to play everyday or
weekends or weekdays, I can set the schedule
in the app there, but that is how you get
this guy to play to music. All right, number four on
the list is drop-in calls. Now, you can use this device and another echo show
device to do drop-in calls. I tested this early
with the family, so let’s jump to that
footage right now. Drop-in on Echo Show 5. I don’t see you yet! Oh there you are. (baby coos) Emi, who’s that? – Hi Honey. – Emi can you say hi? (child vocalizes) Hi Avery! You’re so cute. We’ll see you later. – Goodbye! – Bye! Sorry for the echo on that, she’s just right in
the room next to me. All right, number
five on the list is showing your
security cameras. I did a whole
video on connecting your security camera
account to your Alexa, so I will link it up here if you guys want
to check that out, but once you have it linked, all you need to do is ask the
device to show the camera. And this is really
convenient if you have this next to your bed
or in your office and want to check
your security cameras, you can do that by saying
“show the Arlo front door”. – [Alexa] Okay. – And there it is. There’s my Arlo front door. All right, number
six on the list is that you can use this
guy as a Bluetooth speaker. So this has a great
speaker built in to it, and if you want
to use your phone and play all the
music on your phone through the speaker here which is just a cool
little feature to have. (upbeat music) (child vocalizing) All right, number
seven on the list has to do with
probably one of my biggest complaints
about these devices, and that’s all of
the echo devices, and that is the fact that they don’t have a built in battery. Like, I wanna be
able to pick this up, go outside with it, go to
a different room with it for a half hour, a
little bit of time, whatever that is, be able
to listen to my music, watch a video, whatever it is, and just be mobile with it. That is something that these
devices are greatly missing, but, but I do have
a solution for that, and that is this power brick with an AC outlet
on the side here. Because of the size
of this thing, too, it makes a great little
platform to plug that in and be able to take this around. We have already
used this outside, I’ve set up a
couple little videos for the girls to watch while
they’re playing or music, and we just set this in the
corner while they’re outside. It kinda keeps them entertained, they can listen to some music. Or, for example, the other night we ate dinner on
the outside table and were able to take
this out there with us and listen to music, and it was just such a
great little experience, so unfortunately
the one that I have isn’t available anymore, but I will put
links to other ones if you guys are interested
in getting that. I ran this guy for about
an hour on this brick, and I’m down to 80 percent, so you can get quite a
lotta time out of this thing which is just a fun
little thing to have. You could take it camping,
whatever you wanna do. Now the last little bonus
thing I wanted to about is that I bought the
stand for this guy. The stand is magnetic,
so if you put it on here, it will connect
to it via magnet, and it allows you to tilt
the device up or down which is convenient to have because if I’m sitting
right now at this table, and I’m looking at this thing, it’s kind of hard to see it, but I can always tilt
this back and look up, and now it’s perfectly
looking right up at me, so that is just a fun
little thing to have. Couple other of features on here is that you can
close the camera. So if you have this in your
bedroom or wherever it is, and you don’t want that camera, and it does have a physical
shutter that you can close here, and it’ll tell you
that the camera is off. Other than that, it
looks very similar to its bigger brother the
Echo Show Second Generation which I just recently reviewed, so I will link that up there if you guys want
to check that out. But that’s all I
have for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If it was helpful,
give it a thumbs up, let me know that you liked it. As always, for more
content like this, don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you guys
in the next video. (upbeat music)


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