8 Things Poor People Do That Rich People DON’T

Hey, I’m John Crestani, I’m an
entrepreneur. And in this video, I’m going to go over the 8 key differences between poor
and rich people in terms of their mentality which is the most important
thing that you can have if you want to become successful. Stay tuned and I’m
going to explain all of the key differences to help you on that path to
success if you’re with me. Money ain’t that bad, right? Well, unfortunately there
are a lot of people who think it is. And in this video, I’m going to go over the
mindset differences the poor versus the rich. But it’s important for you to
understand and I don’t say this to brag. But I’ve made tens of millions of
dollars in my business. And I earn in the top 1% of people in the United States
for years. I became a millionaire in my 20s. And I run a business that does
roughly seven million dollars per year without any employees. So, I say that not
to impress you but to speak hope you understand that I’m speaking from a
place of some experience. Not as much as most. And not where I want to be. But
hopefully I can convey a little bit of information to you about the differences
between poor versus rich that you may not be learning in colleges. And
obviously money ain’t that bad so let’s not get too caught up in it. Let’s get
our minds straight. Now, first thing to understand is poor people react. Poor
people react to the notifications on their phone. Poor people react to the
requests of others. Reacting to others will leave you in a cycle where you
never fully define yourself. Rich people make others react to them. So, that’s the
important thing to understand between these 2. Now, for me, I realized that
this was causing me to… It was taking up a lot of my time. And I actually turned
off all notifications on my phone. I deleted social media
apps from my phone. I get a text message, nothing happens.
That little light, it doesn’t blink. The buzzer, it never goes off. When that
somebody calls me, it never rings. When somebody calls me, that blinky light
never lights up because I’ve made it so that I am never reacting to others.
Others only react to me. And when I need to check my text messages or my emails, I
go on my phone when I choose. As opposed to others telling me where my mind
should go. The next key distinction between poor
verse rich mentality is that poor people give advice. You may have heard of the
old dodge. We have two ears and one mouth. And that holds true for anything in life.
You should be always be a better listener than you are an advice giver.
Whenever I’m around people, I ask questions. Whenever I go in a lift cab or
an uber, I sit in the front seat and I asked that person about what is the
local economy like. What is your culture like? What is the country are from like? I
ask a million questions but I never offer advice. That’s how you train your
brain. That’s how you learn. Giving advice doesn’t serve you. So, the next thing to
understand is poor people watch. Whereas wealthy people read. I don’t know
how to explain this other than. You’re going to get more knowledge from books.
Watching TV and doing passive kind of passive kind of entertainment methods or
outlets is not a way to train your brain to learn more. It’s not a way to train
your imagination to think of creative or original thoughts. Watching just allows
you to experience life vicariously. Whereas reading allows you to create, you
know, it forces your imagination to open up. It forces your mind to think on a
higher level whereas the TV forces you to tune down and turn down your energy.
Have you ever tried to talk to somebody who’s been watching TV for an hour?
And they’re like this and you try to say something to them but they don’t hear
you? It’s because your brain literally shuts down while you’re watching screens
or movies. You can’t process things. You’re
literally dumbing yourself down for a while.
Instead of forcing yourself to think up by reading books. I read a lot of books. I
read a lot of science fiction books. I read a lot of business books to always
learn more. And read a lot of relationship books to help my
relationship too. The next thing to understand about poor versus rich is
that poor people trade time for money. Whereas rich people trade results for
money. Now, Elon Musk for instance will get paid 2.3 billion dollars
over the next couple of years not because he was paid a high hourly wage.
Not because who’s paid him high monthly salary. It is because his stock goes up.
Because he sold more Tesla’s than his stockholders thought he would. I don’t
make my money because I charge people a high hourly wage to hire me to do
marketing for them. I make my money because I get results for companies. I
make more sales for them, I send them more customers and they pay me more
commissions for my marketing efforts. A normal company wouldn’t pay somebody
$1,000 an hour but that’s what I make on average a day, a normal company.
But they will pay me to bring them results. If I create for them sixteen
thousand dollars a day worth of business, they will happily pay me half of that
because I created that and I can also turn it off for them at any point if I
wish to. Have you ever heard the old of Dodge a penny saved, is a penny earned.
It’s still a freaking penny. And you’re not going to make money if you’re focused
on saving every single penny or nickel or dime that you make. That’s a good way
to stay poor. A good way to become rich is to earn. To focus
on earning rather than saving. And frankly, when you don’t have to worry
about saving every dime, life is a lot more fun and you get a lot more freedom
to do the things that you like. Now, I shoot this money gun up because…
Well, first off, it’s fun. But it also is to show you that a lot of people will
hate on this. A lot of people think that this is crude. And you shouldn’t treat
money like fat, frankly. But the difference between poor versus rich
mentality is that poor people think money is evil. That it’s not good to have
too much money. That you shouldn’t put it in people’s faces or you shouldn’t do
fancy things. You shouldn’t buy a Lamborghini. Don’t tell people about that
yacht. Don’t go on expensive trips in other people’s faces. Money is not evil.
Rich people think money is actually the source of good. And when you have money,
you’re able to actually do better things. Whether that’s… You know, for me it’s
being able to hire a nanny. You know, being able to hire doulas for my wife.
Being able to have a nice house for my family. Being able to buy a horse for my
daughter. Being able to build a horse trail in our backyard. You know for me and my daughter to ride horses on, etc. I believe money’s great
because it solves a lot of problems. And I believe it can solve a lot of problems
for other people as well. I help a lot of people that are in my inner circle and a
lot of people benefit. And I’ve made my students highly successful by
being able to create innovate better and better training programs for them. The
next thing to understand is that poor people blame others. When something goes
wrong, when the finances are bad, when the you know, there’s not you know, there’s
not enough work, right? Or “My boss is an asshole.” Or you know… “Business is bad. The
economy’s bad. Trump’s killing our economy.” Whatever it is, it’s
always outside of yourself. It’s never your fault. Nothing’s ever your fault.
Your relationship, it’s not your fault that you have a bad relationship. It’s
her fault or it’s his fault, right? Can’t be your fault? You were late. You weren’t
late because it was your fault. you were late because there was traffic, right? And
that traffic made you late. How many people here have used the traffic excuse?
And if you have used the traffic excuse, just say “guilty” okay? In the comments,
just go down there and write guilty. If you’ve ever blamed the reason you were
late on traffic. It wasn’t traffic. You didn’t plan
correctly. So, if you understand what I’m saying,
type in guilty in the comments below. And frankly, if you are guilty of any of
these things, type in “guilty”. Now, the last key difference between the poor and the
rich mentality. It’s the lottery versus the action mentality. Now, what this
mentality is, is that something good is going to happen to you. Eventually you will
find that thing. Eventually you will come across that secret way to make money
trading stocks or you’ll figure out that secret real estate method. Or you’ll
come across the right internet guru and he will have the magical system which
will make everything all right and he’ll show you exactly how to step by step
make money online. Now, the fact of the matter is if you have a lottery
mentality, no matter which teacher you decide to follow, whether it’s in YouTube
or life or no matter what boss you decide to work for, you are going to
severely limit yourself as chances at becoming rich. Whereas if you take the
action mentality to life, you can become wealthy. Now, I want you to imagine for a
second that you are completely in control of your
life. That anything you wish for can happen. Then anything you imagine that
you want where you want to be you can have. But in order to have everything you
want, you need to take full responsibility for everything that goes
on in your life. Is your relationship where you want it to be? It’s your fault.
Or your finances where you want them to be? It’s your fault. And is your health
exactly where you want it to be? It’s your fault.
Now, you are completely in control of your life. And you can have whatever it
is you want. But to do so, you’re going to have to take control and realize that
all of these things –your relationship, your finances, your health are your fault.
And that’s not an easy pill to swallow. It isn’t. Really isn’t. But it is. And once
you realize that, then you’re in control. Because now, you are the responsible one.
And for those of you willing to play along with me and take responsibility, I
encourage you let’s look at this list again. Do you react to others? Others
being your phone, your notifications, your messages, your texts, your whatsapp, your
Facebook notifications. You ever spend more time giving advice than asking
questions? Do you ever watch more than you read? Do you ever… Do you trade your
time for money rather than trading your results for money? Do you focus on saving
rather than earning? Now, if you’re willing to play along, type in the
comments if one of those apply to you. Type in “guilty”.
Then after guilty type in “I….” Whatever you commit to. “I commit to not reacting to my
phone” Or ‘I commit to taking more action or reading more”. Whatever speaks to you
the most. Commit to something. Taking responsibility. Whatever speaks to
you the most. Commit to something and write it down. And put it out there in
the comments for others to see because it makes it more real. Now, I hope this
video has helped you. And hopefully a little way. Because you know, as a
teacher and as an entrepreneur and as a marketer, I feel it’s my duty to help
others grow as well and learn the same lessons I’ve learned. And if this has
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