8 WEBSITES Online Income Proof – Make Passive Income Online in 2019

In this video I am going to show you how
to make passive income online I will share with you eight website that I am
using to earn $100 per day. Stick with me through this video I’m going to
share my earning proof before seeing this this is the first
time you are here this channel all about how to make money online using different
method so I invite your guys if you want this more video just like this I invite
you to go down and subscribe to this channel. Number one Google Adsense the
first time my blog hit $100 mark in November 2013 i earned hundred dollars one
hundred fifty dollars two hundred three hundred and even three hundred fifty in
one day from a single source of income it is a fascinating moment when you are
hitting 100 dollars online earnings per day these are the real numbers not fake
or Photoshopped I’m going to refresh this Adsense page it is loading okay
take a look at the amount is the same and page views at the same I reached $300
mark in one from google adsense. This earning result doesn’t happen
in one month. the first time I earned from Adsense in February 2011 I started my
blog in January 2011. Adsense account was approved in February the first month of
my earning is $10 here is my first year earnings I earned 550 dollars from 2011
the year I started blogging. By the way I also made money from affiliate marketing
the second year I earned two thousand four hundred dollars from google adsense
alone then I make three thousand dollars from Adsense in one month. My Adsense
earning is passive income method because I posted most of my articles in 2012 and
2013 I still get traffic for those blog
posts so the way passive income works you need to spend time or money in the
early days and then you can earn money continuously from your income source
each month. if you don’t have a blog you miss lot of earning opportunities online
you can create a blog for free and professional-looking one less than
$50 per year. Checkout link in the YouTube description google essence is the best
passive income online source so you only need to spend time to build your blog
and authority on your selected niche. Number two ShareASale ShareASale is one of
the best I affiliate networks you can promote a different kind of affiliate marketers
products from physical products to digital tools and the services. Affiliate
marketing is an excellent way to make money online many bloggers and youtubers
make more money from Affiliate Commission’s than advertising income. once
you sign up in ShareASale account. you can find various merchants in almost every
category whatever niche you are writing you can find affiliate marketers in your
industry you can earn from 5 percentage to 60 percentage Affiliate Commission which
depends on the products and services they offer generally online tools and
services give higher percentage Affiliate Commission. Either you can choose affiliate marketers related to your website topics or you can select top performing
affiliate marketers product and Affiliate marketers from ShareASale top power rank list. whereas some affiliate marketers provide Commission only for sale and
other gives commission for sale and commission per lead. when you are
thinking about passive income let’s take a look at one of my affiliate site
earnings from this network one I affiliate marketer Grammerly. I earn money from different Affiliate marketers on this network in
March 2019 I earned 20 flat affiliate commission and some twenty sense per
leads from Grammarly.com I think I wrote an article about grammarly in
2015 January so that that review post is four years old since then I earn
commissions from grammarly when new people sign up for grammarly free account or premium account through my affiliate link I will earn money people sign up for free
account I earn twenty per lead when someone purchase premium account I will earn $20 flat commission so that affiliate marketing is an excellent passive income
source if you haven’t put affiliate links on your website articles or on your YouTube
videos you can try and earn affiliate commission from today number three Amazon Affiliate Amazon Affiliate Program is the additional income source for me I
haven’t reviewed amazing products but I add affiliate links whenever related
products much with my blog post many people are building Amazon Affiliate targeted sites. Creating Amazon Affiliate website is the best way to generate
passive income for years. Here is Amazon Affiliate earnings report that gives some
overall ideas for you doug connington shared $70,000
earnings report from one I affiliate site he earned $30,000 in 2016
from Amazon Affiliate. In 2017 his niche websites pulled in over seventy thousand
dollars that amazon product niche site earns money without creating new
contents for a long time you want to succeed in Amazon Affiliate and you should select the right products to promote you can choose by niche down and at the
same with enough search traffic volume Number four Flippa flipping an online
business is one of the way to make money online last year are you and nine
thousand five hundred and fifty dollars from sold one of my website you can see
that I reserved the site for six thousand dollars but I received 72
public auction bids and the price reached nine thousand five hundred and
fifty dollars if you are earning three hundred dollars monthly you can sell
website between $8,000 to thirteen thousand dollars sometimes you can make
more money less money which depend on the various factors like traffic source
website types audience countries and many more here is take a look at
everyday many website owners sell their online business Philippa thistle is
waste automated drop shipping website earning with three thousand four hundred
dollars monthly but this it is one year old sea is a premium
zelda Rob’s being sites are mostly using Facebook Ads to head traffic currently
this site reached nearly $20,000 but 20 days left to public auction Island so
this site will hit more bits and price let’s take a look at another site okay
this one this DIY craft blog burns less than $30 monthly but it received 32,000
assisters monthly and 7es old currently beats reached two thousand dollars and
18 days left to auction on end so it may reach more price because it has more
than 30,000 monthly visitors so you can earn more money when you have 30,000
monthly visitors please you can wonderly on 300 to 400 dollars let’s further look
coca and so I’d bring traffic 90 percentage of traffic is coming from
social media more septim of industry week by the way if you want English
traffic from Pinterest check out my previous video 9 step to head in
dystrophy you can buy a website with the lower price and make some improvement in
terms of traffic and earnings and then you are able to sell it a much higher
price you need to video sites carefully before buying here you are ready to
start flipping online business you need to invest money and then you can earn
passive income without doing cart work number 5 dooty dooty is another great
SOI to earn passive income when you are spending times to create lots of useful
videos in the beginnings you will make money for works you did in the past
there are many duty but since earnings report many of them earn more than ten
thousand dollars per month you can also make money other sauce flow like a plate
Commission’s and branded you can make videos about the topics that you know
you can also create compilation videos from creative commons video collection
number 6 Kindle direct publishing Amazon Kindle direct publishing also known as a
mess and KDP you can earn money writing ebooks and sell on animation you can
also outsource for creating ebooks you can hire freelancers writers to write
for you you can jous upwork.com to hire freelancers you
only need to invest money for caring freelancers to write attendance for you
and then you can start generate passive income when your ebooks or purchase
amazing Kindle ebooks price are very lower but most of the books are sales
thousands of sales every year number 7 tea table tea table is another good site
to cause and sell you of course easily you can promote your goes through your
blog or You Tube channel you only want to spend time to create useful contents
and it and you can’t even perceive any home by outsourcing or Facebook ads to
sell your course number 8 so people people can make a lot of
passive income from drop sipping on socialize Rob sipping alerts you to sip
physical products to customers without holding inventory you earn money moving
goods from the manufacturer directly to the end-use without going through the
usual distribution channel if you want to start earning passive income by drop
sipping you can build ecommerce site on sofa or you can buy business on Phillipa
you should do proper search when you have a plan on buying existing property
being store starting stops being slow business is hard work in the beginnings
you need to spend time and some money to build ecommerce business and then you
can make money when you are receiving organic traffic or buy traffic from
advertising these are the proven methods to make passive income online you can
earn at least $100 per day from one income source or using some of ideas one
place when you are creating a block or YouTube channel you can you can use
other monetization methods like epi8 marketing and whore selling on your
website and do the videos I use these methods to earn money online I am going
to more online money-making ideas and tools with you so subscribe and like
this video if you find useful and also share your favorite methods to earn
money online in the comment section I will see house in the next video bye for

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