We got duo eclipse now let’s do some battles Today for a beyblade show we have the duo eclipse Bey and run into some awesome battles but for this video what we’ll have it so today for our beyblade show as you can see we have a duo eclipse and The bey, that’s right next to it is Do all polos so we’re gonna basically do is Um we’re gonna do one round against this maybe 5 on battle against this maybe five round Thinking after switching it up to have it to be a duel or the rest And then after we’re gonna have dual Artemis versus dual Apollo’s so the mostly five rounds each So three different battles, they’re gonna be all against each other. I think this will be fun. They’re gonna have the same parts so it’s like pretty much even just layer different and Yeah, let’s get some color eyes. Do Apollo’s. I have a dual clips. We’re gonna do five rounds first round three two one go All right and double burst, I guess three two one go shoot Once to burst me right at the start alright so our winner for that one with dual pol our dual duo Apollo’s so burst finish Here at the – alrighty 3 2 1 go shoot Come on duo, Clipse yeah Alright, I won that one so it is – all currently next round three two one go shoot Alright, thank you, so I guess that goes the duel follows so the score is two to four We’ll go up to five three two one go I called on my Eclipse shoots Already our winner is duel. Oh, yeah Alright, let’s do another round three two one go All righty so our champion for this one is the Sun side Which was a dual apollos or not what we’re now going to do. We’re gonna actually What we’re not going to do is now to do all our duo Artemis you already missed And we’re going to do five rounds with that see it’s any different all righty three two one go shoot. Oh I understand now why they said that in my it’s an attack by ERISA remember the description because that unites driver It’s like sort of like an attack side, but then after it becomes sort of like in the middle Guy one goes to your duo Artemis with zero to one spin finish alright a three to one goes shoot Alrighty three three two one go I Sort of wish the lairs on their own maybe had a specific gimmick to it But did you get that the two outs into one? It’s like the gimmick of it Alright the moon, it’s like house for point so far three two one go Yeah a clip shit for the win alright no next round three two one go No wait, it’s hitting me on the set you can see it. Yeah, I mean I Don’t know what I’m gonna count fussing over finish All right come on buddy All right, I give that an over finish alright next what we’re gonna do no Final round it’s going to be Apollo versus Artemis so yeah the focus Claire up there yeah, there you go So now I’m gonna make in Bell against these two so my bet is nothing to be on Apollo We’re gonna see how all right three two one go shoot All right Yeah, if the moon once they hit me that’d be great, oh there we go yeah Artemis you’re not nothing All right yeah, I guess guess it was something mighty good duel Artemis. You’re the one next night three two one go shoot Yeah, so we got like Apollo’s we got our domestic got like Galaxy Zeus. Let’s like get dual socrates now You know let’s just get the whole crew there They’re all the random ones in this Keep all those in the Artemus alright next round three two one go No way no what okay? This wins if you like a moon Wow we’re gonna call that the moon rush shoots Nice all right. I want to do another round all right three two one go shoot We’re cold. I like the moon guy shoot Alright so in terms of scaling to see which one is the best I think Artemis is at the top Then we got duo, Clipse, and then we got dual power so in my own honest opinion I love this Bay. I cannot wait to see them This one the combined effort of both of them battle against all the god Bay’s this was super super fun so awesome I hope you hit that like button show you support scribe you haven’t already if you already I subscribe make sure you hit To be notified for uploads and as always have an awesome duel clips in day


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