9 Best Affiliate Marketing Examples of Niches That Work On YouTube

hey there my friend how you doin. Chris Njigha here from ChrisNjigha.com and then it’s very exciting episode today we
are talking about some affiliate marketing examples that could work for
you alright hey I’m going to get on YouTube don’t know what to talk about
don’t know how to get to get your name either your brand out there start and
and what about something that people be interested that you would love to do or
they stick around in this video I’m gonna share with you not one not two but
nine different affiliate marketing examples of niches that really work on
YouTube right now that you can definitely scoop up for yourself and
help you inspire you with some ideas alright so we’re gonna count them down
all the way down to the number one so stick around for that alright so hey if you haven’t already
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alright so without further ado we’re gonna get started we’re gonna get right
down into it alright so looking we’re gonna be talking about nine alright nine
different affiliate marketing examples and niches that really work right now on
YouTube that other people aren’t killing it with I’m gonna be you examples of
them examples the channels as well and what you can sell as an affiliate to
make money alright because that’s usually a lot of case you don’t want to
start off with something that’s not gonna make you any money but you still
want to be something that you like right so hey I’m gonna give you a few examples
I’m gonna start with the with this one alright so right now we’re on my channel
this is my knee to China right here so we’re gonna start with number nine
alright so number nine a topic you can do is personal development alright so
you can do a personal development channel now that can be things like you
know work personal development personal mindset growth you know personal growth
things like that self development things like that and example the childlike that
is one here that I found by check her name is Zoey
Ariel all right so she’s all about self-improvement and travel as you can
see right and she’s got one hundred seventeen thousand subscribers right now
so it’s definitely something that you can do it I’ve been thinking you really
can’t do personal development and that’s really not hip and people won’t buy
false ok people wolf people will subscribe to you right so you can see
what she’s got on here I saw her uploads she’s got talking about Law of
Attraction and right so a lot of people in the personal growth spacing love this
topic love the idea of map vesting in your life right so she’s got a couple
whole bunch of videos on that she’s got diary she’s got some digital Nomad tips
here so she must incorporate travel with it
minimalism right the topic of living base simply moving to Italy some popular
uploads and she got here so you can see that she’s kind of combined her
self-improvement love with a little bit of love for travel right so how does it
work for you well you can say you could promote things you could do videos about
personal growth personal development things that you like and what could you
sell well you could sell things like books write books on different
self-development personal development books you can sell things like music
write music that’s probably gets you in that song maybe you’re into meditation
things like that right so those are all options that you can do another thing
you can kind of add into its productivity as well you know how to be
productive how to get be more efficient how to be manage your time how do I get
more things done coming into that minimalism thing that she’s got going on
here right so that’s number 9 my number 8 for the marketing example idea niche
that you can that you can make money from is are you doing on YouTube is make
money online an example of it is a guy here named Pat Flynn all right Pat Flynn
is real popular for his for his website that he’s that website that he has
called passive smart passive income right and so what do you so the whole
idea for the make money online niche is that you can help people and there’s two
different ways I see it so one example is you can make hoping tell people make
money or save money so here Pat Flynn helps you make more money save more
money so he’s brought fighting passive income sources residual income sources
so you can see that he has a one hundred forty three thousand subscribers so
obviously it’s a good niche that you can get into and what does he got well he’s
talking about different uploads right things a policy habits about in your
business you want to sell courses how to make money online right so a lot of
videos on how you can do that make money with your personal brand choose about
passive income you know and different things like that so you
can see today’s talks about affiliate marketing right that’s another that’s
obviously way to make money online start podcast email start email marketing
right so he’s got a lot of stuff here a whole lot of stuff for you so what could
you do well if you’re in make money online niche you could obviously use
affiliate marketing programs as a thing that you can sell so you want to find
different Philly marketing programs you can be involved in that you could
promote alright different services that you use online may have affiliate
programs that you can be involved in that you can promote alright so those
are options that you can do that well that worked really well none example
make money online it’s a different type where we’re talking about marketing so
if you’re marketing things online so let’s say you’re into marketing email
marketing blogging SEO social media marketing things like that another
example is a guy right here he’s a calls himself the deadbeat super affiliate
right so he makes money online with affiliate marketing straight up so he’s
talking so you see and he’s got a one hundred sixty four thousand subscribers
right and this was a good marketable niche and what is he doing he’s talking
about how to make money with Clickbank products right how to promote Clickbank
products that’s an affiliate of data data platform where you can get a lot of
products that you can promote as an affiliate right how to make a thousand
dollars a day online this makes me wanna puke or whatever he’s talking about here
right his best affiliate marketing context so strategies about affiliate
marketing how to make money online different uploads and testimonials so
this is another example of how you can use affiliate marketing right and just
promote that that could be just a niche in and of itself on YouTube and it’s
very popular works really well and if you don’t know how to do them you
start learning from the people who are start applying it and start creating
videos create your own brand here and he started going from there so it’s a
really really awesome thing that you can do there alright my number seven
affiliate marketing example niche the chicken that’s profitable on YouTube is
being wait for it a stay-at-home mom yes that’s right an example of that
this lady here her name is Hayley Paige and that’s why she has an entire page an
entire page about being a mom about paying a stay-at-home mom alright so
she’s got her brand here motherhood beauty and lifestyle right and you she
really just all she’s talking about here is you know the idea of having a third
baby right and how to make money on Amazon you know or weaning her to kill
her the co-sleeper from her toddler which is something we’re experiencing
right now trying to get the little one to go to sleep right you know home
because 10 things you know before having a baby
you know postpartum baby updates when she was pregnant she documented it Matt
how many people do you how many women do you know who could actually make money
off of their pregnancy right just by sharing and documenting it genius is
what I’m telling you genius pregnancy updates baby essentials
right so what it takes to raise raise a child and all the tools and all that I
cans I already know all this already my wife have all this stuff right so
cleaning an organizational video to her blogs how to become a blogger right so
you can see how she’s able to make money just by being a mommy so what could you
so he can sell stuff for the kids right the baby she’s just talked about baby
bottles and diapers that backpacks and all those accessories that come with
having with babies and kids and raising them furniture you can do things like
home appliances and equipment like you know she’s cleaning kit her cleaning
routine I could be talking about a vacuum cleaner TV a dresser furniture I
mean there’s all kinds of things you could really go into gardening to maybe
more home and garden type stuff that you can promote all these things there’s all
kind of things you can sell if you don’t know where to find paints is so that go
with this check out Amazon check out Clickbank or
check out some of my other videos where I show you a lot of places we can get
just different ideas for your affiliate marketing business but obviously
stay-at-home mom is a really awesome example that can work for a lot of my
stay-at-home moms out there number six idea for affiliate marketing example for
a niche that that can work on YouTube is well cooking an example of it is this
lovely maid here names Jenny can’t cook right great bread
and basically talking about how her about her whole experience in cooking
her different recipes so that’s something that you have a passion for
then yeah you can gotta work on YouTube as well why because people love visuals
of food and love visuals of cooking and anything food people love so it works
really well as you can see she’s got a subscriber base of 400 over 400,000
subscribers and she’s just got her figs and her some of her favorite recipes
here the popular uploads that go from from Brad barbecue ribs she’s just basic
bread you know um different things that she’s got on hand so you healthier
sweets best pizzas ever Polish cooking best breakfast recipes must-have comfort
food I mean this goes on and on as you can see so if this is the passion that
you have obviously this is something that you can sell now how do you make
money from this being a home cook well obviously you could sell things like the
the supplies and the tools that come with it the blenders and and then the
different you know food processing machines and all that stuff that go
along with it you could promote those things be an Amazon affiliate links you
could promote things like different appliances you can promote things like
the different machines and things that are used so I mean you just gotta be
creative there’s a ton of things the ingredients here I mean there’s a ton of
things each group remote that you can make affiliate sales win and four or
five affiliate programs that she’s really popular that will work really
well on YouTube if you love to cook alright and then number number five top
five best affiliate marketing example of a niche that works really well on
YouTube as well help them wellness right an example of it is this lovely lady
here her name is Carly will win it and it really works well could be picked by
the agent once again is very visual people love to see other people who are
fit doing their thing move it working out I’m very nice
tone and fit body’s very attractive and it just gets eyeballs as you can see
miss Carla Wayne Wayne Tahir has over four hundred thousand subscribers so
this is a very very good niche that you can get involved in now I’m gonna I’m
gonna take a moment to just pause real quick
just give a quick disclaimer because I know you’re thinking it right now and
you’re thinking Chris while these examples look really really good
but while these people have 400,000 subscribers how could I ever get
involved in these niche in this niche it looks like it’s super competitive why
would anybody pay attention to me and I want to make that that thought right
there but really quick I just want to I take a nice scalpel knife and just cut
it right out okay because that is looser thinking looser thinking okay here’s
what you need to understand but there’s opportunity everywhere every niche this
opportunity okay if you have a passion for example and workout fitness you
should not worry about miss cardigan winner
okay people see her but people have not seen you yet there’s opportunity for you
there’s always opportunity opportunity is a bun dn’t money is abundant though I
saw you want is out there and is abundant you just gotta get started just
like all the rest of them they got started you believe it or not people
people a lot of these examples they’ve been on the doing this thing for years
okay for years they’re committed to it so you just need to be committed to the
fact that you’re gonna win you just gotta get started do one video at a time
and keep on with the keep on you will get there and your opportunity will get
there do not worry about the competition and all that it does not matter it
doesn’t matter nobody’s seen you yet it’s time for you to show up and you
time for you to make your mark your place in the marketplace alright so just
wanted to take just one take that moment for that now so Carla Nguyen is
obviously an example here of health and wellness right I think I really like her
style because obviously she talks about you know workouts right her ultimate
workout leg workouts and smashing arms and things like that really awesome but
I also like the fact that she talks about sex too you know because people
believe it or not sex a good sexual relationship healthy sexual relationship
is good for healthy balance of your body and mind it’s part of a healthy healthy
routine so it’s pretty interesting that would’ve watched any of these things but
it’s good that she talks about that I think that’s really important and
obviously nutrition what you eat is important
her workouts is really important she’s part of that she even corporates her
experiences and life journey of pregnancy there seems to be a thing with
the women all right and and her travels so this is obviously something that you
can do how can you make money with this right to share the same exact charity
that you have and then on the back end control affiliate products things like
supplements right different muchas noodle pools that you could be part of
there’s a little plenty of those affiliate programs available finally one
that you like you just kind of get involved with it you can do things like
skincare products that’s a huge marketplace that you can be involved in
you can do weight loss you can do sports gear and things like that right I mean I
know any of those things can be kind of incorporating the fitness and the wealth
and wellness type niche and all the plenty of those options you can find
that make make it suit you can make some money off this affiliate market niche
and I love it so let’s move on to the next one
all right so my number four number four best affiliate marketing example of mix
that really works on YouTube right now it’s fashion right an example of that is
this lovely lady here her name is Tess Christine okay and so she’s been she’s
one of the really really top ones right here that that’s been doing it she’s got
over almost two and a half million subscribers so fashion obviously isn’t
something she could definitely get into as you can see some of her videos and
things like fall tryouts you know wedding series which is pretty pretty
cool summer outfits you know travel blog so if you’re into fashion you’re into
the beauty those are obviously beauty is a big popular niches well I probably
could have squeezed that into health and wellness probably fashion but they’re
all in that it worked really well very popular and people love them people love
see what’s latest and greatest it’s constantly changing so there’s always
new content you could produce right what in one day out the next day right like
my girl Heidi Klum right so she talks about some travel here vlogs her wedding
series which is pretty cool the look New York City guide rice and she’s sharing
some of those tips fashion tips and ladies and greatest so obviously you can
make a lot of money affiliate sales if you get involved in programs and
involved in fashion clothes men’s clothes women’s clothes
it could be shoes it could be jewelry it could be handbags watches accessories
things like that any of those things that go that you that you see that go
with the fashion theme you can obviously go make affiliate sales with that and
connect that and make a very good healthy income talking about your
passion in fashion you see what I did there passionate fashion anyway and then
my number three billion market example of a niche that’s works really really
well on YouTube right now is what video games okay
so video games is amazing you I found one here’s a guy that he called the game
theorist he’s got that’s right well over eleven million subscribers gaming is
just huge huge huge niche it’s one of my favorite niches I love gaming back in a
day I remember my dad or actually was not just my dad but my good friend of
mine his dad his dad was my calling my uncle southern us we would never be
anything and we sat there in front of TV playing Super Smash Brothers all day
long well damn it because we couldn’t we could have been doing alright you know
her 11 million subscribers you could have been doing alright but in any case
I love this I love this niche because it’s a very popular niche it’s really
popular with the men and the women too and it’s just let’s just I feel like
video games is one of those things that really connects people and it’s just a
fun fun thing it takes you away and just allows you to just imagine and just have
fun and I really enjoy so this guy’s reached him because what he does he
takes kind of like those videos about old-school games and old-school me
things like that and push them into gifts all his own twist in it so he can
do he has like a game theory where he’s talking about different games and and
the logic and the strategies behind it Assassin’s Creed right where the popular
game meta theory real popular game Nintendo theories or as I guess he’s
just talking about these different concepts of how he feels about the
different games and which is pretty cool so it’s just
like a nice little tape to it talking about systems and things like that
there’s a lot of the channels where people just build an entire challenge
just by playing games you know just by playing a video game and and and screen
sharing their gameplay so I mean it’s a really really popular niche that really
pays well how can you make affiliate through the cells with this well you can
imagine you can play you could sell electronics to a certain degree right
and game breaks up the games themselves gaming systems right um TVs and and
steering systems and things like that all that kind of stuff that goes along
the whole experience and playing video games oh oh good good fair game in my
opinion in the video game niche and so that’s a really proper profitable and
they’re popular affiliate marketing niche right now example of it is it’s
working really well and then my number two number two number two affiliate
marketing examples of niches it’s working really well on YouTube right now
well electronics language I’m kind of hinted on it a little bit and the guy
that I thought for that one right now is a good guy his name is Marcus brown
named right so he’s considered to be one of the top reviewers of electronic so
this niche is all about reviewing electronics right and it’s all about
talking about the different phones different gadgets and different TVs and
different equipment and tech and computers and all that stuff into tech
and just like that type of stuff in electronics then hey it’s a great great
great great great niche to get into and just get involved in now this guy
marques Brownlee’s consider it wouldn’t be to be one of the most popular ones
he’s got well over almost seven million subscribers and as you can see where
he’s talking along he’s just talking about the different phones right sounds
I’m gonna i phone gates explain when I’m not sure what that means but it sounds
pretty interesting right a different iPhone so if you’re into I phone apple
the Apple watch things like that hey it’s got put that’s opportunity to start
talking about it so yeah hey still he talks about laptops obviously different
care cameras obviously gaming accessories see how they kind of they
kind of go in to each other so you can definitely do that in fact you could do
gaming’s on different cell phones and then do reviews on cell phones
well that that also could kind of go into that niches well with the gaming
one but as you can see he’s talking about impressions he’s unboxing them
explain how how to use different features on the new phones on he talks
about Tesla here right so obviously Tesla is real popular so if you’re still
in Tesla cars off of your YouTube channel and you’re not doing really
really really well so obviously what could you sell on a
zillion different stuff right that’s why I’m that’s why I like this mention it’s
really really good because most of us can get into tech it’s very interesting
we love our phones you love we love our cameras our systems our games on TVs and
so all those things are fair game cameras all that stuff works really
really well in this niche and something that you can obviously find affiliate
projects to promote and programs remote to make a whole lot of money i’m then my
number one my number one best top number one affiliate marketing each example of
niche that you can get into it works really really well right now is what
children’s toys yeah that’s right example of me is this channel here
alright it’s not a super huge channel but kind of connected with them and one
on facebook and i love what they’re doing here so it’s a riot or an
adventure show right and so essentially what it is is just kids unboxing toys
it’s essentially what it is right as essentially what it is and it
is a super super large niche right now what’s beautiful about is that it’s just
letting kids just do their natural thing and enjoy the process and the fun of
playing with toys and video games and different things like that and watching
the experiences and their reactions because that itself is always so
priceless well you can’t you can’t you can’t predict where children are gonna
do do the darndest things and so that’s what kind of makes it so fun do you have
children is really awesome Mitch because you can you know they got no problem
giving the camera and things like that and so all it is is just hey if you’re
buying restore them or you can might as well just do videos with them unboxing
them so here they do the one chip challenge right must be a super spicy
chip here’s a spicy noodle chose a beer talking
all agent spicy noodles and how and how much fun that was and this one’s about
Halloween slime right so obviously there’s a lot of things you can do on do
it there and this one is even though they don’t have that many videos look
bees I already have 3400 subscribers so yes
it’s very probably so how can you make money with this obviously can sell toys
right there’s all kinds of toys all kinds of knick-knack toys I don’t I
can’t even keep up these days anymore my little boy has so many toys we got to
put them in a box somewhere right hey so there’s so many toys that you can look
at games cars will little building blocks the Legos things like that and
all those things that you can put on your descriptions in your videos and put
them Amazon affiliate links or different different food programs that you can get
make affiliate sales with that works really really really well greatness to
get involved in on YouTube so that’s it my friend hope you enjoyed that right
there is my number 9 best top favorite marketing examples of niches that work
really well on YouTube all right and so hey we got this video if you like this
behave that we get the video like right after subscribe to the channel and hey
Tony with us to keep doing with any other example the niches that I forgot
I’m sure I’d be a guitar working really really well hey leave it in the comments
below alright and all by the way to hey if you want to
know if you want to know how you affiliate marketing and do the least
amount of work right and do with the least amount of effort in the least
amount of time and the least amount of stress you might want to check out my
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ASAP so that’s in my friend this video was bit on the nine best affiliate
marketing examples of niches that are working really well on YouTube alright
and until the next exciting episode be blessed stay hungry at the end I see you
on the next one bye


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