9 Tricks on Amazon for Scrappy Entrepreneurs

– Amazon, a great place
to get books, toys, and even other household goods,
but it’s also a great place to do some research for your business. When you think about it,
Amazon is a search engine, but it’s also a search engine of buyers. So stick around, because I’ve
got nine different tricks for you using Amazon in all different kinds of ways to grow your business. Number one, going
undercover, and by undercover I mean inside the cover of books by actually clicking on
this look inside spot, and then looking for
the table of contents. What we’re looking for is inspiration to make sure we’re
covering the same topics on our website when we’re
doing content marketing, whether it’s blogging
podcasting, or video. You wanna make sure that, for example, if I have a knitting blog,
I wanna make sure I cover flat knitting and circular knitting, and I might even reference
this book and link to it because this is a book that
covers those topics, too. I might also cover or have
videos about knitting patterns or make sure I talk about
knitting techniques. And you’ll see that as you go through a number of these books,
you’ll get a lot of inspiration for what kinds of content to create. So, for example, here, Designing Your Own. That’s giving me ideas for a challenge that I could perhaps give
to my audience to help them get started in designing
their own patterns, too. So yeah, use this for inspiration, and oh, here, left-handed knitting. Here’s a blog post about
knitting for left-handed people. First the worst, second the best, and by best I mean Amazon Best Sellers. And here you just simply go
to amazon.com/bestsellers, you’ll see a list of the best
sellers in each category. What a surprise. But what’s really cool is you can utilize these lists for your own benefit. Let’s say you’re doing affiliate
marketing on your website, you do a lot of camera reviews. So I’m gonna go to Camera & Photo, and I’m gonna make sure that I review some of these top things,
and maybe even create YouTube videos about them,
because these are the things that I know are selling
in the space that I’m in. Now, beyond the best sellers here, I also have to look at the new releases. Let’s do new releases in
Camera & Photo, for example, to see, okay, here’s what’s new. Maybe I can be early to
jump on and do a review or use one of these products
and write a post about it. This is a great way, again, to increase your affiliate commissions. And I like to look at the Movers & Shakers and also the Most Wished For items, too. So this gives me an idea that, hey, these are things that people want. So let’s look at the top
100 of Most Wished For. You can see this Amcrest
ProHD 1080P WiFi camera, which seems pretty cool. So I’m gonna click through, and let’s say, for example, that I can say,
hey, I have a YouTube channel, and you wanna be honest
with this, obviously, but I have a YouTube channel
with 5,000 subscribers. They all love new cameras and new tech, so hey Amcrest, can I potentially
get a camera to review? That’d be awesome, make sure it’s white when you send it, because
I like the white one. Number three, good things come in threes. Now, there’s a lot of
power when you actually go into the reviews, which you can do by clicking on customer reviews. Now, there’s gonna be a number of five star reviews
from people who love it, and there’s gonna be a
number of one star reviews. This does give you a general sense on how the feedback is
from the customer list, but where the gold lies is
in the three star reviews. So if you click on the three star here, you’re gonna literally see people say, this is what I love about it and this is what I don’t love about it. And it gives you not an
idea about this product, but if you are in the same space, you could make sure to include the things in your own products or reviews or whatever that include the good stuff and make sure to not
include the bad stuff. So if I were to create a similar product, or perhaps I’m consulting
with a competing product, I can be like, hey
guys, make sure you have a technical writer that can
make it very, very simple, because it looks like this is something that is really bad, oh, there’s
an ugly thing here, too. Setup for remote viewing
on a laptop or remote three calls of 40 minutes each. Hey guys, one way we can
stand out in this crowd is to offer really good customer service, which is usually a good way to stand out of the crowd anyway. But as you can see here, the
good, the bad, and the ugly, this is literally giving me a blueprint for what I should be doing if
I am in this space as well. Number four, questions and answers, and speaking of questions and answers, there’s a whole list of them here for nearly every single product on Amazon. So if you click on 1000+
answered questions here, you’re gonna see not just
a list of the questions, but you’re gonna see the
most popular ones at the top because the community votes
on which ones they also have. So you can see here, the first and top and most popular question is, what is the size of the
SD card that it supports? So, make sure that if you
are doing a review on this, or you’re gonna use it and write about it, make sure you answer that question. It’s gonna help ensure that
that audience who’s watching you or reading your blog
posts or listening to you talk about this thing,
they’re gonna be like, oh man, he just answered the same question that I had in my head, this is great. Number five, only call me Patrick if you are extremely mad at me, because that’s what my parents did. Just kidding, the real
number five, meet and greet, and this is my book Will It Fly? And you can actually click on my name, and yes, I did buy my own book. But you can actually click on my name and check out my profile page
where I have my other books. I have author updates
coming from my website. By the way, if you’re an author, you should have your
Author Central page set up so that people can click through actually to your website and such. Basically, this is a great way to get to know the
author a little bit more and potentially reach out to them and just kind of understand how you might be able to provide value to them. And when you know the
author of those books, you’re likely gonna connect
with a lot of other people in that same space as
well, which is exactly what tip number six is
about, which is, who else? Well by who else I mean, okay, well this is Pat Flynn,
which again, is me. But I’m gonna scroll
down here and look at, okay, customers also bought items by. So now I know that, okay,
the people who bought Let Go and my other book Will It Fly? They’re also buying books
from people like Chris Ducker and Ryan Levesque and
Michael Hyatt and Tim Ferriss and that’s great, because
now I can understand, okay, those people have and
share the same audience as me. So maybe there’s a way we can
do collaborations together. Maybe we can do a JV partnership together. Maybe there’s a way that I can
interview them on my podcast, or maybe they have a podcast
and I can get on theirs. This way I know that if my book were to get in front of
one of their audiences, it would be more likely to
get pushed out and sold. This is similar to, let me click through into the book again, to
if you scroll down here, customers who bought this
item also bought this item. This is at the product level, we just looked at the author level. Still very useful, this is a great way for if you have a book that you’ve read and you recommend it, it
performs very well through Amazon Associates, well,
look at related books, because those people are
buying these books, too, and you can promote those or use them in a book club or whatever. Again, Amazon has so much
data that we can plow, and this is kind of what we’re doing here. Number seven, what’s coming up? Now I did a search for
the term startups here, and I got a number of
startup books that are here. For example, The Lean Startup. These are already out and about
in the Amazon Marketplace, but I want are the books
that are coming soon. So to do that, I’m gonna
go and click Coming Soon, down here on the left hand side, and I’m gonna see a number of books that are coming soon,
they’re not available yet. Now, a couple of things. Number one, you see stars
here, how is that possible? Well that’s because the
paperback version of this book is not available yet,
that’s coming in April, but likely other versions are
available like the hardcover. And what we’re looking for
are books that aren’t out yet, because what we can do is we
can connect with and add value and provide value to those authors, because likely, they’re gonna
want their book pushed out, especially around the time it comes out. So for example here, Rand Fishkin, who’s the founder of Moz, an amazing, intelligent guy in the SEO space, he’s helped me out a
lot over the past years. Now he has a book coming
out, Lost and Founder, which is a great name, by the way. I could reach out to
Rand and say, hey Rand, how would you love to be on the podcast? Or is there anything I could
do to help you with your book? You know, just adding
value to that person. Not even asking for anything in return, but just helping them out. You can do some stuff
there with the Coming Soon. You can also see the
books that were published in the last 30 days here on
the left hand side as well. Now, make sure that when
you are going through and looking at, okay, what books have come out recently, et cetera, you wanna make sure that you’re
under the Books search here. If you search under All Departments, you will no longer have
access to the Coming Soon or Last 30 Days, because
now it’s All Departments and not just Books, so make
sure you’re under Books and you do your search and
that’s how you can figure out, okay, who just came out with a book and who’s coming out with one very soon. Number eight, if you’re a
dog lover, go to any 404 page on Amazon, you’ll see
all the dogs of Amazon. Like Muffin, aw Muffin. Oh, Phoebe! Robin. That’s not actually tip number eight, I just wanted to share that with you. Number eight, camelcamelcamel. camelcamelcamel.com is a website where you can set alerts
for different price drops that are happening, which is really handy. If you have certain products that you promote as an affiliate, you can let your audience know, hey guys, this Canon EF 70 just dropped like half price overnight,
like go and check it out. And maybe I have a
segment of my email list that’s just for Canon users if I have a photography website or something. I can put my own stuff
in here, so for example, Will It Fly?, which is my book. What I can do here is click on Amazon, and then I can go, okay, I
want to start tracking this, so if it ever gets under
$12.12 or something, or if it’s ever under
$10, then it’ll alert me, and I can let my audience know, hey guys, Amazon just put a sweet
deal on my book right now. And this works better
if you have more like a physical product, then
maybe it’s a little bit more expensive, ’cause
you see bigger discounts. But I can start tracking this, and then it’s gonna send me an email every time it drops below
that price, which is handy because then I can send
a tweet out or whatever when that price drops
below that desired price, which is super helpful. I mean, I’m taking charge
to make sure my audience is getting the best
deals, and if it happens to be an affiliate link,
too, at the same time, that’s awesome, if it’s my own
product, that’s awesome, too. I still get paid the same amount from Amazon as a product owner, it’s just they’re adding a discount on it because they’re testing to see, well, what’s gonna move and what’s not. This is a bad use case, but
if I had a bigger product, or even a product that I knew was very popular in my audience. Like for me, it would be, actually, a great one to do would
be the ATR2100 microphone. So I’m gonna watch that,
and if it ever gets below, look at the price jumps
just over the past month. It’s gone below $38 before,
and right now, it’s $74. So if I go, hey guys, I’m gonna get, let’s say under $50, I’m gonna track that. So now I’m gonna get a
message and a notification if it goes under $50, and
I can let my audience know that’s the time to pick it
up, that’s like a $24 savings as a result of me just
setting up this automated little price check here
on camelcamelcamel.com. Number nine, help! Alright, and this is not
necessarily a business growth tip, but I think it’ll just save you a little bit of time and headache. So we’re gonna work on
this by going to Help. And go to your Manage
Your Account Information. And then go to communication preferences. Now, you go to Promotional Emails. And it says, well for me,
I’m receiving 37 departments’ emails here on Amazon, which is insane. I don’t want all that, so I’m gonna click on this down caret. Now I can say, okay, well I
want turn this off, this off, and pretty much everything,
I don’t want emails from any of this stuff, except
maybe Amazon Prime stuff. This should save you a lot of headache. That’ll help you receive less emails, so hopefully that was helpful. Hey, thank you so much
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areas of business. One of these can maybe be the one that just is what you needed,
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