A Chatty Kind of Vlog

Good afternoon everyone I’m at Ivan’s place again to film another makeup get ready with me James is standing right there~ Say hi~ James: Oh my god they can see me, it’s so wide!
Joan: I know! James: That’s scary. I washed my hair and like it’s faded James: Cool~ -James: Do you want to do before you leave?
Joan: To what, like a darker purple? Should we? James: Whatever you want
Joan: But I’m leaving on Friday So we won’t have time. I’ll be back. I’ll be back But I’ve been trying my best to take good care of it- James: It looks good And it feels healthy like last time when I got my hair bleached like it felt dead but not anymore James: Did you ever get a perm? Joan: I’ve gotten perms like a long time ago. There he is! I: Hi~ Joan: Like a long time ago, like to the point like I cut all of my perm off.
James: I do magic We filmed a first impressions using milk products. This is Ivan’s look. What do you guys think? I: The lighting is so good, you look so cute
Joan: Yeah? Yay~ I: Hey, you look like you’re in a music video.
J: Really? A music video? We are getting ready to film another video right now We want to do a Q&A and we’re going to do something different and go live on Instagram And then answer questions that way, yeah? J: Real-time
I: Yes ROC We’re sitting next to each other for the vlog. I: Yeah. J: What should we get? I: Uh, the beef noodle soup is good. J: Okay Is that what you want? I: Yeah I: That’s a lot too
J: One? I: Yeah, get one And you can get whatever else you want I: You wanna put the mustard
J: Oh, okay I’ve never tried this I’m wearing white so it’s like- I: It’ll get dirty?
J: Yeah That looks yummy~ J: Did we get fried chicken?
I: Ah, no it’s like stir fried chicken?
J: Ooh that sounds good Ooooh yeah J: Bye Ivan!
I: See ya
J: It was nice seeing you, always. Bye~ I am back home now and I’m just waiting for Skim so that we can go get dinner with her, her boyfriend and his friend and also her roommate Ruby. I think someone else is also joining, but we’ll see… Um, I wanted to thank everyone for, um leaving nice comments in today’s, um well this morning’s vlog which was the last Palm Springs vlog? I want to really thank those who are understanding of my time and, um Basically I get nervous whenever my vlogs don’t hit the 10-minute mark or if it’s under 10 minutes because I always receive comment saying: “Please make them longer,” “This is too short” and, um I guess that’s what kind of stressed me out a little bit so I always apologized when I knew in my head that this vlog didn’t hit the 10-minute mark So I wanna thank everyone for, um, basically saying “Don’t be apologetic” and understanding and there were so many comments like that, so thank you so much And I’ll work my hardest to bring out fun and exciting content also I’ve been getting comments saying “Oh, I miss Korea” Do not worry! Very soon in a couple of days I’ll be going back to– I’ll be going to Hong Kong and then Korea, so there will be weeks of Korea vlogs until I come to KCON LA and then I’ll be in LA, San Francisco maybe New York during the summer and I’ll be going back to Korea in the fall I know I’ve been in America for quite some time now, but I felt like the three weeks have gone so quickly And I am really excited to just enjoy the summer in California because it’s not humid here like Palm Springs is really hot and it was slightly humid But in LA the weather is perfect, you can wear jeans, a long-sleeve shirt and shorts, and it will be fine I am going to work on the walking though because I haven’t been walking much. Usually- I think I mentioned this earlier, or I tweeted about it- I walk an average of 10k steps a day But then I checked on my phone on my health app I noticed that in LA I’ve been walking 2,000 steps or lower so I definitely need to um… Definitely need to get some exercise done, and I need to eat healthy because I’ve been eating out so much But yeah, I’m just waiting for Skim because she just had her dentist appointment Remember? She broke her tooth…she went to go get that fixed and then Hopefully, she’ll be able to eat. Feel so bad for her… Alright. I’m gonna edit videos now Hi guys, I’m back home and I am ready to wash up Usually I would start with the CosRX Moisture Up pads A lot of you guys asked like, “Why do I all of a sudden call it COS-rx instead of COZ-rx I actually asked the staff and they said both is fine but in Korean it is read as Co-se-r-x and I felt like COS-rx sounds more similar to the Korean one. So I usually go back and forth Anyways, I went off tangent there I usually would go with the Moisture Up pads to kind of remove my makeup BUT I finished using it So I’m just gonna use the Simple Skincare “Simple eye makeup remover up pads” I got this as a gift from a subscriber and it’s just super convenient I don’t need to take around a separate eye makeup remover Majority of the makeup products I used today were from Milk makeup and it’s very pigmented and it’s actually pretty hard to remove And for eyeliner, I’m using the Kill Cover one by Clio But yeah, I’ll link the makeup tutorial in the description box if you guys are interested. It’s not really a tutorial, it’s a first impression on some of the Milk products But yeah… Pretty good at removing the makeup But it’s– if I have to choose between Simple and Leaders, the Labotica ones, I would go with the Leaders one just because I think the cotton is softer But I still love how convenient these are. Alright, I think…I think we’re done here Now I’m going to go in with the oil cut cleansing Usually get about this much and apply it on my dry face This is one of my favorite cleansers because it really removes the makeup I really should have tied my hair, but I finished washing up and I’m going to end with the Acsen Pore Control Mask. I haven’t done this in a while, but I am kind of breaking out right here, and I really want to heal that so let’s go with the pore control mask and I will be done. I need to start packing tomorrow so Kind of sad that my trip in LA is over But I’ll be back It’s a good time relaxing Alright, I’m going to wait about 15 minutes now, and then wash up and go to bed because I’m super tired But yeah today was a very productive one with a lot of good conversations with friends I’m seriously so thankful for everyone that is in my life, like all my friends in LA, San Francisco… They’ve just been super encouraging and inspiring and super supportive So yeah, I’m just very happy to be in California and I can’t wait to go back to Asia and come back here because I just love traveling– minus the airplane ride I do enjoy going to new places and you know showing? Sharing that different side of the world with you, so I feel like this vlog has been very talkative at home But I hope you guys enjoyed watching Here’s the shout out of the today for those of you guys who translated and transcribed my vlogs And I’ll see you all in my next one. Bye~!


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