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Carol” version on there. You know I’m gon’ be listenin’. So once again, you guys,
check out the link, right now on the screen. Go sign up. Thank you so very much to Audible for sponsoring today’s video, and without further ado, let’s make that Christmas
Carol fan-design soap. Look at this design. So it is inspired by Charles
Dickens’, “A Christmas Carol,” specifically the character Jacob Marley, who is the first ghost to
come visit Ebeneezer Scrooge. She even gave us an inspiration photo, which was really, really helpful. – [Kenny] Spooky. – I know, Jacob Marley is
looking so creepy, I love it. This design got sent in last year, but I opened it after I had already made all my Christmas soaps, and was like, I love this so much, I am
literally going to save it all year so I can use it next time, and look it here, we are 365 days later, and it’s a perfect fit for
this month’s collection. Let’s see what I can do with it. First thing we’ve gotta do, add our lye solution to the oils. Now, for lye storage, we do lye storage a little differently than I’ve
seen other soap-makers do. We actually keep ’em in these containers. We do not master batch our
lye in the traditional way, we don’t put it all in a 50/50 solution in one big vat anymore. We found that was actually
more time consuming. It is actually, if you have the space, a lot faster to pre-measure all
of your lye in to containers and then we have a big storage area where we can just put a lock on it, and only the managers
have access to that key. So all of the lye comes pre-measured, and it is delivered to
us in a nice big box with a lock on it, and it
looks like a treasure chest. I’m just gonna pour this in. Yeah, I just wanted to tell you all that in case there’s other
soap makers out there who still make their lye per batch and were feeling bad about
it because other people say that you should only master
batch it in huge vats. It isn’t faster for us,
we don’t actually do that at Royalty Soaps, so you
don’t have to feel bad. All right, let’s blend this up. (dramatic music) Now, with my soap recipe, it really only takes
about 20 or so seconds to get it to trace. It is very, very, very fast to get there, mainly because I have a
very steep water discount with my soap, and because I use hard oils. The first thing that I’m gonna do is split off some of the vats
for the gold middle layer. Where is my scale? I need a scale to do this. All right, I’ve poured off 25 ounces for the gold middle layer, and then the rest of the batch, I’m going to split in to
these two containers equally. These are gonna be the
two ghostly layers, ooh. So the first thing that I’m going to do is add some dark steel gray
in to the big container, this is from Mad Micas. Then I’m going to add some
silver fin blue from Mad Micas, and some lorn green from Mad Micas. I’m also going to add a little
bit of titanium dioxide, and we have to get these
looking pale and ghostly. So let’s lend these up and
see how ghostly they will get. (dramatic music) All right, so now it is time
to add our fragrance oil. The fragrance oil is my own custom blend based on the notes that Sarah specified in her design submission. She described it to me, and she says, nutmeg, clove, all-spice,
orange, patchouli, kind of a tree scent,
cranberry for tartness, and she says, I mean it’s Jacob Marley, any spicy Christmas scent. (laughs) So that’s exactly what I tried to do, and I put a little bit of a heavy emphasis on the tartness of the cranberry, the the strength of the
pine and the patchouli. So now that our fragrance oil is mixed in to our soap batter, it is time to pour it in to
our two Bramble Berry molds after this potential
quick commercial break. So it’s starting to
thicken up a little bit which is great, because we
want that blue and that green to be very, very obvious. So I’m gonna pour all
of the gray in first, I’m not gonna scrape it out, and then I’m going to drop swirl these colors in to it. Her soap did look a little swirlier than I think this drop swirl is actually going to create though, so I’m gonna swirl this real quick with a popsicle stick, just to make sure it looks as swirly as her illustration, then I’m gonna tap it down. The next layer is gold,
so I have Aztec gold from TKB Trading, with
some apricot seed powder. – [Kenny] Apricot. – I have gone ahead and
added the fragrance oil in, so I’m just gonna blend by hand first. All right, this has
been thoroughly blended, so now, let’s pour this in to
the two Bramble Berry molds. Let’s pour this in, ooh, gorgeous. What a good color combination. I never would have thought about this, but now that I’m seeing
it, it looks so good, and it definitely has a
ghostly look to it it. I’m just gonna tap that down, make sure it gets to
the edges of the soap. Definitely gonna need
some more on this side. Normally, I have to tap it down before I can see who gets the last bit, but it’s pretty easy
to tell with this soap. One final layer. And the
soap base is complete. (dramatic music) All right, let’s swirl
with my spoon a little bit. My spoon, this ain’t no spoon,
this is a popsicle stick. – [Kenny] You’re too focused,
everybody forgives you. – Okay. (laughs) Wow this would be a
really cool swirl on top. We should do this on a loaf top soap. Hey guess what, Kenny? – [Kenny] What? – It’s time for soap frosting. Okay, so I’m going to pump
some oil out of our oil drums and this is something that has been highly requested by you guys. You wanna know how I mix my oils. Now I can’t show you
exactly how I mix the oils, or how you would mix
oils in a smaller batch, say if you were making only one or two loaves a week, but I can show you how we do it here at Royalty Soaps. So my dad is actually
the one who pre-blends all of the oils for me, and then he brings them to me in these great big plastic drums. We then put a heat band that is certified for plastic drum heating, and it gets our oils to
exactly the temperature I want it to be, both piping and base. Both of them are sitting right around the 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I allow a five degree discrepancy. So let’s go ahead and pump
some out of our piping. Little, fun cranking pump here. (dramatic music) This is gonna be good. And now you guys have seen
all the pie in the seas, that’s all there was. (laughs) (dramatic music) All right, so using the large piping bag, the large coupler, and the Ateco 869, all of which are available
in the Soap Frosting Club, I am going to pipe the top of the soap. Now, Sarah specified she wanted an accent of blue and green on the inside, so I have an accent of blue and green. It is hopefully going
to be relatively hidden inside that gray, though
it might come peaking out a little bit. You’d definitely can’t see it right now because it’s in the middle,
but it is coming out, you can probably see on
these little tips here, so that when we cut the soap, there will be some streaks in there. We like to see a little
color on the outside. And I’m not gonna try to mound up the top as much as I normally do, because the chain embed
we have to put on top has to sit relatively flat. Kenny’s over here being freaked out by the new Cats movie. (laughs) – [Kenny] It’s not right, it’s scary. – [Katie] Is it as scary as
Sleeping Beauty, Kenneth? – [Kenny] No, nothing is as
scary as sleeping beauty. I don’t care many years
I go through my life, it is still terrifying. (woman screams) – You be quiet over there. (woman screams) So Charles Dickens is my favorite author in the whole wide world, and
when I was in high school, we had to a read A Tale of Two Cities, and all my classmates were
whining and complain about it and I wrote like a five page book report, because I loved it so much. They’re like, “All
right, Katie, sit down.” None of them were impressed
with my achievement, so they were like, please sit down and stop being the teacher’s pet. Like I’m not trying to
be the teacher’s pet, I just really like this book. All right, last little bit. This is just to even off that top. We’re not making it a triangle this time, we’re making it very flat. Okay, now Sarah specified
that she wants some gold dust on the top, so I’m gonna use the Sparkle Sunshine
Duster from Mad Micas. Okay, so it’s just a little bit glittery, and now it is time to add the embeds. So Shelly made me two
different types of chains, a thinner chain, and a thick chain, so we’re just gonna spread
these across the top. Okay, I’m just going to place these very delicately on the top. It’s okay if some of
them break a little bit and kinda slide around. Jacob Marley will have
snapped them chains. Obviously, the littler
chains are easier to place, but I think the bigger
chains are easier to see, there’s some good things
about both of them. There’s lots of different versions of the Christmas Carol story on film, but can we all agree that
the Muppet Christmas Carol is the best one? (laughs) – [Kenny] Have you seen
the one with Jim Carey in it though?
– What, no. – [Kenny] It’s the fully
3D one that Disney did. – [Katie] No, I’ve never seen it. – [Kenny] The same sort of 3D
that’s in The Polar Express that’s a little uncanny. – [Katie[ I like The Polar Express, everyone else can go home. – [Kenny] No, no, I like it too. I was just saying that it
looks a little too real, but not real enough. Have you seen that other
spin-off of A Christmas Carol, called Marley & Me?
– Oh my gosh. I think it needs a
little more gold on top, but other than that, we’re done, and I can just spritz the
top with rubbing alcohol, and yeah. (laughs) Well I think this looks really splendid, and I absolutely love the chains on top, especially the ones that are broken, so we are gonna wait 18 to 24 hours, and then we will come back, and we will chop up
this month’s fan design in to bars and take a peak at the inside, after this commercial break. Okay, guys, it’s time to
cut the Marley’s ghost soap, and you can probably already
see that ghostly blue on the side, I’m so excited. Okay so I’m gonna try to line this up. I’m cutting backwards today, so that hopefully you guys can see more of the cutting process. So I’m just gonna press down, not gently or else it won’t get done. Oh, Kenny, I can’t do it. (laughs) Thank you. My strength is waning. Let’s see the inside. (gasps) Yes please! It’s so blooming gorgeous. I love the little hidden
piping inside the top here. Look at those little bits. And how do you guys think we did? I think Kenny and I
thought we might darken up this gray just a teeny, tiny bit to make these colors pop even more, but besides that, hey I think
that was a pretty good job, I’m getting some Christmas
Carol vibes from it, and I really love the chains on top, that pulls the whole thing together. You see down here, the quick turn with the popsicle stick
really did a good job. It smells like the perfect
Christmas soap fragrance. Yeah, it’s not too spicy, but
it’s not too sweet either, it really is perfect. I will be using this blend again for sure. So the question of the day
is who is your favorite ghost in the Christmas Carol? The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, or the Ghost of Christmas Future? I really like The Ghost
of Christmas Present, because he is just a holy jolly dude. The little girl kinda creeped me out, and obviously, The Ghost of
Christmas Future is scary. To vote on the question of the day, all you have to do is click the eye in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. Thanks, you guys, so much
for watching today’s video. I’m so delighted with how it turned out, it actually looks a lot like her design. And I must say, the
ghostly swirl in the piping is super fun, and definitely something I should do in the future. If you enjoyed today’s video, be sure to give it a big thumbs up, subscribe to the channel,
leave us a comment down below, and this soap will be available
tomorrow, December 1st, at 3:00 p.m Central Standard
Time, royaltysoaps.com. – [Kenny] Let me just cut in here. I made a few of these
soaps, and I’ve got to say that I am very impressed
with you making it on video, ’cause those are tough,
that’s complicated. An excellent design, I must say. – This design really
was one of my favorites we have ever received. I love the illustration, and I also like that she included her
design inspiration as well. A big thank you, again, to Audible for sponsoring today’s video. If you guys wanna get 50%
off three months at Audible, once again, click on this link down below. Please, it helps support
the channel. (laughs) – [Kenny] Are we begging now? Is that’s what’s happening? – YouTube’s been a little
rough with the AdSense, okay? They just won’t put ads on the video, we need Audible. (laughs) And I hope you guys have an
absolutely marvelous day, and I will see you guys tomorrow for the very final installment of this year’s 2019 holiday collection. So until then, have an
absolutely marvelous day, and bye for now. Oom, psh. (dramatic music)


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