A FUN Pickleball Game to Improve Your Consistency

The difference between good pickleball players
and great pickleball players are mistakes. In fact, it’s really the difference at every
single level of the game. Today, I’m going to show you a fun way to
help minimize some of those errors you make on the court. Stay tuned. Hey, everybody had CJ Johnson. This channel is devoted to all things pickleball,
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post a new video every single Saturday. Unfortunately, most of us have a small blind
spot when it comes to our mistakes on the pickleball court. This fun game that you can use as a warm up
is going to help you to see some of the areas you may be able to improve. If you aren’t sure how to analyze your weaknesses,
make sure that you stick around to the end of this video. I’m going to give you a free pickleball inventory
sheet to help you do just that. This summer, my friend Carol introduced me
to this game that her club uses to help them point out some of their unforced errors. Simply defined an unforced error is a mistake
made on an easy shot in a non pressure situation. Now it may be easy to define, but it’s not
necessarily easy to pinpoint an unforced error. It doesn’t mean that it’s the shot that ends
the rally. An example is when your partner hits a dink
that’s too high and it’s attackable, your opponent goes in for a kill shot that ends
up at your feet and your unable to get the ball back. That’s not an unforced error on your part. The unforced error actually came from your
partner hitting the ball too high and making it attackable for your opponents. Another example where there is no unforced
error is when your opponent simply hits a really great shot for a winner. In this point, everybody is in the right place
doing the right things. I just simply hit a good shot behind James
to win the point. Each player is going to get one serve at the
end of the point, simply rotate the serve clockwise around the court until all four
players have had a chance to serve. Instead of having the server call the score
at the start of the point, each player simply holds their hand up in the air indicating
the number of unforced errors they have to that point,
The serve rotates clockwise and play continues. Here’s an example of a point that ends with
a perfectly placed backhand winner, right down the center. No unforced errors. Here’s a point with an example of a less obvious
unforced error. Lori’s going to take away easy overhead from
Cheri. She realizes that after it’s an over and charges
herself with the unforced error. Once all four of you have had a chance to
serve, rotate one position on the court clockwise. That way you’ll be playing with a different
partner. Now if you’d like to dig a little bit deeper
and find out more about your strengths and weaknesses, I’ve posted a link in the show
notes below. That’ll take you to a free inventory sheet. I use this sheet with my students to help
them to understand what they’re good at and where they need to improve so they make fewer
mistakes out on the pickleball court. If you’d like to minimize some of those mistakes
make sure you click on this drills playlist, it’s designed to help you. If you got value from this video, make sure
that you give it a thumbs up or share it with your pickleball playing friends because together
we can train smart, live, bold, and age well.


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