A NIGHT in the life with TRIPLETS and a toddler. Our night time routine.

Chad found welcome back to the lives of Karen you guys wanted a day in the life with triplets so we’re starting off with a night in the life a night in the life with triplets disclaimer the most glamorous night you’ll ever see it’s not exactly the most fun you’re gonna have it at night I mean we’ve had more fun in our lives lonely you know 21 and young wild and free but like they say hands are full hearts are fuller like hair said MIDI disclaimer disclaimer it’s not gonna be the most epic night of your life in fact someone even say it’s repetitive maybe even orange the intro that’s about to play it might be the best part of this vlog 7/10 one for 7/10 one for start the vlog it’s gonna be a bore without further without further ado the most exciting part of this vlog commences now [Music] [Applause] [Music] I don’t share cereal with anybody because sharing milk is just like beyond gross I think everyone can agree that’s nasty but this girl wanted to share so sharing are you sharing sir with dad now this is so fun huh come on you beautiful she took over mine can you say honey bunches of oats I’m a grandma I’m a big girl she’s the best eater she anything and everything I’ve done the last time no sure home gym my manga feed royal okay okay go yeah thanks it stops on its bat it’s bathtime yeah by the bathroom Oh genomite stop it mama look at that okay re see she’s in her little bear towel just nice and warm and cozy yes do you have to be so cute I love you okay we’re gonna go wash your brother and then your sister and then we eat fruit and then we go night-night and then we repeat over and over and over and over again until you’re a full grown sister like Gemma I wonder if your eyes are gonna be bored like they are you see if you guys can guess what color of eyes is Reese going to that I love you your arms got out how’d you break your arms free looks like your mouth is just wide open [Music] [Music] [Music] no no I’m okay oh maybe cuz they need to wash my hair already joined Roya did you join your sister what’s your saying you’re just like a polar bear haha look at you sweetheart recent royal just hanging out join live post back ready to go nine-nine [Music] [Music] Ren joined my kin you guys are so cute little bunny hop yeah they will stay like this [Music] [Music] my name is Elise I come in he shot language from the great Greece I like to wear fleece I’m a cute nice and one day on a flock of bees yeah Oh Lonnie Smith on me round one time to pump here we go they’ll have my rented hospital-grade pump helps if you plug it in so for my late night pump I like to pub and drink a glass of milk and eat some Oreos Derrick please please get these him Jimmy loves that thing pager spinners are so last year yeah [Music] [Applause] we told you guys a squaddie wouldn’t be that cool hold on this stop spinning welcome to a night in the life all right are you smart house party bag yeah this is how we Oreo like it’s pretty sad I really I put on like 15 ounces my triplets came to earth because what I’d have to have Nene : kids are calling Oreos now Bon Appetit have you this is my life fresh milk made here oh you are you having a bad dream mother knows best sometimes they just wake up in the middle of the wing wanting the rest of their bottle that they didn’t finish it’s okay at this point it’s about 11:30 how much sleepy things they’re gonna go today the huge 45 minutes they gave me what triplets is that they teach you how to run off of non-animal sleep and still be a functioning human being lost semi-functioning people say I’m a zombie lately started smiling today thank you real smiles at you intentionally it’s the cutest thing ever nice fire Gemma was so excited to tell me that they started smiling I had called Derek and she got on the phone and was saying baby smile babies tamiya I was giggling and she thought it was so cute she loved her she was talk sighted hopefully you can buy yourself some you know rest time before one babies finished with the bottles you have will fill this thing up one night a hatch baby sound machine actually nice because you just touch it and it will change has a lot of the settings you can change it off [Music] so I get my phone and turn it off that one’s cool we got our wipe warmer I’ve got a head warm wipes we can tell that Carol organized that not me bassinets on bassinets on bassinet Mama Rose I’m Mama Rose I’m mama today because I’m babies on babies and our bed normally has a comforter on it we’re actually putting a new one on tonight because the comforter we normally use is dry clean only and with triplets can’t have a dry clean homemade comforter so I bought one at Target that goes up it’s a duvet cover for down comforter and we can just throw it in the wash so we’re gonna put that on tonight but we’ll wait until they are awake and off the bed he just finished his bottle and picked him up to burp him and he burped and he also is what completely threw his outfit so it’s time for his first outfit change of the night apt does that feel better to get your wet clothes on the noise is a real mater so funny if he’s 11 pounds now they went to the doctor yesterday he’s 11 Ren is 11 little Ricci is nine and a half chubby chubby boy boy big blue oil he’s a big boy he is so big well that’s for mommy you guys about the same size oh thank you well there you go I guess he doesn’t have his fresh clothes on yet those babies never spit up that’s the joke of the night royal spits up he just does it like a champ it’s just there and there’s no crying yeah you’ll never know like if he’s playing down and he spits up he doesn’t tell you the other girls will like scream like come get this off my face now royal just spits up and goes back to sleep he’s a boss he’s definitely the easiest of the three he’s the easiest he’s chill he just likes to hang out the girls are both really comforted by him when they lay with him they like it snuggle up to him but he was the middle man in the tummy he wins the sandwich look at how cute this boy is I love having a boy it is seriously the life of a parent you will change them get him already and then BOOM students are changed throw up poop in the diaper again it’s the circle of life hi royal hi all hi sweet boy hi so just see why he’s so sweet whenever Gemma is pretending to be a baby I asked her are you baby reefs or be beer an or baby royal and she always says I’m baby RORO swaddle really good first I sucked now I’m approached check this out boom boom it’s like salt bay talk and we love mr. Archie’s models and you can get him nice literally salt bay that is like a chipotle burrito maybe zu burrito boy hey bud Grady go night-night it’s already actually almost well if maybe an hour Hector going to the second fitting this is about the time where we lay them down and we pray that they stay asleep it take my buttery dough in my chair this is the best rocking chair ever it’s from Pottery Barn we got everybody’s jealous you have to have a comfortable rocking chair when you have babies because you spend a lot of time in it 7:10 one for Kara has Wren used to go off of whoever makes a noise first pick them up and feed them I got that chin check out those neck rolls girl mm-hmm is on YouTube just a little fake fire puts off a good amount of light and its kind of semantics I actually want to go to sleep right now Boyle is making noise first oh he’s still louder I got a damn see you soon hey just finished meeting with Reese no rim I had changed her right before but she had to go to the bathroom again so now I’ll change her diaper for the second time in one feeding off the babies are asleep until their next feeding hopefully so now I snuggle our firstborn knit Appiah say hello Pia turns five in about two weeks on our next video yeah by now you mean look at that sweet little R you see girl by the way my new iMac pro like the black one Oh cannot I’m an Apple fanboy I can tell how much this just completes me 5k screen is so beautiful it’s so beautiful Premiere Pro working on the movie this is the vlog where where I actually went to labor and had a kid waiting for the babies to wake up and then once they do you know the drill and then I’m gonna sneak upstairs to the guest room well he keeps on editing like the only time I can edit it’s all night like I just don’t go to sleep it’s true he gets to listen to the babies we do a few chopped down I’m eating a protein cookie oh great new scenery you get bored the singing fireplace sort of change it out the time is currently four yeah so I went upstairs and take a nice little catnap and I continue to of it just like you now let’s go get these bottles going if Elsa hears someone stirring okay lead the way shouldn’t be awake at this hour [Music] down – down hear them they’re stirring making the monster come on give me the baby babies get to the better get to the babies because she has reflux and she spits up after sheets so we don’t want to lay her right on her back after feeding [Music] [Music] [Music] baby free for five seconds [Music] circle of life handin moves you all in nanana you speed up a little bit normal occurrence your babies will spit up three spits up the moss see how you as spit up the you so cute you’re so cute even when you spit up those been changed she’s been fed she’s going 9999 yes sir oh yeah he’s so sweet he’s got the fuzzy sisters [Music] good night good night you just spit up for himself just a little bit he’ll never even know if or else puts up because he’s just a content happy boy and he doesn’t make a peep Rhys projectile spit up all over the floor you’re in God and now bran is at length ooh Steve you in no no don’t don’t just when we thought we were done friend surprises meanwhile our Tyrael gemma is not asleep she’s just popping and moving around creating these babies they rightly fed the babies we just put them down and they’re perfectly silent listen just listen so just be worried even after you feed them and you change them and they’re super happy thing times I just don’t go to bed so you can’t really go to sleep so how do I put this you just don’t get to sleep at all therefore sleep we finally got the babies go ahead ten we’re gonna turn this light off it’s just the TV is the fireplace if we’re going to attempt to wait that way let’s just turn this TV off just pray that we can get like thirty minutes of sleep now we get to go upstairs to the guest room to sleep and my mom is down there with the baby is for the 7:00 a.m. feeding in the bed in the guest room was Derek’s first big boy bed when he was 2 years old so I have the best memories of the sink this was mine when I was like to do this and they play with this not even if you look closely I scratched there’s no scratching so my shout out today I’m really tired so bear with me goes to mrs. Johanna I’m the dirty Jersey New Jersey Johanna thank you so much being part of the Japan you shouted a ASMR is pretty funny and kind of weird so until next time ciao [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]


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