A Not So Lazy Day of Van Life… CONQUERING OUR TO-DO LIST!

Tantarara! Same old, same old. (Music) (Music) (Music) So, what we have to do today. We have to shoot a thumbnail, upload a video, also, upload our friend’s wedding
video that we shot and send it them. I have to finish my newsletter, publish that, and we’re in a bit of a predicament
because for some reason, our like little mobile
Wi-Fi is not working here. I’m not sure if it’s because
of this power line there. Because we’re in like an inlet with
like the mountain or something, but the Wi-Fi is not working so that
means that we’re going to have to walk into town with
all our stuff, find either a cafe with Wi-Fi or bring
our Wi-Fi and hopefully it works there. It was working in other
parts of the island and what happens at
the end of the day. Oh, boy. Lou wants another haircut. It’s like gotten a little long and I feel like the fact that
I cut it last time means that it’s a little uneven. So now that it’s
growing out looks a little bit messy so, he also got me a present. He got me a comb. So, hopefully this haircut
will go a little bit better. So, we start every morning with
20 minutes of vedic meditation, which really helps us stay
grounded and free from stress. I feel like before we started our
meditation practice a few years ago, I would have been really overwhelmed
with the long to do list for the day. But now, somehow it feel
like a silly challenge and not something worth something
getting stressed out about. All right, so I’m thinking if you
like hold the tea right here. All right, let me
get this like this. Something like that. Does that look like a
lazy day in the van? Maybe a little bit lower
and to your right. I feel like it was so lazy
we had to deal with this. A little bit higher. A little bit to your left and then tilt it a
little towards me. (Music) Guys I don’t know if
you ever noticed, but we’ve been trying to improve
our YouTube thumbnail game, but it’s really hard. Trying to find a balance between
like an actual authentic real moment and then, all of the staged exaggerated
images that do well on YouTube, is tricky. So, if you have any good ideas
for thumbnails about van life, leave them in the comments below
because we really need your help or at least let us know which thumbnails
you’ve liked and which ones you didn’t. We’re still trying to figure out
this whole marketing thing, but it’s actually a pretty
cool challenge. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) All right, good job. Shall we go. Let’s go get this
video uploaded. I feel like this footage doesn’t capture
how hot this walk into town was. I think it was probably
98 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun was beating down and thank you Avery my friend
who gave me this visor because it’s keeping
my face not sunburned. But eventually we found
a nice cafe with Wi-Fi and that first sip
of ice tea, wow! We’ve only been to a
couple cafes this year, but every time we do it feel like
such a special little memory. Sitting and talking all afternoon while
we wait for the videos to upload and I even got to write
the newsletter there too. Sometimes I write on Tuesday, that’s when
the email goes out and sometimes I do find time to write it earlier, but it’s
a really special glimpse into our life because I feel like I can write things that we can’t
really capture in video. So, if you’re interested
in joining the newsletter, I’ll leave the link in
our description box. They come out every Tuesday and there’s also an archive with
over 75 of our past newsletters if you want to take a trip
down memory lane or something. I feel like whenever
we go to cafes, which is not that often, it’s such a special moment
because it feels like a date or something. We like, sit across from
each other we enjoy the luxury of a table and chairs
and chatting all afternoon while in this case we waited
for the videos to upload and it was really special. Nice, great job. Done, it’s a little not cold enough, but should be good. Still tastes good. Ching, ching. I’m glad that video is up, yeah and
we didn’t have to use our own Wi-Fi. Oh gosh. This thing
broke in February and it’s now July. I think it’s time to fix it. What it’s supposed to do is when we drive the
whole van shakes and so then this. At first we have
this on its own and because of this. And as you can see from this, it’s been swinging and
causing a ruckus. So, I need to sew
this back together and I have my little sewing kit. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) That is sturdy. (Music) Yeah, you did pretty good Dana. Oh, it’s nice. We’ll really find out when we’re
driving if we hear more banging. It’s nice though. Right? (Music) So, I was thinking
something like that maybe. Yeah I think that’s good, here. Maybe a little closer
to the jewelry, yeah. So, a little less than last time.
Yeah, that’s probably good. Nice and clean please. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Tatarataraataraa! We’re almost done
with our to do list. Isn’t this amazing? Yeah, it looks so
nice from here. We got all our flags on. I feel like for some reason
putting the flags on, made me feel like
Ody is really ours. Yeah, like we’re changing the way
he looks on the outside because he’s our van. I know it’s weird putting
stickers on a car. Right, it feels like, oh, should I be doing this? But we can do whatever we want. Do you want to go work out?
Mhmm. Sweet. Oh, thank you. Are you ready for this? Yeah. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Dana, there’s just one last
thing on our to do list. Oh, boy oh, yeah. What do you want a little bit off
the edges, or off the sides, the long on top? Yeah nice fade please. I’ll do what I can, whoever
cut your hair last time it’s not very good, no?
I’m just kidding. I’m ditching the
comb it’s -bleep- I mean I’m ditching the comb
it’s not working for me at all. So this little section of your hair
it’s getting a little weird sorry. Oh, I love it. It looks really good. Woah! That’s a fade
(Dana giggling) Oh, it feels so nice Dana.
Yeah? Yeah. I didn’t take any off
the top, is that okay? Yeah, I think we can keep
it kind of crazy for now. You want it dramatic, yeah. Wow! I never had this before. So cool! You’re fancy. Thank you. You’re
welcome, you like it? Yeah, I really like it. You did such a good job.
Oh, thank you. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) You’re ready for dinner? Yeah. It is 9 o’clock. A
little late but this way we have food for tomorrow
when we leave the island. Will you turn on the lights? (Music) All the lights he says. Okay. (Music) No! Ay ya ya. So, this is going to be dinner. We’re having a coconut,
getting fancy we don’t eat stuff like this a lot but it’s fun every once in a while. Lentils, vegetables, what is it? So, it’s a vegan curry. Vegan coconut curry vegan coconut curry
with tons of vegetables and lentils. So, it’s a vegan lentil vegetable
curry with coconut milk. Oh, yeah. I don’t know where our
bigger spoon went. The wood one? Yeah.
It’s gone? Yeah. Dinner time, finally, thank you. What a good van day. It’s a little late, we usually eat
earlier than this, but it was a huge day and 10 o’clock dinner is better
than no dinner I have to say. I can’t believe how
much fun today was. We got so much done like all of our
chores but then also that crazy work out on the mountain top and a haircut and two swims now dinner and
three meals, mhmm. I don’t know what else
to say, I’m tired.


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