A Walk In Ieper, Amazon Affiliate, Writing Challenge and

hello everyone I’m Kathryn DeSinaasappelen and today we’re doing something a bit different
I’ve gotten some requests asking if I could show some footage around Belgium
because a good portion of my audience doesn’t live in Belgium and for today
instead of a talking head you get to listen to me rambling on while you get
to observe the beautiful Ieper and if you want to know I’m currently walking
towards the Grote Markt and if you want more information about the buildings and
some of the places that I’ve visited you should check the description for the
link to my blog because I’m going to be writing a really nice piece about all
the places and Ieper which you’ll see in the video and I’ll have pictures on the
blog it’s gonna be epic be sure to check it out no pressure or anything but check
it out really link below otherwise I’m going to be talking about an update to
the channel which I hope is going to be well-received and hopefully will help me
be more profitable one of the questions that youtubers get a lot seem to run
along the lines of how do you make money or is there a way that I can support you
with the channel and before when I’ve gotten these questions I am of course
always flattered the idea that somebody gives me their time to even watch my
videos it’s just the greatest thing ever because sometimes I feel like the only
people who would even bother watching it is my mom but when I get views outside
of Pennsylvania it’s like that’s not my mom that’s not my mom by the way hi mom
I love you I do not have a patreon my channel is too small to enable Adsense
and so I’m branching out and trying monetization through Amazon affiliate
links if you don’t know what Amazon affiliate links are don’t worry I’m
going to explain it basically it’s a partnership
program where I’ve signed up with Amazon and if you were to choose my link and
you are to purchase something on Amazon which you don’t have to sign up for and
it’s at no extra cost to you but whatever you would buy if you use my
link I would get a commission off of it and the great thing is is that it
doesn’t even have to be for the product that I gave you the link to what happens
is when you click my link it will install a cookie into your computer and
this cookie does not hurt your computer in any way shape or form but whatever
you purchase during a 24 hour period I will get a commission of between 1 to 10
percent based on the product that you got some things are worth 10 percent
some are worth 1 percent then there are some products that are just worth noting
but this is a nice easy way if you want to support the channel that I would
greatly appreciate because if you’re someone who Shops at Amazon regularly if
you think about it you should consider checking out my description where I’ll
keep a link to my Amazon affiliate and then I will get a commission and that
will help me at least start going towards the road of monetization and
being able to better support my efforts through YouTube that’s my update in
terms of monetization and money which I hope is well received and doesn’t come
off as me being too money grabby we’ll have to see
this video is really long and there’s still lots and lots of airtime to to to
ramble on and honestly I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it but if you’re
still listening if you’re one of my writing friends I have a challenge with
you because I got this Fitbit and the whole reason why this video got recorded
is I’ve been trying to walk more and I’ve
been inspired by walks so if you’re a writer or even if you’re not my
challenge for you would be to write a story about a walk through town but you
can’t talk about the things that you see you have to rely on your other senses
good luck with that but it should be easy and you would see that if you could
smell because I love going to the Hult amount because the smells are so
delicious because you have all the bakeries and everything it’s just themed
into the street and it’s just like pastries galore it tastes so so yummy
even though I’m not eating just the smell of it it’s like feed me yeah so
that’s my story about walking and pastries oh yeah on a random note the
day that I went for this walk it was freaking cold there are not words to
describe how cold it was and I just want you all to know how much I suffered on
this walk I mean I would have done it either way because I needed to get my
steps in and I’m sort of obsessed with that now but it really really was cold
and on a side note from that I was generally surprised that I didn’t freak
out more about having to film because I think this is the third time I have
filmed in public and it’s something I’m not really comfortable with I don’t know
what to do in terms of editing and doing voiceovers so if you have suggestions or
even if you have videos that fall into this category that you watch and you’d
like to leave me linked so that I can see what they’re doing and maybe sort of
figure out a way to take what they did and make it my own I greatly appreciate
all your help or if you just like the video as is you can tell me that – I’d
love to hear that but this is the raw unedited footage not including the
voice-over that I’m currently doing because
it’s the request that I received raw unedited footage of me walking around in
Belgium well then that’s what I have for you
guys today so if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up hit the red
button to subscribe ring the bell for notifications but just to make sure come
back on Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays because that’s when I release new videos
and YouTube doesn’t seem to like telling people when videos come out also as a
side note I’ve heard from a few people that YouTube is getting in the way of
our friendship and is unsubscribing some of my subscribers which I’m hoping is
the case because I was so close to 700 guys and then it just keeps going down
and then it goes back up and it’s like oh I’m almost there I’m almost there and
then I lose subscribers so I’m hoping that it’s YouTube that’s coming between
our friendship and it’s not just because people don’t like me that’s I’m gonna
say it’s YouTube’s fault YouTube is jealous of what we have together guys
all my social links have been left in the description below for your
convenience so you can’t internet stock me and let’s be real in today’s modern
world that’s what we do I am on Twitter I’m on Facebook and I keep a blog which
you should always check out guys because I continue the conversation there and
it’s epic I write interesting things so always
check out my blog you can also like my blog and leave me comments there as well
and I would love you forever and don’t forget to check out my Amazon affiliate
link and if you’re going to purchase something and you want to use my link so
that I can get a small Commission I would be very grateful and I would love
you forever and ever because it would help me and the channel and I’m really
excited about this to see how it goes and that’s what I have for you guys stay
and I’ll see you guys in the next one Tot ziens mijn appelsiens yeah you
guys can’t see me but I was literally waving at the camera and yeah that’s
it’s weird I feel weird talking to the camera
that you can’t see me you’re only going to hear my voice but there are some
pretty buildings that you saw so I hope I hope you like the walk and yeah maybe
I’ll do more in the future depending on like what the views get because I’ve
done videos like these in the past and unfortunately they don’t get many views
because I don’t think that many people are really interested but maybe that’s
just me being pessimistic I don’t know


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