A Week in My Life as a High School SENIOR. (ft. Apple Watch)

I’ve been wanting to buy the Apple watch
for what it seems like to be forever to be very exact I think it has been
almost two years because that’s when I saw like everyone in school have one? I
don’t know. It was kind of a trend back then. Because everyone had one, I wanted
it but I’m really got I waited and I actually thought about if I needed
it or not. I’ve just been thinking about it for like two years and I really feel
like I could benefit from one right now so after contemplating for a while I
decided to get one. I know the Series 5 just came out which is like over $300 I think? But I’m gonna go for the Series 3 which is a lot
cheaper. I think it is selling for $189 right now. This week’s video I was
actually going to film a different video but I’m going to just film a week-long
vlog featuring my new Apple watch and see if I like it or not. Then, I’ll do
a little update at the end of the vlog. Also, there’s this huge white fabric
in the back. I want to hang that up on that wall and use it as like a backdrop
but it’s SO big… that I don’t think it’s gonna work but yeah. That’s
what that’s for if you were wondering. literally the bowl every Korean family
has. My dream is to… Once I move out, to get myself a set of plates that are not
those. I’m having rice with some ~soft tofu stew~ which is like my favorite kind of
soup. I’m not a huge fan of like Korean soups but this one I love and I’m also having
some dried seaweed. I just got an email that I can go pick it up that was really quick let’s go !!! oh my gosh… I have it right now I’m gonna do an unboxing here even
though there’s someone right in front of me! Yesterday, I did a Q&A on IG and asked you guys if you guys thought Apple watch was worth it and a
lot of people said it’s like a flex item like it looks it looks cool on your
wrist a lot of people just wear it to flex
rather than to use it functionally as a watch and a fitness watch but I
don’t really think that they look cute I just don’t think that they look that
cute so I was debating which color to get and I got the Space Gray and black
one I actually opened it because I just wanted to see in the car but I haven’t
started to play with it yet! This is my first time touching and actually
holding an Apple watch. I’ve just played with it only in Apple stores so it’s
gonna take me a while to learn how to use this thing.
shaking I got the Space Gray with the Ok, my hands are like shaking… I got the 38mm space gray with black sports strap I have it on! It’s on! I feel like my reactions aren’t as big
because I’m just so tired right now but I finally got one after 2 years. Today is just going to be me learning how to use this because I have no idea. Why am I so tired If you guys ditdn’ noticed I moved one of my desks into this room
because I wanted to separate like my bedroom and like my editing/work/study
room so I have this space to edit, film, and do my school work and so far I’ve
been really liking it. The only bad thing is that I have two
different desks to trash so like I need to clean two different areas.
Somehow, I just collect trash wherever I sit down so it’s been more cleaning up
for me and I’m trying to make this area cute because right now my room is way
cuter and I just want to stay in my room cuz it’s cuter there. But I really like
having separate spaces. Right now, I’m testing out like the camera feature and how you can control the camera on the Apple watch and it is so cool my watch told me to stand up and move
around for a minute so I ‘m doing that. I want to show you guys this neon sign that I got I got it at Target I got it for like $12 and I’m so in love with it I also kind of rearranged like this part so it’s more clean and organized! hey Siri! oh my gosh all three Siris just went off I actually don’t really move that much but when I was setting up this watch I told them that I move like
moderate amount so it expects me to burn 520 calories just from moving around all
day. I I don’t think I burned that much throughout the day so I don’t know how
to fix that I want to talk about the features that I’m excited about
on the Apple watch and why I got the Apple watch pretty much? I actually like wrote it down so let me look at that. To explain why I wanted it in the first place… I wanted to track my workouts because I do work out quite often. I work out like at least… I’ve been working out at least five days a week
which is a lot and I would like to be able to track all of my workouts and
also track my activity levels like how many steps I take throughout the day and
obviously since I don’t bring around my phone every time I move… this is going to
be like really accurate Also, I want to see if having an Apple watch is going to
decrease my screen time on my phone I also want to see if this makes me more
productive throughout the day because I mean if my screen time decreases more likely, I’m going to be more productive? Obviously, I bought it because I wanted to check time and use it as a watch too. Because when I’m at school
I’m allowed to have my phone but I prefer not having it out because it
distracts me and I just like to control myself where I don’t look at it but I
want to be able to check time and see like the notifications so this is great. Also, I can use this you pay because Apple pay works in the States I’m also looking forward to used to breathe app which you can set it up differently
but I set it up where it reminds me to breathe twice a day and I have issues with breathing if you have watched my other videos (you’d know) hopefully, this app helps me
remember to breathe because I sometimes literally forget to breathe It’s kind of weird kind of bad I can also use this to find my phone which I feel like would come in pretty handy because I lose my phone all the time and my
phone is usually on Do Not Disturb so I have a hard time finding it but I can make it ring yeah and I can easily find my phone! so far I’ve also really liked how I can check my schedule like this because I always plan out my day on Google Calendar so it’s synced up to the calendar on here and I can see what I’m supposed to be doing and like what I’m supposed to be doing in 30 minutes so I don’t actually have to get on my laptop, go on Google Calendar and see I can just look at my wrist I wasn’t gonna work out today but I
really want to test my Apple watch out I’m gonna jump rope I don’t like cardio except jump roping actually I’ve been kind of into running too
so I’ve been slowly getting into cardio but I’m not that great at it but yeah I’m gonna go try it out I’m really excited I tried to jump rope but
the jump rope I have is just really bad so I only jump roped for like 10
minutes and then I walked the other like 20-30 minutes and it was cold so my face
is red but I really like the Apple watch so far for tracking activities because
when I walk, it tells me how much I’ve walked like the miles and even my speed and the
calories of course so I really like the detail is that my Apple watch is giving
me even though I don’t need it to work out it’s nice to see I wanted to make a latte and there’s
this much milk left I usually use this much 🙁 I didn’t get to finish my breakfast this
morning because I was running late and I also didn’t get to have my coffee so
right now I am finishing off my scrambled eggs I didn’t get to finish and I also toasted another toast so I can eat it with the eggs If you’re here for Apple watch review I’m just going to read off some of the pros of having an
Apple watch after using it for 24 hours I like that I can check notifications
even when my phone is charging so I can have my phone charged and move around
the house and still get notified and like check my phone without actually
checking my phone and this morning that came in handy because I actually forgot
to charge my phone last night so I had my phone charging and I was around doing stuff and I was still able to see my notifications so it’s great for busy
mornings I also like that I can control music when my phone is far away I can also like have my phone on my bed and have the music playing and then when I’m
on the other side of the room I can like change the songs or even adjust the
volume and I really really like that It reminds me to breathe which you know
everyone breathes but for my anxiety filled self this is a really good
feature that reminds me to breathe. I can check my Google Calendar without going
on my phone app I can easily check weather because the watch face I
put the weather thing like right there so I can see the high, the low, the
current temperature Less pressure on my wrist since I don’t have to hold on to my phone all day I like that it’s like using my phone but with my hands-free so I can be like grocery shopping and doing things and I’ll still be able to check instead of reaching for my phone and like using it with my two hands so those are my thoughts so far To be honest, I really like it I’ve been wanting it for two years so for me I think I’m just really satisfied I’m about to go to my cycling class which I’m really excited about I’m so excited to see how much calories I actually burned in this class and my heart rate because this class is a very intense workout class after the workout I’m gonna go grocery
shop and I have this list right here and I’m also gonna try to use Apple pay if
they have that available so I had my first workout class with my Apple watch I really liked it. I think the heart rate and the calories are pretty accurate compared to the fitness band that I used to have it is so different my fitness watch used to tell me that I burned 62 calories in a cycling class today… let me check it says that I burned 360 calories in my
class and total calories 418 and my heart rate range was 93 to 187. My previous fitness band used to tell me that my heart rate was at like 87 I also went to the grocery store after my workout and I downloaded an app that allows me to make lists so I used that to write down my grocery list. I was able to look through them and check them off as I put stuff in my cart I thought I would a grocery haul because I personally love watching grocery hauls
on YT I used to literally look up grocery hauls because I think it’s fun to watch like what other people got for the week. This is not really a week worth of groceries I just bought things to replace some of the things that we ran out of I live with my family so I don’t
buy all of our groceries but if I want to eat something or if I want to make
something like a salad I would buy the ingredients with my
own money so first I got some bananas because we ate all of ours I got two of these so delicious coconut milk yogurt alternatives so they are dairy-free yogurts and I love these. these are my favorite Tomatoes. They’re like different
colored Tomatoes. Then, I got Asian sesame with ginger and soil dressing. I’m wanting to recreate this salad I had at a vegan the salad restaurant and I bought this hoping that it would taste the same or similar to the dressing that I had. Then, I got vegan american-style cheese or dairy free cheese I got baby lima beans Got tortilla strips to put in my salad and
then I got beefless burger Again, this is for the salad that I’m trying to recreate Grilled chicken breast nuggets I personally think that they’re a little
bit too salty but my dad really likes them so I bought them again. We just finished it. I actually had them before cycling with some air fried fries they were delicious but I shouldn’t have eaten before class because I almost threw up in class LOL oh my gosh and also I got oat milk!!! This is my first time trying oat milk in a big thing so I’m really excited I’ve only had oat milk in my latte before That was only once or twice So I don’t really know what it tastes like … so I’m excited That was my grocery haul I know there are a lot of like packaged frozen food but I went grocery shopping a few days ago or my dad went grocery shopping few days ago And he filled up the fridge with some fresh food so I didn’t need to buy any like vegetables
and stuff like that Also, some of the cons for the Apple watch: during a workout class or during a workout in general since it tells me how many calories I’m burning and my heart rate it makes me want to look pretty
frequently but I know that’s like a self-control thing and I have to control
that and also sweat really gets trapped under the watch and the wristband I don’t think you can really avoid that but that was another thing that I
noticed I wish the greens were lettuce and not spinach he is sitting like a real human being destroyed I haven’t taken a shower after
my workout so I might look a little sweaty but it’s Thursday and I’m here to do a little update for you guys I’ve had this Apple watch for four days now
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and I’m going to go over some of the things
that I noticed throughout those days yesterday I didn’t vlog but I did an at
home workout and I wanted to test how my watch would track like a workout
that I do at home compared to like a cycling class. I basically just danced
around and did some ab workouts and I think the watch did do a pretty good job
at logging those and like the calories and the heartrate and then I went on a
walk with my friend and I really liked how it told me again like how much I
walked so that was the workout portion I really do think that having a watch or
having a Fitness watch or a SmartWatch like this one really makes me aware of
how active I am that day because it does have this activity ring that you’re
supposed to close I noticed that getting notifications on my watch isn’t really going to decrease my screen time because if I get a text I’m still going to have
to get on my phone to reply I mean I can do like yes or no simple answers or use Siri to talk into it and I will send it for me but unless I’m in a very quiet
environment like my car I can’t really reply you might get the notifications
but most of the times you can’t really do anything about them I think that’s
about it for now you have to charge this every night like how you charge your phone I also feel like having this drains my phone battery a bit more oh and the another cool feature I connected my watch with my laptop
so when my laptop is locked I usually unlock it with a password or with like my fingerprint which is pretty convenient but because I have this watch I can just place my hand on it and it will unlock which i think is really cool if you have a MacBook! wearing all Lululemon today I know Lululemon is expensive but if you’re looking to invest in workout clothes they’re really nice and they also have outlets throughout the state so like for this top I got it on sale at the outlet and that was a really good deal since I can’t take you guys to my spin class I’ll come home and show you guys some of the ab workouts I’ve been doing got back from my workout & I ate dinner I was going to an ab workout but I’m not really feeling it so 🙁 I’m watching some YouTube and I’m trying to figure out this new camera gear that I got this screw is way bigger than the hole so it won’t screw in all the way so I mounted the camera onto my mirror I got this so I could vlog in my car and also film like cleansing/skincare routines in my bathroom why am i wearing a hood? because
it’s comfy Sis: did I ask you? no 😀 today I’m gonna go hang out with my
friends and I’m really excited because if you guys watch this whole thing you
guys probably noticed how I’ve been very antisocial this week and I’ve been very
antisocial because I’m only in school for three hours. I don’t get enough human
interactions throughout my week so I decided to hang out with my friends. we’re going to go to this new cafe and I’m really excited to try the place out. Before I leave though I need to figure out what I’m gonna do with my hair I don’t have enough time I need to leave like right now but this hair is just not it. should I leave it? It doesn’t look THAT bad today. Also, I woke up with like really
thick double eyelid I look like a different person I don’t know how I feel about this outfit I’m gonna change omg I look so tired we’re at the grocery store because she needed milk and I got matcha powder picked up my favorite snack while at it! so I went out with my friends to just hang out and talk at a cafe I got home, made dinner I am now about to edit some videos and finish off my day I think I touched on that most of the pros and cons of the Apple watch throughout the vlog In conclusion, though, it’s definitely nice to have but not like a must It’s not really going to like change your life dramatically At least for me (it didn’t) but it is nice to have and I think it does help me be more productive and more healthy using all of its features If you’ve been wanting to get one, I would say to go for it. I don’t know if this vlog is entertaining. I feel like I just spent all week in my room editing or doing stuff on my laptop so that’s like the one con of not being in school all day I don’t get to see my friends and it’s kind of sad because I am an introvert so I like spending time
on my own and I genuinely enjoy being alone but also when I’m alone way too
much I feel down and I’m just really bored even when I’m working and doing stuff so I think it was good for me to hang out with my friends today and I hope to hang out with them more often! I’m also really glad that I have a vlog channel where I can talk to people even when I’m alone because I
don’t feel alone when I’m talking to the camera! Thank you guys so much for
watching until the end. I know this vlog is going to be long… If you watched it till the end you’re the real one


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