Acquisition and Mergers | Amazon or Walmart Acquiring Flipkart | Ola and Uber Merger | Hindi

Hello friends ,my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we will talk about mergers and acquisition Recently you might have heard that Amazon is acquiring flipkart than there is another news about this saying that it wasnt sucessful with amazon Now walmart is trying to acquire flipkart and you might have heard that too that there is a possible merge of ola and uber Lets understand this today that what is this acquisition and merger First of all lets talk about acquisitions Acquisition means that i bought a particular company and i am now the owner of that company thats it Now to be the owner of that particular company i need to hold 51% shares of that company (SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE UPDATES) If i keep a 51% shares of a company then i am the owner of that company Okay? now amazon wanted to acquire flipkart that means they wanted to buy 51% shares of flipkart Acquiring would be if amazon acquires flipkart then they flipkart wont exist in market in that case amazon will be the one only So when a company acquires a particular company that company comes under that acquiring company its possible that it may stay as flipkart as it is but with a tag of A PRODUCT OF AMAZON so what was the benefit of acquisiton the benefit of acquisition is that whether a company is going through a loss or profit if i buy that particular company i became the owner in india if i look at the top ecommerce business ? they are amazon and flipkart if amazon acquires flipkart then what we talked about loss leadership how it will affect this? Now amazon sometimes sell you stuff in loss sometimes to combat the competition so that the trust on amazon stays among people and people buys less stuff from flipkart like big billion day , sale etc etc all are a part of a loss leadership so if you succeeded in acquiring your competitor , what are the benefits You can create monopoly in the market now what does mean by creating a monopoly Now you do not need to sell on loss Everybody is used to buying from amazon Now people dont have other options then that people have to buy from amazon anyhow Now flipkart is saying that amazon is a foreign company and we wont let them acquire us , we just want to create a healthy environment Now walmart says that lwt us acquire you and give us 51% share Now walmart is the biggest offline retail chain network globally Just like big bazaar in india and dmart same is walmart if they came in india big bazaar and dmart these will be closed But they are unable to come india directly so they are planning to come online Just think about this that if they came online as they sell product on such cheap price then So what will happen amazon might vanish Because their buying capacity is large they basically buys a ton of all the manufactured products in bulk like around of 3-4 months like if they buys bulk of products from pepsi of around 3-4 months , now its their headache how will they sell those products just over that they get the products in good cheaper price and amazon is not even close to that rate We will for sure discuss the business model of walamart in the coming weeks now this is all about acquisition Lets talk about mergers now if one company’s marketing is good and other one production is good Now they merge to create a strategy that one will produce and another will market the product and they will share the profit We heard about merger of ola and uber Now what happens (if you havent seen the business model of ola and uber you can click on the ibutton) So you might have heard that cab drivers were on strike Now due to strike they have to pay more incentives to the drivers Now if you increases the incentives your business will be in fault Because of the competition you have to provide them cab with 6-7 rs along with discount coupon Now they merge to create a monopoly now they dont need to give any coupons 6-7 rs fare will stay the same and may be possible that it might be increase to 8 rs and that extra 2 rs will be distributed among drivers as an incentives coz every company wants to put them in profit and they realised that they affected the indian market like cab is cheaper than auto? how? We are distributing discount coupons freely and aimlessly spending the money of investors Now what is the benefit of merger? again they wont work in loss leadership and will create a monopoly its a different type of merger normally merger is about , if my marketing is good for an instance as i do digital marketing and you come to me that this is my business model and you offer me 30% share that demands marketing from me now your 30% profit will be mine and i will do all the marketing of your company so its a part of merger so today is monday and we talked about marketing just like that every monday we will talk about a topic of mba you can see this chart on the screen and we follow this chart monday – marketing then digital marketing then all the case studies and thats how our channel works okay friends this video ends and you have any queries mention that in the comment sectio below and dont forget to like and share and also tell me should amazon acquire flipkart or not or if you are doing any business is acquisition is beneficial or not or merger? if a pepsi company comes to india they need to build a factory and everything or they can go to an existing factory and can work on contract basis just like britania they dont make all the products so among all the buscuit industries they let them manufacture their produts on contract basis on a specifiv rate along with the packing so they are over the headache of manufacturing in such big level All the responsibilty is on them So okay friends bye goodnight goodmorning goodafternoon whenver you watch this video


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