Acrylic Paint, Gouache Paint, Acrylic Ink, Crayon And Pencil Speedpaint

So what media am I mixing up this week?
Well I’m still working with gouache but there’s already a layer of acrylic paint
on here and also I’m gonna add in some paint pen work so a click inks gonna be
on here and if you stick around to the end thank you for all of you who do yeah
if you stick around to the end you will see some neo color crayon action and
also a bit of inktense pencil work going on too so yeah a few different arty bits
and bulbs to enjoy in this week speed paint and you can find the products in
the description but as I didn’t get time to talk you through this one and do a
proper voiceover to it I will flag up as I switch from product
product as we go along so I hope you found that useful last week I tried that
last week and yeah so let me know if you found that useful and then I will try
and make that more of a habit in my videos where I don’t get to do a proper
voiceover I will be back with more voiceover videos against don’t worry
they haven’t gone away from my channel it’s just at the moment I’m sort of
working towards quite a few deadlines they’ve all come at once you know what
it’s like so the voiceovers they take me a long
time to do and kind of thought what better to have a video out that maybe
doesn’t have the voiceover on it then not having any video talks or I hope you
enjoy it and I quite like speedpaints I like watching other people speak paints
because I think that’s like really inspirational about watching the layers
kind of going on and quickly and you can go from start to finish and you like wow
that’s amazing maybe not with mine but I find that with
other people’s so I hope you enjoy watching this but I do have some full-on
tutorials in my head that I want to share with you so when I have some time
I will definitely be filming those and voicing them properly so you get to see
exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing it and we can have a proper chat again
because what I do like chatting with you so they will be back on my youtube
channel soonish once I’ve cleared away some more of these deadlines and I’ve
got some space to really sort of you know spend some time and do a proper
voiceover in the meantime grab a cuppa get yourself in the arty mood watching all
these layers kind of grow and I’ll be back near to the end to have another
quick chat [MUSIC] now this is one where those those colors
were actually an accidental choice I didn’t sort of consciously choose them
they were more dictated by what products I had I wanted to use bigger paint pens
and the only colors that I had in the bigger paint pens were the sort of
oranges there’s a kind of a mustard color and a burnt orange kind of color
going there I do have some of my usual kind of colors like an aqua but I
decided that I didn’t want to use that and I think it worked really well and I
was really quite happy with this muted color scheme so I’m definitely gonna try
using that again I think it also might have been inspired if you go right back
to where I was starting putting color on there was a great illustration on there
that had a very muted color scheme and I’m kind of wondering if that got into
my head and I took the colors and sort of ran with those as well and it just so
happened it worked really well because that I had those pen colors that kind of
went with that color scheme I don’t know who can say as I say the inspiration can
come from anywhere so I hope these muted colors are inspiring you to have great
fun with your muted colors and if you’re looking for some more arty inspiration
to watch then there are these videos here and guess what I will see you over
there have fun with your art and I will see you next week


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