Advidi. Leading the affiliate marketing world by example

There are people in this industry who are
known for their excellence, commitment and brilliance. They stand out for their resourcefulness and
fearless determination. We call them heroes. Not because they wear capes or have superpowers
but because they’re extraordinary people who have the character to succeed despite overwhelming
obstacles. They do what’s right not because it’s the
right thing to do but because it’s the only thing to do. Heroes know that this level of success can
only be reached by surrounding themselves with the right support and resources. Hey! You know when to come and visit an office,
right? You can probably smell the chicken and waffle. Oh yeah, yeah. It’s lunchtime, isn’t it? It’s a, it’s actually a perfect timing. Every day we have lunch all together. Yeah, I have perfect timing. That’s all about me. I can tell that, I can tell that. It’s a good, it’s a good start. Wow, that’s a big office, actually. I didn’t expect that to be this big, actually. Yeah. What is this building? So, initially it was a water pump building. A water pump building? Yeah. It was supplying Amsterdam with the drinking
water until 1996 and till 1996 it was used for this purpose. After that, they divided it actually in three
parts that are kind of commercial and used by companies. So, we have one section of the building. You have around 75 people working here. 75 people working here? Yeah, more or less. And as you can see, it’s specifically designed
for our purposes to make sure that everyone feels at home. We have areas like the kitchen area, the living
room. The idea is that people spend so much time
at work that we actually want to create a home for them that they don’t even have to
leave if they don’t want to. So, as you can see, here we have our own chef,
we have our own kitchen. Your own chef? Yeah. Actually, chef? Yeah, yeah, yeah. We have Advidi chef, yeah, Advidi chef. And then the chef creates or makes the most
delicious and, yeah, tasteful lunches as you will test in a little bit every day for us. We find the lunch very important for us, for
our daily, yeah, communication among all of us. We all eat together at the same time more
or less around 12:30. And this is the moment when you can actually
see colleagues that you don’t see every day, that you can talk with people from different
departments, play table tennis, table football, video games. So, basically, it is like a home, like a family
that actually eats together. Like, very traditional, you know, you have
the meal every day at the same spot. And we pay pretty much a lot of attention
into bringing people together, creating moments when they can enjoy… Why is that important for you? Oh, it’s, it’s very unique for the, it’s very
unique for the culture of the company. If you want to make sure that people know
each other, that they spend time together, it’s crucial to create these moments where
they can actually do that. So, it’s not only the lunch. As I told you, we have every week on Friday
after, after work drinks. We go on a company trip once per year together. We always have, like, a very interesting location. Seems to be a nice place to work. Yeah, trust me, there are a lot of perks. Like, people are also allowed to go to the
gym during working hours because we really care about… Do you have your own gym or..? Actually, no. I would love to, but it’s, it’s just a gym
that is around the block, but we have a special deal with them for all the Advidi employees
and it’s also one of the perks of the company. We believe that if people are healthy, happy… Then they will deliver? Yeah. They will take care better of their job and
also they will take better care of our clients, you know. It’s, I think it makes a big difference if
your employees are in some cold rainy underground place or if they’re actually having all the
luxury to be treated well, that they have social activities, that they engage and spend
time with each other. I think that reflects a lot on the clients’
accounts. What is the core value of Advidi? The core value of Advidi. The core value of Advidi is that we’re here
to make other people, other people successful. Whatever we do, we are here to provide whatever
it’s necessary for every client, every partner that it’s engaging with us to be more successful. Our role and our value is supportive. We’re here to support everyone in their dream
or reaching their dream to be successful, to be better, to have all the possible support
in any moment when they need it. And we do our best to provide it from every
possible angle. For example, we’ve just passed through the
part where we have our BI department. Advidi is one of the really rarest companies
in this industry that has a business intelligent department. What is that for? That is to understand your audience, to create
better value of your audience, to understand what’s the market, the market insight, what’s
your market penetration, what is your competition doing, how can you grow your product, how
can you grow your services, how can you create more value around your audience, how can you
anticipate what your audience will do in the upcoming months. All of that is created through our BI department. So, probably you will tour me the office. I’m excited to see it. Oh, I would love to, for sure. Here is why Binom Tracker is good for running
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create black and white lists in no time. Marks. To get a brief overview of all relevant data,
mark any element in your campaign such as publishers or other token values with special
icons. Try it out for free. Find details in the description. That’s the Finance and, as I told you before,
our BI department, which is also big and quite important. Business intelligence department? That’s cool. Yeah. This is the most creative area in the, in
the office. It’s where you work? Yes, this is the marketing team. These are the lovely people from marketing. This is our little creative lab. Hey everybody! Hi, guys! Hi, Kevin! Wave to the camera. He is busy. People are always busy. So, basically, when you come here you can
see actual traces of everything that we’ve done or we were doing in the past. So… That is Dalai Lama over there. Why Dalai Lama is over there? Oh, well, if you read a little bit about the
positioning or the vision of Advidi, what I was telling you about the support before,
our vision is making performance marketing heroes. Mm-hmm. But not heroes with capes and superpowers. But when we say heroes, we mean very regular
everyday people who have something unique especially when it comes to this industry. People who support others, people who are
knowledgeable, people who lead by example. So, to get fully inspired by this heroism,
you… we are surrounded by regular people who left their trace or their best in… they
were or they’re still best in what they are doing. So, you will just see some examples of who
we mean by that. Is that Jose Mujica? No? No. Ah, it’s Kurt Vonnegut. Yeah. Yeah, now I recognize him. So, it’s just people from all other industries
just to kind of inspire us by their work, by their, by their examples of excellent work
and that’s what we’re striving also here. So, making performance marketing heroes is
in the core of the Advidi brand. So… What do you try to tell with your branding? What is a message that you communicate, that
you convey? As… If you have a little bit of, let’s say, a
pre-knowledge about branding or what every brand is trying to actually create is the
feeling of belonging. What we are trying to create with exactly
the Advidi brand is to create this feeling of belonging that you’re part of something
that is much bigger than yourself as an individual. It means that at every point every moment
you’re surrounded by the right people who will help you, who will treat you well, who
will support you no matter what kind of step you’re making in your business track. So, when we also say, “Hey, we wanna select
really excellent people, knowledgeable, with good intentions, patient people who are also
helpful,” what I was talking about previously about the heroes, we are actually creating
this feeling of belonging that at any point you are surrounded with this kind of people
with good intentions but also very knowledgeable, that you’re never alone, that you’re always
supported no matter where you are. Even if you’re bigger, smaller, no matter
what kind of business you’re doing but still related with our industry, that we will have
the knowledge, we will have the support, we will have the right people, we’ll have the
right state of mind to be there for you. In our industry, the business can be sometimes
seen a bit aggressive and not every company is open to the public today, to the people
actually, to affiliates, to their clients. Why do you think it is important to be open,
to have transparent culture? That’s actually a very interesting question
because that was the first thing that I personally started working on, how we want to create
this company when I got the position at Advidi almost four years ago. Very often when you go to websites of, let’s
say, companies from this industry, you just see some kind of a text and you don’t even
know what, who’s behind that company, where they work, what’s their working environment. And very often this is not that transparent
because usually there’s no one behind it or the people who are behind it maybe they don’t
want to be traced back for several reasons, let’s not go into the reasons, yeah. So, what we wanted to do and that’s why when
you asked me before what’s the impact of the business, what we wanted to show right away
that we’re here to stay. So, first of all this office is made to support
people in their all daily activities to get their best out of them. If you go to our website, you can trace every
possible person that works here with a personal story. You can go back and find them on LinkedIn,
Facebook. They have life, they have life experience,
they have work experience. We have absolutely nothing to hide. This is the building where we are, this is
our address, we’re not gonna disappear, we are not an offshore business that exists somewhere
I don’t know where that is here to kind of scam people, to collect their money and disappear. This is a serious company and we have very
serious intentions to be here for many, many years. So, if you want to work with us, we give you
right away through all our social media channels the view into our unique culture, into our
daily activities. You can see how people who work here are treated,
how we, how we spend our free time, what are our business activities. We have absolutely nothing to hide. And I know that’s very intimidating, especially
in this industry that has maybe I would say more because of things that happened maybe in
the past very kind of ambiguous reputation. That’s right. So, if you want to change things and you say,
“Hey, we want to do this type of business but in the best possible way,” then you
need to lead by example. And I know it may be quite intimidating because,
oh, wait a second, like, why is this so transparent, right? It creates questions, exactly because of that. That’s why I asked you that. Like, we have absolutely nothing to hide. We have serious business intentions, we, as… We are here to stay, we’re here to support
people not only today but to do that in the upcoming 10, 20, 30, 50 years if this industry
is as it is. And you can find that everyone in this company
has work experience, life experience, they’re all human beings. When you go to our website, you can read their
personal stories, not their work stories, just because we want to say, “Hey, people
who work here, they have life experience, they have, they make their own mistakes, they
learn through life but they’re also here to support you.” People don’t work with companies, people work
with people. If I want to… If I want to work with you, I will… I’m not going to look for the entity of your
company, I’m gonna look, hey, who’s that guy over there? So, Petar, now I want you to tell me everything
about your new brand, about your new look, new logo. We launched the rebranding of Advidi last
year in July. That was a quite complex and intense project
because it didn’t start with just, let’s say, some kind of cosmetic fixing of the look and
feel. It started several steps before that that
actually helped us to reinvestigate our purpose, to find our real meaning, to go really deep
into the roots of the Advidi brand and what do we stand for. So, that’s how we came up with this full look
and feel and a visual identity. We had a massive launching party in Barcelona
in July 2018 and since then, yeah, everything you see around us is kind of with the same
look and feel. What are you seeing on the screen behind us
is actually the algorithm that is creating our logo. This is one of the first logos in the world
created by an algorithm. And why is it like that? Our initial brief was how do you create a
visual identity for a company whose, let’s say, business relies on the ideas and the
passion of people but the real execution depends on machines. So, you have this unique interaction that
constantly needs to happen. It needs to be there, the human side and the
machine side. And then, on the other hand, the visual identity
for a company whose business never sleeps. Our campaigns from our affiliates and advertisers,
they run 24/7. So, basically, we started from, we started
from that point and we came to Hiro, we gave it a name. And I’ll tell you what it means. That algorithm is called Hiro? Yeah. It’s like Siri or Alexa. And then, our algorithm also has a name. It’s called Hiro. And Hiro, it’s basically one of the first
logos or algorithms in the world that has the capability of creating a logo. And more so, it’s not fixed, but actually,
it’s open for engagement and interaction with the visitors on our website. So, it’s not just a loop, it’s..? No. So, basically, if you visit it, you can change
the metrics and the stats in the logo, in the algorithm and then it can create a version
that it’s kind of more close to you. Alright. And with this Advidi is one of the rarest
companies in the world that allows this kind of interaction with the audience on such a
high level. You’re really impacting the branding of the
company. You cannot really see that that much. But that’s how we… that’s how we want to
show to the world how much we are open for the engagement with the audience that comes
from outside. It’s not like in a bubble, this is who we
are, this is what we do, work with us. No, we are open, we want to hear suggestion,
we want to hear feedback. You can also play with our core visual identity
and that’s our logo. Was it expensive to implement? Oh yeah, we had also external help for this. We had external agencies, Ronin and Positivity
from Amsterdam and, of course, the team that I introduced you before. It was a hard work, but first of all, it was
a very, I’d say, complex way how to get to this point of how we going to visualize
this. You know, what, what does it mean for us? So, if you see the, if you see the logo, all
these elements are constantly changing, which also suggests the very dynamic environment
in which we are operating, but there is only one constant symbol in the middle of it that
only gets visible if it’s put in the right background and that’s the triangle. So, why we chose the triangle? First of all, it’s one of the strongest geometrical
symbols in the… at all, but also it’s the connection that we are creating between the
affiliates and the advertisers. So, Advidi is always creating this magical
connection between traffic and campaign or offer, affiliates, advertisers. It’s a magical connection that doesn’t stop,
it’s always there, but if any of these three points doesn’t exist, then nothing is there,
right? Like, the whole concept is gone. And then, it’s connected with what I’ve just
told you about, the performance marketing heroes because the regular people who are
exceptional, they don’t wear capes or leggings, you can only see their heroism when they’re
put in specific situations, then you are provoking the best out of them. So, this concept of the, of the heroism and
that’s why this triangle is only visible if there is a specific background is translated
in the logo, which means if there’s no right background or support, nothing of this will
be visible. The regular people who are everyday heroes,
for example, you can be my best friend who’s always there for me, you can be my affiliate
manager who’s always there for me, a colleague that you really like and you see as your everyday
icon, hero, you can call it. However, you really need to put that person
in a specific situation, in the right context to actually get this feeling out of them. So, that’s what we’ve tried to translate into
this industry, exceptional people who are here to lead by example, but you can only
see their heroism, their excellence if they’re in the right context, and that’s how our logo
is only visible if it’s in the right context. This triangle will not be there if you don’t
see this aura around it. You’re trying to put your entire business
in the right context. Exactly. That’s why, that’s what branding is here. That’s what branding does. Yeah. But that’s the whole thing. You can do a lot of individual things. If they’re not connected, no one will understand
them, no one will know about them. And that’s what branding does, it glues everything
you do under one story, under one roof and makes it understandable for everyone who is
interacting with your business. Do you think that it’s applied for any kind
of business? Absolutely, yeah. We live in an era where the functional features
of your products and services are not enough. Let me give you an example. Your phone, your phone, and you have Apple
iPhone, right? I do. So, it doesn’t… The functionality, the functional feature
of your phone, it’s not only enough for you. There needs to be some kind of emotional feature
that is kind of creating some kind of a feeling for you, why you’re having it, why you’re
choosing that phone. I very often use the comparison between Samsung
and Apple, and although Samsung always has, like, more advanced and technological products,
somehow Apple always beats them at least in brand value. And that’s because when you have, let’s say,
Samsung is launching a new phone, they always talk about the best camera, these are the
features, this is the chip and when Apple is launching a new product, they always try
to communicate on a very emotional level, how this phone gonna make you feel, how does
it gonna make you look in your microcosmos with your friends, with your family, who this
phone gonna kind of make you, how this phone gonna make you feel or who you gonna be projected
through it. So, do you think that affiliates that work
with Advidi feel themselves differently than those who work with any other affiliate networks
out there? I think you’re asking a wrong person and I
really welcome you to kind of make this research yourself. I would say, I would… I believe so or I would be very happy if that’s
the case because we really invest in this relationship with the affiliates. Not only the functional feature, it’s not
only, oh, yeah, we connect you with offer A, B, you run the traffic there. We really invest in this emotional connection
with the affiliates, what I just described before, to be there for them, to organize
different kind of touch points that are parties, meetups, they are always welcome to come to
our office, to be there for them no matter where they are. Are you trying to create some kind of Advidi
community in there with all your affiliates? Absolutely, absolutely. And I believe that’s the, that’s the future
of every brand. I believe in… Not only in this industry, everywhere only
the brands who are able to create a community around themselves and connect with like-minded
other brands will survive. What is the Advidi community? It means connecting and putting people together
to share knowledge. I really believe so that we are in a very
competitive industry, let’s say, maybe more than other industries, right? I would agree. But also, at some points, this competitiveness
creates very unpleasant communication when you speak with representatives from one company
what they have to say about another company. Rule number one in our external communication
but also in the feeling that we create here is, first of all, we never compare with anyone
else, and second of all, we always think that if you share knowledge, no matter how much
that will disclose your internal operations, you can do only one thing, you can create
a better industry, people who know better, people who are improved, people who are more
knowledgeable and that can benefit everyone equally, not only us. Why? Because we think that there’s more than enough
for everyone. Can we conclude that you set yourself a goal
to change the industry and lead the industry in a way? That will sound, that will sound very cocky
if I say that, but we’re talking about leading by example. I don’t necessarily think that, oh, we’re
doing this to change the world, but we’re definitely doing it because we think it’s
the right way. And if people recognize it, we will be more
than happy. If they don’t, then there must be other ways. But we strongly believe that this is ours. Yeah, I wanted to ask you how that works in
practice. How do you establish this sort of feeling,
that feeling of belonging? How does it happen? So, a very, think a very good example was
the initiation of Advidi private collection last year. We launched it together with the new branding. So, the question was… The people in this industry, they can really… There’s almost nothing that they cannot afford,
right? And I don’t want to, I don’t want to mention
the list of stuff. So, the first thing was, like, how do you
create something so unique that a selected group of people would like to have it, but
something that you cannot afford, no matter how much money you have. So, that’s why we created Advidi private collection. We’ve created a piece of art, and this is
the first one from 2018. We’ve collaborated with a Dutch artist Darrin
Umboh, and this is the first example out of a hundred. So, each of these examples are numbered. So, you know which one you have. It’s not a ranking, but the first one always
stays with Advidi. So, the briefing for the art was to create
the world of performance marketing within the Advidi world. So, you have little symbols, like, the cat
symbolises curiosity, the world under your feet, this is the symbol of cooperation, the
gold is, of course, success, the laptop something that affiliates cannot work without, you have
the three axis, the Amsterdam, then you have the dating vertical, then you have the symbol
of conversion with the dollar, then you have different people in it, which symbolizes what
this brand is and that’s absolutely about diversity and inclusion of no matter who you
are and where you live in the world, then you have the game of, the game controller,
then you have the iGaming vertical, then you have the health and beauty, the nutra vertical,
the compass that symbolizes, like, the global aspect of the brand. There’s so many symbols integrated. And then, the idea is that only our top hundred
clients, well, ninety-nine in this case… You mean affiliates? Both affiliates and advertisers. Throughout the year we will… Actually, they got this full package and the
idea is if you keep in, within this hundred most valuable clients within Advidi, you keep
on getting a new piece of art every year. So, every year there’s going to be another
piece of art? Yes. So, now we’re actually working on the 2019
edition and… Will that be the same artists? No, no, no. So we’re going to work with, we’re going
to work with another artist and, basically, every year you’re getting a piece of art that
is unique. You can… It cannot be bought with money, it can only
be bought with being part of the community. That’s how you keep the community together. Yeah, but these are only some of the examples
of the, you know, our merch, how is it connected. All our merch needs to be, you know, of the
highest quality. We work with some of the best suppliers. This is, for example, of rubber and then it’s
printed on a rubber. It’s not heavily, it’s not heavily branded,
but it’s cool to wear, the best fabric. This is our brand book, for example. So, all the stories that I told you before
about performance marketing… Yeah, brand books. Tell me, what is that for? Oh, so, as I said, it’s another touch point. Why does a company need a brand book? So, this is another touch point for new or
current clients to understand the brand story but also the business of the company. So, if you see our brand book, it tells the
story about the brand. It’s about everyone who works here or it’s
about brand in general? This is about the Advidi brand, what we stand
for. So, this is our brand manifesto that you can
read it in the half of the book. So, I can just read a little bit if you want. So, there are people in this industry who
are known for their excellence, commitment and brilliance. They stand out for their resourcefulness and
fearless determination. We call them heroes. Not because they wear capes or have superpowers
but because they’re extraordinary people who have the character to succeed despite overwhelming
obstacles. They do what’s right not because it’s the
right thing to do but because it’s the only thing to do. Heroes know that this level of success can
only be reached by surrounding themselves with the right support and resources. And this is where we come in. We empower, advise, nurture, connect and create
new opportunities. We are an ally to every aspiring hero and
a challenger to stagnation and complacency. We are a home to those who take heroic actions
every day and lead the community by example. We are here to make the performance marketing
heroes of the future. We are here today. We will be here tomorrow. Let’s grow together. That is the message. Absolutely. That’s our brand manifesto, actually. It summarizes everything that I tried to explain
before. So, that’s the first part of the brand book
and the other part is what are the products and the services that we have. So, you saw the ground floor, our social area,
the kitchen, Finance, BI, Marketing, HR and Recruitment and actually what you’re about
to see is the main floor. You asked me what is the biggest department,
I mean, you don’t have to really make a headcount to figure it out. So, our sales department is on the first floor
where people are in meetings and also this week there is a conference in Amsterdam. So, you might see some empty desks of people
being away or in a meeting. I just remember that I, there’s one more part
of the office that I didn’t show it to you. That’s the boardroom where the big decisions
are made. It’s where I going to meet Mark, right? Yeah, yeah. And I will introduce you to Mark. Cool. I’m excited. Let’s do it. So, probably this is the most exciting part
of the office from a perspective of interior design. Osiris Hertman is the Dutch designer who was,
yeah… Is he a famous designer? Yeah, yeah, yes, he’s’ quite famous. And he was employed by Advidi when we got
this office for five years ago to kind of design and to look… still as a space that
we, where people work but also to figure it out how to make it look nice and create these
parts where people enjoy or, you know, relax take, their laptops, even the lazy backs. And yeah, this is where our CEOs, yes. That’s why I said it is… Lots of alcohol. Well, that’s only for special occasions. So, this is Mark. Yeah, I wanted to introduce you to Mark. Mark is our VP of Global Strategic Partners
and he will also have a quick chat with you about… Business side of things. Oh, yeah, very much. Cuckoo. I’m excited. All right, I only ask this question because
it’s public information. Your annual revenue is estimated to be 350
million dollars. Is it a correct assessment? 350 million dollars, really? It’s, yeah, it’s… I actually went to my old, my old university
a few months ago and I told my professors, like, “I don’t know why you guys don’t have
a course in affiliate marketing.” We usually provide prizes from our guests
and heroes. So, what do you guys then give us as a prize? Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. That is kind of things we have and discuss
here. Bye now.


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