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(light, uplifting music) – What’s going on, fellow Charles Ngo vlog followers and brand followers. My name is Kurt Yzici, and I’m an affiliate based here in Seattle, Washington. Coming to you live from our office here, I wanted to give you a quick video to kinda break down where I’m coming from, who I am, and why you may wanna take Charles’ new Super Affiliate
Intensive programme. So, lets jump right into it. Who am I? I’m someone who, back in late 2014, found Stack That Money, and started learning affiliate marketing completely on my own. I started out reading
about the mobile cookbook and doing mobile-type stuff, and moved into app instals, and did all of that early in 2015. With some mild success. My first campaign actually
was highly successful, four-figure day campaign
that ran for a couple months. But, that campaign died and I struggled to reproduce the results. I read a lot, I followed
Charles Ngo’s blog, and eventually I noticed that he was launching his AFFcelerator course. Back in June of 2015. I actually took one, that
was about a year ago. It changed our business trajectory. It moved us from a business where we were thinking pretty small, to really opening our
eyes and thinking big. And now, I can say I have a business here of about a half a dozen people. We have six people here
in the Seattle office and another handful of people overseas, that focus entirely on
running our business. We’re a full-time affiliate shop here. So, this year we’ll do, we’re in July now, and we’ve crossed a
million dollars revenue. Last year we did, of the
entire calender year, about 340,000 thousand dollars revenue. So, it’s really, really taken our business and helped us think bigger picture and really stepped things up in terms of where we’re going. I would say, of course, that’s hard work that we’ve done, and not entirely because of Charles. But, taking the AFFcelator workshop has really cut my learning curve. I would say, for anyone, who is a little bit newer in the business, this is a class that can really save you a lot of time. And if you’re more of an OG, whose been in this business for years, and years, and years, even just getting like one or two nuggets outta the course is gonna be enough to really make it worth your while. And if not, you’re at least gonna get that value in the relationships you build from the people you share in that class. I know I have. If you’re coming into this and you’re looking for some sort of opportunity to really just get yourself from a purgatory where you’re stuck, maybe not crossing a certain
threshold of revenues, this could be the answer for you. You’re probably not gonna get a magic pill or a perfect campaign that’s gonna just launch you there right away. But what you’re gonna get is you’re gonna get a lot of rehashing of the fundamentals. You’re gonna get a lot of opportunity to network with some really
high-quality affiliates. We had several big hitters in our class. And you’re gonna get Charles Ngo kinda looking at what you’re doing and giving you the opportunity to really break that down
with him, one-on-one, and kind of get that
feedback that you can trust. Because I know in this industry, there’s a lot of people who talk and I think there’s a lot less people who know what they’re doing and are willing to even share. And so this is a real prime opportunity to spend a few days with
people like Charles, who know what the hell they’re doing. And really get that confirmation that you’re on the right path, or way off the path,
that you need to be on and to launch into the next step. I encourage you guys to take the class. If you have the money, if you feel like you’re kind of in a sticky point place where you just need that next kind of step or nugget. If you’re looking to network with people that are high-quality. I think you’re gonna get a tonne of value out of it, if you’re coming from those perspectives. Either way, I wish you guys all the best for the rest of your 2016 and beyond. Thanks for tuning in.

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