AFFcelerator Reviews – Live Affiliate Marketing Workshop

(upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Jesse. I’m an affiliate from Belgium and I joined Charles’s
AFFcelerator workshop in London one year ago. Before joining the workshop, I worked as a freelance consultant and to be honest, I really loved the job, the clients, the coworkers. Being stuck in traffic every
morning and every evening, and actually just doing
this kind of job until 65 was not something I felt comfortable with. I really wanted to live
life on my own terms, spend more time with my wife, my son, spend more time working out and that’s why I chose the
course of affiliate marketing because it’s one of these
industries where you can go from zero to really big
numbers in a short time. And one year after the
course, I can really tell that my life has changed incredibly. Only three weeks after I took the course, I had my first 5k a day campaign and right now I’m doing,
or I did, six figures. And it’s not only the money, it’s also the freedom that’s great. I really wanted to thank
Charles for giving me the solid framework on
how this industry works, for being there the last few months to answer all my support
e-mails I sent to him. With this testimonial, I
might convince somebody else to join the course and
that’s good for Charles, but let’s be honest, he has enough money. But I might actually change
a life if I convince you to join the course. If you’re willing to work hard, and if you are willing
to put in lots of time, dedication to make this work. Then AFFcelerator is one of
the best courses you can take to grow in affiliate marketing. If you decide to join, let’s have a drink at one of
the next AFFcelerator parties and don’t forget to get an
awesome T-shirt if you join. So, maybe see you soon. Bye.

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