AffiEmbed Demo – How To Add Affiliate Products To WordPress Automatically

AffiEmbed Demo – How To Add Affiliate Products To WordPress Automatically I will be doing a quick demonstration On how easy it is to use the FE embed plugin to add products to your wordpress post and pages this plugin takes advantage of the new WordPress Gutenberg editor to help you quickly embed affiliate products to your pages and blog posts fast Watch as I quickly fetch products from top 5 marketplaces like Amazon Aliexpress eBay Best Buy and Walmart and embed them on my WordPress pages and blog posts I will click add a new page and our first import will be done from and I will title this Aliexpress product The a/v embed plugin comes with a free Google Chrome extension to make your import process a breeze While on any of the five marketplaces you can use the extension to fetch the product IDs or asking you Say I want products from men’s fashion than t-shirts Here’s the extension that will be helping with the product ID import And I can pull all products from this page by clicking on run you can also do the same for other marketplaces Boom we have been able to successfully fetch 40 product IDs also if I want to fetch products from another category say women’s fashion hoodies and Sweatshirts and I won these products also All I need to do is click on run Now I have 56 products. If I also want more I’ll scroll down and click on run again The further down I scroll the more products I can fetch and I can download this as a CSV file Or I can click to copy to clipboard and if I want to fetch another batch of products, I can reset the Chrome extension So I have just successfully copied the 92 products to embed As I said earlier Fe embed works best with the new WordPress Gutenberg editor it Automatically adds these marketplaces as a block for you Once you click on the block plus icon you will be able to see all the marketplaces we support Since we are demoing for Aliexpress, I will go ahead and click on Aliexpress and right click to paste the code IDs. We got earlier from the Aliexpress website I will click on search products to embed these products into our page This takes just a few seconds to embed What I will do next is to quickly edit the block to my choice styling Here are the editable block contents that were automatically added for us as You already know with this plug-in. You don’t need an API key as for Aliexpress all you need is your affiliate deep link that can be got for free from admitted comm Here is my admin tab deep link for Aliexpress. I’ll copy that Also, you can edit virtually everything you see here like the Buy Now button Which is this you can always change it to whatever you want And the product load you can have is as static or dynamic So when someone refreshes the page it changes dynamically You can also set the number of products you want per column We can also set the number of products we want per page say we want 16 products to load per page And we can also change the pagination size as you can see here We can enable any of our choice social icons so that our visitors can share the products I can format the typography of the products title price review sizes make them larger or smaller However, I deem fit This actual view you see here will be way different when on the front end of the page The product title price review and button colors can also be changed Along with the button hover and the pagination color You Let’s publish this to see how it actually looks Okay, there are the products we just fetched from Aliexpress and we were able to successfully embed them to our WordPress page and When any of these affiliate products get clicked on any purchase made we get a commission for the referred sales? When I click on any of these products now, it will take me straight to Aliexpress Also, we can do the same embed for other marketplaces. Let me embed products on another page quickly Let’s title this Amazon Germany since we’ll try to fetch products from Amazon de What makes this plugin outstanding is that it supports? 99% of Amazon product countries. I will click on the block plus icon and I will locate Amazon Fe embed block as You can see we have Amazon u.s. Amazon United Kingdom Deutschland. That’s for Germany. France, Japan India Italy Mexico and others While on, which is amazon germany, I will also try to fetch products using our Chrome extension You Yes, I think we can fetch IDs from here So all I need to do is click on the extension again, just like I did earlier and then click on run You You Let me see if I can also get products from a another category From the bestsellers list. Let’s try to get products from this list also Now you see we have 67 products to embed on our WordPress page, I’ll just click to copy again You can see how easy and fast it is to use I will now paste and select the marketplace. We got the IDs from and click on search products The products we are fetching will be on the actual country’s currency and language Here are the products One unique thing about this plugin is that you don’t need any product advertising API from Amazon or any of our supported Marketplaces for the case of Amazon. All you need is just your affiliate ID, which is 100% free No need to wait forever for API or until you get three referred sales Yes, you can say goodbye to api’s you don’t need them here Also, you can check to have the products automatically get added to the cart This increases your affiliate cookies to ninety days We can also change the load style the number of products per column And other settings just like we did earlier I will quickly publish this so you can see how it also redirects and adds the product to the cart You These are the Amazon products You can attest to how easy it is to embed them When clicked the product gets added to the cart and my affiliate ID is visible on the redirect Amazon page We can also apply the same to eBay and it supports all eBay marketplaces and countries While on the same page where we embed Amazon products we can also embed products from other marketplaces Say we want to add products from eBay Walmart Best Buy we can on EBay, we support several eBay countries say I want to embed products from eBay France All I need to do is get their product IDs You Say I want these products as you can see them here I will click on run like before and copy them to the clipboard You And just like the other marketplaces you don’t need an eBay API, all you need is your eBay affiliate campaign ID Paste your campaign ID and format the settings to what fits and click to publish You are not limited in any way you can import as many products as you want Here are the eBay products and you can see the language and currency in Euro As for Walmart and Best Buy, you can get your deep link from impact calm There is absolutely no restriction and it’s 100% free to join Also in the members area you’ll be getting a well detailed guide on how to get these deep links fast for free. I am just loving this plugin on how easy and simple it is to use any new we can Actually install and start using this in minutes Let me do another product post Do you know that as a blogger you can blog about any product add products anywhere on your blog posts? We can add products anywhere not just on WordPress pages put on any blogs or posts as well Say I want to embed Walmart products on my posts All I have to do is go to Walmart comm locate my choice product categories Use the extension again to fetch my IDs You If I want products on the next page. I click on run the extension goes to work and fetches all products on page two and Without clicking the third page. I can also hit run and fetch the products therein You can do this as many times as you want and click copy You As you can witness all 120 products have been embedded into my post in no time and the beauty of it All is that no single image was added to my web host server Again, I need to add my Walmart affiliate deep link URL and I can edit how I want my post to look You I’ll give it a title and publish Notice this was published as post it can also get embedded on pages and WooCommerce shop pages These are the over 100 products fetched from Walmart And once I click on any of the products It redirects me to the Walmart product page where if the product gets purchased I get a commission since my Walmart impact affiliate ID is visible on the link You Here is my impact ID 1 9 2 4 And let’s verify that on the wordpress dashboard One nine two four All right guys do take advantage of this embed plugin, and this is indeed a great affiliate marketing booster See you inside the members area

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