Affiliate Funnel Clones (2019) Review – “Done For You” Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

hi there today I’m gonna look at Affiliate Funnel Clones dot com I’m on their official website at the moment this is a new product I recently saw being advertised in my email inbox Oh Vlad quickly record a quick video about it now what interested me about this system is it’s about sales funnels and I earn a full-time income on the internet make money online full-time for a living which is really cool and what works for me is focusing just sending traffic daily clicks into sales funnels into systems so definitely I’m a big believer of sales funnels or at least some basic system you’ve got just to send your traffic into and that’s what I do day in day out consistently with my online marketing and that’s what took me from struggling when I first died out about eight years or so ago I could never get any proper traction going because I was jumping from the strategy to strategy I’m trying out lots of different systems and software’s and tactics but when I finally simplified it to just doing basic marketing sending the clicks to one page the front end of your sales funnel which is usually a lead capture page then that’s when things started to take off for me and I quickly went from struggling to earning a four time income so I always like to see what the latest sales funnel systems are about so affiliate funnel clones this is a sales video that I’ve seen for it on the Clickbank platform I’ve also heard of this product before on the jvzoo platform so what they might have done is revamped the additional product for the Clickbank marketplace so selling in two different places maybe they’ve made some updates so this is the original affiliate funnel clones website this was the JV zoo launch that was initially done and now they’ve got the new Clickbank style sales video for the Clickbank business opportunity seeker style audience to promote the product and it does look really cool so the basis behind this is it gives you simple done for you sale five sales funnels according to the original filling funnel clones comm website and these are all hosted for you on their own cloud software’s you don’t need your own website because the websites are hosted for you they give them to you and it’s all about focusing into sending traffic into that sales funnel and then they give you training and tools on how to do that so it’s a complete system you get a sales funnels you get the training and strategies on how to generate traffic for those sales funnels there’s lots of other sales for those systems out there sales funnel builders such as lead paid using click funnels but with them you need to manually create it yourself and you need to come up with the ad copy and find the products and create the whole sequence yourself whereas I like to look at systems where the salesman is already done for you they’ve already created specific funding was for specific products so you don’t have to manually build the pages yourself and that’s where fill it funnel clothes looks unique one of the cool thing I like is in addition to having funnels in the niches of like traffic generation PLR social media video marketing and internet marketing they let you change the offer so if you’re all the involved in the business opportunity or you’ve got a specific affiliate product you want to promote you can switch out whatever product they had initially to promote and put your affiliate link for different products and make tweaks if you want to so I thought that looks pretty cool I’m some of these niches such as plpl hour and video marketing social media they’re a bit more advanced niches they’re for someone who might not be a brand new beginner to the industry I find that more generic unleashes or niches are general business opportunities general make money online training when you get specifically into different types of marketing that’s more what a newbie will learn once they’ve already got a system they’ll learn afterwards how to do the specific marketing but if they’re brand new and don’t know how the industry works then they might not understand why I need to learn social media marketing why they need to learn about PLR products so I prefer more generic making money online front end products as the author and then the more advanced training comes afterwards but it does look really cool you can switch out do authors and make tweaks to the funnel as you see fit so they seem to revamp this sales page for Clickbank and they’re offering a one dollar trial on this sales page which is what I’ll advertise I don’t know how long that one dollar trial will stay up for or whether it’ll go back to full price but it looks pretty cool and just a good way to get your own sales films up and running so you don’t have to stress out by figuring out how to create systems and sales funnels the websites yourself because that’s what he done for you you simply plug into it get your own unique affiliate link and focus on marketing sending traffic into that system and that’s all people should be doing every day in their marketing is driving traffic to a system day-in day-out capturing leads following up those leads and keep on sending people back to the sales video presentations of the products they are promoting anyway thanks a lot for checking out my video if you want to discover the current number one online system I’m recommending to plug into right now the current number one sale was a funnel system click the link below this video check out the link in the video description below and you can get access plug-in to your own done few sales funnel for promoting high paying commissions products in the digital marketing space so click the link below the video for that thanks a lot for checking out my video all the best

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