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hey this is Bauke from welcome to my affiliate hero review I’m here inside the dashboard of this
new piece of software and I’m going to walk you through the different features
that you can expect inside during this review I will also go over the sales
page of the product and give you a look at the sales page to show you exactly
the claims being made there and then to look as at if the product lives up to
those claims so this is the sales page and during this review I’m gonna give
you a walkthrough then I will also show you the bonuses that I have put together
for you to help you make the most out of affiliate hero now those bonuses will be
available for you when you click on the link in the description below this video
then you’ll come to this page and when you purchase through any of the green
buttons here you’ll get access to my bonuses now these bonuses as I said
they’re made by me personally so that means they’re not gonna be available
anywhere else you won’t find them offered by other affiliates they’re not
being made from PLR but from my own knowledge and experience and they’re
made specifically to help with affiliate hero as a product so bonus number one is
how to quickly grow your Instagram and get tons and tons of free traffic from
it so in this bonus I show you a quick hack a growth hack basically for
Instagram that you can use to get tons of free traffic from Instagram this has
nothing to do with the regular commenting or liking other people’s
stuff following follow stuff this is very different you’ve probably not seen
this before and it works really well in conjunction with affiliate hero as
affiliate hero uses Instagram as a traffic source then bonus number two is
my email marketing fundamentals course now affiliate hero one of the things it
does is it allows you to build an email list from this Instagram traffic that
you’re going to be using and with this bonus I show you exactly how to use that
email list that you’ll be building with affiliate hero then bonus number three
once you start building your email list one thing that you’ll notice is a lot of
people these days they don’t open their emails anymore immediately after you
send them their email but sometimes they open their emails only at certain times
of day and then they only open the first few emails in their inbox and one way
you can make sure that they’ll open your email
is to resend the emails to people who haven’t opened your email so you resend
two unopened is what that’s called in email marketing industry and in this
bonus bonus number three I show you exactly how you can do that to
dramatically increase your email open rates bonus number four now since you’ll
be doing affiliate marketing with affiliate hero of course in this bonus I
show you exactly how I get really high earnings from my affiliate promotions
double-digit EPC is what that means is APC stands for earnings per click so for
every click I sent to my affiliate offers I get ten dollars or more that
means double digits so in this bonus I show you exactly why most affiliates
only gets between one and maybe four dollars per click and why I get so much
higher earnings per click with my affiliate promotions so this will really
help you out to make a lot of money even if you can only send a little bit of
traffic to your affiliate links and then of course I’m also including all of the
bonuses the vendor provided me with to give to you to make sure that you don’t
miss out on those because other affiliates are probably just gonna be
offering these bonuses and I don’t want you to miss out on them when you decide
that my bonuses are so much better than anyone elses in the industry so then
that’s why I’m also including and the vendor provided bonuses now in addition
to that there are some upgrades available to affiliate hero later during
this review I will go exactly over what those upgrades are what they cost and if
I think you should get any of them but if you do purchase any of those upgrades
I will also give you access to my affiliation affiliate marketing course
now in affiliation I cover everything I do and know about affiliate marketing so
for example in this course I show you exactly how I made over eight hundred
dollars per day yesterday inside jvzoo so this is me log into my jvzoo account
I will refresh the page to show you that this is really live and I’m also
live-streaming this to youtube so there’s no trickery here this is not
some fake screenshot bullshit this is something I actually did inside my own
affiliate promotion if you saw the page refresh just now eight hundred fifty six
dollars in jvzoo this is with affiliate marketing this is what is possible when
you follow my for affiliate marketing course affiliation and in it I show you
step by step exactly how I set up my business and how
I’m able to do just that so that is available if you purchase any upgrade to
affiliate hero through the link in description below this video now also if
you purchase upgrade number three sorry three that is the reseller rights to
affiliate hero allowing you to sell 50 accounts of affiliate hero and a charge
whatever you want to your clients I’m also throwing in reseller rights to
my product crags Bank which is a product I launched a couple months ago and
you’ll be able to sell this product as if it’s your own send traffic to it and
keep a hundred percent of all the profits for yourself now without further
ado let’s have a look inside the software and I’ll give you a quick
walkthrough of all the different features
so affiliate hero the main features are described two years well inside the
dashboard you can discover trending products on Amazon eBay and Clickbank
then you can create a node you can find popular hashtags on Instagram for those
same keywords and then you can create posts on Instagram promoting products
that you find on Amazon eBay or Clickbank using those hashtags and then
you get automatically tons and tons of traffic from Instagram to your posts and
it’s all like basically pretty much automatic and you also start building
your list because you’re going to ask people in your in your posts that you
post with affiliate hero to enter their email address in the comments below
that Instagram post and then when someone comments their email address
this software affiliate hero automatically sends them an email with
the offer and also you’re going to get that email address added onto your own
list so this is basically combination of affiliate marketing and list building
completely automated on Instagram done for you and there’s also a link cloaker
available to make sure that you can actually and send your affiliate links
on any social media platform without worrying about them being banned now
first of all the dashboard that’s this then the accounts this is where you shut
up and add your Instagram account so I added my Instagram account this is just
a test account I use for test purposes it is not an account I actually use that
much anymore but I still have it and it’s working you can see it right here it’s just an account that we set up for
an e-commerce store that we ran a couple months ago just for test purposes and
you can see this is basically just an Instagram account it’s it hasn’t we
haven’t really posted on it for months maybe even a year I don’t know when was
this last posted can I see somewhere July 16 2017 so that is a year and a
half ago was the last post we made on this account so you can see it’s a
working account but we’re not really doing anything with it anymore so what I
can do is I can go and search for a product using affiliate hero so let me
show for example I could look for dog clothing just an example because that
will find products on both eBay Amazon and Clickbank well maybe not Clickbank
for dog clothing but on Clickbank you can find things like fitness courses you
can find some ecommerce courses like basically a lot of different courses and
digital products in general now first thing it does is also find popular
hashtags on Instagram now dog clothing is probably not the best for very
popular hashtags so maybe let me just search for dog and then we will find
like really big hashtags on Instagram here we go dogs of Instagram 124 million
posts made on this hashtag this means you’re going to get tons of traffic so
then you can go ahead and select up to 30 of those hashtags to use for your
posts so I’m just gonna go and select 3 of them because I don’t need all 30 but
normally you would select 30 of them then you can go and find products so
here we have eBay products then we also if we scroll down further we find Amazon
products over here so as an Amazon affiliate for example you can sell this
product and then at the far bottom we will find some Clickbank products and of
course we dog with the keyword just dog we will find actually some kick bank
products about dog training now let me just go ahead and post one of these
Amazon products over here let me see this is this water fountain for dogs let
me just post that so this one is 50 dollars on Amazon you would probably get
a couple dollars in commissions when you sell one of these so you can see that
the hashtags I selected will automatically be added to
Instagram post now obviously you want to write a good caption to catch people’s
attention and then at the bottom you won’t also want to say something along
the lines of enter your email address below or comment your email address
below is probably a better way to phrase it
on Instagram to receive a 10% discount instantly so that is for example on what
you could post and then you can say you can post it either as an Instagram post
or as a story now I’m gonna post this online from Wonderland’s account not on
this account that is someone else’s account then you can say when you want
to post it you can schedule it and this is the email template that will be sent
out to people when they comment their email address below your post here of
course you would want to paste the link to your offer so this will be your
affiliate link in the case of Clickbank or Amazon it could be an image and eBay
listing as well and here you can also cloak your link if you want and then I
click on post now now this will post it to my oh there’s something I have to
provide a product URL okay so let me just put whoops why did that just I just
dismissed by accident so then I go back to I say enter your
email below for a 10% discount code and then I just use this example URL over
here they provided me with as the URL in the post and then I click on post now
it’s gonna post it on to my Instagram account and then I’ll be able to show
you that over there as well okay that was uploaded successfully it
gives you a link to the post so you can go there and look at it ah so I just
selected the wrong account again because I post it to the other account so let me
just go and go back let me just grab some other random
products it doesn’t really matter what I get right now I still need to select
some hashtags of course and then over here I’m gonna go and say
enter your email for a 10% a discount code and then I’m gonna go grab this URL and post it now I hope that I selected the right
Instagram account because I forgot to check that again I didn’t okay so in
that case never mind you’ll get the idea this will be posted to your Instagram
account I’m so sorry this account is private I don’t know why this account
was selected as a account for this for example purposes that’s really terrible
but it’s really annoying and I keep selecting the wrong account so what
we’ll do is I’ll go and post one on from one of the lens after this review so you
can see there is actually one there if you go to Instagram at from Wonderland’s
anytime after this review has been posted I’ll be posting one there then if
you enter your email address I’m not gonna subscribe to YouTube my list but
you will get an email with that example link from eBay so you can test yourself
that this really does work over there as well also if you want to see a demo
video from the creators of affiliate hero showing you exactly that this works
and how it works just click on the link in description below when you scroll
down to this page there’s a demo video right here that says here’s a demo video
just play that video you can see that it really does work indeed I already tested
this before it does actually work now discover is some another way to find
different products edit obviously where you can edit your post boosts it’s where
you can boost your post this will be a paid service so you can get more baby
basically faster account speeds increase lead generation dedicated private
service boost all accounts that would be one of the upgrades available for
affiliate hero agency as I said it’s also an upgrade available what that will
allow you to do is sell accounts so you’ll be able to create a license and
an email address and you can sell those accounts to clients of yours admin this
is where you can change the passwords of users etc that makes sense translate
coaching coaching is one of the upgrades as well and VIP training is as well well
I guess one of them is the other one is probably included coming soon okay so
VIP training is probably where the normal training of how this software
works is going to be and then the coaching will be where you can get
weekly coaching that’s one of the upgrades available now as I said I’ll go
over the upgrades in a minute but for let’s have a look at the sales page we
can see breakthrough software generates free traffic into the easiest way to
profit online revolutionary software unlocks instagrams free traffic
algorithm to bring you fresh leads and tasty affiliate Commission’s software
identifies hot selling products so it does actually sell us or those products
by hot selling from Amazon eBay and Clickbank piggyback on trendiest
hashtags for the most traffic captures leads when people’s comments on them
people comment on your post and then send affiliate links instantaneously no
authorization keys one-click integration newbie friendly 100% cloud-based all of
that is included there are some testimonials over here from other people
now I’m not going to go through a whole sales page it’s very long I suggest you
do so yourself in your own time at your own pace just click on the link in
description below this video and then on any of the green buttons over here on
this page that will take you to that sales page and you can check it out your
self now let’s have a look at the different upgrades and the pricing as
well so the pricing will be $37 for this front end product now during the launch
period there might be some coupon codes available for a discount that will be
shown to you on the over here on the sales page or they will just discount
the price over here at the bottom you can see what the price is going to be
now the product is not live yet so you can see over here it will actually be
thirty or thirty two depending on the light or premium version now it’s only
two dollars extra for the premium version and that includes eBay
integration Clickbank integration leads download email capture inside post
unlimited posting identified top influencers find and share final content
I don’t think there’s any reason not to buy the premium version especially when
the price difference is so small and the lite version it doesn’t even have the
lead capture functionality which kind of completes the perello it defeats the
purpose of this product in the first page place so really there’s no reason
to buy the lite version I suggest either you buy the premium
version or if you think it’s too much don’t buy it at all because I don’t
think the lite version is worth it at all so that is the front end so as I
said thirty two will be the discount at launch and then it will go up to thirty
seven during the launch period which is for one week so make sure to you get in
as fast as possible to get in at the lowest possible price
in the description below this video now then there’s the first upgrade available
which will be a image designer inside the software and also the link cloaker I
mentioned before allowing you to post your affiliate links on social media
that will be just $27 then upgrade number 2 is massive followers boost so
this will allow you to automatically comment follow like and unfollow an
Instagram so it’s basically an Instagram vault it’s a 2 $1 trial and then 37
dollars per month that is definitely a very affordable price because some
competitors of this software like follow like err cost 100 bucks per month to do
this so this is just 37 bucks a month that is definitely very very affordable
then the agency license I also mentioned this before giving you a 30 oh I thought
it was 50 I’m sorry I mentioned 50 before it’s actually 30 front end
licenses so you can sell this product to 30 of your own customers and sell it as
a surface so you can charge whatever you want you can even charge them a monthly
fee if you want and then you’ve only paid 37 dollars once or 32 and the one
97 for the agency license and then you can charge them like 100 bucks a month
if you sell 30 people under the 100 bucks a month you’re making 3,000 a
month just from owning this software and they’re licensed rights to sell it you
don’t even have to do anything yourself you can just sell it as a service like
that and you’ll make 3,000 a month so that is one possibility and as I said
you’ll also get the reseller rights for my product cracks Bank when you purchase
that upgrade then upgrade number four is twenty six weeks of group coaching from
Dan ashen door of the creator of affiliate hero that is a three hundred
ninety seven dollars there’s also a down sell to that if you don’t want to get in
at three hundred ninety seven for twenty six weeks you can buy a trial for one
dollar and then it will go up to sixty seven dollars per month after the trial
period is over so that allows you to have a look at what’s inside if it’s for
you or not and and then you can go and upgrade to the monthly plan now
regardless of whether you purchase any of those upgrades or not the basic front
end version for thirty two dollars or thirty seven later during the launch
will come with my bonuses free of charge through the link in description below
this video so go ahead there check out the sales page check out if you like
this product or and then go ahead and buy
through that link to get access to my bonuses so I hope you liked this review
of affiliate hero make sure to give it a thumbs up if you did and leave a comment
below this video if you have any other questions about affiliate hero affiliate
marketing in general or just anything else that you want to ask me I always
answer all of my youtube comments so that’s a great place to reach out to me
and also subscribe to my channel by clicking on the red subscribe button and
then the little bell next to it to get notified whenever I post new videos on
my channel like product reviews internet marketing tips and tricks and travel
vlogs thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next one bye bye


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