Affiliate Income for Podcasts from New Media Q&A 2015 with Douglas E. Welch

There are a couple of ways — when just getting
started — of aking some “change”, I’ll call it, from your podcast. One of those is affiliate
income. If you mention books in your podcast or other products, sign up for an Amazon Affiliate
account. That way, when people purchase something that you mention through your link, you’ll
get between 4-6% of the purchase price for that product that they buy. Obviously, all
these things that I am going to mention are based on the number of eyeballs, the number
of listeners, the number of ears that you have on your podcast, so the more the better.
You really won’t make a lot of money from these until you get quite a significant number
of people listening or watching your podcast. So, yeah, affiliate income like Amazon. I’m
sure you’ve heard ads like Audible. They advertise on a lot of podcasts. Squarespace advertises
on a lot of podcasts and the way that podcaster makes money is when someone signs up using
their code, they get either a flat fee or a percentage. So, there’s one way, right up
front and you can easily sing up for those. There’s really no limitations. As long as
you have a decent web site that’s not in a prohibited area of topic, you can sign up
for an affiliate account and start using that almost immediately. Again, you’re not going
to make a lot of money until you get quite a few listeners to your show.

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