Affiliate Marketing 101 (Full Beginners Guide To Getting Started)

In this episode we’re gonna be talking
about affiliate marketing. What to sell, where to sell, how to sell, and why you
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investing and personal growth today we’re gonna be talking about affiliate
marketing and this is kind of a beginner intro video to anybody who has you know
never heard of affiliate marketing or maybe you just recently heard about it
and you’re finally digging in doing some research and you want to learn a little
bit more about it so I’m going to be talking about some of the methods that
you can go about starting affiliate marketing you know why it’s even a good
opportunity to begin with you know where to go to sell these products and just
kind of all the ins and outs on a very surface level but it would be a great
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marketing why does anybody care about affiliate marketing here’s why affiliate
marketing essentially is selling other people’s products okay and those
products can be either physical or digital and when you sell these products
you make a commission okay and the great thing about affiliate marketing is it’s
a very low overhead you really don’t need much to get started I mean you know
you want to maybe have like a blog or a YouTube or some type of source to get
the message out we’ll get into that in a minute but it’s it’s you know a low
overhead way some again you know make Commission’s off of other products so
depending on your own marketing efforts much work you want to put into it how
much traffic you can drive to your links is gonna determine all the success of
affiliate marketing so you know you have you know the potential to make nothing
if you’re just not that good or that dedicated to it you don’t put a lot of
time into it you don’t you know sell the right kind of products and then you also
have the potential to make you know hundreds a month thousands a month some
people out there making this you know millions a year doing affiliate
marketing now affiliate marketing is just one of many ways to make money
online you know there’s videos on my channel you know how to make money
online in other ways but today again we’re just going to be focusing on
affiliate marketing so again you’ve got physical products and you have digital
products okay so physical products is exactly
what it sounds like anything that you can touch you know a computer mouse a
vase a picture frame you know anything little diffusers oil diffusers just you
name it if you can pick it up around your house and you can buy it on the
internet online you can most likely you know 99.9% chance you can earn an
affiliate Commission selling that product okay now the biggest way to do
that just right off the bat as far as physical products goes it’s probably
going to be Amazon Associates Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that
you can sign up for at where when you send people to Amazon and they
purchase you know the product that you have a link to you’ll get a commission
off of that now a couple things about Amazon Associates is a it’s a great
opportunity right there and of itself because there’s already so much traffic
that goes to Amazon it’s a very trusted website
no one’s gonna second-guess your link when it takes them to Amazon they’re
gonna oh okay it’s Amazon I trust this website I know this website heck I can
get my you know order in two days if the user has Amazon Prime
another thing about Amazon that is you know maybe a downside is that the
emissions on Amazon Associates aren’t really the highest some of the products
could be you know 50 cents if you send someone to you know buy a book or
something like that it could be you know 1% 5% of the purchase price you know
video games I think are only like 3 to 5 percent now you could sell Amazon
products you know the actual made by Amazon products the Amazon basics and
all that kind of stuff they have and those Commission’s are a little bit
higher you know obviously because it’s Amazon products and they want people to
sell those they want to sell those so that they’re gonna be a little bit
higher maybe like 10% but again 10% on some of the Amazon products you know
really still isn’t gonna be a whole lot of money you know you’re just gonna have
to find the products that works for you you’re gonna want to sell products that
obviously you know you know work and you trust and you’ve probably had some
experience with yourself if you’re just promoting a bunch of like stuff random
crap people are gonna kind of you know be turned off or catch on or maybe not
catch on I mean they will kind of notice what you’re doing but it’s you know it’s
not interesting to just watch somebody talk a bunch of random stuff you know
make it relative to your channel or your blog or whatever your website so people
kind of you know know that you know this has something to do with them and in the
niche and it can benefit them don’t sell stuff that you don’t believe in so just
kind of a quick example of what that looks like and you’ve probably seen it
before if you google you know best digital cameras and you google that and
you find one of the websites that’s listed at the top says you know 10 best
digital cameras you know or whatever 2019 or for YouTube or just anything
right that’s what they particularly decided to rank on as far as the
keywords you go to that you see a blog and you see somebody that has all these
cameras and a bit of text about them and all that
and then it says the purchase here or the name of the camera is a link back
over to Amazon that’s what they’re doing that’s exactly what they’re doing
they’re creating a blog where you know they knew that you would be searching
for that information right the top cameras of whatever you go you read it
you get a recognition the site looks good you know and and that kind of stuff
takes work you know but you click on the link you go to Amazon your purchase
voila they make a little Commission digital cameras is actually a pretty
good niche because they’re a high ticket item most it’ll you know good digital
cameras gonna be 300 and up I mean they could be talking about a thousand dollar
camera that you’re selling make a pretty decent Commission off of that so a lot
of the YouTube nits people sell cameras and that’s fine or you can do a YouTube
video where you’re you know discussing the digital cameras and you’re showing
them I mean that probably takes a little bit more front end I would think you
know so you can actually show the camera so which means you would have to buy it
first maybe not necessarily totally up to you but you know either way you get
it done either way you get anyway you get the message out it’s fine now what’s
great about YouTube in particularly and well let me get there later I’ll go
there later so that’s that’s physical products okay and now Amazon Associates
is not you know by any means the only physical products affiliate program
that’s just kind of the largest where you can probably find the most products
within a little area and again they have their own commission rates so just
whatever just know that now another way that you go to physical products niche
or that area is going directly to the manufacturer of that product so for
example you know you could go to I don’t know anything anything there’s there
some websites that have their own e-commerce stores and they’re selling
their own products you can go to their website
or just go to google and like okay I’ll give you an example like home brewing
supplies okay you can search home brewing supply affiliate and I don’t
remember the name I’ll put it up here later in the video edit but it’s a it’s
a website where they sell you know home brew products you can join them you can
join their particular affiliate program and when you send people to their
website and they purchase stuff on their ecommerce store you can make a
commission as well and it’s probably expected that you’re gonna get better
Commission’s directly from the consumer because now they’re just paying you
directly instead of having the cost of uploading to Amazon and the Amazon
shipping storage fees and you know all their fees associated with selling on
Amazon right so there’s there’s that wiggle room there’s the margin that they
can move over to you so expect Commission’s to be a little bit higher
when you’re going to direct you know manufacturing affiliate now let’s talk
about digital products digital products is where the big money is gonna be and
the reason why is because digital products essentially have no overhead
cost right it’s just it’s a piece of information that’s already been created
the work has been done already one time upfront to create that material and you
know it does there there’s there’s no cost of manufacturing no cost of
material anymore – you know replicate that product so when you’re selling a
digital product like a course or you know an e-book or anything like that the
Commission’s are gonna be much much much higher right because they can afford to
do so so it’s very you know common to see you know 50% Commission’s 60%
Commission’s maybe even 70 80 % Commission’s on digital products and
what’s awesome about digital products there’s a lot of times they’re high
ticket items okay so you know digital course is a typical digital course is
anywhere from like 297 up to you know twenty nine ninety seven so we’re
talking about three hundred dollars or three thousand dollars
it could be anywhere in between it all depends on the content the value of the
content and how big the influencer or the digital marketer is who’s made that
material but you know a 50 60 percent commission on a couple hundred bucks 700
bucks and a thousand dollars you know you could you see how real quickly that
those Commission’s can add up really fast and so you think about it and you
can spend all your time and efforts on smaller you know Commission’s on selling
this and getting a couple bucks or you could really focus all your energy on
you know information products and course affiliates all that kind of stuff and
make potentially you know a whole lot more money but again you know you just
got to play that balance I mean what do you think do you think more people are
just looking for a mouse or digital course probably the mouse you know what
I mean I just it’s a more common item so it’s at that point you’re talking about
volume maybe over margins but again you know if you’ve got that base that you
think you know that the influence that the fan base below you that you you know
can make a decent amount of sales with the high ticket item by all means go for
it you know it’s it’s an excellent excellent opportunity so you know that’s
that’s one of the digital products you know like I said courses let me look at
my notes right here right quick but I’ve got you know ebooks Clickbank is a
website where you could go and Clickbank what Clickbank is is kind of like a
collection of other information products and courses and stuff like that if you
you know there’s all kinds of stuff from health wealth love happiness on that
website right the big ones and I’ll get into that in a second but you know
there’s an excellent it’s an excellent source of stuff that’s already made
where you can go and sell all those digital courses now some of the stuff on
Clickbank seems kind of weird a lot of people will come in and say it’s kind of
like almost scammy it just seems like weird stuff a lot of it seems like crap
and maybe it is maybe it isn’t you know it’s
just up to you if it if it relates to you and your niche and you can resonate
with it and you think your fan base or your audience can resonate with it then
maybe it is a good opportunity so again Clickbank I’ll put a just you know link
down in the scription below for you there another website
CJ affiliate that’s another popular one good resource for affiliate marketing
ShareASale is another program or another website that’s very popular where you
can you know take commissions from again other sales look into that I’m not going
to go too deep into any particular one of them for this particular you know
video and then the you know the other option as far as digital products is
going to be memberships so maybe you sell a subscription to something right
maybe you sell a subscription to clickfunnels maybe you share a
subscription or sell a subscription to you know it could be even a magazine or
something it could be an online group maybe you share a membership to a
mastermind or you know I don’t know an online mastermind group maybe you share
subscription to a business service okay so like website builders what is that VPNs VPNs that you know to protect
people’s you know internet security if you’re selling something like that
that’s a monthly reoccurring expense you can get monthly reoccurring of affiliate
commissions so things like e-commerce stores if you’re selling Shopify
memberships those are very very popular right now
Shopify memberships click funnels again you know it’s like super huge right now
everybody’s pushing clickfunnels because the Commission’s on there are ridiculous
I mean you sign someone up for the larger of the I think it’s to programs
they offer it might be more but you’re talking about at least I think it’s
could be wrong don’t quote me but like I think like 130 dollars a month per
person that you get signed up so I mean that can
rack up really really fast and you can be making hundreds of dollars thousands
of dollars a month just by getting people to sign up for quick funnels
which you know and when I say just by getting them to sign up and this sounds
like oh you got them no no no again you know you want to sell stuff that’s like
legit click funnels is the most powerful most popular program right now the
people are using to generate business for themselves so it’s an absolute deal
right for them and it’s a win for you because you refer to it real quick
another one may be like banking services if you was to get someone on a banking
service or credit card service you know you could look at potentially getting
pretty nice commissions for that as well so where to promote where do you want to
sell these products where you go how do you do this there’s a number of ways
okay so we’ve already kind of discussed blogging that’s a great example when you
just search something in Google and you find these random blogs that have
already done you know written the material that five best 10 best 15 best
whatever you know insert product here and you click it your commission
you know that’s blogging so you can do that and you can have your blogs go
you know the links go directly to that’s you know product I guess cart if you
will you know the place where you’re gonna go buy at the market place yeah or
you could send them to a funnel right to kind of maybe sell them even more on the
idea of why they need it so you there’s no right or wrong way to do it you’re
gonna probably want to experiment and see what’s you know working the best for
you what’s creating the most conversions most sales and then another way to do it
obviously is gonna be YouTube videos YouTube videos is very very powerful
because you know as you know already you’re watching this video YouTube is
very powerful very very popular in the way that people are searching for
information now it is the second largest search engine behind Google who owns it
so you know a lot of those results are kind of intertwined when someone goes to
Google like the website and they search anything a lot of times if you just
scroll down and it’ll show like a little video section and it’ll have the YouTube
videos that are based on that subject so it’s a very great way to get you know
exposure there through both google search and youtube search when people go
to search you know in the youtube search bar same kind of information you know
your video ranks and I’ve got videos on ranking checked out check those out as
well you know blip in the rest of the channel but you know you you get your
video to rank somebody watches it they like you you build some rapport you
recommend a great product put the link down in the description below and then
they click that voila ok so there they can go and sell it and
you know I mean we go and purchase it and you know you don’t you don’t want to
come off too much if like a just a you know this is an ad this is an ad a lot
of times some of the best affiliate marketing is just being kind of subtle
being informative educational and just saying hey if you’re interested in that
product I do have a link below no big deal if you’re not but it does support
the channel the brand the website whatever does that make sense
and then you’ve got your other ways of promoting your products you can just do
social media stuff like literally free you know posts to you know with a link
to go get something so you could do an Instagram post like oh I love my little
coffee cup or whatever right people like oh my god that’s so cute
with the little cats on your coffee mug I’m just coming up some and then you can
put a link down in the description or in the whatever absolutely where someone
can go and get that so you could do stuff on social media like that Facebook
Instagram like Twitter snapchat whatever else all those things you know and get
people to click swipe all that good stuff
to directly to either the link or again to the funnel whatever you want
whatever’s going to take them to you know down the path to the cart to
initially purchase that in you allow you to get your commission and
then another way I you know is paid advertising like literally paying for
advertising – you know targeting people that may or may not be interested I mean
obviously you probably want to target people that are interested but in that
particular product that’s you know paid you know just yeah paid pay paid
advertising I’m just trying to come up with a different way to say that but
just literally advertising to people that may be interested and you know
getting hoping that they click the link to purchase whatever product that is
through your affiliate link and you know get your commission that way now it’s
probably not the most recommended way to do affiliate marketing because you know
you’re gonna be putting out a lot of money and Facebook Ads
Google Ads are not getting any cheaper in fact they’re only getting more and
more expensive you know pretty much every day so you know it’s up to you if
you have a super high ticket item that you’re trying to get an affiliate
Commission off of maybe paid advertising is a good method for you okay I’m not
gonna say that it’s completely a terrible idea
again just depends on your situation you know what you’re trying to sell so
that’s pretty much the gist of affiliate marketing some of some quick little
tools that I wanted to share with you guys in case you know you this sounds
like something in case it sounds like something you want to do you know it’s
called bitly or bi tly that is how you can create short links right that are
trackable so you can go to bit ly and literally tough it in ww bi tly or just
arts bitly create an account and when you get your affiliate links from
whatever product that it is wherever that may be you get your affiliate link
put it in there they’re gonna give you a shorter link which you know it’s not
required to do this by any means just a little like bonus tip they’re gonna give
you a shorter URL it looks cleaner when you’re putting it into your blog or your
video description or whatever and also there’s analytics that you can
track so you know you can break it up and organize it as much as you want or
as little as you want if you just want to know how many clicks across the board
you know a certain product is getting then you can get that link put it in
there and then every time it’s clicked you’ll have a dashboard that shows you
how many clicks you got it’ll show you you know the most popular one the number
of and just kind of watching that allows you to just kind of understand what’s
working what’s not again if you want to break it up and say okay you know I’m
gonna I’m gonna promote this particular product across a couple of different
mediums I’m gonna create a custom link for YouTube links to that product and
custom links towards a blog you know you can do that to kind of see what’s
working better to truly understand where that traffic is coming from me
personally right now I’m just kind of doing general like you know product and
link so not really being too descriptive or too worried about where it’s coming
from mainly because my main source of you know mainly because my main source
of promotion of affiliate products is through YouTube I kind of know it’s all
coming from YouTube if I wanted to see which you know exact video is is giving
me the results I could do that if I wanted to I’m not really too worried
about it at the end of the day just kind of matters you know are these videos
there’s my efforts period working for me but you know that’s that’s that a place
to go create a blog if you want to do is is WordPress I don’t really need to say
too much about that you’re probably already familiar with WordPress
it’s a blogging website whatever you know go create a blog if that’s what you
want to do you could also just have a blog on your website you know my website
I created with Wix I’ll put an affiliate link down in the description below and
the thing about affiliate links guys is like don’t think that because you’re
clicking my affiliate link you’re paying more for the product or anything like
that that’s like never the case never ever ever the
you’re not paying more it’s the company’s paying me for referring you to
them all right so this stuff’s already in their budget they’re not worried
about it they’re not charging you more you’re not getting ripped off by
clicking my link so you know don’t be like oh I’m gonna skip his affiliate I’m
just gonna go straight to it you don’t need to do that if you just click the
link that you know someone has whether it be me someone else whatever you’re
you’re just supporting them for showing you this particular source of
information right so that’s pretty much affiliate marketing guys I hope that
makes sense it’s all about the custom links your affiliate links coming up
with some kind of way to get those out to the public through some type of
source whether it’s YouTube videos or vlogging or whatever and driving traffic
ok driving traffic to them is a big one the beautiful thing about YouTube like I
said in Google is that it’s already a very very very most popular source of
information that people are looking for so sometimes you can post a video and it
doesn’t do great but then it gets you know picked up because people are
looking for it and it starts taking off next thing you know the video all of a
sudden starts ranking better it’s at the top people click it all the time you
start making affiliate commissions and it’s awesome because you know you could
be getting paid off the commissions that is something that you made a 15 minute
video on a year ago two years ago three years ago and still in the deep dark you
know backlog of YouTube for years people are still viewing it still click in that
link and you can be done affiliate marketing you know five years from now
and still getting paid affiliate checks from selling that product that’s what’s
so awesome about it so that’s how people end up building these five thousand a
month ten thousand dollars excuse me ten thousand dollars a month you know a
hundred thousand dollars a month just crazy crazy incomes by affiliate
marketing because they put a lot of time into building up a lot of videos or
blogs or whatever getting you know just a number of products out there building
up that fanbase and getting a lot of sales over
period of time that is the trick that is why it’s such an awesome opportunity so
I hope guys that all that made sense if you’re still watching this video thank
you so much that means you’re truly interested in affiliate marketing I hope
this was a big value to you if it was please be sure to hit that like button
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know if you got any questions about anything I truly want to just build a
community around this you know an entire niche this culture this you know group
of people who are doing this creating an awesome income for themselves if you
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