Affiliate Marketing 101 | How To Make Money On Clickbank

hey there hope you’re doing well Aaron
Chen here if you’re watching this video right now then you’re probably on
YouTube looking for some strategies on how to make money on Clickbank okay so
you want to learn how to make money on Clickbank you have no idea how to do it
well I’m gonna show you how to do that over the next few minutes okay so if
this is the first time that you’re watching one of my videos
I’ve actually been online for the last nine years right but for the first eight
of those nine years I really failed miserably I had no idea what I was doing
okay made a lot of mistakes invested a lot of time and effort into my business
but finally figured it out probably about a year and a half ago now okay
generate over a thousand sales in my business mainly through affiliate
marketing some of it was through Clickbank as well so I want to show you
exactly how to do this okay how to make money how to convert and you know what’s
the real strategy to making this work properly okay so if you can see the
screen right now I’m actually on Clickbank right so it’s very very simple
it’s just Clickbank com you probably already know this but
Clickbank is the biggest affiliate market place in the world so you can
download mainly I would say digital products okay so if you click right here
on a fillip marketplace it’s actually going to take you into all the different
categories that you can market with on Clickbank so I’m just gonna zoom in here
and I’m gonna fly through this button look you can basically see that
Clickbank sells products in every single category that you can think of right so
internet marketing a business education employment fictions games health and
fitness right everything self-help weight-loss everything okay
so we’re going to go into weight loss because I like to use this particular
niche as as an example because it’s just easy I’m interested in it I’m again I’m
gonna zoom in here and I’m just gonna take you through these numbers to show
you exactly what this means okay so let’s pick one let’s just have a look
here okay let’s let’s I just want to do one
that I can you know give you a good example on yoga burn okay this is a this
might be a good example okay so this one is called the one-hour belly blast diet
right it’s probably some sort of diet on there and if you look here you know this
number here means that every time you make a sale you make thirty three
dollars and ninety four cents on the front end okay so that’s how much you
make as a fillip if you sell this product right so it’s the same thing
here initial sale study three bucks now the average rebuild okay so the average
rebuild here is seventeen cents okay that means that I don’t know why it’s
seventeen cents it probably means that it doesn’t actually have a rebuild
because if you look at the average percentage rebuilds only one percent
that means only one percent of every single person that buys the front end
offer also does a monthly payment scheme okay now the reason why you want to
focus on programs that pay you a monthly scheme or monthly payments is because
look if you’re working so hard to generate a customer from the front end
you want to make sure that you keep them as a customer every single month and you
know you generate those sales right so it’s just easier okay for you to
maintain a strong income if you have an rebill so I’m just gonna look for one
that has a rebill oh this one has a rebuilt it’s called the anti diet
solution right you make thirty two bucks on the front end sorry actually this is
the average sale but you make 3149 on the front end the rebill is forty five
fifty eight so every single month if you keep someone on they pay forty five
dollars and fifty eight cents and that’s what you make okay and 75% of the people
that do the front end offer they also buy the back end which is pretty cool
okay now what does this thing here mean by gravity now gravity basically just
means how popular the product is okay so if you have a gravity of 50 and above I
would say that that’s pretty good alright so some of these programs you’ll
see that gravity’s in the hundreds okay but it doesn’t really matter because it
all comes down to your marketing right so even if your gravity is 200 but you
don’t understand how to market this Clickbank product properly you’re not
gonna generate any sales okay and this is what a lot of people don’t talk about
yeah it’s not just about in fact it has nothing to do with the
sales page of the actual program okay and you’ll learn that in a second but a
lot of people think it does have to do with that actually doesn’t okay so if I
wanted to promote this product I would just click on this little button here
promote and it will ask me to basically put in my account nickname now you can
create this very easily it’s like an email account so you can just create
this yourself okay but I’m gonna put mine in and then I’m
gonna click create and what Clickbank is gonna do is it’s gonna give me a little
link to the program that I want to promote okay they call it a hop link so
I’m gonna double click on it I’m gonna press ctrl C on my keyboard I’m gonna
open up a new tab ctrl V to paste and I’m gonna press Enter and then it’s
gonna show me basically the sales page that I will be marketing to people okay
and usually I would be marketing it to people who want to lose weight because
otherwise you’ll basically be wasting money remember that you must be
marketing to the exact target audience okay so I’m just gonna leave this I’m
gonna let this run for five seconds okay cool so basically a lot of affiliate
offers look like this okay the there’s usually some sort of title but this one
doesn’t have a title which is strange it just has a video sales letter okay and
basically the video sales letter will run for probably about five to fifteen
minutes okay now after the sales letter is done usually what will happen is a
Buy button will pop up here and when somebody clicks on the Buy button and
they put in their credit card information and they buy you will make a
commission it’s as simple as that okay Clickbank is actually very very
simple now this particular offer it doesn’t have a sales page so if I want
to scroll down icon right there’s nothing it’s literally just a video
sales letter right now some of them will have just a video sales letter some of
them will have a sales letter a video and it will also have a long-form sales
letter so they’ll have like testimonials they’ll have before-and-after pictures
they’ll have pictures of the program features and benefits all that stuff
guarantees and all that stuff right but I guess with this program they’ve
just decided that they want to do everything by video ok now I wish I
could show you this but if you click it went window when the Buy button shows up
and you click on it you’ll see the credit card form people fill it
and then you know when when they buy you make a sale it’s very very simple right
now here is the problem okay it’s very easy to get set up on Clickbank but the
tricky part is to actually understand how to sell your program okay that’s the
most difficult part so I’m gonna actually show you that the formula that
I’ve used sorry about that I’ll actually show you the the formula that I’ve used
that will actually get you to convert a lot okay so this is what everyone is
doing okay I’m just gonna put call save everyone I’m gonna call this the
everyone strategy which is basically useless okay this is what everyone’s
doing okay you’ve probably been taught how to do this as well so everyone does
this right so they drive traffic now traffic can come from many many
different places right as long as you’re driving specific groups of people to
your website that’s called traffic online now you can you know drive
traffic from your blog you know so maybe you own a blog and you you’re writing
articles and people are finding your articles you’re driving people that way
it could be you know through Facebook you know this Facebook pay-per-click
there’s YouTube this is the strategy that I like to use YouTube you can rank
videos for free or you can drive use pay-per-click for YouTube as well
display advertising right you can use how to make money on Clickbank banner ads there’s solo ads there’s
Google Adwords okay there’s so much stuff right Google
Adwords etc etc okay the social media lots of different stuff now this is not
a traffic core so I’m not gonna go through these strategies but I just
wanted to explain because you might be a complete beginner and you might not know
what you’re doing at all so I just want to be very very clear okay so a lot of
people would drive traffic directly to a capture page okay and a capture page is
basically a little website that you own it’s got something on there and it
basically tells them it tells your prospect to enter the email address in
exchange for maybe something for free like a free report or something like
that right now the free report is usually called a lead magnet okay so
you’re basically you know you’re ethically bribing your potential
customer to give you give them your their email address in exchange for you
to give them something else okay so in this case what you might do
is if it’s weight loss you might have a you know a really cool little capture
page that says something like hey if you want to learn how to lose 30 pounds I
want to give you my free report right now my free five five page report that
would teach you exactly how to do this over the next 30 days enter your email
below and I’m gonna send you this report to your email address okay so they so
then it’s like you know you’re basically giving them some value right so they
enter the email address and then what happens usually this is what everybody
does is they lead them directly to the Clickbank website or their hop link okay
which is basically the page that you saw just now so once someone opts into the
capture page they will basically see this page the sales page right now why
is this a problem well this is a problem because everyone is doing this okay so
if everyone is doing it everyone online looks the same okay and if everybody
online looks the same your conversions are gonna suffer okay does that make
sense right because if all you’re doing is you know
driving web website traffic to a capture page and then you send them straight to
a sales page because that’s like exactly what it is it’s a sales page right
people are going to get really annoyed first of all and and because everyone is
doing that you look the same as everybody else and it and and that you
you’re not gonna be able to convert them okay now if you’re lucky you will
convert at one percent okay this this the everyone strategy as I call it
because that’s what everyone online is doing like the hundreds and millions of
affiliate marketers out there are doing this okay and this is what everyone
teaches you to do which is why you will never be profitable in your business and
which is why you will always be spending more money on traffic then you will
actually earn by selling the products does that make sense
right and this is why I was making so little money in my business because I
couldn’t figure this out okay now this is not just for clickbank guys by the
way so I you know how I have yeah it says here Clickbank website hop link
this could be replaced with anything this could be replaced with your own
product okay this could be replaced with your any other affiliate program
okay it could be a digital product it doesn’t matter whatever your MLM your
business opportunity whatever it is right but but it’s the same thing so
whether it’s a Clickbank program or an affiliate program this type of structure
will give you a one percent conversion that means that for every 100 people
that see your page only one of them is buying think about that for a second
that is ridiculously low this is why a lot of people are failing okay so I’m
going to show you the way that I do it okay that is going to increase your
conversions by 20 times 15 to 20 times or more if you know what you’re doing
okay so I call this the pro strategy okay it’s called the pro strategy
because very few people do it very few people are willing to do it and very few
people know how to do it alright so it starts the same it’s it’s exactly the
same thing it starts with traffic everything starts with traffic when it
comes to online marketing right you have to drive people from one place to your
website because you want them to see your stuff right so traffic is the same
now you still want to collect emails okay so you make sure you must make sure
you build a capture page and I would highly suggest using click funnels okay
click funnels is one of the most powerful softwares most powerful funnel
building software that you can use if you want to get any of the resources
that I’m talking about today you can just check it out in the description box
below okay so build your capture page make sure you attach the capture page to
an autoresponder okay a good autoresponder is get response this is
the one that I like to use again there’s a link below of you if you if you don’t
have an autoresponder if you don’t have any of these things you must get them
okay these are the bare basics of any successful business online right so your
capture page build it with click funnels it gets attached to your autoresponder
and when someone actually enters their email address inside you now have the
email address and you can follow up with them on autopilot if you want to do that
okay now here is the huge huge difference between what I do and what
everybody else does okay once someone opts in to my capture page
I will lead them to something that I call the value series
okay no one else is doing this now the value series is basically a series of
three to four videos okay and in each video what you’re doing is
you’re basically giving your prospect a little bit of advice on what they opted
in for so for example if we’re talking about a sales funnel that it’s about
weight loss right so someone opts in for weight loss they get the report right at
the start and the first thing they see in the value series is there is a video
that talks a little bit about how they can lose weight by doing one particular
thing so for example let’s just say in a in video number one you might say hey
welcome to my video my name is Erin Chen today I want to talk to you I want to
teach you how you can lose weight and how you can eat the top three foods that
I did a lot of research on then you can eat every single day that will
automatically burn fat for you okay and then you tell them all about it so you
say okay what you gotta do is you’ve got to drink green tea every single day and
believe it or not you have to drink tons of water you have to drink at least five
liters of water every single day and that’s going to help you to wash all the
crap out of your body okay that’s gonna help you to lose weight right
for example now at the end of that video you want to transition and you want to
lead them to your particular program so you can say something like this well I
hope you enjoyed this information today if you want to get more information all
you have to do is click on the link right below this video and it’s gonna
lead you to the program that I learned all of this stuff from so you’re gonna
learn everything you’re gonna learn about dieting you’re gonna learn about
exercise you’re gonna learn about you know the afterburn effect whatever it is
okay so if you want to check that out you know please feel free to do that if
you want so it’s like a no pressure thing right and then if they want to do
it they’ll click on the link and what happens is once they click on that link
it’s gonna lead to your hoplink okay to your clickbank offer or to your
affiliate program or to your MLM or whatever your marketing okay this is how
it works now on the second day your email autoresponder will automatically
send them video number two day number two of the value series now in day
number two what you do is you focus on a slightly different thing that would
teach them also how to lose weight because we’re still talking about weight
loss right so in the second video you how to make money on Clickbank might say hey welcome to day number two
today I’m gonna teach you the three best
bodyweight exercises that you can do from home
you don’t even have to go to the gym and you can get it done in 15 minutes if you
do this every single day you’re gonna burn 30 pounds this month okay and then
you actually show them what those exercises are okay
and then the same thing at the end of that video you lead them to the bottom
and say hey if you like this and you wanna you know find out where I learned
this from click on the link right below okay so you’re just repeating the same
process over and over again now this is what the value series does okay the
value series I’m gonna highlight this in blue because it’s so powerful right so
the value series what this does is it builds credibility for yourself for you
because what you’re doing is you’re not asking for the sale straightaway you’re
basically saying hey you don’t have to buy anything first of all I gave you a
free report then I’m actually taking you through a value series where I’m giving
you value on weight loss I’m teaching you all these interesting things about
weight loss you can actually take action on them today but if you want to you can
go and buy the full program but but you don’t have to if you don’t want to right
it’s a it’s a it’s again it’s a no-pressure thing right and so you’re
building Authority you’re building credibility you’re getting people to
know like and trust you okay and that’s what the value series does okay it’s set
up to do that and it’s strategically done on a daily basis for the first four
days because you want to get people engaged right they’re ready to lose
weight now they’re ready to earn money now they’re ready to jump faster now
they’re ready to I don’t know run you know jump higher now right whatever it
is whatever you’re trying to get them to buy yeah but that’s how the value series
works can you see how this would be incredible for your business can you see
why this would you know help you to convert you know your leads into sales
yeah it’s it’s pretty obvious right now if you do this right okay if you do this
right you can actually convert at 20% or more it is it’s nuts okay if you know
how to do this properly if you create a very very good value series you will
convert 20 you will be able to increase your conversions by 15 to 20 or 20 times
or more all right I know because this actually has
happened in my business right before I was like I was I didn’t even know what I
was doing I was failing I was making a lot of mistakes very unprofitable and as
soon implemented this and made a huge huge
difference now why does this work it works because number one you’re standing
a self you’re setting yourself apart from the competition no one’s doing this
because no one knows about it and no one to be frank can be bothered to do it
because it’s gonna take you a bit of work okay you have to actually set this
up you have to set up the value series you’ve got to record your videos right
it’s not that much work but it’s a little bit more work than everybody else
is doing and trust me everyone else online is lazy they cannot be bothered
to even do this stuff okay so do it because if you do I promise you you’ll
get some huge results in your business okay so that’s it guys now now here’s
another thing that I just want to add okay so what happens then is that people
get added to your video to your autoresponder right now what happens
after the four days well after the four days if you want you can broadcast to
your list every two to three days once okay so everyone tells you to email your
list every single day right or like three times a day now think about it if
you want to get an email three times a day from a marketer what would you do
you’d probably just hit unsubscribe right that’s what I do okay that’s why I
follow so few marketers online because all of them just market crap okay but if
you’re staying in front of your audience two to three days is just enough to stay
in front of them but not enough to get annoying right you don’t want to be
annoying you don’t want people to look at your email below oh my god that’s
that Erin Chen guy and I don’t want to open his email right you don’t you don’t
want to be like that right so you want to broadcast be consistent but don’t be
annoying okay so what do you broadcast well you just send another mini video
like your value series okay so all you how to make money on Clickbank have to do is send a mini video okay
send them a short little video in like a five minutes that’s all you have to do
really really short and again all you’re doing is you’re sending them a bit of
value on the topic that they opted in for so if this is a weight loss funnel
make sure you’re talking about weight loss every single time that’s it okay
and wet by being consistent when people are ready to buy they will buy and
that’s how this whole thing works pretty cool right well let me know what
you thought in the comments below okay let me know if you think that this kind
of stuff is gonna help you alright if you got some value from this video today
please give me a thumbs up and if you want to get more videos like this I want
to continue to teach you how to do this stuff because hey this is the traffic
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if you want to learn how to do this properly right if you want to take your
training your skill set right your abilities to the next level I want to
show you how to do that okay so all you have to do to actually learn how to
really build a value series out because I mean you know how to do it already and
you could go off and do it but I want to show you in detail how to do this kind
of stuff okay so if you want to learn how to do that go ahead and click on the
link right below this video so there a couple of things that will happen here
okay the first thing is you’re gonna see the business that I’m involved with okay
I want to be very upfront with you this is this is the main thing that I’m
marketing this is how I generate the most of my income okay but if you check
your email over the next few days I’ve got a little surprise for you I’m gonna
send you a little bit of training every single day for the next few days and you
can literally watch it take it implement it in your business and I promise you if
you do it right you’re gonna get some tremendous results okay so I wish you
all the best good luck in your business this is Erin Chen signing out from the
traffic’s and conversions Academy and I’ll speak to you very soon take care

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