Affiliate Marketing 101 – Make Money On Clickbank Using This Strategy

hey hey how you doing Aaron Chen here
hope you’re doing well if you’re watching this video right now
then you’re probably on YouTube doing a bit of research on how to make money on
Clickbank okay so I’m gonna show you how to do that over the next few minutes if
you just watch the screen I’ll literally take you through the entire website show
you how to set it all up and I’m gonna give you some of my strategies that
actually is gonna help you to convert those leads into sales okay hey there
this is Aaron Chen for those of you who don’t know me I’m an online entrepreneur
I’ve been online for nine years eight of those nine years though failed really
really miserably okay I’ve been online the entire time I’ve done lots of
different business models but it wasn’t only until about 12 months ago that I
really started to figure this stuff out and I want to show you exactly how I was
able to generate over a thousand sales in my business last year okay so you can
really use these strategies to kind of get some results in your in your
internet marketing business as well right so I want to show you a few things
today if you look in the screen right now you
can see that we’re on Clickbank you know Clickbank I don’t think it needs an
introduction but it is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces in the
world okay so what you want to do is you just want to come here to a fillip
marketplace I’m just gonna click on that and we’re gonna go in and I’m basically
going to show you all the different things that you can market on Clickbank
okay now if you see here you there are so many different categories of things
that you can market you can you can remark it you know cooking food and wine
products you can remarket a business and emarketing products this is the space
that I like to play in you know this is internet marketing home-based business
education fiction games you know health and fitness like weight loss how to get
a six-pack you know things like that there’s self-help software lots of
different things that you can market ok so I’m gonna go into the health and
fitness industry I like to use health and fitness as an example because it’s
just very very easy to give examples of so that you can learn the concepts
behind how all of this stuff works ok so if you come down here you will see
straight away that Clickbank will basically list a bunch of products and
I’m just gonna kind of zoom in here for you and they are done by you can rank
them by popularity average sale in initial sale value gravity and all this
other stuff okay so we’re just going to look at popularity and I’m gonna go
through some of these numbers so you understand what’s going on
now organifi if you haven’t heard of organifi already it’s actually a green
powder supplement it’s really really good okay but it’s interesting because
most of the stuff that you sell on Clickbank are actually digital products
organifi is a physical product okay so we’ll talk about it but I’ll show you
some other ones that you know you can try marketing so what do all these
things mean right well this number right here 113 and 47 cents this is basically
the average sale of this particular product so when you sell organifi as an
affiliate you will make roughly about a hundred and thirteen dollars and
forty-seven cents right now if you look down here the initial sale so every
single product that you see on Clickbank they have what’s called the sales funnel
okay now in the sales funnel they don’t only sell one product sometimes they
sell you know two or three or even four products within that sales funnel itself
now our gana five probably has something on the front end which costs sixty seven
dollars okay so you will make sixty seven sorry it doesn’t cost sixty seven
dollars but when you send it you will make sixty seven dollars as an affiliate
okay now the average percentage sales so the the average people that buy this
product a sixty eight percent of people that see the offer peanuts that’s really
really high okay and organifi has a rebuild that means that every single
month the people that bought the front end product will do a monthly rebuild of
an average of a hundred and four dollars and twenty eight cents that’s pretty
good okay and 46 percent of the people that buy the front end product also do
the rebuild that’s also quite high if you’re getting you know anything close
to fifty percent of people that are doing a rebuild that’s really really
high now why is this important it’s important because if you’re a marketer
and you’re spending all your time trying to get new customers in you want to make
sure that you’re marketing a product that has a rebuild okay so that you
don’t have to work super hard trying to get people in every single month if that
makes sense right because these people usually people that rebuild they’ll stay
in any program roughly about four to five months and then the
such a drop-off okay so that means that every month you’re building up your
recurring income which is very very important when it comes to when it comes
to a business right so I’m not gonna I’m not gonna have a look at the the
promotional page but let’s come to gravity so what what is this gravity
score mean all this means you know just just to put it in simple terms is that
if you have a gravity of anything close to a hundred that’s pretty good okay
anything with a gravity of 50 or more means that the product is pretty popular
that’s all it means okay so even if you have a product that has a gravity of 10
it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad product it just means that it’s not selling that
well on Clickbank that’s all it means okay but you can still sell it depending
on what the product is so let’s have a look at some of these other ones I’m
gonna find one that has a rebill okay so let’s look at this one okay the two week
diet plan by brian flatt it’s a $24 up front 81% of people buy the product up
front there is a rebill of $12 which is quite little to be honest but 76% of
people that buy the front end offer also do the rebill which is actually pretty
pretty good okay and it’s got a really high gravity it’s got a 201 gravity
score so let’s have a look at what this sales page looks like so you just click
on promote and you have to put in your account nickname so this is my account
nickname okay by the way if you want to create your own account nickname when
you when you set up your Clickbank account it’s basically like an email you
just set it up for free you put in your your name your you know your last name
your address and all that stuff you choose a nickname and that’s how I get
this nickname right here okay and then when I create it they’re gonna give me
something called a hop link okay that’s a Clickbank hopping this is your
promotional link so now I’m gonna highlight it I’m gonna press ctrl copy
okay and then I’m gonna paste it in a new tab and I’m gonna press control V or
on my Mac sorry command V to paste it you can also press control and paste it
right same thing and then I’m gonna press enter to see what the sales page
looks like okay so this is what it looks like you can see there’s a title up here
and a video is about to start I’m just gonna let the video run for about five
seconds okay hi there if you’ve ever tried to lose
weight I have some information that’s probably going to upset you okay cool
so you can see that this is basically the sales page of this particular
product it’s called the 2 week diet it’s got some sort of like little title which
says a foolproof science-based system is guaranteed to melt away six pounds of
unwanted stubborn fat in just 14 days no matter how hard you’ve tried before so
usually there will be some sort of very make money on clickbank interesting or engaging or you know
curiosity based title and then there will be a sales video like this okay now
usually the sales videos will run for about five to fifteen minutes after it
finishes there’s usually a little Buy button that will pop up here that your
potential prospects can can click on and when they click on then it goes to the
sales page and when somebody buys it you get a commission that’s it that’s it’s
as simple as that that’s essentially how a Clickbank works okay it’s not that
complicated now on this page you will probably see you know some testimonials
right you know a lot of these good Clickbank offers of good testimonials
there will be before-and-after shots right because you know this is very
effective when it comes to weight loss programs there will be features and
benefits of the program more testimonials and then it’ll they’ll tell
you exactly what you’re gonna get if you buy the two week diet system and you
know people want to know what’s actually in the product right so you can see they
don’t you know a couple of handbooks here there’s an activity handbook
there’s a motivational handbook more before and after shots a little bit
about the author and then a little bit of guarantees you know where are people
buying this program 60 back money day back guarantee that kind of thing and
then there is the Add to Cart button right and then it’s got this little kind
of like in a scarcity thing where it says today you know it’s usually $97 but
today you can get it for 37 bucks right and then people click on the Add to Cart
button and then it comes here to Clickbank secure checkout which will
look something like this right people will fill it out and then as soon as
they pay for it you will make a commission that’s how it works right
this is that this is the same for all of Clickbank products right so if I go back
to Clickbank now now I’m not gonna go through everything I just wanted to show
you exactly how it works right and and you can you know go through all
these different products for you to learn how to make money on Clickbank but
it’s as simple as that okay Clickbank is very very simple now
here’s the problem guys right is that most people don’t make money from
Clickbank because essentially this is how they’re promoting it okay so I’m
gonna grab a little tool out here so that you can see this so so this is what
I would say every single a newbie online and I would consider you a newbie
because you don’t know how to do this stuff I’m assuming right and you
you’re-you’re here you’re watching my video because you want to learn how to
do this stuff well this is what most newbies do okay they will drive traffic
and traffic can be you know it can be it can be traffic from all eyeballs or
potential you know customers from anywhere online so it could be SEO it
could be from Facebook it could be from YouTube it could be from solo ads right
etc etc etc okay so this is what most people do they’ll drive traffic from all
over the internet directly to their hoplink
I’m gonna call it a Clickbank link I know I’m called a hop link okay hop link
all right this is what most newbies will do now here is the problem with this
right the problem with this is that this is what people used to do 10 to 15 years
ago when I first started good when I first got started online nine years ago
this is what people used to do now back then it was okay because the internet
was very new and people really haven’t seen you know that many offers online so
if you saw like a an offer that that showed you how to lose weight in you
know 60 days and you could lose like thirty inches around your waist you
would be pretty interested back then right but the problem is is nowadays
there’s so many offers all over the place that people are really
desensitized to any opportunities online okay any offers software’s internet
marketing MLM network marketing all this stuff people are very desensitized to it
okay so if you were to do this today drive traffic directly to your clickbank
hop link which i showed you how to do just now right you would probably if you
were lucky you would convert at half a percent
okay I’m gonna make this a bit smaller here just so we can fit this in 48 36
okay you would convert at like half a percent and that’s if you were lucky
okay so I say don’t do this at all you don’t want to do this now this is what
most people are doing okay I would say this is amateur so that’s a newbie
marketer this is the amateur marketer now the amateur marketer will do
something very similar they will drive traffic from SEO YouTube all that stuff
now instead of driving it directly to their clickbank hop link what they’ll do
instead is they will create something called a capture page okay now this is a
good thing okay you should be doing this anyway a capture page is basically a
little website right that has a little bit of a title on the front and they’ll
ask people for the email address in exchange for something valuable so for
example if we’re talking about weight loss on your capture page you might have
something that says something like hey want to learn how to lose 30 pounds in
60 days I’m gonna show you how to do that by giving you this free report all
you have to do is enter your email address on the bottom and I’m gonna send
you that report via email now if I was overweight and I saw an offer like that
I would be pretty interested I’d say hey I want to learn how to lose you know
thirty pounds I don’t mind giving my email for this free report so I’m gonna
do that right so people enter their email address into the capture page and
then it leads them directly to the Clickbank offer directly to the hop link
okay same thing now the problem is is that everyone is doing this so even if
you did it this way you would still probably only convert at one percent now
here’s a problem guys if you sent a hundred people to your website and you
spent money on your traffic which most people do and out of a hundred people
only 1% of those people convert it into a sale how much money are you really
making think about it right if you sold this offer this particular two week diet
plan or whatever it’s called and you were only making whatever it is
twenty seven bucks on the front end that’s really little money okay you’re
probably spending way more money on your traffic then this product is actually
giving you so out of a hundred people that see it only one person buys this is
why people are going broke online okay so it’s not that Clickbank doesn’t work
it works it’s just that you need to understand how to
market your stuff properly otherwise you’re gonna go broke okay and that’s
why over the last eight years I have wasted so much money on my business
because I had no idea what I was doing I had no clue okay because people don’t
teach you this stuff unfortunately right they just teach you garbage there’s so
much garbage online is ridiculous okay so for eight years I was doing this this
amateur way I was doing this for eight years okay make money on clickbank
which is which is really really bad I’m gonna I’m gonna put like multiple sad
faces here because I was very very sad and I was I was going broke that’s
that’s basically what was happening in my business all right now it wasn’t
until twelve you know twelve to you twelve months to 18 months ago a year
and a half ago that I figured out I learnt something that completely changed
my business so I call this the pro version okay this is the pro version now
this is how you do it okay what you do is is you do the same thing you drive
traffic because everything starts with traffic right when it comes to online
marketing internet marketing it always starts with traffic the more traffic the
more targeted traffic you can get the more money generally you’re gonna make
okay so you get the right traffic you drive it to the capture page it’s the
same thing okay you will always want to capture your traffic and what happens is
when you drive it to a capture page you must must must capture your traffic by
using an autoresponder right so people enter the email address it goes into
your autoresponder you could use get response or Aweber right if you guys
want any of these resources that in the description box below okay so don’t
worry about that I just have a look there if you want so
i’ll a weber or get response okay it goes into the autoresponder now you
follow up with them via email on a regular basis but this is very important
when you followup with them you must be selling them value-based emails okay
value-based emails if you’re sending them sales emails all the time you’re
gonna go broke okay cuz nobody wants to buy from a greasy sales person okay they
also don’t teach this stuff online right it took me a long time to learn this
stuff you have to give value alright I’ll talk about how to give value in a
second now once they come to your capture page they enter the email
address inside what you want to lead them to is instead
of leading them directly to your Clickbank hoplink you want to lead them
to something called a value series okay now this value series is something that
you have to build yourself okay now how do you how do you build that you build
it out by using a funnel builder like click funnels okay if you haven’t heard
of click funnels it is one of the most powerful final building software’s in
the market okay you can you can use it to build landing pages capture pages
sales funnels static websites auto automated webinar machines it can build
basically anything okay again it’s in the resources below if you want to check
it out okay now what a value series is it’s a series of one I would say three
to four videos where on every single video you’re giving a little bit of
value to your prospect on the topic that they opted in for okay so let’s just say
this person here opted in for weight loss in video one two three and four I
will give them a little tip on how to lose weight so that they can take that
information and use it immediately okay so maybe in video number one I will
teach them on the three foods that they can eat today that will help them to
burn fat 24/7 right there’s certain foods that do that drinking a lot of
water green tea stuff like that okay I know this stuff because I’m interested
in the topic but for example video number two you could teach them the
three best bodyweight exercises that they can do today that they can get done
in 15 minutes that will help them burn fat for the next 24 hours they don’t
even have to go to the gym okay and so on and so forth so video three you teach
them on something else and video for you teach them on something else now at the
end of every every single video in your value series all you have to say is
something like this so if you enjoy that information I want to teach you where I
got this information from okay so if you want to learn how to really put this
into practice and lose 30 pounds in the next 60 days I want to show you where I
lent this stuff all you have to do is click on the video right below this
video and you’ll get access to it that’s it and below your video you want to
leave a little link to your clickbank offer that’s it
that’s all you do right so in every single video so in the value series is
made up of four I would say three to four videos okay
at the bottom of every video you leave your hoplink
okay and then when they click on it it will lead them to your offer and when
they buy you make a commission can you see how doing it this way will make you
so much more money and convert so many more of your customers than doing it the
amateur way or the newbie way right absolutely I mean because you’re giving
them lots of value you’re not even asking them for the sale you’re just
saying hey I’m gonna give you lots of value you can use it straight away today
based on the topic that you’re interested in and if you want to you
don’t have to but if you want to you can click on the link below and you can
check it out and if you like it you can buy it if you don’t like it hey it
doesn’t matter because tomorrow I’m gonna send you another value-based email
and I’m gonna teach you another trick on how to lose weight and then the next day
you send a video number two which is going to be programmed into your emails
right because now you’ve got your autoresponder it sends them an email on
day number two and then the same thing for day number three and day number four
and so on and so forth right that that’s exactly how this works right
so hop link now if you do this properly this is how much you’ll convert it you
can probably convert a twenty percent or more if you do this right and I’m just
going to bold this because this is huge okay bold and underlined okay so newbie
way you convert a half a percent amateur way you convert at one percent if you’re
lucky the pro way if you do this right you can convert at I would say 15-20
percent or more okay now this is how you get your affiliate marketing business or
any business that you’re building online into profit this is not just for click
bang this concept will work for pretty much almost anything that you’re selling
online okay because what this is is this is a value based selling system alright
the first two versions are like a sales e greasy scar salesman version right
nobody nobody wants to buy from people like that okay but the pro version this
is this is value-based selling okay what you’re doing is you’re becoming an
attractive character you’re giving value to the marketplace and you’re becoming
super cool right and people like buying from people that they know like and
trust so if you’re giving them value up front
they’re gonna they’re gonna want to buy from you maybe they’re not gonna buy
today but if you keep sending them emails on a regular basis maybe you know
they will buy from you eventually because they know you every time they
think oh okay I’m ready to lose weight now Who am I gonna buy from oh I’m gonna
buy from Aaron because he’s super cool he’s taught me so much stuff and I think
he’s got that program that I want to check out so yeah they’re gonna go back
to the emails and they’re gonna buy okay oh maybe because you’re following up
with them on a regular basis not maybe not every day but every two to three
days you know maybe once a week but when you send them that email because you’re
consistent and they like your stuff and you’re always giving them value when
they’re ready when they’re you know when they when they feel like they’re just
too overweight they’re too fat you know they’ve had a really rough day and
they’re rated to get into shape you send them that email and all of a sudden
they’re like bang Aaron just send me that email
I want to lose 30 pounds today I’m gonna buy it right and that’s how it works
that’s how this internet marketing game works
okay so it’s about consistency it’s about adding value up front okay it’s
about not asking for the sales straightaway and it’s about creating
value in people’s lives okay does that make sense can you see how this will
help you in your business right and this is how internet marketing works and this
is what made a huge difference in my business so let me know in the comments
below what do you think of this video do you know do you think that this business
model do you think that you’re going about it this way will help you to be
successful I want to know okay give me a thumbs up if you got some value from
this video today okay and and here’s the thing if you want to learn how to do
this properly I want to show you how to do this now we’ve spent a little bit of
time here on the video today but I want to show you how to do this for real okay
so if you want to if you want to learn this kind of stuff from me I want to
show you how to do that if that’s what you want to do okay you can click on the
link right below this video there’s a little link right there it’s gonna lead
you to my training series so what’s gonna happen is when you enter your
email address the first thing you’re gonna see is you’re gonna see the
business that I’m involved with okay completely up to you whether you you you
you check it out or not okay but then what I want you to do is I want you to
check your emails because in your emails you’re gonna get some training from me
and I’m gonna show you how I built out my affiliate marketing business and how
I generated over a thousand sales last year how I you know convert my leads
into sales and all this stuff I’m gonna show you how to build
a proper value series okay and not only that there’s so much other stuff that
I’m not even talking about today because I just don’t want to keep you here for
hours right but there’s a lot of other stuff that I learned over the last you
know eight nine years of being online that will really really help you in
building a profitable profitable business okay so if you want to learn
how to do that then I welcome you to check it out you can click on the link
right below this video otherwise hey I hope you got a lot of value from this
video today and I wish you all the best in your online business building
endeavors okay this is Erin Chen and I’ll speak to you very soon take care

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