Affiliate Marketing 2019 For Beginners – Part 1

Welcome to video number one in the series about starting an affiliate marketing business. Let’s get started right away The majority of people that want to build an affiliate business do things backwards I have seen training guides for tutorials and beginners trying to skip this initial step People have been told to first pick a profitable product and then try to find buyers but in this first video I want you to forget about the product you think is so hot or the great idea you had on an ebook for the e-commerce Story you wanted to set up that will sell thousands of dollars the purpose of this video is to make you conscious that you need to go right back to the basis to the very beginning and Do your market research to find out what you’re going to sell? without the market research techniques You’ll learn later your business will be built on nothing but hopes and assumptions Because long before you settle on a product you first have to find are hungry market with a problem that needs solving So please pay close attention to this video this video Series will show you exactly how to use the internet to find out what you need to know before you waste your time and money building a business that will probably fail basically, you’ll learn how to locate a viable niche market and the more work you put in the better your chances of success will be It’s that simple you see to become a successful affiliate marketer You will need to become used to Social media marketing joint ventures search engine optimization guest blogging and other ways to drive targeted traffic You will also need to explore different potential products before you can find the best solution for your hungry market You also need to perform market research to learn what your future customers really need in that way. You can pick products They are anxious to buy and also write the best Compelling sales copies that will literally force your audience to hand you over their credit cards You will also need to learn or improve your writing skills to write sales copies newsletters blog posts and other types of content that feeds your niche market and Sometimes you are going to have to be a little techie and work on your own word, press site fortunately today there are so many plugins and themes that having a beautiful site is really not that hard and Guess what to become a successful affiliate marketer? You will definitely have to be a relationship expert too because you are going to need to build up as subscribers list Engage with them build a relationship with them and finally promote solutions that you know will help your subscribers. I Am sure you have already heard that one of the top secret in this industry is people buy from people they know like and trust Have you ever spent a little more money in something just because you like that brand well Prospects are the same they will buy from you when they get to know like and trust you Now that you have understood the basics, it’s time to ask yourself. What niche should I be targeting? The answer should be a group of people who are passionate about an activity For example think about serious body builders. Do you know how many books they buy do? You know how many videos they watch Do you have a clue on how much money they spend on supplements weights benches machines lifting gloves? heating pads healthy food and other articles So in summary Keep in mind that your best route is to really find a niche with hungry buyers that will buy multiple products from you Ok have this video been informative If so Please subscribe and like this channel because I will release an entire series focused on helping beginners to jump into affiliate marketing in a successful way also hit the little bell which will notify you when I release my next video and If you are serious about starting an affiliate marketing business, please leave a brief comment in the section below with the word. Yes Also, check out the link in the description of this video as it has additional information Thank you for watching and I will see you on the next video

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