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Welcome to another Friday fireside chat that will not be in front of my computer because I wanted to, I think, try to organize my thoughts here and that’s where the
whiteboard will come into play. And it’s a topic that I think
I’ve talked about before in other videos, but I
had this message show up and it’s just oh, it’s, things
are so sketchy out there, they’re so sketchy and I’ll be honest, I know there are some reviews out there that really just throw me under the bus and throw my services and
throw the courses I offer and all that good stuff under the bus. But then upon a little
bit deeper examination of these people that
are proclaiming all this and then you look at well who
they direct you to, it’s oh! No wonder why my products are terrible, but this person’s are so good. And we’ll get to that,
maybe you can kind of, well, probably based on the title of this now that I think about it, you may know where this is all headed. But, yeah, the wonderful
world of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing meaning, hey, you’re getting paid if
you can get other people to sign up for some sort of product or service of somebody else’s. And there’s varying, I’m not saying all affiliate marketing
is bad, not at all. But, in some cases like
you’re about to see, oh man, like I said, it’s shady out there. So let’s get to this
comment and like I said, I think I’m gonna try to
organize my thoughts here in regards to how this is all playing out. “I hope you had a good week. “I’m emailing you because I had a question “that I’d like your
professional opinion on. “Recently I’ve seen some of the students “in my university using
IML and oddly enough “they all want more people to join “because they make more money
if they recruit new traders.” Okay, so let’s just keep track
of that situation right now. There is a member, and as he said, there are other people, friends, whoever, but people at his university. And what are they telling him about? Hey, they’re telling him
about some sort of service. So, they’re telling about this service here. Now here is where things get interesting. And, which is the power of instincts and why you need to listen to them because, this person
has already identified the massive red flag here, but yet they still wanna
seek out my opinion, which is, first off,
I’m flattered, but hey, you have good instincts, listen to ’em. You’ve already identified why this is setting off the alarm
bells in your mind. Why so? Well, he has identified
that back over here, yep, my daughter got a
hold of this one, too, and that is trash. Let’s try that again. My daughters come in here and they create like these massive murals on here and they just color every little spot, and it kills the markers, but that’s okay. Alright, so back here,
let’s go behind the scenes, there we go. So behind the scenes here is what? Cash money. How do they get this cash money? Well they need to tell
other people about this, and if this person joins whatever service, ring the register. So that’s where we’re at right now. Let’s keep on going with this message. “First thing I thought off
was this is a pyramid scheme, “they all claim to make
so much money using “the tools, analysis, market tips, “and other professionals’ traders’ trades, “you can basically copy all
their traders automatically.” Do you see where this is all headed? Like I said, you have good
gut instincts, follow them. So, you know that
they’re telling you about a service because they make more money. But what, what are they
telling you about this service? Well, what they’re telling you, let’s take this, like I said, I wanted to organize my thoughts, how absolutely great it is. They’re making all this money, I mean, you don’t even
have to do anything, you can copy other people’s
trades, how nice is that? Yeah, you just sign up and
you copy other people’s trades and you can make all this kind
of, I mean, it’s so great. It’s fantastical. I mean, they’re just talking this up, so let’s go do the logic chain. Why are they talking it up so much? Because if you buy, they’re gonna get money
from the affiliate, so of course they’re gonna talk it up. Do you expect them to sit there
and be like, “Well, ah hem,” Of course not, right? You have common sense. So, let’s just keep going. But I mean, wow! “Oh, yeah, it’s great, you
just copy other people’s trades “and you can make all sorts of money. “I’m making all sorts of money. “So, yeah, you should join. “Click on that and join,
let’s wrap this thing up.” “This all sounds like, excuse
my words, pure garbage. “If something sounds too good
to be true, it probably is. “However, the only reason
I felt the need to ask you “is because somehow all
the registered members seem “to enjoy it and promote it. “Many of them advise
me to join even though “they know only one of them can recruit me “and claim the bonus, but
they seem cool with that. “I’d like to hear your
opinion on the platform “and if any other traders
shared their experiences.” First off, the platform,
I never checked it out, but it’s pure garbage. How do I know it’s pure garbage? If their whole business model
is predicated under this, that’s nobody you wanna
be a part of, okay? Anybody that markets, anybody that says, “Hey, come copy my trades
and you’re gonna make money,” Stay away from that
platform, pure garbage, it’s a pure con job,
anybody that has traded, that has experience, only
if trading were that easy, where you could literally sit there, copy somebody else’s trades
and make all this money. (sighing deeply) Now it’s a great business
model (throat clearing), but that’s not how it is. Now the one part that
I do wanna address is all these people over here, they’re talking about, well, you know, these people, they don’t seem, (sighing) another one to the, there we go, hey, there, alright! So all these people that’s
kinda throwing him off is none of them seem upset. They all are saying how great it is, but they know that, I mean,
only one of ’em can get it. But, still, one of them can get it, so why would they not be excited about it? Why would you remove yourself from a chance of something happening? That doesn’t make any sense? I mean, we’ll just do it with three, you can either have a 33%
chance of getting the affiliate, or just be like, pffft,
no, not even gonna bother, or a 0% chance. Whose odds are better? Of course, if you keep yourself in there and give yourself a chance. So who cares, that’s a moot point, it doesn’t matter that they all still seem more than happy to tell me about it, even though they know that
only one is gonna get it. Well, why would they do that? Why would they pull themself out of the process and then ensure that they absolutely don’t get the affiliate? Common sense, that’s
just good understanding of statistics on their end. So, I mean, hopefully you can
see all the shadiness here and I wanna do it for as
an educational example, as kind of an FYI about how
shady things are out there. And, like I said, to defend myself because a lot of times,
well, not a lot of times, but there are some reviews
that people have sent me that be like, “Oh yeah, well this!” It’s just like, do you
understand the person that wrote that review has the motivation to be affiliated and get paid for the people that they… “Clay’s stuff is terrible,
but this person!” And then this person, you go and look, oh! This person has an affiliate program. I do not have an affiliate program. I think it’s shady,
especially in this regard. Now, not all affiliates are shady. If you tell me, hey, this
computer’s really solid and I can, okay, that’s fine, an Amazon affiliate link, whatever. But, I think it’s very,
there’s too much gray area, which is clearly being exploited here and they can just exploit
it all over the place where I want people to recommend my stuff because, “Hey, it works! “Hey, he taught me a lot! “Hey, I enjoyed it!” Not, “Well, wait, I don’t
even know what he does, “but he pays, so yeah,
go buy Clay’s stuff.” That’s sketchy and I’ll
just leave it at that. But keep this in mind
when you’re out there, not necessarily for my stuff, but always be checking, is
there some sort of affiliate? Why are these people talking about how great this service is? Why are these people talking about how great this product is? Is there an affiliate program? Look at the link, is it an affiliate link? Now, to be fair, maybe
the program is great. Maybe the service is great. But (sighing) I don’t know,
maybe I’m old fashioned, but as somebody that’s in the business, if your program is great,
if your program is solid, then just let word of mouth do it’s thing. Why do you have to bribe
people to have word of mouth? If it’s good, it’s gonna sell itself. And my word of mouth is, now, maybe it could be better if I
did the affiliate marketing? But it probably could be,
’cause I’ve lost track of how many people come through the site, and they’re like, “Do you
offer affiliate marketing?” No. Okay, gone, outta here. It’s like, well, I guess
they had no interest in anything other than the fact of can I make money by telling
people to buy your products? But, regardless. Like I said, maybe I’m just old fashioned. However, regardless, keep an
eye out for this sort of stuff, ’cause as you saw here,
super, super sketchy. But when you break it down into each step and look at people’s motivations and because these people have
the motivation for money, obviously they’re gonna say
whatever they’re promoting is great, then, just keep that in mind. There’s lots of gray area out there when it comes to products and services, especially in the world of trading. And sure, I mean, put
yourselves in these shoes, if you knew someone who was gonna pay you and you wanted to get paid, then you’re gonna tell people
how much money you’re making, even if you’re not even trading. And there’s a lot of good stuff out there where people just flat
out, they’re not trading, but they’re gonna tell
people they’re trading, they’re gonna tell people
they’re making money, because then they’re gonna
get that affiliate revenue. So, just be aware of it. If you are out there
trading alone currently and maybe are in the market looking for a community to join to assist you in your trading or to just help you, give you another set of eyeballs, then I do have a private trading community where you can trade alongside me and other experienced traders. So, what you see popping
up on the screen right now is both an information link, so if you click on the Inner Circle one, that is going to take you to the page where I explain all the details of what exactly come with the community, both the chat room and the newsletter and then the other
image that has popped up is a behind the scenes tour
where you can see exactly what is going to be contained
within the community. I take you through, like I said, a behind the scenes tour of everything, and that way you’ll know precisely what you are getting when you join. So, definitely check that
stuff out if you are interested and thinking about wanting
to join a community and let me know if you have any questions.

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