Affiliate Marketing Business Model is Aligned With a Freedom Lifestyle

Are you here because you’re looking for
time and financial freedom? Are you tired of only getting paid when you’re
physically present? In this video we’re going to share how Affiliate Marketing
is aligned with achieving a lifestyle of freedom where you can work when you want
wherever you want in the world. According to Pat Flynn the author of Smart Passive
Income, Affiliate Marketing is the process in which people sell another
company’s products and receive a commission. In other words find a product
that you like you trust and believe in and when you sell that product you
receive a commission. The reason why Affiliate Marketing is so aligned with
achieving a freedom lifestyle is we don’t actually have to be physically
here to sell you the product you know just like Bob and I are talking with you
right now, yet we’re off doing something else and
that’s the power of Affiliate Marketing. As Affiliate Marketers we are
third-party sellers. Third-party sellers are independent sellers that can sell a
variety of products. You/We take a product and then we sell it. We don’t
have to incur the overhead of bricks and mortar, manufacture, distribute or create
a product. Our job as Affiliate Marketers is take a
product that we align with and offer others the opportunity to do the same. So
we decided to become Affiliate Marketers for Six Figure Mentors, number one
because Six Figure Mentors aligns with our values. But number two we knew we
needed to learn how to become Affiliate Marketers, you know we knew as
entrepreneurs we could go online and we could find all sorts of free tools but
that would take more time and when you look at Bob and me you know we don’t
have all that much time to spare. It’s a depreciating asset. It is a depreciating asset
so we thought we’re going to use our time wisely and we’re going to have
leaders in the community Six Figure Mentor community, teach us what they did
well and teach us what they didn’t do so well so we could get to where we wanted
to get to, achieve financial and time freedom more quickly. In the long run we
knew this would not only save us time but it would save us money. We are
surrounded with excellent leaders and abundant community and mentors that have
“been there and done that”, they know how to be successful and they’re always
there to help us along our journey. That’s exactly where we are with you. We
are one of many that will help you along your online journey, when the time is
right. Trying something new is scary, we get that. We encourage you to alleviate
some of your fear and invest $29.95 30-day money-back guarantee, so no risk
to you to just check out the inside of Six Figure Mentors. This may be a fit, it
may not be but at least then you’ll know. If the time is right, we look forward to
speaking with you. Bye for now. Bye for now.

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