Affiliate marketing COMPLETE GUIDE PART 1

hi guys in this video you’re going to
get part 1 of the complete guide to affiliate marketing hi guys welcome to
my channel online boss money as I said in the introduction in this video you’re
going to get a complete guide to affiliate marketing part 1 and part 2
will be drop in tomorrow so this channel is all about making
money online I’m personally on a journey to leave my
nine till five and make money online and I believe that affiliate marketing is
the way to do it so I really hope you enjoy the presentation and you forgot
any questions just let me know in the comments below so welcome to this
presentation and it’s a complete guide to affiliate marketing there’s so much
that can be said about affiliate marketing but in this presentation we’re
just going to distill it down into what you need to know this video you will
understand what affiliate marketing is and what to do next so I apologize if
the sound is not great having some microphone issues so just bear with me
on that we’re going to answer three questions what is affiliate marketing
why should you do affiliate marketing and how should you do affiliate
marketing so first of all let’s take that first question what is affiliate
marketing basically it is promoting products to get Commission this as
simple as that so this diagram will help to make it clear if you buy something
you hand over your money to the seller and in exchange for seller hands
the product this is a simple transaction this is how the economy works enter the
affiliate little blue affiliate there and let’s say that the affiliate is
promoting products for the seller and the seller has promised 5% of the sales
price of the product and that is the commission rate 5% so if the affiliate
is able to promote one product to a buyer and the buyer buys the product the
seller will give the affiliate five dollars in this case five dollars for
each product bought after the promotion of the affiliate and with affiliate
marketing numerous products can be promoted there are so many products out
there there are almost as many affiliate programs as there are products and
potential customers can be really brought in from from anywhere a few
examples our Facebook Ads Pinterest blogs and YouTube videos but there are
so many other things we could put on here so it’s a massive area and there
are so many ways to do it for the marketing but let’s move on to question
2 why should you do affiliate marketing well one great thing is you can work
from home or anywhere else anyway we’ve got a laptop and an internet connection
you can do a Philly of marketing and of course last with any business you are
your own boss so you’re not answerable to anyone but yourself and you have that
freedom which I’m sure a lot of people watching this video would really like
and potentially you could make more money than in your current job and I say
potentially because realistically you have to work hard and unless you work
hard you’re not going to earn lots and lots of money but if you do work
card there is potential to make a lot of money and because you’re promoting other
people’s products you don’t have to worry about customers
returns refunds all the kind of stuff that the sellers of their own products
have to worry about you don’t have to worry about any of that because you are
promoting other people’s products and you are just taking a cut when you
promote the products and somebody buys it and you’ve probably heard of this
phrase on the internet passive income which is the idea that you go to sleep
and you wake up in the morning and you’ve earned money overnight and it’s
actually true if you set up your affiliate marketing systems and that’s
something you don’t have to worry about just now but if you set up your systems
you will get passive income because the system’s pretty much run on autopilot
once they’re set up and the money will come in so thanks for watching part 1 of
the affiliate marketing complete guide and stay tuned for part 2

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