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Next we have affiliate marketing. This is a way for a company to sell it’s product by having
other people market it for a commission. If you join another company’s affiliate
program, usually wanting to pay up front only when people buy your product or
service through the other company. For example,
say you’re on a crafting blog and you see a link to Amazon to
buy craft related products. That is affiliate marketing in action. If you were to buy what Amazon
was advertising on the blog, you, the owner of the blog,
will get a percentage of the sale price. There are businesses that are working
with thousands of affiliates. And their lead generation
relies on these concepts. Other businesses are playing
as the affiliate and building their business
model as an affiliate. For you to begin with,
if it’s not your core business model, you can start with a few partners
that can start as your affiliates and you pay them per lead or per conversion.

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