My first letter from INPS is so excited that I even got a pimple Chamber of Commerce registration 2019 for this time only except Hi friends and hicks games welcome in this new video. I am michele today I bring you. A new address book Closely related to this letter that you have asked me so many in the last two years Concerning web marketing and more. In particular The marketing chain in affiliate marketing is quiet guys because it is free videos based uniquely on my personal experience So it’s not about it. Of paid online courses like those you find on facebook Youtube google that boast millions of earnings every day, do not worry, I speak only of you my personal experience as you will have noticed guys I have been collaborating with gear best for over two years, then they have been added. Amazon at express and now also well, good all very large and important stores with which I work as an affiliate because I like being always a lot Transparent with you I will achieve. A series of videos in which I will explain how it works what they are, the earnings What is there to pay and which ones are. The dangers of this work, yes. It’s a job However, in recent years the limelight has risen a lot thanks to everyone. Social networks that help to grow this job, like youtube facebook etcetera so guys There is a lot to say I will not be enough for this rabbit, but let’s start by explaining what field marketing is The fiat marketing and the sale of a product such as this phone in affiliation That is a product not mine not yours. Ma. Owned by a third of a company or a store From, which usually sell via affiliate links The affiliate earns a percentage a commission actually equates to owning a large online store where you can make many products without actually owning them as it is all sold and shipped by an entity Third, this means that you will not have any storage costs, I should not waste time packing and shipping Products, you’ll never have problems with. Suppliers will not need to do replacement or warranty interventions And so on now attention let’s stop for a moment this does not mean that the franchisee has to try to sell all the worst trash that is online Oh God there is someone who does it personally so I speak on my behalf Michele, who has been following me for years, knows I try to advise you Always products that I feel I like satisfy me and I think they can please I can also give you an example. The show mimì drone 4k of the other drones. Of the fimi of drones Not all sun hub DJs. Of various smartwatches, electric bikes Like all sanbike trust. The products that many. Of you bought under my advice is that so many Of you have loved or otherwise appreciated is this for me The boys Recommend a product that you really like is the greatest satisfaction I prefer to review a few products but good instead of bringing you here on the canal all the trash that passes through me Hand is I swear to you guys the trash that passes by the hand is really so much with. The risk. So to make you throw literally Of the money I also add a little parenthesis too. If this should not be included In the work of an affiliate. I am always at your complete disposal For issues of guaranteeing substitutions problems on, products on calibrations and all the rest You know it well when you ask me a question. I always try. To answer you. In the best way. Based on the My experience and I hope you appreciate it a very important point is that for those who buy from an affiliate link the purchase does not involve any further expense The price is always the same as I often do lower because, we affiliates can often provide you with coupons to save commission the franchisee is given directly by the company and not by the purchaser Obviously companies when they see that an affiliate can sell well Very well they contact him to send them maybe a preview of some new ones Product this does not always happen but it can happen Ok it’s all beautiful you’ll think you work comfortably seated. On the chair. At home yes. They receive, products Free but It is not all gold that glitters is undoubtedly a good job or second job as in my case But it is not absolutely easy. As it seems it is not easy to convince someone to buy something that advises this because as in any other field of work there is a lot of competition in the same way you when you buy one Online product can be found on amazon or on the pinco pallino website At the same price you would buy it 100 percent from amazon So in 90 per cent and beyond the cases, those who go to affiliate with a company After a few months will desist for the few earnings often limited to some purchases made by some friend or family koala checco zalone it is not easy to create a community that follows you and you trust especially of your advice it takes Years and years of work and constancy ed. The pimples and all this of course you have to add Taxes but we will talk about this. In the next episode. Ok. Guys here we are. At the end of First episode dedicated. At fiat marketing forgive among. My tremendous. Pronunciation. What can we say in conclusion definitely a job definitely New or in any case has been innovated so much thanks to social networks can guarantee an excellent second Earnings or even a first profit if you dedicate yourself. Soul and body Obviously they will never be fixed revenue will always depend on the offers currently active from the coupons that there are from how much competition there are many variables guys so I think it’s almost impossible Dedicate a career on this to me. Not to be real Influencer. I admit it quietly gain very well with the affiliations and for this I have to thank you that you trust my videos Of my advice of my offers that I hope you like, today and that you like in 100 years If we get there, however, the tax issue we’re going to talk about is really very important in the next video because as any gain this must also be taxed is especially these online earnings that are always Traceable tracings so you do not. They can play tricks I hope to have made you understand What I want to say is every minimum gain too A few euros must be declared the same but I will explain the next video. Ok Guys I would say this can really be all let me know what you now. You think of this topic thing You think of fiat marketing and consider it a good second job or a waste of time you’ve ever tried with what results Let’s talk together below in the comments. Guys. I am as always at your complete disposal I answer any questions you have to do as far as possible Let me know. If this new baby. You are interested in the column, or. No, I’m very curious to know it guys If you want to support this channel as always. We do not ask. No donation this course is free but It’s not even a course it’s all based. On my experience it is said. If you want to support us like a comment a share sign up If you have not already done so in the video description instead you find the link to enter on telegram instagram facebook numerous revenue this is all next Hi guys


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