Affiliate Marketing For Beginners #1: Choosing A Niche! [2019]

– Hello once again, guys. Welcome back to the channel. Hope you’re having a great day so far. So I’m very excited to announce
a completely new series that I’m going to be
doing on my channel here. Everyone’s been extremely curious about my affiliate earnings
and how I’m making, you know, over $10,000
in some cases, you know, 20 or $30,000 a month
with affiliate marketing, and it’s been a relatively
new business model for me that I’ve only been implementing basically for the better part of a year now, and so I decided I want to create a little crash course here, just for YouTube, strictly
on affiliate marketing. So for the next week and
a half, maybe two weeks, we’re going to be focusing strictly on affiliate marketing. And I have a little over 10
lessons planned for you guys, so I’m super excited about this. I don’t think I’ve done
a series before like this on my YouTube channel, so I’m excited to see what
you guys think about this. If you’re excited, please
go ahead and drop a like, and also share this series
with anybody else out there that you know who is interested
in affiliate marketing, or online business, or maybe just trying to make, you know, a couple extra bucks here and there on the side, you know, outside of the traditional
nine-to-five job, or just going out there and getting a job. So, first of all, the lesson I wanna teach you guys in this video is all about choosing your niche when it comes to affiliate marketing. And even if you don’t know
what your passion is yet, or if you’re totally
on the fence, I get it. I’ve been there before, too, before I, you know, focused
in on the finance niche and investing, I had a lot of different unsuccessful ventures
trying to make money online, trying to do affiliate marketing. At one point I tried
doing headphone reviews, and I don’t know the first
thing about headphones. I’ve done coupon clipping,
I’ve done gaming, I’ve done pretty much any
channel you can think of, I’ve probably tried to do
it in one way or another. So not knowing exactly what
you want to do right now, that’s okay. I’m gonna help you understand
that in this video, and help you decide, you
know, where you want to go, and what niche you want to
decide to go forward with, you know, on this affiliate
marketing journey. And obviously, guys, this
being a YouTube video, I do have to keep it
relatively short here, but if you are looking to learn more about affiliate marketing, I have a completely free
two hour long training I’m gonna link up at the top
of the video description, and in that training I’m
going to be revealing two affiliate products that have made me over $50,000 total, in less than one year, so you don’t wanna miss that. That’s the top link in
the description below. But the very first thing
we have to understand here, when it comes to deciding on a niche, is why do you need a
niche in the first place? Because if you’re like me, and
if you’re like most people, you probably have a lot
of different interests. Maybe you like golf, and
you also like bourbon, and you also like hiking, and
you also enjoy toy poodles, or you have all these different interests. You know, maybe you should
create a variety channel, or a variety blog, where you talk about all of these different things. Now, that’s actually
the strategy I followed when I first started my YouTube channel, because, at the time, I had
three different passion areas. Number one, of course, the stock market. I was trying to be a swing
trader at that point in time, so I was learning about
trading and the stock market. Number two for me was fitness. I was super into fitness and nutrition. And third and finally
was personal development. So in my mind, I said, “Okay, I have all these
different hobbies and interests, “and why don’t I make content “about all three of these things?” So on Monday I would do a
video about the stock market, Wednesday I would do a video
about health or nutrition, and Friday I would do
a video about mindset. And what I found after doing
that for a couple of months is that I was becoming
this person over here. I was becoming the jack-of-all-trades and the master of none. And that is when I realized you absolutely have to
hone in on one niche and be perceived as an
expert in that niche. Now, one of the things
people frequently ask me is, you know, do you need to have a degree in order to teach in a certain niche, and you absolutely do not. My background is in electrical
construction and maintenance, and I’m a self-taught investor,
and everything I’ve learned about money and finance
has been self taught, so you do not have to have this
formal education behind you to be a credible source online. You just have to have
some form of expertise, and you don’t even really
need to be an expert because you can learn as you go, and just teach people
and be one step ahead of those that you are teaching. But to circle back here,
the number one thing that you have to understand
is that the riches, the money, it’s all going
to be in the niches, and this is the number one
mistake that people make when they first get started. It’s a mistake that I made, and it’s being the jack-of-all-trades,
the master of none. There’s very small money over here. If you’re looking to make, you know, a couple bucks here on the side, yeah, you could probably do that being this jack-of-all-trades and just throwing a
random content out there, also known as throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. That’s a content strategy
that I used to follow with all three of those different niches, and it just was not the most effective way at making money through
affiliate marketing. The way that you want to go about this, is to have laser-like focus
on one particular niche, where you are literally the
expert at whatever it is that you are teaching
about or showing people. This is not where the big money is. The big money is in these
very specific niches, and you becoming the authority
on that particular subject. So I want to give you guys
a real life example here of this mindset of the
jack-of-all-trades versus being an expert in your field. So I’m in the process of actually purchasing a rental property. I had my inspection earlier this week, and we went through one of the apartments and we found out that there
was black mold in the bathroom because it had that popcorn type ceiling, and the ventilation, the fan
in that bathroom, was clogged. So the person I’m buying the house from is going to call up a handyman who does general property maintenance, and that guy’s gonna go in there and scrape the ceiling
and clear out the vent. So that is somebody who’s
a jack-of-all-trades. He probably knows how to paint. He probably can do some plumbing. He can scrape a ceiling of mold, and he can do, you know,
a little bit of painting, and he can clean out a bathroom fan, but you know what, he
doesn’t make a lot of money, because he can do just about anything, but he’s not necessarily an
expert at just one thing. So that guy right there, maybe he’ll make $500 at most for that job of scraping a ceiling and painting it, and then cleaning out a fan, but probably a lot less money. On the other hand,
talking about big money, one of the huge investments I had to make in my business this year
was to hire a copywriter. Now, if you don’t know what that is, a copywriter is basically
somebody who writes emails for you, and they
essentially will ghost you. As in, they are pretending to be you, and they’re writing emails for
you that go out to your list. And so I hired a copywriter to write 30 different emails for me, and the total cost of
that was almost $5000. So a lot of people would look at me like I have two heads when I tell you that I spent $5,000 on 30 emails, but when you understand
how much money those emails are going to make you, it’s
a very worthwhile investment. But a copywriter is somebody who has this very laser-like focus
in one particular area, and they are the expert at what they do, and as a result that comes
at a much higher price tag than simply being the jack-of-all-trades. So I want you to already have this mindset of having laser-like focus
on one particular niche, and becoming the perceived
expert in that niche. So moving on now, when it
comes to making money online, there are pretty much
three niches out there that always have interest, and I’m gonna actually correct
myself there in a minute, because these aren’t actually niches, these are like parent categories, and then within these categories there are multiple niches and sub niches. That’s gonna make a little
bit more sense going forward, but the three core niches out there that, you know, always have interest are number one, health,
number two, wealth, and then number three, romance. So you kind of want to start to think, “Okay, maybe of the categories there, “what is a niche that you
might have some expertise in?” And when you think about it, these are three areas that people are always struggling with. There’s always people that are
struggling with their health, or they’re trying to lose weight, or they’re trying to
improve certain, you know, areas of their body, whether it be their skin
or something else entirely. As far as wealth goes, you know, that is where I’ve built
my channel and my blog, and my Instagram pages, is around wealth, because people are dissatisfied
with the amount of income that they’re earning, and
they’re always looking for different ways to make money, and so wealth is another
niche where people are always going to be looking for answers. And third and finally, romance. I think this could be one that people struggle with the most, trying to find meaningful
connections in life or love. That is another niche that
always has people interested. That is why online dating is, you know, a billion-dollar industry, or probably multi-billion dollars. We are always finding that we struggle in these three areas as human beings, and so these are the three core niches that you should basically
be familiar with, you know, as an affiliate marketer, or anybody who’s trying to, you know, build an audience and make money online. But beyond that, we have to understand that these, in and of
themselves, are not niches, because I can’t go out there and start a health channel on YouTube, because if I did, this is
what I would be right here. I would be throwing shit at the wall, random videos about health, and I wouldn’t be the expert
at any one given topic. So, for example, let’s
say I wanted to start the Ryan Scribner dieting channel, and I was gonna talk about
all these different diets. Well, people aren’t going
to perceive me as an expert at any one of these diets, because every single week
I’m uploading a new video about a different diet. Maybe one week I talk about keto, the next week I talked
about the Atkins diet, and then I talked about Paleo, and they’re gonna be like, “Okay, wait which one’s the best? “Like why are you telling us “about all this different crap? “Like, I just want to know
which one is the best.” So that is the issue that you run into when you are not deeply rooted in a niche. And if you’re getting feedback
like that from people, that tells you you need
to dig a little bit deeper in that niche, and really
hone in on one specific topic. Now, on the other hand, if
I made a YouTube channel that was talking about, you
know, Paleo for beginners, how to get started with the Paleo diet, now that is a niche. That right there is a niche that I could deeply root myself in. I could find out all the
questions people have, and I could answer those questions by creating content, and
then maybe down the road I wanna partner up with some
brands in the Paleo space, or maybe I wanna create a whole course on how to start off with Paleo. That is when you are over here. You are laser focused
on one particular niche, a very specific niche, and you are establishing expertise. Another example here
in the wealth category, is like if I were to try
to make a YouTube channel where I was just showing you every kind of different possible way to make money. Now, you might argue and say
that is kind of what I do, and what I will say is this, because I was one of the very first people to start a money or investing channel, I was able to kind of get away with not being deeply rooted in a niche, so I can talk about different
money making opportunities, but now that there’s more competition in the YouTube finance space, I don’t think you would be successful if you were just a generic,
broad money channel, showing people how to make money. But, on the other hand, if you specifically created a channel on budgeting your money,
or how to save for college, or something very specific like that, now you are an expert in that niche, and you can really answer
everybody’s questions in a much more personal way, and better connect with your audience, and ultimately get that big money by establishing yourself as an expert. So you always want to make sure that you are, in fact, in a niche, because if you’re struggling, and you feel like you’re
this person over here, you’re probably not
deep enough in a niche, and you have to dig deeper
and pick one specific topic to really hone in on. Third and finally, as an example here, let’s say you wanted to
create a makeup channel. Well, there’s a lot of
freaking makeup out there, and there’s a lot of makeup
channels that already exist, so that’s going to be kind of difficult, because how are you going
to get market share? How are you going to get
anybody watching your content? And I want to say this too, guys, in the next video series here, number two, we’re gonna be talking about platforms. I don’t only do YouTube. I also have a blog, I
have an Instagram page, and I teach people all of different ways of leveraging affiliate marketing, so if you’re saying to yourself, I don’t want to get on camera, you know, that’s totally fine. I will show you how to do this, not only with YouTube
videos, but also with a blog and some other different avenues. But having a generic makeup
channel or makeup blog, that’s just not going to work anymore. It is not deeply rooted in a niche. On the other hand, I just found
out this was a thing today, but let’s say you wanted to do a channel that reviewed vegan makeup. Vegan makeup apparently is something. It’s where you have makeup products that don’t have any animal
products in them at all, and so vegan makeup, a lot of people care about
this stuff these days. They care about, you know,
the planet and animals being, you know, used in products,
and so vegan makeup, that’s definitely a niche. And if you built yourself
up as the perceived expert in the vegan makeup category, and then partnered up and
aligned with the key brands in that niche, that is
where the big money is. It’s not in a generic catch-all channel where you’re trying to talk
about everything related to beauty, or everything related to money, it’s by deeply rooting
yourself in one specific niche. So now that we have a basic understanding of that here, guys, I want to show you the three-step process
for deciding on a niche. Number one, and I always
recommend guys, you know, take notes or jot these
things down, but, you know, write a list of the different
passion areas in your life. And I understand that
some of us have no clue what we’re passionate about,
but you must have some things that you like doing over other things, and if you have no idea, you know, think about what would
you be doing on a Saturday if you had no plans. Hopefully it’s not, you know, sleeping or sitting on the couch
playing video games, ’cause that can be kind of a tough niche. I don’t know what you would be
doing in the sleeping space, unless you’re reviewing pillows, but identify what your passion areas are, and try to make a list of
a couple of these things, because if you’re anything like me, you have some different passion areas. One of mine is bourbon. I’m really into bourbon. Obviously, I’m into money and investing. I’m also into exercise and
fitness, and I like traveling. So those are a couple of my passion areas, so if I was doing this exercise, I would write these things down, you know, on a piece of paper
identifying my passion areas. Step number two, you have to identify, okay, is this a business or is
this just a passion of mine? Because some of my
passions probably aren’t going to be a business, you know. If I wanted to try to make
money traveling the world, that’s gonna be a little
bit more difficult, because it’s very
competitive, and you know, that’s just not going to
be as easy to make money as the finance niche is for me. So you kinda wanna lay out
what your passion areas are, and then say, “Okay, is
there actually the potential “to make money here?” Because what you’re going to find is you probably could make money
in every niche out there, but some are going to be more
profitable, more competitive, less profitable, less competitive, and you want to give yourself
the best chance of success. But you want to give yourself
the best chance of success by finding something
that you’re interested in on some level, but you
also have identified there is money to be made here. Now, how do you determine
if there’s money to be made? You just kind of look
around at different blogs or different YouTube channels, and watch some of their content, or maybe you click through
to some of their affiliates, and you reach out to that company and say, “Hey, what is your affiliate program?” Or another option that you have, as well, that people often throw out entirely, is simply reaching out to these people, because at the end of the day, any content creator is,
in fact, a human being, and if you write them a
personalized message and say, “Hey, you know, I’ve been wanting “to start a business for years. “I’m thinking about getting “into the vegan makeup category. “Before I go all-in with it, “I was just wondering have you found “this is a successful niche for you, “and are you able to make
a good living doing this?” So I would definitely
do some market research on your passion areas, and try to identify one
or two where you know, “Okay, I have some
interest in this category “and I know there’s
money to be made here.” Now, ultimately, you’re
gonna narrow it down to one. You’re not gonna try to
do two things at once. Obviously, the man who chases
two rabbits catches none. I don’t have to tell you that, guys. But you wanna eventually
focus in on just one niche that you have some interest in, and you know there’s money to be made. Now step number three,
the final step here, and this is not meant to scare
you guys, or make you say, “Oh my gosh, you know, I’m
never gonna be able to do this.” But now you want to test
your level of passion here, and ask yourself, am I ready to write, create a hundred pieces
of content in this niche, because in order to establish
any kind of authority in any space, you’re going to be creating at least a hundred pieces
of content in most cases. So you want to make sure you’re ready to make a hundred videos, or
write a hundred blog articles, about this particular topic, or do a hundred podcasts,
or whatever it may be, and that’s going to be
a good indicator to you of whether or not, you know,
this truly is a passion area. Where people go wrong
with affiliate marketing, is they don’t look at any of this stuff. They simply will go and they
will Google best niches, most profitable niches, and they don’t consider their passions, they don’t consider their interests, or the fact that they’re
gonna have to make, you know. a hundred pieces of content minimum. Then they get into a niche that they’re not passionate about, they are not naturally interested in it. They’ll do it for a week or two. They’ll run out of gas. They’re not gonna see results
in the first two weeks, and then they give up. So if that’s been you in the past, at least be honest with yourself
about what you did wrong. You were chasing profits, you had no consideration for your passion, and every market that I’m involved with always starts off with passion first, because that’s the only way you’re going to want to continue to
keep doing what it is that you are doing. You don’t wanna build a
job for yourself here, you want to build this
around your passion, and that’s one of my
number one rules here, for successful affiliate marketing. Okay, now, the final
lesson I have for you guys in this introductory video
here, on affiliate marketing, is understanding the difference
between a fad and a trend. Because a lot of people will get caught up in what’s called a fad, and maybe they’ll have quick success in this particular niche or category, but there’s not going
to be ongoing interest in that particular product,
service, or whatever it may be. And so, before you decide, “Okay, I’m gonna go all in
on this particular niche. “I’m gonna create a
hundred pieces of content “over the next couple of years
in this particular niche,” you have to think about,
are people still gonna be searching for this in a year? Are people still going
to be searching for this, ideally, in five, 10 years, because if the answer
to that question is no, then you’re going to have
to start over at some point. So let me go ahead and give
you guys an example of this. All right, one of the biggest fads over the last couple of
years was the fidget spinner. So, when the fidget spinner was hot, there’s no doubt in my mind
that the fidget spinner blogs, and the fidget spinner review channels were making a killing. They probably made tens
of thousands of dollars every single month at
the peak of the interest, but what happened to fidget spinners? Nobody cares about them anymore. Literally, nobody is buying these things. They are stuck in warehouses. There are stores trying to sell them for pennies on the dollar, because it was a fad and the
interest completely died out. So that person who went out there and made the fidget
spinner YouTube channel, or the fidget spinner blog, well, now they’ve had to
start over from scratch, because they didn’t build
something in a niche that’s going to have ongoing interest. So you always want to consider whether or not something is a fad, or is this actually an ongoing trend. That is one of the things
that I do teach in my course. It’s Steal My Business Model,
6 Figure Affiliate Marketing. Literally a copy and paste
blueprint of my business, and no, it is not just for
finance YouTube channels. I show people how to do these things in any niche across multiple
different platforms, and one of the most
important things I show you is how to identify if something is a fad, or if something is an ongoing trend. So to give you an example
of something in the middle, let’s talk about essential oils, because right now essential
oils are pretty popular. People are using them for topical reasons, they’re diffusing them, but
is it going to be popular in five or 10 years, or 15 years? You know, your guess is
as good as mine on that. That’s not a product
that’s been super popular for many decades, and so if
I were to be starting off, you know, an affiliate blog from scratch, and I was looking at,
you know, essential oils, I’d be saying, you
know, “Not entirely sure “that I want to, you
know, make a bet on that “and position myself as the
authority on essential oils, “only to find out 10 years
later, they’re worthless, “and nobody is using them.” Third, an example of a trend, or something that always has
interest is travel accessories. All right, people are always
going to be traveling. Maybe it’s gonna be in an airplane, maybe it’s gonna be in a flying car. It doesn’t matter what, people are always going to
want to go somewhere else than they currently are, and there’s always going to be accessories in the travel niche that people want, and new accessories coming out, so there’s always going to
be interest in that category, new products to review, so
that is an example of a trend. Fidgets spinners, that’s a fad. And there are some things
that fall in the middle, like my example of essential
oils where you’re like, “I don’t know if this is
gonna be popular or not “in a number of years.” So, ideally, after completing, you know, all of these steps here, you’ve identified some passion areas, you have identified a couple where there’s some money-making opportunities, and you’d be willing to make, you know, a hundred pieces of content
in the next couple of years, or maybe the next year,
if you’re super ambitious, and now you’re looking at
these things with a microscope, and saying, “Okay, is
this a trend, is it a fad, “is it somewhere in between?” Because, ideally, you want to find a trend in a niche where there is money that you are passionate about. So anyways, guys, that’s gonna wrap up the very first video here. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you do subscribe, and hit that bell for notifications, so you are notified of
every single episode, or follow-up video here, in this series. And obviously, guys, if you
do want to go deeper with me, if you want to communicate
with me one on one, that is exactly what my 6 Figure Affiliate
Marketing course is for. We have a complete
private community set up where we have discussions
about affiliate marketing. I give you feedback on your business, and I help you out,
you know, step-by-step. Not to mention 10 plus
hours of actionable videos just like this one here. And again, if you are still on the fence, the top link in the description
is the free training, and if you’re ready to sign up and get started working with me, that link is in the description as well. But thank you guys so much
for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m going to see you in the next video, which is going to be talking
about choosing your platform, and so if you guys have
any questions about that, drop them in the comments
section below of this video, and I will do my best
to answer your questions in the next video. So I will see you guys then.


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