Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | #1 Way To Close More Sales [Part 1]

– How do you make money? Whether you’re doing affiliate marketing, selling your own or someone
else’s digital products, services or even physical products, you won’t see a single red cent until you start closing sales, even if you’re doing
everything else right. And one of the fastest ways to make sales as a beginner affiliate marketer, or just a marketer in general, is simply by picking up the phone. Hey, it’s LeahRae from and in this two part video series, you’ll learn if and when you
should start making calls to see if this makes sense for what you’re doing in your business. That’s what we’re going
to cover in this video. And then in part two, I’m
going to walk you through exactly how to start calling your leads to close the sale and start making money as soon as possible in your business. Now you’ll definitely
want to watch both videos, so make sure that you subscribe, you turn on notifications,
so that you can get the second half of the series plus a ton of more great videos to help you make money online. Now, for a little context,
Todd and I focused solely on closing sales over the phone for the first two years
of our business online and I was the one doing
all of the calling, so I called well over 10,000 people. That’s a lot of phone calls. So I have lots of experience making calls and not to toot my own horn, but I did get pretty good in the process. How could I not get good
doing that many calls? So in this digital age
full of online shopping and sales funnels of one kind of another, why in the world would
you pick up your phone and call your leads to make sales? Well, there’s six basic reasons
that people should start picking up the phone and making
calls for their business. So you wanna look at all six of these, see if it makes sense for
you and what you’re doing. The first reason is that you really want to make sales as soon as possible. People need to know, like and trust you before they’re gonna buy any offer that you put in front of ’em. Your videos, your posts, your email, all of that’s gonna help, and over time, it’s gonna build that know,
like and trust factor, but it still takes time. Calling someone on the phone and having a real life
conversation with them is the fastest way to
speed up this process. In such a digital area, it’s actually often really
refreshing for people to actually talk to a
live person on the phone. It really helps you to
stand above the crowd. I can’t tell you how many people I call that said, oh my goodness,
you actually called? I fill this stuff out all the time and you’re the first person
who’s ever called me, and we’re the ones that got the sale. Second reason is that you’re
not yet a skilled marketer. Yes, you will get better the
more people that you call, the closing rates in your
calls will definitely go up and yeah, you’re probably
gonna suck at the beginning, but calling people
takes way less marketing and technical skills than
creating some sort of automated sales funnel that
requires great copywriting, technical setup and more. Number three, you’re working
with a high ticket offer, something that’s over $1,000. The more your offer your costs, the more successful you
will be at closing sales over the phone, instead of the other, more automated closing methods. When people are going to have to shell out some significant amounts of money, they are a lot more hesitant. Is this legit? Is this person even real? How do I know this isn’t a scam? Talking to a real flesh and
blood person is very helpful in calming people’s nerves
about their purchase, someone who is real, genuine and who can answer their questions. Reason number four. You want to build loyal, raving fans. One of the fastest and most effective ways to create loyal, raving fans is just start talking to ’em on the phone. So many of the people
that have followed us from the very beginning
of our online journey were some of the very
first people that I called and talked to on the phone, just had a couple minute
conversation with, and I went from just
being another online name or personality to a real
person that they knew. So over the years, they
still consume our content, they still open our emails
and they have purchased from us time and time again. In business, you can honestly
make most of your money from a very small percentage
of your customers. These are the people that
buy virtually everything you put in front of ’em. They are the people that
just love everything you do and tell tons of other people about you. They are very, very
valuable to your business. These are your raving fans. Cherish them and treat them right, as you’ll be hard pressed to even guess at their lifetime value. It’s very high. So if you’re looking to create raving fans that continue to purchase
from you for years to come, then calling your leads
is a great way to do that. Reason number five. You want to better know your
customers and your audience. Now one critical step to
becoming a successful marketer is really, really knowing
who your customers are. You need to know what their goals are, what their struggles are and the language, and the specific words that they use when they’re talking about all of that. Why? Because it’s exactly what you
need to use in your marketing, the very same words and the same language, in your sales funnels, in
your emails, in your content. You need to speak their language, learn what their goals are,
what their struggles are, so that you can speak directly to them. When they watch your video, when they read your emails
or your sales letter, they need to feel like, man, you get them, you’re talking directly to them and that you can really help them solve whatever problems that they’re facing. There’s no better way to get
to know what you need to know to be a great marketer than
just to get on the phone and talk to real people and
have them tell you their story. Reason number six. Now this video really is
geared for affiliate marketers, but I know that we do have
a lot of audience members that work in network marketing instead, or in addition to, so I just
wanted to throw this in there, as it’s really important
if you’re in that industry. If you are in network marketing, MLM, it’s always best practice
to call your leads. Network marketing is a
relationship based business and in order for someone
to join your opportunity, they will need to feel like they’re going to be supported if they do so. So talking to them on the
phone will help them understand that they’re going to
have long term support, what they need to be able
to pull that trigger. So these are six good reasons why you should pick up the
phone and call your leads. If any of these six reasons
resonates with where you are in your business, your goals
and the type of business that you wanna create, then
you simply need to learn how to start picking up the phone, how to start making calls
and closing the sale. So as this video ends, I’m
gonna put the second part of this series up in the upper
right corner of the screen. Now, that video will be a tutorial on exactly how to start
calling your leads, start closing the sales over the phone, but if you’re watching this
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just holding its place. Come back tomorrow, it’ll be here. Please know that we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
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from Head over to that next
video and I’ll see you soon.


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