Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2018 – Step By Step Tutorial

hey Anthony Rousek here and a question that I always get from newbies is Anthony how can I make money on the internet in this video I’m gonna be answering that question I’m gonna be sharing with you
how you can make money online as an affiliate marketer and specifically
why this is a great option to make money online and just so you know this is my
Facebook page so feel free to connect with me on Facebook where I can help you get started in affiliate marketing and answer any
questions you may have in getting started alright let’s get
started so one of the main reasons why affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online is
that you don’t really might need much money to get started in affiliate
marketing but a lot of people get confused with affiliate marketing which
is why they’re not really wanna get started because they think it’s MLM
marketing but the main difference between MLM marketing and affiliate
marketing is that with MLM business you may be required to purchase products and sometimes the services before you can even promote the product but with
affiliate marketing you can simply join an affiliate network and find the
product to promote without having to invest money into promoting the product
and if you don’t know what an affiliate network is in a nutshell it’s a place
where you can go to find all sorts of products to promote and there’s a whole
range of categories you can choose from when promoting affiliate products and
these categories are usually referred to as a niche in marketing terms and a few
niches out there are well known are like Weight loss, Golf, dog training and make money online and the main niche that I’m focusing in in is make money online
niche because I’m passionate about helping others find success in affiliate
marketing and helping them to make money online too so the first step to get
started in affiliate marketing is actually joining an affiliate network
and there are quite a few networks to choose from and the three biggest ones are Clickbank, JVZOO and WarriorPLUS and there’s a couple of differences
between these networks but with Clickbank you can just sign up as an
affiliate and practically choose any product to on there to promote as an
affiliate but with JVZOO and WARRIOR plus you be required to request
approval to promote the product so and I’m gonna be showing you later on
exactly how to get approved on these networks and the vendor are the product
owners who put their products up on this sites and it will be your job to advertise
the product to get sales and a lot of products vary it really depends on what
it is and mostly it’s usually just training course on on the subject so there could
be a trainee about dog training how to lose weight and how to make money on the internet these are just some of the training that you can find on there and
usually at the Commission’s vary from product to and when you sell the product
you get a commission for the sale and the Commission’s vary from product to
product usually commissions go from 100 to 75 percent to 50 percent commissions
and the price varies between $10 to $50 and it really depends on the product and
there are some other products out there from $10 and less as well and in the
last year or so I’ve been mainly using jvzoo and Warrior PLUS network to promote products on there and mostly warrior plus JVZoo is pretty similar to Clickbank just as I mentioned earlier you’ve been required to get approved to
promote the products and with warrior plus network it’s mainly focus on and make
money online niche and before we go further I should point out that you’ll
be required to invest in some tools to help you promote these products which
are autoresponder which is a type of email service where you being required
to send our emails to your subscribers landing page software which is required
to capture your subscribers into the autoresponder and in my course
commission break through I’m gonna
go more into detail exactly why you need these tools
and how you can use them in your affiliate marketing campaigns and getting started
in affiliate marketing can be quite daunting especially if you don’t have the
right skills and techniques to advertise and it’s really important to learn the
sales skills and I was quite hopeless with this when I first got started which
is why I decided to get coaching but I really want to help you guys get started
in affiliate marketing because coaching can be quite costly and I’m gonna be
Publishing some more content on how to tips on my youtube channel and I’m gonna
go into bit more details on how to get started in on these affiliate networks
and choosing the products to promote and without having to investing them so stay
tuned for my next how to tip if you have any further questions on how to get
started in affiliate marketing please don’t hesitate to leave your comments
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this is Anthony Rousek signing off we’ll see on the next video

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