Affiliate Marketing For Beginners #3: Best Affiliate Programs [2019]

– Hello once again, guys. Welcome back to this miniseries here on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. I hope you’ve been
enjoying everything so far. So so far in this series
we have talked about, number one, how to find a niche or how to decide on a niche
that you are passionate about and also determine whether or not you can make any money
in that particular niche. And then in the most recent video we talked about deciding on your platform, and that is the one platform you’re going to dominate before you
branch out elsewhere. And what we’re gonna be
talking about in this video, number three, is finding
affiliate programs. Now, the next step after the first two is really to start producing content, and you can start doing
this at any point in time. But I do recommend at least having a list of affiliate programs ready, and again, you don’t wanna be reaching out to affiliates immediately because if you don’t
have a blog established or a YouTube channel,
you do not wanna waste their time or burn that potential bridge by reaching out to them too early. Affiliates are going to
dedicate a good amount of time with you to go
over the affiliate program, so they don’t wanna waste time with somebody who’s not going to pan out. So you don’t wanna reach out
to these people just yet, but there are some affiliate programs you could start to explore, and I just wanna show you guys what the different options are in this particular video today. And if you guys haven’t had
a chance yet to check out that free two-hour affiliate
marketing training, that is the top link in
the description below. It’s gonna be a video just
like this where I’m showing you guys real affiliate
marketing strategies, and I will also be showing
you two affiliate products that have earned me over
$50,000 in the last year. I’ll be revealing the
actual products themselves, so you do not wanna miss that. That’s the top link in
the description below. So let’s go ahead and talk about this now, finding affiliate programs out there. I’m going to cover with you
guys four different options. So option number one is
where most people start out with affiliate marketing. This is exactly what I teach my students in my course, is to start off with the Amazon Associates Program That is where I started my
affiliate marketing journey. It is one of the easiest programs to get accepted into
and there are a number of benefit associated with
being an Amazon Associate, no pun intended there. But there are a number
of these mega retailers that have affiliate programs that allow you to recommend any products for sale on their website as long as it’s in a category where you are
allowed to earn commission. So a few examples of this. Walmart has a huge affiliate program. Amazon Associates is probably one of the largest and most
common ones out there. And then Target also has a
very large affiliate program. Now, the benefits to this is that there is a massive amount of trust with all these mega retailers. People already have their
payment information stored with most of them, especially Amazon. If they have Amazon
Prime, they’re very loyal to that platform, and so as a result, it converts very well, and it’s also really easy to get
into these platforms. With Amazon Associates, you basically just have to have a pulse
and maybe a website, and they will let you into that program. But they will kick out
out if you aren’t getting any clicks or any conversions
in a certain amount of time. So I know you might be excited, but you don’t want to apply to be a part of these programs until you have some traffic to your platform and some proof-of-concept and
you’ve produced some content. So this is option number one, going the route of the mega retailer. There’s a number of different pros to it, but there’s a huge con to it, and that is the fact that it’s a low-commission environment. Amazon Associates ranges from about 0.5, or maybe 1%, up to 10%,
but in my experience, it averages around three to 4%. Some categories are better than others, but there’s a lot of categories, like for example, video games. I believe it’s a 1% category. So if you sell a $60 video game, you’re going to earn 60
cents in the process. So you have to sell a lot of those to make any reasonable amount of money. But there’s another huge pro
to leveraging these platforms. I can’t speak for Target and Walmart ’cause I’ve never used them, but through Amazon Associates, when people click on those Amazon links, they don’t actually have to buy what you sent them there
for in the first place and you can earn commissions on a variety of different items. And in that free training
in the description, the top link, I actually go through and show you guys some
of these crazy things I have sold through my
Amazon affiliate links that have earned me some
ridiculously high commission. So kind of a comical piece there, but it is funny that they don’t have to buy what you send them
there for in the first place and you can still earn commissions. So that’s option number one. That’s where I recommend
most people start out, is with the mega retailers, particularly the Amazon
Associates Program. You can recommend just about
anything for sale on Amazon and most items you can
earn a commission on. The only issue you’re going to run into is it is a low-commission environment. So over time, once you
become more established, you do want to branch out
into other affiliate programs. So moving forward, option number two is to join what you call
an affiliate network. Now, there’s a number of
different examples out there. There is ClickBank. There is CJ Affiliate. There’s JVZoo. And personally I do not use ClickBank. I don’t teach people how to use ClickBank. It has a really bad reputation for a lot of info products
that are pretty scammy and that is not a method
of affiliate marketing that I teach or condone. So if that’s what you’re interested in, you are in the wrong place. I do not show people how to use ClickBank just for my own personal reasons. Not something I want
to be associated with. CJ Affiliate, I’ve joined that network and poked around a little bit. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different affiliates
within that network. JVZoo, I have never looked at that before, to be honest with you. But what an affiliate network is, is it’s hundreds, if not thousands, of different affiliate
offers, all in one place. So it’s convenient. Everything’s in one place. But there’s one major con with this, and that is that, because
it’s so convenient, there’s a lot of competition. So it’s pretty easy to
join an affiliate network and then basically be an affiliate for any of these different companies, and for that reason, that’s where most people are going to go. Most people who do affiliate
marketing are going to join an affiliate network, and then promote all of those
different affiliate offers that fit within their niche, and as a result it’s going
to be high competition or it’s going to be a red ocean affiliate. So because it is high competition, it’s a red ocean, it’s
harder to get traffic and it’s harder to get
clicks onto those links because everybody is
focused on this space. Now, there’s nothing wrong
with most affiliate networks. I’ve already shared my
feedback on ClickBank. But what you may wanna wait a little bit, and this isn’t, in my opinion, the best option for people
who are getting started because it is a very crowded space. Option number three is one
of my favorite options, and that is establishing direct affiliate relationships with companies. So that’s not going through
an affiliate network and seeing who’s there. That is doing some market
research in your niche, identifying the top brands
or the top influencers, reaching out to them and asking them if they have an affiliate program. Now, this is how I have done this with a number of my different affiliates, and this is companies that do not belong to an affiliate network like
CJ Affiliate or as JVZoo, but they still have a
private affiliate program and these are often being held through Impact Radius or Ambassador. So these are private affiliate programs that don’t belong to an affiliate network, and as a result they are a little bit more of a pain in the butt. You have to reach out to
the companies directly. It’s not as convenient. But because it’s more work, there’s going to be less competition. People are always going to travel the path of least resistance. So if you want to have less competition, do things that are a little bit more difficult or challenging. So obviously the pros to this is basically less competition,
less crowded space, easier to gain market share. Now, option number four
is what I specialize on and I teach people exactly
how to do this in my course, Steal My Business Model: 6
Figure Affiliate Marketing, and that is finding blue
ocean affiliate opportunities. Now, this is one of my
trade secrets or whatever, so I can’t go into a ton of detail here. I do show you guys,
step-by-step, in my course. But essentially what you’re
doing here is reaching out to a company, an
up-and-coming company, who may not have an
affiliate program just yet and you talk to them about the benefits of affiliate marketing
and you maybe tell them, hey, this is the type of
traffic I can deliver to you, and you basically are showing them and educating them and convincing them to give you a dedicated affiliate program. I have done this a handful of times and this has been where most of my highly successful
affiliates have come from, is these blue ocean
affiliate opportunities. It’s finding a new, up-and-coming company that may not have an affiliate program, reaching out to them,
educating them a little bit on affiliate marketing,
and then convincing them to create an
affiliate program for me. Because the beauty of that is
that there is no competition. If they make the program for you, that means they haven’t
made it for anyone else, so that is the strategy that I focus on. It is harder to find. It’s gonna be a lot more work than any of these other three options. But in my experience
this has always been the most profitable method for me, is establishing direct relationships or going after these
blue ocean affiliates, these up-and-coming companies, that are looking to gain market share. But anyways, guys, that is gonna wrap up this video here on
finding affiliate platforms. Again, like I said, you don’t wanna reach out to them right away. You don’t wanna burn a bridge right now. You wanna wait until
you are well-established and then reach out to
these potential affiliates. Like I said, if you guys
do want to learn more, I do have that two-hour free
affiliate marketing training, the top link in the description below. If you haven’t watched it already, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, because it’s going to be a ton of value, just like the last three videos. As always, if you have any questions about affiliate marketing, drop them in the comments section below. I will answer every single one of them, and if not, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video.


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