Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | 3 Myths Debunked

Haggai so you are now an affiliate marketer you’ve applied for some programs you have your affiliate links you’re all excited to post them all over the Internet thousands of people are gonna buy that marry a millionaire but in a month that’s not quite how it works in this video I’m going to talk about three affiliate marketing myths of what you should not be doing and how to do it the right way we’ll take a deep dive after this intro so hang tight [Music] [Music] [Applause] hey guy this is better Kel passive automation in this video we’re going to talk about three affiliate marketing myths and how you can do it the right way to maximize your profit and actually a Sabbath trust with people who you were trying to provide value to but first on this channel we talk about all things affiliate marketing online business passive income if you would do me a favor of subscribing and also adding that Bell notification what that does is anytime that posted video it will notify you you can be the first one to comment respond to every comment really value those and so if you would do me the favor of of hitting subscribe and also love that Bell notification but I let’s jump right in that’s the first excuse me something in my eye so the first no-no with affiliate marketing is those who just post their links everywhere I want to show you an example this is so Kevin David that’s actually a dad before him but Kevin David on his channel he’s talking about $100 days and how to make those without a free website and I want to show you what some people were doing here at affiliate links they’re doing something called link barfing which means they basically say I post her link everywhere all over the internet in his comment section so that’s his but you know all night were pro I was lucky to find easy pay 100 calm this person down here the easiest way to make fast cash is with its short pro right inbox dollars then there’s lost easy paid comic getting here lots of people posting excel phone numbers kind of weird more numbers down here got bizarre calm another person there best app so you see people are just coming in to someone else’s channel and just posting links to their affiliate offers which yeah not cool I don’t know anybody who’s gonna actually obviously some people do most people have blocks in their commas so you can’t post links but as you can see in this channel if they’re still going to town what you should be doing when you have an affiliate link is you should be actually providing some value to summon so let’s say on a YouTube video on a blog let’s say you’re talking about a product or a program that’s explaining the product or program on your own channel on your own blog on your own social media posts so you’re helping the person understand what they’re getting into I don’t know how many times you’ve just clicked on a random link and bought something or taking an action probably not what happens is you you know somebody they tell you about something you have trust and that’s something they’re talking about a product that would have to fill a need for you and then you click on it so you need to make sure that you on your YouTube channel on your blog on your Instagram that you’re creating trust and rapport with people and then you’re providing this link okay so that’s the first thing don’t just link bar okay number two suggestion is you actually shouldn’t be just sending someone directly to a product a lot of people think okay I’m gonna tell somebody about this really cool program it’s teaches you how to build a business online so I’m gonna make a youtube video and I’ll put a link and I’ll take him directly to the signup page that’s something you don’t actually want to be doing either let me show you kind of what we’re talking about here so I have a website excuse me the YouTube video talks about 12 websites to make $100 in per day in 2019 so as you can see my number one recommendation to make a full time income online click here so you think that by clicking there they would actually be taken to directly to this affiliate link but they are let me show you what I’m doing so it takes them to a it’s called an opt-in page our squeeze page says new training reveals how to launch automated and profitable and then business without tons of experience or tech skills now the reason I sent them there one is to give them a little more information right complete newbies are getting insane results with this fast step-by-step training so they’re understanding a little more but also yes give me instant video access what I’m doing is I’m actually collecting their email and their their name and the reason I’m doing that is because for my business to be successful I need to grow my list right so if you don’t have a list you actually don’t really have a business because you have no one to sell your product to or your services after I collect their email what happens is they’ll actually send them to this Thank You page okay so once on this page once they hit submit so yes give me access now it jumps right to here and that’s another video of me saying hey guys thanks for taking this next step you’re gonna learn a lot it’s really valuable but the other thing I do is I provide screenshots okay and this is kind of helping people see some testimonials kind of again it’s it’s pre framing them it’s teaching them more it’s helping them see me as a real person and it’s kind of building that trust so super important that you take it through this process now you know click here for the next step the last thing they’ll be going to is the actual affiliate link okay so this is where anyone who wants to start a profitable online business but doesn’t know how to begin they can click to start watching this video okay so again don’t just send people to an affiliate link directly there’s two things you want to do one collect their email and then two you want to send them to a pre frame page so maybe you’re sending someone to you know there’s a link for a mattress that you talked about in a YouTube video first you can click their email second you can maybe show the mattress in your house or just maybe you’ve done that your video but maybe just you know take it up a notch and explain a little more or just thank them for clicking a link and let him let them know you’re gonna pass them on to the next page but the question is – if we contact you just it’s an opportunity to have another touch point and create again more trust with the potential buyer because we’re not trying to fool people we’re not trying to trick people arriving when I serve them we’re going to create a relationship with them that kind of continues even after that first click on that link now the last thing I’m going to talk about number three is one of the myths that people have is that you will make a sale on your first click right so someone comes to this website I’m all excited they click my link they go here take their email send this challenge and bam they’re gonna get started right away and there we want to sign up right so chances are that’s probably not going to happen so how do we deal with that like what systems do we put in place so that we can try to continue to sell to them once they’ve left because one in a hundred people probably will actually sign it for something on the first touch point you know a lot of sales not even research that said that 7 to 10 touch points is with something needs to make a sell so what you do is when you once you’ve collected their email address that is how you can remark it to them so for this specific offer with legendary markers that I have which is an online you know a digital course that shows you how to create a business online if someone doesn’t sign up directly what I do is they’re actually entered into this email automation series that I have now I this through Aweber but you can have through active campaign or get response mail or light mail chapters you know there’s a matter of which email marketing system you have but once they put their email here they’re automatically added to this series and so if you look here this is the number of emails 1 2 3 4 5 there are 35 different emails that are sent to this person as a follow-up and so let’s say hey Joe one quick thing and I’ll I’ll say hey I noticed that you put them I put your email in and it’s basically asking them hey did you click on the video when you think of it and then I keep following up with them right until hopefully they actually follow through the video the sale is made and there’s a line that’s very popular in the online business world and it’s very true and it’s fortune isn’t the follow-up so you can’t just expect someone to buy from your link the first time in fact if you think that’s gonna happen actually won’t and you won’t have any success so I’d recommend you have a follow-up series in place and again you can do that through an email marketing system you can do it through again Aweber activecampaign something I wanted to mention you know when you’re here when you click this link this actually is a software called click funnels and click funnels what it allows you to do is have a link on a YouTube video and then take them to one page where you’re given some information passes them to an option to click their email right and then and IC sends an email to a weber through an integration so if you guys are not using click funnels with your affiliate marketing something you should be doing so leave a comment below I can tell you more about that I’ve has something you’re interested in but having an a’ capability of clicking collecting email this is actually absolutely paramount so again let’s recap 1 as far as affiliate marketing miss one that you can just post your links anywhere and people are just gonna jump on your offer and buy you can link bar that’s not the case okay you need to be pre framing establishing rapport helping them understand the product better – you should just send them directly through your product that’s another myth what you should be doing is you should be collecting their email and then like I said having a bridge page and then sending to the offer and three that people the first time they click on your length they’re gonna buy which pretty much never happens and so you want to have a good follow up sequence you want to have their email and then be able to continue to market to them great ways to follow up or providing more information providing testimonials showing results like screenshots and earnings or what a product can do and then like you know testimonies through the eyes of other people how its benefit them benefited them lots of really cool ways to help people see the value in the product or service you’re trying to sell them on so hope you guys found value in this video it’s better account passive automation calm again if you would hit subscribe and hit that Bell notification leave a comment if you let me know something that you found what’s what’s another affiliate marketing myth that you believe is out there that people need to be kind of educated on and we will talk to you guys in the next video see ya

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