Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 44 – Clickbank : The #1 Newsletter Strategy

and this list we’re going to look at the
number one news leader strategy,, available to affiliates the six-part
mini course a six-part mini course is essentially just six newsletters packed
with as much value as you can possibly give it’s a strategy we’ve found to be
highly effective and we use it for many of our own products what we’ve
discovered is that we get more subscribers when we call our newsletter
a six-part mini course rather than just a newsletter the reason for this is that
a course sounds much more interesting and much more valuable than just a
newsletter we’ve all signed up to newsletters that turn out to be dull and
uninspiring on the other hand a six-part many course sounds manageable and
effective as we’ve talked about in other contexts people love to read a number
because it gives them certainty it’s very important that the six-part course
contains your best quality work this is an extremely important stage for gaining
the loyalty of your subscribers what you’re doing is training people to
continue opening your newsletters in the future that requires positive
reinforcement if people are consistently rewarded for opening your emails by
learning something new and valuable then they’ll quickly learn that reading them
is a positive experience and one that they want to keep doing that’s not going
to happen if you waste their time and don’t give them value early on you can
promote your affiliate program within your six-part course but it should be a
soft approach leave the hard sell until day seven at this point subscribers will
be so impressed by the free content they’ve received so far they’ll be
willing to take your recommendation seriously
if you’re able to throw in a bonus with the promotion then that’s even better
for example if you’re promoting a dog training book you might be able to find
some private label rights dog training articles that you could turn into a book
this is a great way of sweetening the deal and getting even more sales but
it’s not essential following the hard sell on day seven you can start to send
out your regular newsletters every three days you
alternate between instructional newsletters and the question and answer
style every seventh newsletter should be a hard sell and be sent out the day
after a regular newsletter we’ve done a lot of testing and found that an email
two or three times a week is optimal it might seem like a lot but you’ve got to
remember that people don’t open every email they receive out of every five
emails you send they might only open two in time for today’s lesson summary in
this lesson you’ve learned the best way to structure your email marketing to
recap to start with you send your subscribers your six-part mini course
the day after they finish the mini course day seven you send out a hard
sell promoting your affiliate product a couple of days later start sending out
your regular email series every three days alternating between an
instructional and a question and answer style newsletter then every seventh
newsletter should be a hard sell again and it’s important that this comes out
the day after an instructional newsletter so that the momentum of all
your value is maintained and that’s all we’ve got time for today thanks so much
for watching I look forward to seeing you again soon
bye for now

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