Affiliate Marketing For Beginners #5: Email Marketing 101 [2019]

– So in this video we’re
continuing our discussion on affiliate marketing for beginners, and this is absolutely one
of the most crucial steps to being very successful
with affiliate marketing. You can absolutely get away
with it if you don’t use an email list, but adding an email list to my different affiliate
marketing ventures has been one of the things that has driven the largest ROI for my business. And the best part of it is that it can be completely automated, where it runs 24/7 without
your active involvement. And if there’s one thing that I love, it is things that run 24/7
without your active involvement putting money into your pocket. So we’re gonna talk about the
importance of the email list, how to build an email list, and everything in this video today. So, just to get started here, essentially what you’re going to be doing if you’re not familiar
is creating a free guide or a free resource of some kind to entice people to give up
their email in the first place. Because it’s 2019, you don’t
want to give out information if you don’t have to. But if somebody is offering a tremendously valuable resource, it is
at least worth your email. So, what you’re going to be doing, and I’ll show you guys
exactly how to do this is creating a free resource. People are going to give their email in exchange for that resource, and then you’re going to follow up with a series of informational, value, and marketing emails. Now it’s very important to understand that not all email marketing
platforms out there allow you to use affiliate
links in those emails. So the one that I use,
and the one I recommend is called AWeber. I will include a link in
the description below. I am an affiliate of AWeber. If you want to use the
link, I appreciate it. If you don’t, no worries at all. But AWeber is 100% okay
with affiliate marketing. They have no issues with
people using the platform for that purpose. MailChimp on the other
hand, very popular platform, they do not allow affiliate marketing, or marketing messages being sent related to online business or making money online. So that being said, this
is a little peek here at the AWeber dashboards, just to show you my different lists here. My affiliate marketing course list we had 102 new subscribers
yesterday, 51 today. My investing simple list,
which is tied to my blog, which is what we’re gonna
focus on in this video, we got five emails
yesterday, 14 today so far. We have a total of 2,717
subscribes on that list, and all of those subscribers have received my followup autoresponder sequence which contains affiliate links. When people click on those
links, I get money in my pocket at the end of the day. So with an email list, on average, you can typically earn one
to three dollars per month per active email on that list. Those are the figures
that people have been throwing around for many, many years, if you have a good autoresponder setup. So it is a crucial part
to affiliate marketing, and even if you’re not ready
to setup your autoresponder, you should at the very
least be collecting emails. That way when you are ready to, you already have a list
in place to market to. So, what are the steps
for email marketing? Well number one, you have to
create your free resource. This is the one I created
for my investing simple blog. It’s a beginners guide to
investing in the stock market. I had this thing totally
done and designed on Fiverr. It cost me about $150. Now this is a 30 page book that I wrote. It took me a very long time, and this is honestly way above and beyond what you have to do to actually do this. But I wanted my resource to
be tremendously valuable, and that is why I dedicated so much time to writing this free guide. So step number one, get
your free resource in place. Step number two is going
to be ordering your cover and also ordering
pagination if you don’t want to do it yourself. Because if people see a Word doc, they’re not gonna be happy with it. You want to have a little
bit of dressiness to it like we have here. It makes things a lot more professional, and it actually entices people to read what you have produced. It’s as simple as going on Fiverr and typing in eBook cover,
and there are all kinds of different options. I think I pay about 30 to
40 dollars for eBook covers. And that’s about the going rate. Some people are cheaper, some
people are more expensive. So step number two, go on Fiverr, get your eBook cover and get
the pagination if need be, and the overall design of the eBook. Now your third step is
you’re going to need to setup a landing page. And in my opinion,
ClickFunnels is the best option out there for this. This is an example of a landing page we setup for my free investing guide. This cover right here on the left is a 3D rendering we ordered on Fiverr. It was included in that package, and essentially people who visit this page can drop their name and email and then click here for the free book. If they’re still on the fence, they scroll down a little
bit and they figure out what they’re going to be
learning in this actual book. So that is step number three,
setting up a landing page. You could use a native landing page that’s offered on some of these
email marketing platforms. But honestly, I would
recommend using ClickFunnels if you’re serious about
this, and you want to have the best possible landing page. So that is essentially it. Those are the three steps. You produce a free guide,
you get your cover made, you get your pagination and design done, and you setup your landing page, and this integrates directly with AWeber. So when somebody drops
their name and their email they’re automatically going to be added to my investing simple email list, and this is where you’re
going to communicate with them via the autoresponder. And I’ll show you exactly what
that looks like right now. So over here on AWeber under the Campaigns this is the autoresponder we have setup. Some of my email sequences
I have written myself, and for others I have hired a copywriter. This one I wrote myself
because it was pretty basic. But if you’re trying to sell high ticket products for example, you’re probably gonna
have to hire a copywriter because there’s a lot
more psychology involved with those type of decisions. But essentially this is what
the sequence looks like. It starts off by delivering
that free resource, and essentially we’re linking
to a page on my website where that free resource is available. Or you can just send
them to a Dropbox link where they can download that file. Then one day later they get a email here. It says, ready to start investing? Here is a free stock. This is one of our affiliates, Webull, and every time somebody signs
up, we earn a commission. 32% open rate on that email, and seven percent click
rate, which is very good. So a lot of people are taking advantage of this affiliate offer. And then we followup with
another six or seven emails that are affiliate related, and we have pretty decent open rates all the way through this sequence, averaging around 22 to 25%. So about one in four people
who we send these emails to are actually opening it. And then a fraction of those
people are clicking those links and we earn commissions
on those referrals, and on those conversions. It is literally a system
that runs 24/7/365, sending out these emails
and earning us commissions around the clock. And this is why affiliate marketing can be such a passive business, because you build systems just like this. And a lot of these emails,
they are nothing special. I’ll show you an example of
one, our free investing one. It’s very basic emails
that anybody could produce, and we just use text. They could be spicier,
we could add some images, but we just keep it simple. We have text, and when
people click on these links to get their free stocks, we earn commissions in the process. And as always one of the
things that we stress a lot in my course is
doing affiliate marketing in an ethical and legal way, and that always means you need to disclose your affiliate relationship. So I just want to show you right here, in this sentence we identify
one of our affiliates. Webull has a fantastic offer. Because if you don’t
know what you’re doing with affiliate marketing,
if you don’t know how to navigate this landscape,
you could be doing things that are potentially unethical, if not borderline illegal
or totally illegal based on what the FTC allows. So that is essentially the
basics of email marketing. It can get a lot more complicated, but I personally like
to keep things simple. It’s a 24/7 machine that
runs in the background gathering leads for you,
and allowing you to market to people more than once. Maybe they visit your website and they never come back again. But if you have their name
and you have their email, you have a continuing point
of contact for that person where you can reach them,
continuing to add value and continuing to promote
products or services to them. One important thing I want to note, again, navigating the
affiliate marketing landscape, another common mistake
we see is people will promote Amazon affiliate
links through email marketing, and that is against terms of
service with Amazon associates. Maybe you’ve been doing it
and getting away with it but it is not allowed. You cannot promote products
on Amazon through email, because Amazon is already doing that through their own marketing emails. So, there’s a lot of different caveats to affiliate marketing. Things that people just don’t know that could potentially get you in trouble or get your accounts banned. Obviously all of that is stuff we cover in my full blown corse, Six
Figure Affiliate Marketing. If you’re interested
in going deeper with me and getting mentored by me
and joining my community, we have a link for that
in the description below. And if you’re still on the fence, if you haven’t taken that
free training already, I don’t know what you’re
waiting for at this point. It’s gonna answer most if not
all of the questions you have on the basics of getting started
with affiliate marketing. That is the top link in
the description below. But until next time I
will see you guys there, and I hope you have a
great rest of your day.


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