Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 50 – Clickbank : Social Bookmarking for Affiliates

in this lesson you’ll get an
introduction to social bookmarking sites and how to use them for maximum SEO
benefit what are social bookmarking.. sites well social bookmarking sites or
tagging sites are a way to store your favorite links online usually publicly
hence the word social this type of site is the epitome of web 2.0 and has become
very popular as it’s a great way for people to find new web sites that they
might otherwise never come across for internet marketers social bookmarking
sites are an excellent way of driving traffic to your website or blog there
are two ways in which social bookmarking sites benefit marketers they have high
Google Pagerank meaning that they’re fantastic sites to
get linking to your web sites for SEO purposes most people are turning to them
to find the resources that they’re looking for once you add your sites and
other people start to find them and like them they’ll add some or all of your
links to their list and this can mean big traffic for example is the
89th most visited site on the web meaning tens of thousands of people are
going there every single day social bookmarking sites are very simple here’s
all you need to do is register and start adding your favorite links to your list
on registration most bookmarking sites require you to download a toolbar that
goes onto your browser and provides shortcuts the first sites
you add to your bookmarks will be all your personal web pages and blog posts
don’t simply bookmark your home page and leave it at that leverage these
resources to the max by adding all your pages for the world to see bookmarking
networks when you have added a good selection of web sites and blogs to your
bookmarks you might want to consider a forming a bookmarking network perhaps by
the contacts you’ve made from social networking a bookmarking network is a
group of 10 or so people who decide to collaborate on driving traffic to
bookmarking each other’s web sites using the top social networking sites this
will increase the chances of other people finding your sites and adding
your sites to their own lists pretty soon you’ll have lots of people checking
out your site joining your mailing list and even buying products through
your affiliate links in time for today’s lesson summary in this lesson we’ve
taken a quick look at how you can use social bookmarking sites to drive
traffic to your website or blogs we took a look at why you would want to use
social bookmarking sites as well as a brief glance at the idea of using
bookmarking networks anyway that’s all we’ve got time for
today thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you again soon bye for now

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