Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 52 – Clickbank : Creating a Buzz With Viral PDFs

..the concept of viral marketing has been
around for about 10 years now and is based on the idea that a satisfied
customer will tell an average of 3 people about a product or service but
they love harnessing the power of word of mouth has always been the holy grail
for marketers and one of the easiest ways you can start some viral momentum
of your own is by creating a viral PDF for distribution and this lesson we’ll
take a look at creating a buzz with viral PDFs a viral PDF is a document
containing valuable information on a particular topic that is created for the
purpose of being distributed around the internet for free in doing so affiliates
are able to rebrand the PDF with their own affiliate links so that they can
earn money when people read the document click on the links and make a purchase
good viral PDFs can reach thousands of people and prove to be very lucrative to
both the creator and the affiliates who help the spread it here’s three ways to
use a viral PDF find viral PDFs and give them away to your list or via your
website earn Commission’s by rebranding the links inside the PDF with your own
affiliate link find viral PDFs and use them as a free bonuses to create more
incentive for people to purchase the product that you’re promoting and create
your own viral PDFs and give them away brand half the links with your affiliate
URL and allow other people to rebrand the remaining ones with their own links
you could approach other website owners and encourage them to brand and give
away your report so that you can both earn money from it there are three
alternatives on the market that we recommend for easy and professional
viral PDF creation the viral PDF ebook creator incorporates two small software
programs that help you professionally rebrand and distribute your e-books when
you give your PDF to affiliates make sure you also give them the small
branded program this makes it easy for others to rebrand with their own
affiliate links this product also features the ability to add unlimited
rebranded links into your documents the ability to set an expiration date on
your PDF files assistance with putting your PDF ebooks on your websites so that
search engines like Google and MSN can index them and the ability to in search
catch all tags if your affiliate skips a link within the e-book it will be
automatically rebranded with your own ID to ensure that no sales opportunities
are lost affiliate PDF Brenda a simple software that produces a special brand
of file for each viral PDF you create it works by scanning all the links and then
prompting you to decide what you want to do with each one the software will then
produce a brand of file which you distribute along with your PDF when your
affiliates download your PDF they can then just go through and use the
branding package to fill in their details one item at a time
butterfly reports is the best viral PDF tool available for anyone truly serious
about this marketing method not only does butterfly reports allow you to
create brand of files similar to the previous two applications we’ve just
looked at it also contains a marketplace of viral PDFs that is frequently browsed
by other affiliates and product owners the marketplace is immensely valuable
because it saves you the effort of finding people to distribute your viral
PDF you just place your report in the marketplace and other people can grab it
and begin distributing it affiliates can rebrand up to 25% of your links if there
are a silver butterfly reports member which is free 75% of your links if
they’re a gold member which actually cost $27 a month or 100 percent of the
links if they’re a platinum member which is a hundred and ninety seven dollars a
month if you wish to use any of the other reports in the marketplace then
you can do this by rebranding and promoting these reports to your list or
using them as free bonuses there are tons of other advantages of platinum
membership including a new landing page generation system that will work with
Aweber and get response the butterfly reports marketplace is accessible via
the search engines and author profiles contain a link back to the author’s site
and time for today’s lesson summary and this lesson we’ve looked at the concept
of using PDFs to create hype and boost your profits three ways we looked at
using a PDF included giving viral pdfs away to your list using pdfs as a bonus
creating your own PDFs and giving them away
we also looked at three ways you can create viral PDFs including viral PDF
ebook creator Affiliate PDF rebrand ER and butterfly reports and that’s all
we’ve got time for today thanks so much for watching I look forward to seeing
you again soon bye for now

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