Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 69 – Clickbank : How Conversion Tracking Works

conversion tracking is the process of
placing a small piece of code in your.. add landing page or a thank-you page to
record the movements of your visitors the recorded data can be used to find
out what aspects of your advertising and website designer working and which ones
aren’t the tracking also allows you to test
multiple ads keywords landing pages and offers and compare the results in this
lesson we’ll take a look at how conversion tracking works and how to use
it effectively why should you bother with tracking or simply knowing how many
sales you’re making isn’t enough if you’re spending a lot of money on a
particular pay-per-click campaign or you’ve spent quite a few hours setting
up what you hope is a killer email blast then it’s nothing less than basic
business sense to you some sort of tracking to find out whether that time
and money is paying off let’s say you start promoting a learn guitar product
like jamorama after a month you can see that you are making on average ten sales
a day if you are making a profit that’s good but what if you’re not at this
point you have no idea whether that’s because your pay-per-click ads aren’t
very good whether your landing page is putting people off or whether you’re
spending too much promoting the wrong keywords on the other hand let’s say
you’re making a good profit in this case tracking might not seem so critical but
consider how much more profit you could get if you found that for example you’ll
pay-per-click ad for the keyword learn how to play bass guitar was getting
twice as many conversions as your ad for the keyword how to play acoustic guitar
you could then reduce your spend on the acoustic guitar and increase your return
on investment and this is how tracking helps you make more money at the most
basic level tracking helps you find out your return on investment and where
money as best spent it helps you discover what keywords ad groups and
campaigns are most profitable it allows you to test new ads and conversion pages
more effectively and more quickly at lets you find out how much each visitor
is costing you and it helps you to discover any leaks in your landing page
or website there are several different methods for
tracking if you’re a clickbank affiliate then you can use clickbank’s tracking
codes to precisely follow a visitor’s path to purchase by assigning a unique
tracking code to different ad groups and promotions you can determine exactly
which ad or promotion brought you the sale if you use Google Yahoo or MSN
pay-per-click then you can set up tracking to find which keywords and ad
groups were most effective or you can use a third-party tracking software such
as extreme conversions which will combine data from all affiliate networks
and pay-per-click advertising to show you exactly what keywords are the most
profitable pay-per-click tracking Google Yahoo and
MSN allow you to place their conversion tracking codes on your thank-you pages
so that you can see how many sales resulted from each ad group and how much
each sale cost you let’s take a look at Google
setting up Google’s tracking is very simple and involves placing a small
piece of code on the conversion page of your website or the website of the
merchant the conversion page is the page that confirms the particular action you
wanted your visitors to take such as the page that says thank you for purchasing
X software or thank you for signing up to my mailing list
remember that tracking isn’t restricted to sales AdWords tracking lets you
follow leads signups pageviews of an important page on your website or any
other detail specific to your business to get started log in to your Google
account and click the conversion tracking button choose the conversion
type you wish to track which for most people following this lesson will be
purchase or lead select the text format which best fits in with your website and
choose the background color this small piece of text will be visible to your
customers as Google believes people should be aware that their movements are
being tracked next select the language and security level and choose how much
this lead is worth to you that is how much commission you earn on a sale grab
the tracking code by copying to your clipboard
you should then put this code on the page that appears after your visitor has
carried out the action you want them to do if you wish to track sales then
you’ll need to ask the product merchant to paste your google adwords code into
the thank you page of the product that you are promoting most merchants who are
serious about helping their affiliates achieve great sales will do this for you
as you start to gather clicks and sales you’ll be able to see some new details
appearing in your Google account cost conversion rate cost per conversion and
conversions you can drill down to view the start at either the ad group or
keyword level to find your return on investment for keywords or campaigns go
to the reports tab and run a keyword performance or campaign report
tracking codes for Yahoo and MSN is a very similar process and there is
nothing to stop you from having all three codes in one conversion page
unfortunately Google tracking isn’t always entirely accurate if there are
other affiliates also making sales of the product that you’re promoting it’s
not uncommon for their sales to be mistakenly registered by Google as yours
and this is why we recommend that you only use Google conversion tracking as a
rough indicator of how well each keyword is performing you’ll need to use an
alternative method if you want more accurate tracking let’s discuss the
first of the two methods that we currently recommend Clickbank tracking
Google AdWords tracking lets you narrow down which ads are working but what if
you are using several different promotional methods for each product you
promote how do you compare how valuable a pay-per-click ad group is compared to
your newsletter advertising for example the answer is by using clickbank’s
tracking clickbank affiliates can choose an eight character tracking code to put
at the end of their hop link the code you create might represent a particular
keyword group for example so that when you view your Clickbank analytics you
can see every sale resulting from that particular ad for instance you might
choose to assign the ID quit onine double H to your quit smoking ad group
and the ID stop Oh double 9/8 to your stop smoking ad group then you can log
in to Clickbank go to reporting analytics and see how many sales came
from each ad group assuming that you own a website and are sending traffic to a
landing page on that site before sending them on to your affiliate offer this
means that in order to get extremely accurate results you’ll need to create
different landing pages for each ad group that you set up each landing page
will need to have a different Clickbank tracking ID attached so that you will
know which landing page generated the sale you can either do this manually
which is fine or you can save yourself a great deal of time by using a tool such
as speed PPC X will generate all of your landing pages ad groups ad text and
keywords saving you hours of time checkout speed PPC XCOM for more details
with Clickbank tracking IDs you can also create separate tracking ID
for blog promotions email promotions and viral PDFs resulting in some extremely
valuable information that will help you optimize your ads and find out where you
should be focusing your efforts for best return on investment clickbank tracking
codes aren’t very easy to set up just enter your code into the provided
field when creating your hoplink be sure to keep a list of each code and
what it represents in a spreadsheet somewhere if you’re tracking a lot of
different things at once it’s really easy to get confused extreme conversions
as an innovative software package that precisely tracks what keywords are
making money it works in combination with Google Yahoo MSN
and about a hundred affiliate networks including Clickbank Commission Junction
Aizu Google and Amazon the program works in a similar way to Clickbank and Google
tracking and that you just ask the product owner to insert some code into
the Thank You page however the advantage of extreme conversions is that it
accurately shows you the most profitable keywords in any market within a couple
of weeks of setup among other things the software ensures that you don’t spend
more money on pay-per-click than you have to it also improves your
click-through rate which in turn increases your quality score Amir –
creator of extreme conversions has put together some excellent tutorial videos
and case studies that take you through installation and setup so we won’t
bother with that here let’s just skip a here and look at the most interesting
part the data it provides if you’re a Clickbank affiliate then all you need to
do is download the CSV report that contains your tracking IDs and sales
information and upload it to extreme conversions to find out exactly which
keywords generated those sales in this example you might see for a campaign
promoting a cure yeast and fiction’s product you could drill right down to
find that the keyword what causes yeast infections has bought in more sales than
any other keyword armed with this knowledge you could now increase your
return on investment by setting up an ad group around that keyword although you
won’t be earning any more by doing this you’ll be paying less and increasing
your click-through rate it would also then be a good idea to create a special
landing page for what causes yeast and actions to increase your quality score
and hopefully your conversion rate you may also want to start advertising on
this keyword and Yahoo and MSN the benefits of extreme conversions don’t
stop at pay-per-click once you know that a keyword is profitable you can then
look at optimizing your landing page or website for the search engines
we highly recommend extreme conversion software to affilorama members because
it reduces a lot of the risk of pay-per-click advertising and ultimately
saves a lot of money anyway that’s all we’ve got time for today thanks so much
for watching and we’ll see you again soon bye for now

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