Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide To Earning $300/day Online

affiliate marketing for beginners it’s
mark here with adventures in e-comm today I’m doing something a little bit
different I have obviously you’ve seen my playlist that I have created for
affiliate marketing for beginners and I get a lot of people watching some of
these videos and I get an inordinate amount of emails from you guys asking me
all sorts of questions about starting affiliate marketing and how to do it and
it’s so overwhelming I mean there’s so many different things that you can do to
start out with affiliate marketing and it’s super easy to get lost in all of
the shuffle and basically I have created a series of videos on little strategies
and using these ads and doing this and how I did this on click funnels or you
know these little kind of segmented pieces of information and like I said I
get all these emails that ask me about it and ask me about it so I think what
I’ve done and again excuse me today we back up a quick second I look this way
in my best fruit of the Loom t-shirt hair’s a mess I just got back from a run
and I know I’m not sweating but it was about 30 minutes ago but I was so
excited I do so much thinking when I’m running and I thought with all these
questions that I’ve received I’m going to create a whole entire series almost
like a little mini course on affiliate marketing and we’re gonna start in the
beginning I’ve come up with seven kind of seven steps you can call them seven
days seven steps seven whatever to really getting your mind wrapped around
what affiliate marketing is all about from a 30,000 foot view how to go about
it and I think this will help a lot of you really answer those questions that
you kind of seem like you get stuck in the weeds with there are so many
different little tiny things that you could do people I think get stuck down
in those trenches and can’t see the bigger picture of affiliate marketing
when you are doing affiliate marketing you need to be the puppet master and not
the puppet looking up and I think so many people feel like the puppet so
I just wanted to run down a quick list this is an intro video actually did a
video on the mindset for a mill affiliate marketing when I first got
started with this playlist you should be able to see it in a card up in the
corner here and funny enough was wearing this one of the same Fruit of the Loom
t-shirts with that so I don’t know if these like bigger brainstorming mindset
type of ideas come when I’m wearing my fruit of the looms but hey if that’s the
case then I’ll just keep wearing these let me jump into this first I just want
to say as always the reason that I am doing this channel is so that I can
produce videos every week to deliver to you guys ultimately so that it will help
you succeed online so I’m gonna ask you I’m gonna please ask you subscribe to
the channel you want to see every one of the videos that I do in this series so
that you can become a great affiliate marketer subscribe to the channel hit
that Bell notification so that you’ll know when I put out these new videos now
let me run down I’ve made a list of notes here but I’m gonna jump over and
give us a quick overview of what this whole course is going to be about so
this is kind of step one here is this video Table of Contents video but
basically we’re going billion marketing let me let me run down I’m just gonna
kind of put some ideas here and step one is going to be all about finding your
market people ask me all the time all these questions hey how do I get
started or how do i drive traffic or how do I do all these things and ultimately
how do I get started is actually a good question and watch this whole video
series and that’s how you get started but basically they say you know how
about drive traffic or how do I do this or you know this offer or that offer and
stuff and I ask them these questions like do you know what your niche is or
you know do you have a passion desire do you have any experience or interest in
these topics do you know what it is that you’re doing because when you know what
you’re doing when you know that I’m an expert Yahtzee player that you know I
talk circles around you if I know all about that particular thing so if you
know something dive into it guarantee there’s an affiliate offer for that
thing if not then you’re gonna have to do your research and do your homework
and really kind of get into it but let me start with this find a market and
we’re gonna cover this very extensively and finding a market I have some notes
here basically we’re going to find a market we’re gonna see if it’s viable
we’re gonna evaluate the traffic that is surrounding that market if it’s you know
knitting maybe not as much as you know how to make money online niche so
there’s that and then and then basically I want you to dive in you’re gonna have
to dive in and do research on that market and as the series progresses I’m
going to fill this out and flesh this whole thing out for you more and more
and more now the second step of the seven is going to be to test that market
look at that and how to spell or at least have spellcheck
so the second step is going to be to test that market right you’re going to
test it with some simple little ads you can test it with direct linking to an
offer you can test it by sending it to a microsite and things like this so step
two again we will flesh out and dive deep into all of this information number
three is you really want to then kind of locate where the money is in the niche
right so you want to we’re going to test out a few and we’re going to find out
where the money inside that niche is there’s going to be multiple offers we
have to choose from there’s going to be multiple strategies and ads and all
kinds of things that we’re going to run and we’re going to help determine and
it’s going to help determine which of these niches is going to be best and
yield us the greatest results so that was sorry I’m doing a lot of talking but
like I said when I get back from a run man my mind just races so we’re gonna
test the market oops sorry I just wrote that so we’re going to find
the niche find the our niche market okay now number four again we’re going to
test more on that market we’re going to define and create some landing pages
some funnels micro sites things of that nature that are going to be more
targeted towards our audience so we’re going to test offer the offer step 5
step 5 step 5 is to find out where the market what the market really wants and
what it is that they are responding to so what does that market Wow my mind is
faster than my fingers or my mouth what does market want so once we start to
really kind of dive into finding out what the market wants all of these
little touch points lead us to the pathway to success so once we find out
what that market wants we really will be able to craft the right offer the right
messaging the right strategy that satisfies and answers those questions
for that audience number six we’re going to then we’re
going to try to create as many profit centers as we can so we’re going to
maximize profit centers maximize our profit centers artists and then number
seven we’re going to try to automate this thing so oops
Wow look at that I mean automation Wow my fingers are flying today anyways
we’re you get it I don’t even know if I can spell it
I don’t know anyways my keyboard is messed up
maybe I hit the insert button I do that I do all kinds of crazy stuff but we
want to automate this thing or sequencing our autoresponder our
back-end system we want to automate this whole process so that it works for us
when we’re sleeping sleeping sleeping because that’s the dream that we’re all
trying to achieve is I make money in my sleep while I’m going
on a bike ride with my kids or a run or take a vacation with my family can this
system run and make me money and pay my mortgage while I’m gone and not touching
it you know that’s I think that’s ultimately the dream of everybody that’s
watching this video right now and it is super achievable but I think that taking
a systematic approach and breaking this down for you is going to help a ton so
anyway sorry that I’m seem like I’m rambling today and going on and on and
I’m in the garage I wanted to change up the scenery a little bit and test some
things out with this second camera over here so if you got a little bit of value
out of this then like the video be sure to subscribe to the channel so that
you’re notified when I put out these seven I actually think that I’m gonna
make a whole series on this it’s going to be maybe 10 or 12 videos that go into
answering all the questions that you need to answer to start a successful
affiliate business so that’s all I got for today and see you on the next video
be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified of future videos and don’t
forget to like this video now watch that video next go ahead watch that video video video bait


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