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– Hey everybody, this is
LeahRea from and we’re actually on episode
two of coaching with me, with LeahRae. I think this is a great
opportunity for folks to learn from other aspiring online entrepreneurs what’s working, what’s not working and how everyone can get better. We kinda raise the bar across the field. So, with me today is
actually Allen Taylor. I had the privilege of
getting to hang out with him just about a month or so ago at an awesome, live Mastermind
Retreat for entrepreneurs that I was asked to speak at and he’s got some really
interesting stuff going on. I gave him some feedback
at the event and now I want to touch base, kinda share
with you guys what he’s doing and then we can take a
look together at how he can take the next step. How he can get bigger and
better and keep growing. So, welcome Allen. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. So, tell us a little bit
about your business and what you’re doing right now. – Right now, I’m starting
to become an affiliate with Legendary Marketer. – And that’s an affiliate
program that teaches people how to do affiliate
marketing, digital marketing, and all that kind of
stuff for everyone who’s unfamiliar with it. Great program. We love it, but yeah, it teaches
people affiliate marketing, teaches digital marketing
and it’s a great program. What method, where are you
currently building your audience or taking action online? – I’m tryin to do my focus more
on people age 50 and older. Because, I fall into that category and I’d like to help em with
being able to retire. – Um hmm – And have the money to do
it, to live comfortable. – Awesome. – And, you know, that’s my goal. – Okay, so helping people
50 and older retire and unlock online income,
essentially, correct? – Yes – Okay, awesome. So, where are you at this point? – At this point, after the
last Mastermind, I turned around and got a lot of
the technical advice that I needed and I have started
recording videos and posting em on YouTube and Facebook on our Taylor Transformation page
and I’m getting subscribers. It’s amazing. It just makes you feel
good that people wanna actually listen to ya. – It does and that’s actually
something that I’ve heard, even just recently from
someone who was saying, well, people say to do YouTube
videos but there’s a million YouTube videos out there
already talking about something similar. Why would anyone want to listen to me? Here’s the thing, guys. It’s all about the person
delivering the message. Putting it in your own
words because someone, a gentleman who’s 55 years
old, tryin to figure out how to retire and is in a
very different generation than me and a different place in life, he might love to listen to
you talk, someone he can really relate to, and he sees himself in you and
that’s really helpful for him and maybe my messaging
and how I present things is kind of a turnoff to him. And that’s okay. That’s the beauty of the
internet, is that we’re able to serve people and just
be us and attract our tribe to us instead of trying to
be the one, the end all, be all for everybody so that’s awesome. I think you’ve got a
great audience that you’re working to help and, YouTube
videos, I love YouTube, especially for affiliate marketing. It’s a great platform to be on. So, tell me a little bit
about what kind of content that you’re creating so far. – So far I’ve done some
on, the one I did today was on some books that
I’ve been reading and granted I don’t like to
read, so I do Audible. – Ahh – Every time I’m driving in
the car, I’m doing somewhere, I’m doing work around the
house, I have a book goin. So, I guess it’s broadening
my horizons with knowledge. – So, are you focused
then, so far, on mindset and that sort of thing? – That’s the one I did
today was on mindset. – Okay, okay, and what other
topics have you covered in your videos? – Well, I guess I’m just
breakin out so I’ve just been trying to relate to other
people and getting them interested in what I’m doin. – Um hmm – So, I’m just trying to
gather an audience so that I can have someone to listen. – Yeah, well, and here’s
the thing you always have to ask yourself – how can you help them? Obviously, you can
introduce them to a training platform, an affiliate program that can help them learn all about
digital marketing and affiliate marketing but
what unique skillset do you have that you can
leverage and you can use to build an audience that is looking for how to figure out this
whole internet thing, internet business? – I’ve had to learn
everything from the beginning because I can build
computers, but I can’t, I shouldn’t say I can’t,
I couldn’t navigate through the different programs to learn everything that I need
to know in order to be an affiliate marketer. And now, my videos will
be comin out with help for beginners so that they can do it. Everything I’m gonna go through,
I’m gonna make a video on. – That’s good. – So that way, I can help
everybody and whatever stage they’re in. – Right – I look for a day and
half to solve one issue and I finally solved it this morning so, – That’s a new video – I did the video and
everything I wanted to attach to it, I attached
to it, so it’s good. I’m learning a lot. – That’s excellent. And I think that’s important,
too, with your background. I know this from Allen,
from talking to him at live Mastermind but he comes
from a technical background. He built computers and did
coding and all kinds of that stuff and so, he’s
very technical minded. Now, I think with your
specific target audience of 50 plus, right, they’re
sorta just overwhelmed with the whole internet thing, right? Maybe they know Facebook and
a little bit of social media but the idea of building capture pages or email auto responder and
all this kind of stuff is kind of daunting and how
I may train somebody or teach someone how to do it
comes from someone in their 30s who’s been around
technology, essentially her whole life and my
viewpoint is much different than someone who’s 50 or
older and is trying to learn this now, who’s not as technical, who’s not as savvy and I
think that is a really good angle to take for your
videos, right, to give value to those people that
you understand, your peers. Right? – Right – What they’re going
through and how, I mean, I used to actually teach
doctors and nurses how to use computer charting
systems and we actually had a nurse who said,
put your mouse over here, to click a button and they
took the mouse and they stuck it on the computer
so, I realize that there’s a lot people out there,
that they just don’t get it, they’re not there yet. But there’s people that
wanna learn and so, that’s your target audience,
that think they can crush. As a peer, helping them not
to be scared of technology and helping break it down
in really simple terms and step by step methods to
get them where they need to be. I think that’s a huge
opportunity that you could really, really do well in. – I think you’re right
and it just opened my eyes to another way that I’m
going to start doing videos. – Good, good, I think screen
shares, PowerPoints, all that kinda stuff, as I
really see you helping introduce people to technology,
helping to walk them through the beginner steps
of getting stuff set up and helping to relieve
the anxiety and stress and the fear that I’m
sure they’re feeling. So, I think that’s an excellent method. I’ll actually, after this
is done I’m gonna give you the name of someone
I was just was listening to a podcast but had to cut it short. But, I think he’s someone
that you can learn from on YouTube, he’s a YouTube creator, making full time income through
YouTube, and he has a very similar audience. His target audience is
55 and older guys who are into technology and so I think that might
be a creator that you can follow on YouTube to get
ideas and to see what he’s doing because that’s one
thing that we underestimate especially at the
beginning of our journey, is just learning from
other people who are doing similar things. There’s a huge opportunity,
I learn things all the time. If I wanna be a YouTube success, I look at successful YouTubers. And they may in entirely
different industries, promoting different
things than I do but I can pick up on things and I
can learn how they’re being successful and then I can
apply it to my business. That I think will be very
helpful for you as well. – I appreciate it. – Awesome, so tell me
what questions do you have in particular? – Like you know, I just started. I started posts and stuff last week. – Okay – And I’m gonna try to
do one a day from now on until whenever, just til
I can get out there and get noticed. The help I’m needing now
is, I’m not even sure I’m applying myself, I’m
gettin myself out there. I think I’m doin what I need to do for me in order to get noticed. – So, I think you’re
definitely on the right track. I can give you some
future planning things, not necessarily things that
you need to do right now but things you need to look
forward to in the future. Now, do you have any
free giveaways that you have created or that are
branded to you specifically? – Not yet. – Okay, something as easy
as, now I’m thinking of your target audience,
that would speak to them. But like, some sort of a
definitions or a listing out, like a PDF, of what
are all the essential tools and systems that you need
to start an online business because even for us, when
we started three years ago, we didn’t know what an
email auto responder was. We didn’t know what a capture
page was, a lead magnet, any of that stuff and
I’m sure you’re audience doesn’t either and it probably
scares them even more, when they hear these terms. So giving them something
that’s like the definitions, terminology, that kinda
stuff, in a PDF format, that could be really helpful for them. On top of that, you could
even add your affiliate links inside it. So, you could do email
auto responder, explain to them what it is and then my
preferred email auto responder Active Campaigns for AWeber
or whatever you’re using and then you can have your
affiliate link in there so it could also possibly generate some income for you, as well. But I think that would
be a great tool to use in your business as you’re
building your email list because not all of your
videos or what you’re doing is gonna make sense, necessarily, to promote directly to a training, an affiliate marketing training
or something like that. You do wanna mix up kinda
your offers and your videos and having a free giveaway
is a great way to build your email list and to
really nurture your community and give them lots of value
so I think that’s something to look forward to in the future. What we could do is
actually take a look at your YouTube channel and
just give you some feedback and things, what’s looking really great, what we can improve upon
to help you keep growing. – Yeah, that’s fine. – Okay, so let me pull up YouTube and then I’ll start sharing my screen. This is your YouTube channel so let’s take a look at it and use
it to help you take it to the next level. Obviously, the first step
for anybody is just to take action and you’re doing
that so that is awesome. Most people never even take that step. So, you’re starting to
create content, you charting to get out there, that’s great. Now, how do we take
this to the next level? Getting on number one is
getting on a consistent publishing schedule, like you said, daily. I love daily, five days a
week, even if you can only be weekly, just be
consistent and do it as much as you can because the more
you do it, the more YouTube is gonna like you and get
your videos out there for you. So, as I look at your channel,
I want to get a good vibe of what you are about. Okay, so one thing you can
definitely improve upon is the banner, or the cover photo up on top. – Okay – Adding something, let me
just pull up our channel and so you can kinda contrast that. So, our banner, we paid a
lot of money to have it done, we don’t need to do that. You can start with just
something in that you create yourself. We can have a canvas
tutorial video if you need to learn how to use Panda. Or you can go to Fivvr and
have someone do this for you. But when people see our header,
our banner, they see us. So, it’s branded to us. They also see our website
and they see what they’re gonna get from us which is important because, remember, especially
online, but in general, people don’t care about
you, they care about them and they care about
what are they gonna get. Does that make sense? – Yes, it does. – Okay, awesome. – I’ll fix that this afternoon. – Okay, perfect and here, if
you go to Customize Channel, right here, on your
channel, you can actually do a lot of cool stuff with
it and you can actually create sort of like a
little intro video to even tell people what you’re about. Where you are right now, I
would suggest doing that, creating sort of a, hey, this is Allen at Taylor Transformation
and I’m here to help you blah, blah, blah and
just introduce people to him and invite them to subscribe. Tell them what you are
about, how you can help them, and invite them to subscribe. Long term, once you have
enough content out there and you can actually see some
data, what we’ve actually done, we don’t have an intro video,. What we’ve put here is
the video that gets us the highest subscribers. So, we look at all our video,
what we’ve recently posted, what is converting best for subscribers, and that’s what we put here. So we don’t actually
have a little intro video but we’re at a different
place than where you are right now. So, I would just shoot a
little intro and throw it up there and you can do that
through that Customize Channel feature, okay? – Okay – Awesome, now let’s look
at the actually videos. I won’t play the whole thing. I’m just gonna get this up here. So, this is the setting’s
frame, it looks like, do you have any custom
thumbnails for your videos? – I was just allowed
last night in order to be able to put them on YouTube. – Okay. So, we do all of ours through, I’d say just the biggest
thing is make it something that people wanna click on, so it stands out, it
catches their attention and it tells them why they
should watch your video. It doesn’t have to match
the actual title, either. It just should compliment it in some way. – Okay. – When it comes to video,
number one importance is actually audio because
people will watch a video that has bad lighting and the
video part isn’t very good if the audio is good. So, I can’t actually
play this in a way that the viewers get to listen
but I just want you to know that, that having
good audio is important, whether you invest in
an external microphone, you know, whatever you
do, audio, it’s key, okay? – Alright. – Second to that is the visual. So, what I would encourage you to do is try to figure a way to
get some better lighting going on so that this is
nice and crystal clear. What I’m thinking is
happen right now is that the window is shining
light onto the camera and it’s giving it kind
of a little glow, right? – Yes, that’s why I moved. – Okay, good. – So, when we did ours,
it wouldn’t be there. – Oh, perfect, thank you, yeah, so, I would make sure that
your lighting is good, they can see your full
face even if that means throwing an extra lamp
in front of you that’s not normally there, just
rearranging some light. Eventually, you can get
into some actual light, production type lights but for now, just make sure they can see your face well. Another general rule of
thumb when you’re doing video is that if you take your hand like this and you put it over your head, the very edge of your hand should be the edge of the video. – Okay. – So, we wanna bring your
webcam down a little bit so that it’s a little better
centered and one thing, and I don’t know if you
saw the video we posted a couple days ago but it
was all about how to make your videosbetter on
YouTube and get YouTube to promote your videos. One key thing is that
whenever you’re doing videos, your energy level, a good
portion of your energy is lost when it’s translated to video. So even though you feel
energetic, you feel engaging, when it goes to a video,
it’s much, much less so. So, one thing to work on one
thing to do in your videos is to really get yourself
kinda psyched up, jumpin jacks, wiggle around,
whatever you gotta do so that when you’re on
your video, you’re animated and you’re energetic. The more animated and
energetic you can get, within normal reason so
you’re not looking crazy, the more that you’re gonna
keep your audience engaged and they’re not gonna get bored. That will probably mean
switching how you’re sitting and putting it up on a
counter top, something high where you can be standing
and you can be a little more animated as you’re talking. That’s gonna help your videos, as well. – Okay. – Now, you just published
this today which is great What I would encourage you
to do, here’s some tricks to actually start getting
some views on your stuff when it’s brand new so
you don’t get to have much of an audience, right, you’re just at the beginning stages. So, how do you get more
views on your content? Well, if you have generated
any leads, if you’ve built any email lists yet,
every time you publish a video, you should be
letting your email list know. You should be sending that
to them through email, letting them know, hey,
here’s today’s video, check it out, to learn XYZ,
whatever, keep it simple. So, email your list that you’re building. If you’ve got a bit of
an audience or even just your personal network on
Facebook, take the URL to this, hey, guys, just
posted the video, to let people know how to set their default email on their computer, click
the link in the comment to check it out, would love your feedback. So, you can do that on your personal page. You can also obviously do
that on your business page, as well, but just getting
out there in as many places as you can, getting
it seen, you can also go to a website called
Quora, I don’t know if that’s how your pronounce it but
Q-U-O-R-A, I believe it is and it’s a website where people
are searching for things. They ask questions and
then people answer them. So, if you have a video
that answers a specific question, which it should
in some way, should help people learn something
or figure something out, then you could look for
a question and answer it and put the link in your
answer for the YouTube link. – Okay. – And not only will that get
you views from the people that are looking at that questions
on Quora, but it also creates a back link that YouTube sees. So, Google owns YouTube and
I don’t know if they own Quora or if they just partners
with them but whenever there’s a video embedded
or linked to on Quora, Google likes it and so
as you get further along in your journey with your
videos you wanna start ranking for things so if
people type in searches that yours comes up. Having those back links
to Quora is helpful. So, that’s another way to
get new views on your content and something that’s gonna
help you down the line with back linking and things. So, wherever you have an
audience, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, wherever you’ve networked with people with Linkedin,
that’s where you wanna tell them about your
content and get them to take a look at your video. Sending it out to your list,
using sites like Quora, where people are asking
questions and you can answer with your video, those are
all great ways to start getting some views when
you’re just getting started. – Okay. – I’ve thought of one more thing. Always take a look at
this here, on your videos. The first line in your description – Okay – Should kinda be a little
bit of copy writing, it should be telling
people why they need to watch this video, so explain to them – 0h – Why they need to
watch the video and just the very first line. It’s gotta be kinda short but give em why they should watch it. Now, whatever your CTA
is, your Call to Action, so if that’s just checking
out your affiliate training program, you want that to show up right underneath it. So, you’d say, check out
affiliate marketing training, and then have the link for it right there. And you wanna make sure,
so it says, show more, you click on that and that’s
the rest of your description, right, you wanna – Yes. – make sure that link shows
up above the show more so that people don’t have
to click on the description because not everybody’s
gonna know how to do that or pay attention to it. The more in your face you
can be about it, the better. – Okay – Okay? – I’ll do that. – Well, we really appreciate your spending some time with us. I think this will be
really helpful to people, affiliate marketers who
were looking to get into video marketing, in
particular and are just starting out. It is an amazing platform
to be on with YouTube and video is the fastest way to build your trust factor so getting
consistent with your schedule, start distributing your content
more, kinda up your game on the content on you’re creating, that your lighting and sound is really good, changing a little bit
about your description, changing a little bit about your, how you set up your channel. They’re all really kinda minor tweaks but when you make them and you keep growing, things just keep getting better, right? You’re right at the beginning. This is the grind it out
phase where you’re just trying to get some traction
and then the more that you tweak, the more that
you get better and better, the easier and easier it gets long term. – Yes, I’m trying to
do the best I can with what I know so far so. – Excellent, I think
you’re doin a great job, this is a really great example
of just getting started. Taking some action, it
doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s just gotta be out there. And then, and as you get better,
you know my first videos, I have to say, are really, really bad. They’re really, really
bad but they’re still bringing in leads, they’re
getting us watch time they’re still out there, but all of us have to start somewhere and that’s where most people fail, is that they get too hung
up on how to actually get started and so getting
started is number one. You’re going to get better. Everything’s gonna improve
over time and, quite frankly, you don’t want a huge
audience when you’re brand new because you’re not gonna be very good yet. You wanna get that not being
good yet phase out of the way before you have that
massive audience so that you can really be excellent for them. So, taking action,
getting your content up, just making a few tweaks
as you continue to go, I think you’re going
directly in the right place, you’re doing awesome
and I’m excited to see where you head long. Well, thank you so much,
I appreciate your time.


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