Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (FULL COURSE)

Hi there, Gareth of traffic and automation here
and in this video I’m going to be showing you as step by step strategy of exactly
how you can generate at least a hundred dollars per day with affiliate marketing. This is going to be our complete affiliate
marketing for beginners course all step by step. We’ll be doing that on my computer
and also on a whiteboard documenting everything you need to
know to get started fast. I’ll also show you at the end of this
video the exact products we recommend and used to get started with and I’ll show
you how to get additional free training within our academy and how you
can get access to that. As I said, completely for free. All right, let’s
jump to my computer and get started. Yeah. Okay. Welcome to our affiliate
marketing crash course for beginners. Now we’re going to be going
through a lot of information today, so you might want to grab yourself
a notepad and pen. Of course, you can watch this video
as many times as you like, but just a little bit of
housekeeping before we get started. All of the different tools and
resources I talk about in the video. I will also make sure that those are in
the description. It’d be low this video, so you can check those out
yourself. There’ll be links
to our academy resources, tools, everything else that we use
and recommend inside this training. Okay, let’s get started. So what’s going to be inside this
training today we’re going to cover what affiliate marketing is for the beginners
out there that do not know this. We’re going to talk about the pros and
cons versus other business models out there. The different types of affiliate
marketing there is such as physical and digital. We’ll go through those, the best types of products to
promote and where you can find those. We’re going to go into
different traffic sources, so we’re going to go into some detail
onto the different traffic sources that you could potentially use, the things you need to think about before
you get started and both free and paid possibilities. A available. We’re going
to go into funnel basics for affiliate, so we’re going to talk about the basics. You need to know about marketing funnels. If you haven’t heard of
funnels before, don’t worry. We’re going to show you is just
going to be very, very simple. We’re then going to go into the basics
of email marketing and what affiliate marketers need to know and think about. We’re going to go into the
basics of Messenger bots as well. This is something that you
can’t ignore these days. Messenger bots is coming up fast, so using email and messenger bots
as an affiliate is a great idea. And then at the end of the video I’m
going to go through the recommendations of what I suggest you do to move forward to
make sure that you can get that hundred dollars plus per day the
exact strategies that we use, what you should focus on to get started. And also I’m going to tell you how you
can get access to more training and support completely free
within our academy. So I’ll give you lots of extra information
at the end of this training. Okay, so who am I and why am I qualified
to even talk about this? Well, I’ve been working online
for about six years now. And how I got started was
with affiliate marketing. It’s how I started to make a heck of
a lot of money online, all passive. And then as I develop
those marketing skills, I started to move into building marketing
funnels and doing automation for other people. We don’t do that anymore. But then we started to move
into doing course creations. We start to co create courses and we saw
those online and now we’re coming in a little bit back into
our affiliate marketing. But affiliate marketing has always
been at the core of what I do. And as you can see on the board
there that says snapshot of a year, I think it was a few months ago, this was taken and that was basically
mostly recurring income for a one year period for 12 months and
it was over six figures. So that’s six figures reoccurring, pretty much all semi passive income
and not including any of the additional services and courses that we sell. So just want to show you that making money
as an affiliate is a great living and it’s something that, as I said, has allowed me to work and live in
a variety of different countries. I’ve actually not lived in my own
country for the past five years. I currently live in Bali and I’ve lived
in Southeast Asia in different countries for the past four years and
parts of Europe before that.
So affiliate marketing, we can give you that passive freedom,
mobile lifestyle that most people crave, but it’s also fantastic
as a standalone business. So it’s one that I highly recommend. If you’re going to take it seriously
and treat it as a business, then you can do very, very well. Okay, so what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is basically where
you get paid to introduce potential customers to businesses. So you introduce potential customers to
a business so their business does not have to go out and find them. And
then if that customer buys something, you get a percentage of that sale. Now it’s a bit like walking
someone into a shop. You really like you’ve spoken
to the owners and said, if I bring people to your shop, will you give me a percentage of
what they buy except we do it online. And that introduction is made using
your unique link for each product. So for each product you promote, you are given a unique link
and when people click that
it tags you as your name, that may be introduction and
then after that they will go to, that businesses website and if
they buy any products on there, then you will get a
commission of the sales. So you will get some of that commission
and you have had to do nothing other than introduce someone and make a very, very passive introduction or
recommendation. So think passive salesman. Yes, there are more hard sales way. When people are offering things like
bonuses to try and entice people to click through their link. You can go hunting
as an affiliate, but for the most part, what we tend to do as affiliate
marketers is very, very passive. Okay. The cons. Just like
any business out there. We’re going to start with the
cons over the pros cause there’s, I think it’s always good to
start with the bad news first. But just like any business,
there are cons to it. It’s not all sunshine and roses. So you have to actually know what you’re
getting into before you jump in head first. So you have to bear in mind that the
freedom is fantastic but you don’t have to create anything or do any of that.
But you also don’t own anything. So unless you’re building an email
list or you actually have a website, you own no assets, you are
nothing literally that is
all owned by the business. You’re making those introductions too. And many businesses don’t even allow
you to take the email address of the introduction. So if you’re not capturing those before
then literally you have nothing and that company handles all of the money.
So you’re very much at their mercy. So they have full control and you do not. So it’s very important that you pick a
trusted products to promote to make sure that you’re not going to fall into the
trap of having someone screw you over. Especially if you’ve been running paid
ads. That is going to be a big problem, but it doesn’t really happen very often
as long as you’re smart with what you actually promote. So the
products you look for, affiliate programs can
stop at any time. Now, this happened to me not so long ago. Last year I had a product that
was making me a lot of money, perhaps too much for that. Uh, that vendor that they actually wanted
that money and basically they just canceled the program over night. And then this year they actually
reached out to me to try and get them to promote it again. And needless to say, I told them where they could stick
it because that is what, see, once you do that in this industry, it is
smaller than you think between vendors. If you burn someone, chances are that you’ve burned or
a lot of lot of people out there. So if the person creating that product
is a professional business and you’ve done your homework very, very well,
then this generally won’t happen. For example, if you were thinking of
promoting a product like clickfunnels, then they, their entire brand is built around
affiliate marketing and if they were to suddenly canceled that,
they would burn all bridges. So most businesses won’t do that. But you have to bear in mind that
it can happen. And it does happen, especially if you’re promoting smaller
products from vendors that you don’t really know much about. You only
get paid part of the transaction. So all of your costs have
to come out that percentage. So let’s say you’re getting
20% of $100 then that $20 sale, you need to cover all of
your costs within that. So if you’re selling your own products, you would get a hundred
percent so obviously it would
be easier for you to make sure that you are making a profit,
but the better you get at this, the more profit margins
you will make anyways. So it’s just important that you pick
products that are going to be profitable and you make sure you’re promoting
other products down the line. So even if you are breaking
even on the front end, you may be are making some
profit later on in 30 days time. Your reputation is tied to
the products you promote. You have to understand that if you’re
making these introductions and those introductions go bad, just like
introducing any friend to something, if they didn’t like it, they
won’t be very happy with you. So your reputation is tied
into the products you promote. So make sure you’re not
promoting spammy stuff. You’re not just going for the fast cash, which many affiliates do
when they’re starting out, you’re actually going for good products. You want to make sure that the people
you’re introducing to these products are actually gonna like them. Bear in mind, they will never trust you again if
you introduce them to a piece of crap. So you’ve got to make
sure that you maintaining, the relationships of the people that
you introduced to your audience and your list. Perhaps you want to make sure that
you’re able to keep promoting additional products to them. So you have to
make sure the products are quality, don’t damage your reputation, the pros. So the pros are you’re not
dealing with any product creation. You don’t have to worry about the
costs, the team, the work recruitment, anything that goes into creating that
product. You don’t have to do any of it. You don’t have to deliver that
product. You don’t have to post it, you don’t have to manage it. You don’t
have to support it. Pay for hosting, you don’t have to do anything. And you also don’t have to manage
customer support. Literally in most cases, unless you have a list and you’re trying
to be very open and adding additional support, you do not have to do anything. After you make the
introduction to that business. They take on everything else and once
they push for the sales and they make those sales, you get paid and you
have nothing else to do with it. So you just have to worry
about the introduction. You don’t have to worry about payment
processing, getting merchant accounts. All the rules and processes that go into
that. You don’t have to do any of that. You just have to wait for your
commissions to come in afterwards. Don’t have to worry about extensive or
expensive sales copy so you don’t have to write your own sales copy or pay someone
to actually do that for all of your different emails and marketing and
sales pages and upsells and down sells. You don’t have to do any of that. They handle all of that and you don’t
have to make tons of marketing materials, so all you have to worry about, it’s the material that you
require to make that introduction. The different types, so there are
obviously two main different types. You have physical products
and you have digital products. Now physical products are going to be
just about anything out there and you’re going to have to realize that
affiliate Marketing is massive. You can promote just about
any product you want. Literally any product out there usually
has at least a referral program or an affiliate program in place that you
maybe didn’t even realize existed. But Amazon is probably one of the
biggest out there because Amazon, you can get paid, I believe it’s about 5% for anything
that is sold after you make an introduction. So if they went
there for a Yoyo and they buy a TV, you get 5% commissions on that. But the only issue is the commissions
are very low. 5% is nothing. And obviously if you’re having to send
paid traffic or work very hard to make those introductions, you need to make sure the traffic sources
you’re sending to Amazon are very low cost or on mass because of you’re selling
a Yoyo and you’re only getting perhaps 20 cents per yoyo commission
probably less, then, you’re going to have to sell a
lot of Yoyos to make your money, which is why people tend to prefer
digital products because physical products have a lot of costs. There’s a lot
of costs to the person creating it. There’s a lot of costs to the
middle man, which is Amazon. They want their piece of the Pie. So before you even get a piece
of the pie for the introduction, everybody’s taken all the money out of it. There’s lots of people that have put
their hand into the pot to take a percentage of the profit. Whereas
with digital products and softwares, most of these are made, you make them once and you
can sell them a million times. So if someone makes a digital
course, they put time, money and effort into creating it
in the first place. But after that, all they have do is pay for hosting,
delivery and customer service. They literally don’t have any
costs into delivering that product. It’s almost a hundred percent profit. Then it’s very similar for software’s
other than host hosting and perhaps having a developer or two or people that
you pay to maintain that product. Softwares have lower costs as well.
Then the likes of physical products. So there’s also a lot of good things
to come with softwares because they’re normally reoccurring. So it’s a good opportunity for you
to generate some recurring income. But with digital products in general,
you’re going to get higher commissions, normally 30% upwards. So you can see the difference between
Amazon with their 5% and digital products where they’re 30 plus percent up to 50
maybe even more sometimes then you’re going to be, it’s going to be far
easier for you to make your money. If you’re trying to make that $100 a day
and you’re trying to do it with Amazon, you’re gonna have to sell a lot
more products to reach that. Whereas with a digital product, if you were selling a product that was
giving you 50% commissions on $100 sale, then you only have to make two sales
to make that $100 so much, much easier. And this is why most people online
and other videos you may have watched, they generally always start to recommend
digital products and it’s for that reason, low costs and higher commissions. So where can you find
these products? Well, the main sites ones you probably
know are going to be like clickbank. Now clickbank is, has got quite a
lot of spammy products on there. So really do your homework and make sure
that you’re finding products that are good quality on there, but they have
tried to improve things in the past years. So it’s still a place where it’s probably
one of the biggest still out there and it has a great source of digital products
and other types of products is a great site for doing research on
actually working out what
you might want to promote, what niche might be good for you to go
into and if there’s enough products for you to promote in that niche. So clickbank is a good starting point
if you want to get into the digital products where you can start to see, okay,
are there products on health, wealth, relationships, what area
do I want to get into? And you can start to break down into
that niche to make sure you’ve got enough products to be able to sell. You have which is commission junction. They have lots of big products on
there from lots of major brands, things like Nike or loads of big, big companies on there that
you can promote products for. I believe it’s physical
and digital products. So there’s a hell of a lot of stuff to
find on their commission junction is actually massive. So once you get
approved onto commission junction, you really do, you still
gotta get approved for the
individual products inside, but you can start to get a
lot of products on there. So if you’ve got a particular
type of product you want to find, chances are it’s going to be lots of
similar products on JV zoo is another one, a bit like clickbank, again, slightly spammy digital products because
they do a lot of the launch scenes. So there’s a lot of small
products that aren’t great, but there’s also a lot of good products
on there and they have tried to improve things recently. So a lot of
improvements with Jvzoo as well. So it’s a good of digital
products. You have share-a-sale, which is a great place for
both digital and I think, physical sales so share-a-sale is
another big one that I really like. Pay Kickstart for digital
products. It’s smaller, but there’s a lot of trusted SaaS
companies, software companies on there, so it’s a good place to go and look
at them. But for the most part, what you’re going to do is any product
you want to sell via digital or physical, all you have to do is Google the name
of the product and the name of the business and affiliate program and
chances are something will show up. If it doesn’t show up
for affiliate program, you give the product or company
name and put referral program, they will always have something in place. I guarantee you 90% of businesses out
there you will be able to promote in some way. Not all of them as a beginner
will you be able to promote, they maybe will want to see a website
or some sort of established audience so that they know how you are
going to promote it and how
you’re going to go about using the link so you’re
not damaging their brand. But there’s a lot of ones out there that
you will be able to get started with an as you grow, you’ll be able to
promote. Just about anything. So literally any tool, any products you use and like
you could pretty much promote. So the best products to promote, and
you may have heard this in other videos, we always always, always recommend starting with
recurring high retention subscriptions. So that’s softwares hosting. Anything that someone’s
going to use for a long time. It could be an email marketing tool, it could be some sort of website tool
hosting a software that they need to use on the marketing, something that they need inside their
business or inside their personal lives that they are not likely to cancel
any time soon. So for example, hosting is always a good one. It’s the one everybody used to do many
years ago because if they were paying $10 a month and you were getting $3 of that, how often do people cancel their
hosting? If they own a website, chances are unless that business goes
under, they’re going to keep that website, keep adding to it and
growing it as the years pass. So you will keep getting paid for
years to come. But the main thing, and the main reason I teach this and
recommend it is because this was the game changing point for me. This is
where things really took off for me. Because if you’re only
promoting one time products, you may have one good month
and feel really confident, but then the next month you
don’t know what’s coming in. So if you suddenly have a bad month,
you have no way to grow your business, no way to replace your wages. So if you want to replace your job
and quit that job and get your life of freedom, you need to know what’s
coming in each and every month. So when people are starting out, I always say 80% of what you’re selling
until you’re at a comfortable level where you know what’s coming
in each and every month. It needs to be reoccurring products.
So pick a core product, promote that, promote other reoccurring
products around it. And as that comes up and you realize,
okay, now I’ve got a good solid base. I know exactly what’s coming
in each and every month. I know how much I can invest in growing
my affiliate business and I also know how much I’ve got to pay
my bills and live my life. So without that you cannot do that. And I learned that the hard way by having
an amazing month going on holiday next month and when I was on
holiday, it was the worst, most stressful month I’d ever had and I
wasn’t really making enough money so I couldn’t enjoy my holiday. So if you want to quit that job and
you want to have a life of freedom, you really, really need to have recurring inside
your portfolio of products that you promote. And especially at the
beginning, it needs to be a very, very high percentage after that, when
you are promoting onetime products, you probably want to try and go for mid
ticket to high ticket products that are gonna pay you a large amount. Because if you’re going to go
to the effort of selling them, then you want to make sure
at least the funnel itself, maybe it starts with a small product,
but the funnel itself is high ticket. So maybe it’s a $10 product to begin with, but then it goes all the
way up to a $5,000 product, so there is a chance that you’re going
to make large one time commissions out of those because you’re going to reach
your goals far faster if you’re getting paid. If you’re selling a $3,000 product
and they’re paying you $1,000 per sale, then in order to make your 100 day
a hundred dollars per day target, you only have to make
three sales in the month. Exactly three sales in the
month and that’s very doable. I think if you’ve got to attract good
traffic source and you’re able to get some traffic going to it and you’re adding
value, making three sales is very, very doable. So between reoccurring
and some high ticket ones, that’s really how you’re going to be able
to take your earnings to a good stable growth and really push to get started. So traffic sources. Now I’m going to jump over to
the whiteboard because I want to, I want you to think about this question
and that is what are you willing to do versus the time available? So when you’re starting out
with any type of traffic source, you really need to think about what it
is you’re willing to do and and basically what it is you’re not willing to
do. So how much time do you have? Are you willing to get
in front of a camera? But all of these questions need to be
answered before you pick your traffic source. So I’m going to jump over
to the whiteboard and we’ll
get into detail on that now. Okay, before we move onto the next section and
we start going into the different types of traffic sources, I want you
to ask yourself a question. And that question is what
are you willing to do? So what are you willing to do? You
probably saw this on the last page, but before we get started, I want
you to pick one main traffic source. You can have two but one main core traffic
source that is 70 to 80% of what you do online. And the rest is just an extra one that
you can use to support the other traffic source. But I want you to pick one and
I want you to start with free traffic. You can do paid traffic once you get
really good at it and you start to generate, starting to generate
some free traffic from it. And until you understand that platform, there’s no point in moving
forward onto paid traffic. Okay? So we have the two
different traffic sources, which I like to break down
into hunting or engagement. This is where you’re actively
going to find your audience, so you’re actively going
to find your audience, you’re targeting them and you’re trying
to find them and you’re going to be engaging with them on a daily basis. So you’re going to be having to post
all the time daily, if not once a day, twice a day, seven days a
week until you get some help. You’re going to have to be
committing to doing that. The other side is the fishing side. So
the gathering side where we’d like to, I like to say it’s fishing because you’re
putting down baits and you’re waiting for the customers, much like fish to come to you to find
those baits and then you’re going to make some sales. So this is
more of a passive side. You’re not having to actively
post all of the time, but you are having to create
content and assets that mature. So they’re going to have to bed in
there. Gonna take longer to rank. So it’s going to take longer to rank
for SEO to bring your channel up, to bring your website up, to bring your youtube channel hub
to bring your Pinterest account up. It’s going to take a little bit
of time to get some authority. So that’s going to take longer
than the engagement side. You can grow these Facebook and social
media and Instagram accounts very, very quickly, but you’re going
to have to actively post. And then on these ones you’re going
to have to create a lot of content, really target certain keywords and
wait for your rankings to come up. So which ones you want
to do? Are you rather, would you rather go for the passive style, create those assets and wait
for people to come to you? Or do you want to go hunting? So once
you’ve worked out which side you want, do you like to go on for
your main one? As I said, he could pick youtube and Facebook is
a great combination. We also do that, you could do youtube and Instagram
whatever combination you want, but pick one for your main one. And once you decided on which side
you want to be your main product, your main focus for at least
70 to 80% of your time, you then need to ask yourself
one more question. And that is, are you willing to get
in front of the camera? Now we all hate being in
front of the camera to start. So if you think it’s
different for anyone else, no, we all hate it when we start out.
There’s probably a few people, but most of us hate getting in front of
the camera is something that you have to practice that and you have
to do every single day. You will consistently get better, but you’d be producing content
and it will be working for you. People like authenticity, so don’t
worry about it not being perfect, but with that said, if you really, really have tried it and you’re not
willing to do it, it’s 100% no, no. Then you’re going to have to change
the channels and how you operate. So whichever side you’re going for, if
you’re willing to use video, fantastic. You could use video on
Facebook, Instagram, or youtube, and that’s gonna make your life
way easy to drive things up. If you are not willing to do that, then perhaps Instagram and SEO are
going to be a better choice for you. So you need to choose based on what you
are willing to do and what you are not willing to do. All right, let’s jump back to the computer and
I’ll start going through the individual traffic sources. Okay, welcome back. Now let’s jump into these traffic sources. We can start going into a little
bit of detail about each of them. I’m not going to go into massive amounts
of detail. We do have our academy. Remember I said I’ll put a link in the
description where you can get free access to more training? Well that
will be in our academy, but we’re going to go through all the
different traffic sources now and so you have a better understanding
about different ways you
could potentially use these and ones that you might
want to get started with. So the first and one that is very, very big and used to be the main source
of traffic for affiliate marketers was SEO. So that search engine optimization, it’s where you’re building websites that
are targeting key words to make sure that when people search for those keywords
on the search engines like Google and Bing that your products, your website will show up on page one
or least page two to be able to get you some free traffic and be able to get you
sending traffic to the affiliate offers that you are promoting. But you have to make sure that
it’s tactical blogging with SEO. This is not having a blog that you
want to write lots of Nice posts on. If you’ve got lots of ideas about
things that you want to say, if you’ve got things that you want
to get off your chest, that’s great, but you need to make sure that
you’re tactically blogging. You’re searching your
blogging based on purpose. Every single post you create has to be
focused on a key word that is potentially going to rank for and is potentially then
going to send you traffic because each page is a single asset based
on normally a single key word. So you’re gonna be targeting buyer
keywords such as the best review product, how to buy, or maybe just lots of general words for
the actual product that you’re creating. But the more buyer keywords
you can actually target. So people that are actively
looking. So as I said, people are looking for the top, the top
of something, the best of something, a reviews, demos, how tos. So
lots of different stuff on those. And then lots of general keywords where
you might be able to sell other relevant products, but each blog is typically going to be
based around one niche and even better if you can build it around one
product, if the product is worth it. Then for example, if you’re doing
Spotify, I mean not Spotify, Shopify or you are doing
perhaps clickfunnels, then
that product, each sale, it has a lot of income for you. It’s worth you building an entire asset
around that. So you may want to build, you make yourself a list of as many long
tail keywords and long tail keywords are probably the ones that
you’re going to rank easier for. There’s going to be ones like for example, clickfunnels might be
very hard to rank for, but the the best way for a beginner to
get started with clickfunnels is a long keyword and perhaps that’s going
to be much easier to rank for. So you’ve got to look for those longer
keywords that the competition is lower for. And then you’ve got to create blog
pages around each of those keywords. The more pages, the better and normally I would always
suggest trying as a beginner because your website is not ranking yet,
no one really knows it, is that you’re going to be looking for
different products you have potentially want to post, so you could,
for example, go to Clickbank, you can find potential products
that you know are selling a very, very well after doing a little bit of
research and then you would want to see the competition levels in
your keyword research tools. Now we’re not going to go
deep into keyword research. Now there was lots of other
videos out there and again, inside the academy we can create more
information on that for you if it’s not already, but you’re going
to be wanting to target, find the product, find the keywords that are potentially
available that you have a chance to rank for, and if there’s enough of them, then you can start creating blog posts
yourself around those keywords that you’ve found. Now creating those, it’s typically just going to
be a cheap free wordpress site. You’re going to do lots of single
pages around a thousand words per page. You can have links inside
there to monetize it, and you can also have banner ads down
the side of the blog posts to be able to make sure that you’re getting additional
clicks going to other products that you’re selling or the relevant products
or the same product that you’re focusing the keywords on. Now, with that said, it’s not something
we do a huge amount of these days, but SEO is really going to be the main
and almost only way for people to make money. The main way for people to make money
if you’re not willing to be active on social media and to be in videos. So if you don’t want to be in videos or
you don’t want to be posting everyday on Facebook or Instagram, then SEO really
is the one that you need to get into, in which case you’re going to have
to get a lot more advanced into SEO. So once you’ve got the
basics of this training down, that’ll be the next move that you move
into is learning a lot more about SEO and how keyword research works. It’s
actually not as complicated as you think, but you will need a good tool to use.
The next one is Quora. Now if again, you don’t want to post it in Facebook
and you also don’t want to create videos, then Quora is a potentially
a good option for you. It’s a place where people ask
questions and people answer them. So if people are asking questions
about clickfunnels, for example, you would be able to answer those and
send people to your affiliate link or to your blog posts that you’ve created to
generate free traffic from those answers. If you wanted to get a
little bit black hat, you could of course create two accounts. One where you’re posting the questions
and one way you’re posting the answers, but make sure your answers are not
spammy, they’re being very useful. People still want to look for the best
answers before they click through to anything. And then as you get
better at that, if you wanted, you could actually run paid ads to the
questions to make sure that you’re able to get to the top. So your, your answer
would be the first one that people see. So Quora is a good one. It’s
probably not the biggest, but it is something that
you could actually use to
generate additional traffic search ads. Now search ads
are something that we love. This is how we used to
make most of our money. And what we love about search
ads are your targeting buyers. So you’re able to target people that are
actively looking to buy the products. So for example, clickfunnels, Shopify, if anybody is looking for any of
these products, or for example, if someone’s just looking for some
red shoes, if I want to buy red shoes, I’m going to type in buy
red shoes in a set area. And if I’ve targeted that keyword, all I have to do is push red shoes onto
that person and there’s a high chance that they’re going to buy. It’s not like Facebook where people
are on there looking at cat videos and socializing with their friends.
They’re not on to buy red shoes. So to be able to get them off
Facebook and to buy shoes, it’s going to be a lot more
work and a lot more tactical. You’re gonna really have to think outside
the box to be able to get people to do that. Whereas if someone
is searching for that, that already in the mood
to buy that product, so it’s a lot like SEO in the sense
that SEO is trying to rank for those keywords, but doing Google ads or bing ads or
even youtube ads which are also managed inside Google ad words, then you’re able to actually get to the
top of page one if you can beat the bid. If you find you still need to look for
those gaps just as you would with SEO, but you’re able to get to the top of the
page for that and potentially get your ads shown directly to people. So again, I said on being on Google ads search, you’d be able to show at the top and the
first couple of search items and at the bottom of the page and she’d be able
to show up on youtube either inside the video itself or just alongside the
videos as a recommendation youtube is actually now also experimenting with text
ads as well so you could potentially, if you’re someone that was
using search ads in Google, you can now potentially start to put ads
into youtube as well its buyer traffic only as I said, so we love
that you can direct link. These are the two ways
that you could do it. You could direct link to your
affiliate link for that product, which some sites will penalize you
for. Make sure you cloak that link. We have a link cloaker
inside our. If you your Ad, you can try first, but if
your ad does not get approved, make sure you use a link cloaker
and as, as I was about to say, we’ve actually got one in the academy
area for free that you can use and then you would actually be able
to send directly to the link. But what we always recommend is that you
have a bridge page and this is a page that typically captures an
email address, adds value, captures an email address before it goes
to the product because that way you’re building your list at the same time
so you’re not just paying to send dead traffic that you can’t re target, you
can’t send them additional emails, you can’t communicate
with them any further. If they do not buy the product there
and then from the ad, then it’s over. And quite often it takes a
lot of different points of
contact to actually make that sale. So you’re having to
communicate with people. Five, six, seven I think is the average times
to be able to make that sale. So by able, by capturing having a
bridge patient capturing an email first, you are potentially going to increase
your sales and increase a list which you then own. Stick to phase and exact for the keywords. Now as you start to go inside this
and set it up yourself and the keyword research tool that’s built
into Google ads, which is free, is going to be great research also
for your SEO. If you’re doing SEO, that’s a great free tool to use, but
also for finding those opportunities. But when you enter your keywords,
it’s going to give you three options, is going to be broad phase
and exact. When starting out, you want to go with exact and phase. Exact is that it will only show your
ad for the exact term that you put in. So if I type in clickfunnels review, it
will only show for clickfunnels review. If I type in phase, it might show for clickfunnels
a review clickfunnels. So it might let you reverse
the wording around a bit. So if someone changes it up
or a clickfunnels or review, it would potentially still show. But broad would mean that it would
only have to have those keywords, but it could be in any sentence. So it may not be that relevant
in any way, shape or form. So you want to make sure that you’re
sticking to phase and exact for your keywords. Okay, so youtube is a massive one
that we really, really love. Now Youtube is something that we’re
getting back into, but in terms of, yes, we just targeted by it,
been talking about ads, but you can again target just as you
would with SEO or with the paid ads on search. You can talk target those keywords for
organic listings and be able to get ranked far quicker than you can with SEO. So SEO takes three to
five months typically with
producing enough content to be able to really rank a really good
website that’s generating you good money. But Youtube, you can almost
rank your videos overnight. So if you find a good opportunity
and you format your video correctly, so you’re putting it in the tags, you’re putting in a good SEO description
and your making sure that you’re mentioning in the video
itself in the Intro, the main keyword that you’re
targeting. Then you have a really, really good chance of ranking
that if you’ve done your homework, remember for competition levels we will
do more training on youtube inside the academy and inside our own youtube channel
targeting and explaining a lot of the different ways that you can actually
research these keywords and put together your content inside the video when you’re
uploading everything cause you need to make sure you’re using the right tags
because people are searching based on tags. So it’s the tags that
is relevant to that video, which are a bit like
keywords that I tell it. It’s telling youtube what your video
is about and then you’re targeting the exact keyword that you’re going to have
in the description and in the header itself, just as you would with a blog
article to try and get people to show up potentially in Google itself or to
show up when people search for inside Youtube. So it’s a great way to get organic
listings and there’s new videos for new products being added all the time.
So if you’re willing to get on video, you have a really, really good chance to build a community
of people that trust you to build an audience and to improve your rankings
and start making money far quicker than you potentially would be able to with
SEO. Now again, focus on buyer traffic. So it’s the same sort of, um,
same sort of way as blogging. You need to make sure that your
target targeting those buyer keywords, those product relevant keywords,
um, and make sure that you’re, it’s better to be in the
videos if you can do it. I know a lot of you might
want to do animated videos
or you might want to find a way not to be in it. they do work. Now you can get a voice over
and you can do text videos, but if all of your
channel is based on that, you’re going to find it very hard to get
your personal brand out there getting your face in the camera, no matter how
uncomfortable you feel or how bad it is, it builds trust much quicker. When people
see your face, they see who you are, they hear you voice. If they
trust you as a human being, they are more likely to click through
your links and you’re more likely to make money. So I really, really am passionate about trying to get
people to try and get on video because video is going to be absolutely
everywhere soon. It’s not just video, it’s going to be more about
streaming everything all of the time. So you have to be able to
get in front of the video. You really want to be doing
that. Okay, so reviews, demos, you want to be focusing on videos that
are targeting people before they’ve bought so you can do a lot of videos
to build the authority of your site. What I would say to everybody when
you’re starting out is make sure that you create 15 videos on the niche and product
or subject that you want to talk to target. Do your research for the keywords for
focusing on each and every video and then upload. Create an upload those 15 videos so
your whole channel will get rankings and authority based on that niche and
based on what you are targeting, it will show youtube immediately that
this is what your channel is about and it will help improve your rankings. But if
you then start to target reviews, demos, how tos, pricing, anything that
targets people before they buy, again, you will start to make money. Make sure your link is in the top few
lines of the description so that it shows before people actually have to
click down to open it. Instagram. I wanted to cover it in here, but it’s not one that we really use
because Internet marketing is not very Instagram friendly in the sense
that most people on Instagram, it’s a very visual, very
lifestyle orientated branding. So it’s a very lifestyle social
media network is people that, people that do Internet marketing for
this channel and they tend to focus on the freedom lifestyle. So if I wanted to go down that route and
I wanted to really explain to everybody how I’ve been a digital nomad technically
for five years and I’ve traveled the world, that would be a great angle to start at
before I start to tell them how I did it, because they would buy into that.
Then they would want to know how I did it, and then they would want to know more. So that’s how I could
potentially make money out of it. You’d have to go the indirect
route. Now that has been done a lot. It’s not to say you couldn’t do it, but Tim Ferriss with the four hour work
week has made a million of those types of people out there. So
whatever you’re going to do, you need to be creative with it. I have seen a lot of different
ways people are doing things. They link their bio to an affiliate
product of some sorts of maybe the saying this is how I did it, and then they’re linking to a
clickbank course on how to do it. But I also noticed that someone was doing
say a boxing channel and they linked to a betting site on their brand and
they had a lot of followers and it was a very big account. And that was
a few days ago I checked that, I went back to check today and guess
what? It was taken down. It was gone. So that might be, I’ve been breaching
Instagram’s terms of service now. Normally an organic account can still
do things with betting and other stuff like that. But there’s, you’ve got to make sure you really look
into the rules of what you’re promoting and how you’re doing it. So what I would always stay with Instagram
is that you link to a bridge page, give something away for
free, capture that email, continue the conversation off Instagram. So don’t really link directly to a product
unless it’s a product that you know is not going to be dodgy for Instagram. So if you’re looking to link to some sort
of betting network or something else, then just be very careful that you’re
not breaching the terms and conditions. Because Facebook and obviously
as Facebook and Instagram, they’ve got a lot of rules and if you
don’t want to get your account banned or lose your following overnight, then make sure that you follow those
rules and you read them properly. So visual content, you’re going
to have to post all the time. You’re going to only have that one
link in the bio until you get to 10,000 people. If you want to grow your account, the best way to do it is
to create great content. Obviously if you create good
content, it will get shared. But how to get the initial people would
be wanting to get friends and family and two to follow. And unfollow.
So as people you follow people, they will follow you
back. But try and keep a, an active list of people so you can keep
unfollowing to make sure that you don’t look like you’ve got thousands of people
you’re following and just maybe a few people that are following you back. The other good one and the one that I
actually think is the best if you’re willing to create a lot of contact
con content is to use hashtags. So you can search for the type of content
you’re going to create, excuse me, create. So if it’s affiliate marketing,
I would put Hashtag affiliate marketing, I would see who’s got the most posts
in for that particular account. So I would look for accounts that
are very big, very successful, and I would want to start replicating
what they’re doing. So one, I would take a look at what they’re
doing with their link in their bio. Two, I would look at their busiest and most
engaged posts and then I would see which hashtags they were using
in the first comment. And also in the post that themselves
to see what they’re using. I would then start using some of those
hashtags inside my posts to make sure people are starting to find my business.
Now you can use a lot of hashtags. I believe it’s up to 30 but typically
I would keep it to around about 10 good ones. 10 to 15 good ones don’t do anymore. Otherwise it might tell Instagram
that you’re a bit spammy. Okay, excuse me. Facebook
groups, pages and profiles. Now these how we use these as we
like to link them all together. Now this people are getting great
success with groups at the moment. Facebook is really focusing on groups.
They’re going all in on groups, in fact, because they know that’s
where the engagement is and
they know that’s how it’s working. So this is actually helping a lot of us
with organic ways of actually being able to grow our groups for free,
which is fantastic. Yes, you can get people to pages, but you
can’t actually run ads to groups. Not unless you’re just boosting a post
that links to your group inside your Facebook page. So you can’t
actually run ads to your groups. So the only way you can grow
that pretty much is organically. Now we go into the ads course
inside the academy area. We will go into ads and how you
could potentially get round that, but for the most part the strategy that
we use and Facebook groups in general are great for engagement. Obviously you
have to keep posting all of the time, much like Instagram to remain high in
the algorithm to make sure that Facebook is showing your content all the
time. It shows that you’re active, it’s seeing that you’re
getting engagement. Make sure when people engage with posts, you make a note or which posts were
getting the most engagement and do more of that. So do more of what’s working. But in order to actually
grow your audience, you’re going to want to actively target
groups that have a similar audience to you. You want to go into those groups
and you want to actively get involved. So you want to get involved and start
to comment, help people out. Be Very, very active in that group.
And when people check you out, they will go to your personal profile
and what you should have done and what we recommend doing is that you update the
cover image for your page profile and group to make sure that they’re all
relevant and they’re all basically working as banner ads to point
people towards your group. So your page and your Facebook profile
should be pointing people towards your group. Explains who you are and what you’re doing
and then saying there’s a link in the description. We then like to put a link
in the description that
takes people to the group and then we can either collect an email from
there or if we will talk about a little bit more in a moment. We use chatbots
to get people into that group, so basically you go into the other
groups that are similar to yours, you’re active, you get involved,
people will actively actively find you. They will see that you have a Facebook
group from your cover picture and then they will apply to go
into your group as well. But you can also look for people that
are being active in that group and people that are new to that group. If people are new and active and
let’s say that group was on affiliate marketing, if people are
new and active in there, that means they’re really interested in
affiliate marketing at the moment and if you message them to introduce
yourself and then when they reply, send them another message
to introduce yourself, explain a little bit more about who
you are and to say you’ve got a similar group that they might be interested in
and they you’d love them to be part of. There’s a good chance that
I think 99% of the time, as long as the wording of your
message is authentic, it’s personal. Remember you’re trying to request
someone to be your friend, so don’t be too business like with
this. You want to be personal, you want to tell them a bit
about yourself. You want to say, we’ve got quite a few things in common.
I think you’d like this group as well, and then chances are when
those people get back to you, they will go to join that group as well
so you can actively go and find people to join your group. What you can also do is then
paid ads and retargeting, but obviously as we said before, we recommend that you don’t do paid ads
until you get good at the free stuff and get really good at getting
your group and pages active. The other one is, well,
we’ve moved off traffic now, but what we’re going to get
into now is funnel basics. Now, if you don’t know much about funnels,
do not worry. It is not that important. Funnels are well massively important, but you don’t need to worry
about the advanced part. Funnels are basically about getting
people off those social media and traffic channels, so yes, it’s
great having your traffic. Now you’ve worked out how
to get traffic from SEO. You’ve worked out how to get traffic
from youtube and from social media. But if you don’t get people
off social media, yes, you can do some selling on
your social media channel, but if you sell all the time
inside your Facebook group, people are going to get bored. Your
engagement is going to go down. So you can only really promote a product
a couple of times a month within your group. So the only way you can promote all the
time is to get people out of the group and to do that the best way, which is also the oldest way for
affiliate marketers is email. So you want to get people
to a simple two step funnel. The first page is giving something away
for free. They hand over the email, it’s gotta be valuable enough that they
want to give you their email. Remember, it’s still a transaction. Even
if no money has been done, you want to give your email
to get that free product. And then what happens is they then go
to another page which introduces them to the core products you’re
promoting and explaining why. You can perhaps tell a little
story about why it worked for you, why it’s probably good for
them, why it’s a good match, and then there’s a chance that some people
will continue through to that website and sign up for that product, but
the rest will just get your freebie. But you would then create an email
sequence an automated email sequence. It could be up to six months long.
It’s up to you how long you do it, but typically we say two a two to six
weeks automation email and then you can move people to a mailing list, but your automate it for a variety of
products where you’re promoting and promoting and promoting a couple of
different products each and every week to make sure if someone doesn’t buy
now they will do in the future. So never worry about the fact that
someone isn’t buying straight away. You just haven’t found the
right product for them. But when you put the right product
in front of them, it could be today, tomorrow, six months time,
and they do buy a product, then it’s automatically been worth
having those people on your list. And remember your list. Is it only
thing that you own as an affiliate? So when people say the money’s in the
list, your whole business is in the list. So literally if you have the power to
be able to send emails to people at any point, then you have the power at
a push of a button to make money. So when people are talking about how
can I make money overnight online, it’s only with an email list, an
email list of people that trust you. If you have that, you
can promote a product, either yours or someone else’s and
overnight you will be able to make sales. So really recommend that you
have a simple two step funnel. We like to use clickfunnels. I will put a link below this video and
do not worry will put additional done for you funnels that you can
use inside the academy. We’ll give you some emails that are
ready to use and we’ll give you some templates, even some freebies that you
could potentially use to
get started to either give you ideas or you could
directly just use them, plug them straight in and start
profiting to grow your email list. So we’ll give you that inside
the academy. And again, I will put links below the description.
So let’s go into the email basics. So you’ve just set up your funnel,
you started to capture emails, and now you’re setting up your
automated email sequences. Now I’ve created a
course inside the video, inside the academy explaining a little
bit about the basics of emails in more details. So we go into a little bit more
detail than I’m going to go into today. But for the most part, if you’re
not very good at writing emails, which most of us aren’t to begin with,
you’re probably not a copywriter. And maybe you can’t afford
to get a copywriter, in which case keep your
emails very personal, use stories to make what
you’re trying to promote, make it understand user
experiences with that product. We always recommend promoting products
that you use and you understand because it’s going to make your life much easier
when you’re trying to promote them later on. So if you can tell stories about how you
got started with a particular products or struggles that you had, but
why in the long run it was great, then these types of stories are going to
be great to help you make a sale. Now, a lot of people that are also giving
you their products to promote, they may give you email
templates to work from. I always recommend that you edit these
emails, but it’s a good working point. If you don’t really know what
you’re doing to start with, you could take those emails, tweak them
slightly, add your personal touch there, making sure you’re introducing
yourself and the first emails, make sure people understand who you are. Remember they’ve signed up for a Freebie, but now you’re blasting them with emails
and they have no idea who you are. So remember if someone
handed you a pamphlet in the
street that was interesting, you might read it. But if they then continued walking down
the street trying to tell you more about it, you might be like just go away. But
if they introduce themselves to you, told them a little bit about
this themselves and what
you’re doing and why this helps you, you might be more
receptive to reading those emails. So you’ve got to make sure they
understand who you are. They need to know, like and trust you. And you can do that by introducing
yourself and using stories. As I said, we’ll go into more detail in that, but remember you need to add value
before you pitch. So it has to be value, value, pitch, value, value pitch. You can have different things at the
bottom of the emails for people to buy, but make sure that you’re
always giving value first. So what we often like to do is do a
value email with nothing for them, but telling them what’s coming
tomorrow, we’ve got something to fix, the problem that we’ve
just been talking about. And then the next day you fixed the
problem and then you introduce them to the product. And then the next two days of emails are
really pushing that product onto them. Hopefully that makes sense. As I said in the academy there’s more
training in detail. Messenger bots. Now if you do not use messenger
bots, you can not ignore these. They are a massive part of both affiliate
marketing and marketing in general, so if you’re doing anything
with Facebook it’s a must. Even if you’re not doing Facebook is
worth having as a tool because the open rates are so darn high.
There are also very, very personal because they
pop up onto someone’s phone, they read it automatically and it’s
short chatty, very friendly messages. These are typically how people
communicate with their friends. Remember that this is how they
communicate with their friends. So you are getting straight
into the friendship area, so you need to make sure that you’re
not one doing it all the time. You’re keeping it small,
fast to the point and fun. Often we like to be quite passive
with it and not very salesy. So we only use it for products where
we really want to introduce them to, but we often like to tell people
about new updates in the group, new things going on, new
trainings, so it’s a lot of value. And then sometimes we hit them up with
something they might be interested in, but the open rates rates
are fantastic. We really, really recommend using Messenger bots. It’s something that we love to
use to get people into the groups. So when I was chatting about great getting
people organically into your Facebook groups, we like to use messenger for this
and we have a link that we’ve set up. I will put a link below this video giving
you a full training on the three main ways that we use chatbots
and our business. But basically they have a link that
automatically adds them to a sequence in messenger when they click on it. So we say to join our Facebook
group and get free training, click this link and that’s in the
description of each cover picture on our profile on our page. And
in the Facebook groups, anybody that finds those clicks on it
will automatically be added to messenger and then we’ll tell them how to get
access to the group and we’ll be able to then promote products and
services to them inside Messenger. All right, so just getting to the end
now and I wanted to give
you the full recommendations of what I would suggest that you do. There’s been a lot of information
there very, very quickly and as I said, there’s a lot more training,
breaking things down, a little bit more step by
step and a little bit more
for different areas such as email marketing, messenger bots. We have a full course inside
the members area as well. It’s all completely free for you to
get started, so don’t worry about that, but it will go into more detail in
the inside those individual areas and products. So what I would suggest moving forward
is that you focus on high quality reoccurring products, as I said, to make sure that you’re growing that
reoccurring income to give you the confidence to grow your business
and to potentially quit your job. Normally 80% of start
with focus hard on that. And you can also do some high end mid
ticket products to try and get some onetime sales and cash in. Stick to
one main traffic source to start. Now, as I said before, you can have two traffic
sources, but you want one main one, one that’s 70 to 80% of what you do and
the other one just in case something goes wrong with the other source. But it’s also often good to have two
traffic sources because social media links up these days. If you’re trying
to rank videos on youtube, then if youtube sees that videos
are being shared on Facebook, it improves your rankings and improves
the social profile of those videos. So chances are is going to help
with your rankings as well. So having to can help, but just make sure that you’re
focusing on one main niche, one main traffic source, but also
traffic focus on one main niche as well. So if your niche is affiliate marketing
focus on that. If it’s relationships, focus on that and then drive
down into a subsection of that. So if I’m going into Internet
marketing and traffic, maybe I’m going to focus on Facebook
and that’s what I’m going to do. Maybe I’m going to focus on
talking about youtube traffic. Maybe if I’m doing relationships, I’m going to talk about how to pick
up girls or how to stop arguing. So some areas, some niche, some
niche within the niche. Pick on that. So pick a health wealth or relationships
and then drive down into a subcategory of those and then pick that, focus in on it and pick one
core product to start in on. So you have one main product and then
supporting products that you promote afterwards. So what I
mean by this, for example, if you were to promote clickfunnels, that would be your entry point product
because it’s the main thing that people need to capture. Emails have their website pages is
the basis of everything they create. And then there may be other products
you could promote with them. So if I move on to here, it could be
something to promote their emails with. So they, if they’re capturing
emails on clickfunnels, they’re going to have to be
able to send those emails. Now, you could do that in cyclic
funnels, but it gets very expensive. You need the high ticket the 297 package, but people are gonna need emails and
then they’re also going to need the messenger bots. So these are different
products that you can promote. And the ones on here, there’s
just some of them here. I will put them links to
them in the description, both either for you to get of trial and
try them out yourself or to actually promote yourself. So I put both links for you to
either get them or promote them. Uh, but click funnels itself is a
fantastic for your web pages, very beginner friendly. You can get pages up very
quickly that you could even SEO. You can put up your basic funnels and
you can promote click funnels and get 40% commissions. That’s right. 40%
recurring commissions on product, on a product that people tend to
have just like hosting for a very, very long time. We’re now, we’ll give you lots of done for you
funnels that you can use to get your business set up, but also to give away
if you did want to promote click funnels, but it’s a great starting
point because people need that. But another one is emails and the
reason I’m saying sendx is because one, it’s a good one to promote. They
give you 30% commissions. Again, I’ll put a link below, but also for
you as an affiliate getting started, it’s a great affiliate friendly system. I say affiliate friendly because tools
like active campaign are amazing. I also use those but they’re
not very affiliate friendly. They don’t really like
lots of affiliate links. They don’t really like promotional
materials. That sound a little bit, like make money online. So if you’re
doing any of that type of thing, you can risk getting emails blocked
by active campaign or potentially even losing your account if they
don’t like what you’re doing. So sendx is way friendlier. They will give you it at about a third
of the price as well for about $8 I think it is. You’ll get a thousand contacts
that you can send unlimited emails to, so you can really grow into it. With
Sendx you’ll do everything you need. And these guys, because
they’re, they’re pretty new, they’re really forward thinking, they have live chat support and they’ll
even call you if you have a problem and live talk you through that problem.
So their support is amazing. The price is amazing. And as
far as it goes for affiliates, it’s a fantastic product. So I recommend
using it and I recommend promoting it. So again, in the description I’ll put
links to both. Now, clever messenger, the Chat Bot tool that we use, again, there’s a full course inside the academy
for you guys to use and go through completely free. This is the Messenger
Bot that we use inside our business, but it’s also one that we
just started promoting now. They’d been in Beta for a long time and
at the time of recording this you could get it for a one time payment and
that payment was, I can’t remember, but it was a one time payment, but soon there’ll be moving to a
reoccurring subscription model. So if you were to promote it at the
moment, you’d get money one time, but soon you’ll be able to get
reoccurring income from that as well. So there’s three good ones for you to
get started with that would generate reoccurring income. Pretty much everybody needs these
products to get started with. If I think of a few more, I will check, put them into the description for you
guys to be able to check them out. But I really recommend that you
promote products that you use. So don’t promote anything that you
don’t use or you haven’t really, really tested. The perfect way to lose trust is if you
look like you’re just trying to promote any old thing to anyone. And these days there’s too many people
doing that in order to stand out, be transparent, be honest, be good, and be of value most importantly. So I’ll put links to these
products below and as I said, I’ll also put a link to the academy.
Make sure you go to the academy, there’s lots more great training in there. Make sure you join our Facebook group
where you can ask any questions. I’m happy to answer any of them. You
can put comments below this video, but inside the group you’re going to
get more support from myself and my assistant where we can really be more
hands on with you and all of the tools mentioned in this. This course, I will
put them below all the tools, resources, anything I mentioned inside this video. I’ll put below this video inside
the description. Otherwise, everything you need will be inside the
academy and we’re here to help via the Facebook group. All right,
I’ll see you in the next video.


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