Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: How To Find Money Markets

hey guys mark here with adventures in
econ and today I’m gonna be talking about affiliate marketing and how to
find your market and how to do research on your market now this is really
dispersed meat-and-potatoes video in my series that I’m creating just last week
I did an overview video kind of a table of contents to kind of talk about my
seven eight-nine video series that I’m putting out to help you build a
successful affiliate marketing business now affiliate marketing does not come
with overnight success that it’s not a staples easy button you don’t just do
you know spend five dollars in two minutes and have a million dollar
affiliate marketing business this takes some work and I keep preaching and
advocating that this does take some work and I’m trying to break down this little
series for you in a way that makes the most amount of sense to build and plan
your successful affiliate marketing business so watch it with me learn ask
questions leave comments down below I’ll take take my time out and answer
all of your questions but I just want you to be a part of this now before I
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download for you so let’s get into let’s dive into this finding a market and what
does that really mean everybody hears these terms like oh I have to find a
niche product I have to find a niche a niche yes and no and yes you need to
find a niche but I think that it is paramount to find a market for
if you’re able to find a market well let’s back up one second what is a
market market is really a group of people that have a bunch of similarities
and ideally the same types of problems that you as an affiliate marketer will
help to solve and one of the things that you kind of gives neat with this and you
can keep in mind is sometimes this marketplace doesn’t even know that this
market of people doesn’t even know that they have a problem they don’t know what
they don’t know so it’s a great opportunity for you to identify some
commonalities within that market and then provide answers to questions that
they either have or don’t know they have so okay mark how do you find a market
you’re probably asking and let me get off of this this is find your market
this is what we’re doing but I’m gonna jump in to just jump into a Google page
a good old Google search page and I started to do a little bit of looking up
but I thought that camping or travel trailers or something along this line
would be a really good niche market or a good market for us and then we will
niche down a little bit from there I just got our travel trailer out of the
storage for the summer so that we can go on our summer whirlwind travel trailer
extravaganza with the kids and go fishing and all that good stuff so if we
start to look and do a search for something like camping what we want to
start to do is we want to start broad and zero in on some specific things so
I’m just gonna look initially at the search volume and one point four billion
search results for camping that’s pretty high that’s a lot the
volume the monthly volume for camping according to keywords everywhere is
3,300 a month you take that with a little grain of salt they do return
results from Google’s at search api but take it with a grain of salt but you can
see over here related keywords this by the way is just a free plugin that i
have you can go and get it it’s keywords everywhere it’ll plug into your Chrome
or your Firefox etc and start to give you some good results
but you can see that people are searching for camping tents 110,000
camping gear 60,000 camping checklist 27,000 camping essentials 22,000 so
there are a lot of searches that happen every single month with very specific
things people that are looking for tents or gear which is a little more broad or
a checklist these are all very specific items so you know that there’s a market
of people that is out there that are looking to answer their question of how
do I go camping maybe it’s my first time I need a checklist I need the right gear
etc etc so let’s go right into let’s jump into Google Trends and do a search
over here and we’ll do a search for camping and it doesn’t surprise me that
it lulls in the winter time months but it is very high here coming out of the
tail end of the summer and then leading up into that if I go over the last five
years it doesn’t obviously what I expected
that this is going to be a very seasonal approach it looks like I’m surfing along
the waves right here but 82 here’s a hundred I think eight nine eighty nine
it’s up here touching a hundred this is at a hundred so there’s a lot of
interest as of the last several years on camping and you can get a lot of
information and get a lot of ideas about your market by going to Google Trends
you can do some comparison searches etc and I’ll let you play around with Google
Trends but this really just tells you that you’re on the right path you’re on
the right track and we could start to get a lot more kind of narrowed down
from here but I want to jump over so this is a super long video I want to
jump over to a few other tools that I use that help me answer those questions
and then by defining a market of people I can always go and find an affiliate
program to fit into that fit into that market and solve those problems so if I
come over here to Facebook we’re gonna come
over to Facebook and I’m gonna do a quick search for camping and we’ll look
at a few I’m just looking at some pages here’s I love camping
we can jump into I love camping and I did a video my very last video I just
did was on Facebook ads and this there’s something about spying on your
competitors ads and things that I’ll kind of go on into here because we can
also do it use it for research and but I’ll put a link in the cards to that
Facebook ad video but if you come down on a Facebook page and it says page
transparency that what that means is more times than not means quite a few
things but one of the things that means is if we click see more is if they’re
running ads there’ll be a link to it right here to the ad library for all of
the active ads that they’re running so if I click into here and I start to look
at this here are all the ads and they’re running ads looks like these are
leggings and here’s t-shirt more t-shirts and things wifey and hubby this
has to do with camping and fishing etc and here’s more ads so they’ve been
running these ads for quite a while and I’ll tell you what it means when people
have been running ads for a while it means well it either means that they
have no idea what they’re doing and they have plenty of money and they’re just
wasting it or what it means is that they’re actually making money they’re
making money by running these ads and it’s working so again the marketplace is
there and these are people that like to buy t-shirts and apparel and things of
that nature that some that go along with their travel trailer so you can really
use Facebook obviously for doing your market research to make sure we’ll see
what kind of products your market is buying you can also come back in here
I’ll just back out of this and you can do the same thing I just went into one
page I’m just gonna go into one page and kind of show you as an example I’m
actually gonna go into this one too a neat little trailer it’s kind of like a
trailer that I have but these people are not running as this is
a group but you can come into these groups as well and start to read you
just asked to apply to the group join the group and read the questions in the
comments and look at the repetitive nature of a lot of the comments our
questions and comments and see what types of things are being asked see what
kind of questions you really want to have a spreadsheet available so that you
can put all of these things down links to the pages or the forums the types of
questions that are being asked ask the products that you’re finding in these
advertisements and things like that and these are all going to give you clues as
to what your market wants listen to your market don’t dictate to your market
listen to your market and you’ll have so much more success another place that we
can go is to go to YouTube and here I’ve done camping and recreation here’s you
can you can hit the drop down and see YouTube’s autocomplete and really it’s
going to come up with things that people are out there searching for so camping I
could do something along the lines of travel trailers turn travel trailers
under five thousand pounds you can start to see travel trailers for sale
forty-nine thousand so you can get a lot of ideas from this again I won’t waste
your time by doing all these different searches but I know that from some of
these other keywords camping tents camping gear camping checklist etc let’s
see camping checklist so here’s camping checklist camping list
here’s camping checklist and you can come through here and see how many views
these have had if you filter this by the view count you can really get a good
idea of what it is people are looking for kids camping checklist there’s a
really niche down type of thing that you could go for here’s 258 tears a quarter
million views on basic supplies so you can start to kind of get the idea here
what you’re trying to do is define your market and make sure that they have a
want and a need and something that you can satisfy and fill here’s another
place you goto is Cora and do a search on camping
and see what kinds of things come up this is a great place to go because in
kora people are literally all they’re doing
is asking questions so what is essential camping gear what’s still the some of
the coolest camping gadgets here’s camping hacks what do I need for camping
buh-buh-bah do you like camping but you can go through all of this and see
here’s camping gadgets so you know gadgets are a great thing as I tell you
as a camper it’s one of the things I love the most are the little gadgets the
little butane burner or the little hatchet or or whatever it is so camping
gadgets really work I want to go to one more place and show you but if I do
something as simple as say camping camping forums I can come over here and
here’s a bunch of camping forums here’s a tent camping I don’t want tent camping
but you get the idea I can click into any of them and read it but here are
just a whole list of topics that people are going to be talking in asking
questions about etc etc you know what a forum is but go through and read all of
the messages in a forum or do a search in the forum for your sub niche like
kids camping checklist or something along those lines when you’re able to
get in the head of your market it’s gonna be so much easier for you to then
go and get a product to satisfy that marketplace
instead of getting a product and then hunting down the right market one other
thing couple other things so that has to do with finding questions and answering
questions and understanding getting into the mind of your marketplace but if we
come over here and come to affiliate marketing I mean Clickbank as an example
if I just come up here and type in camping we can see what products
so here’s Quito Camp it’s probably a diet camp Coast Guard boot camp Survival
Guide is not applicable right now are not available kettlebell games
here’s tactical flashlight camping survival and outdoor gear cool so here’s
a Clickbank product that you could supply to people here’s a bunch
days freight broker products I don’t know 30 day trash course so anyways you
can see what I’m saying this is just one place Clickbank is just one place to
find affiliate products to satisfy your market you know another thing that you
could do I know here near me we have a camping world so in camping world is a
place you can buy travel trailers and products and all kinds of stuff so if I
just went camping world affiliate program here’s a Philly broken camping
world right here so the camping world has Supes hit the back button Camping
World has an affiliate program you could also sign up for Amazon affiliates if
you’re looking for more physical products this would be a physical
product at Camping World I like digital products for affiliate
products we’ll get into products and things like that in a few later programs
but usually physical products have on the lower end of the Commission scale
because they’re physical products and they carry all kinds of hard costs
obviously but digital products like survival guides or camping guides or
campground you know this happened the other are all these tips and tricks and
checklists and things all of these kinds of downloads through affiliate programs
will have much higher Commission to you maybe 60 70 percent to you the affiliate
which is great right so I’m kind of feature pacing myself I’m talking about
that but getting into the head getting into the mindset of your market and
finding your market and answering these questions it’s gonna pay off in spades
as you work yourself through this series with me so as always thanks for watching
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