Affiliate Marketing For Beginners in Hindi

Hello Guys! This is Mahendra and you’re watching tech bulls Most of you must have heard of Affiliate Marketing Most of the big youtubers bloggers and other social media stars use their pages for affiliate marketing So today we will talk about what affiliate marketing is? Which program should you join and how much can you earn through it? So stay with us till the end Most of you have been shopping online with amazon,flipkart or myntra Such websites are called eCommerce websites Most of them have an affiliate program If your marketing leads to sales for them then you are paid a commission on that sale Commission varies with products It is small for electronics and more for shoes and apparels So which is the best affiliate program in India? Amazon and flipkart are the two biggest affliate programs in India But flipkart has halted its affiliate program since 5th may So the best one right now is amazon’s affiliate program The biggest advantage with amazon is that you get every type of product at one place If you shop with myntra jabong or others They are targeted towards a particular niche like shoes, clothing, electronics so that can only be sold to a particular audience But amazon is for all Also amazon is very popular in US Europe and other countries Now i’ll show you how to join amazon affiliate program Search for amazon affiliate program Click on the first link To check the commission rates scroll to bottom of the page Click on advertising fees at the left bottom corner As you can see rates differ with category Commission for mobile phones is 2.5% But since the price is very high you make good return on every sale Highest commission is for apparel and shoes around 9% Its also 9% for sports categoey Some products such as those listed here get you just 1% commission and some are barred from commission So make sure to check the list of non paying products so lets get back to the main page Once you are here click on join now You’ll need to reate an account so click here enter all your details here Click on continue now If you have used this email for orders you address will be filled automatically Select the payee name here If you are withdrawing to the same person’s account then select this option For Indians select no in the last option Then click on next Enter you website’s or app’s URL here If you are using youtube account like me then paste your channel’s url on the website section So paste your channel url and click on add Now my youtube account is added so ill click on next Boxes with * sign must be filled So enter you details there You can name the store id anything its not compulsory to match it with your channel or website name Enter details about your website or channel Select the category for your website or channel since my channel is related to technology I’ll select computer/software/technology If you want you can enter a secondary option but ill leave it empty Select the products you want to advertise Select electronics if you are a tech related channel If you review books or a blog then select books but ill advise you to select all because sometime in future you might need others too You’ll need to enter how you get traffic to your website If you have a blog enter paid search or seo I’ll select social media Select you primary income source with this website or channel I”ll go with adsense If you use adsense on website or blog select the same leave this section if you are a youtuber This is only for websites or blogs Select your monthly traffic I’ll go with 5k to 50k select to monetize my site here select online search here enter the captcha and click on I agree Then click on finish So we have applied successfully to the program You get 180 days to complete the minimum qualifying sales You can enter your payment details here to withdraw your earnings Since i don’t need it right now ill click on later This will be your homepage You can check how many people came to amazon through your link and ordered products your earnings will also be displayed here You get all sorts of tools So you can check them out later Now ill show you how to link products So come to the search bar search the product you want to sell Just to show you an example ill search for canon eos 200d there are multiple sellers for the same product so i get multiple options I’ll select the one i like Next click on get link You’ll get a preview of how the product will like on your website You can select text only text and image only or image only You get a HTML code which you will have to paste in the source code of your website If you are a blogger text and image is the best option mostly people like to select text only option Because if you have written a blog or are referring somone and you write “best camera for youtube recording” then that line will be link to the product So if the user clicks on it he will be redirected here If he orders the product from here your commission will be added to your earnings the next day Best thing about amazon is that If a user comes to amazon through your link and he orders some other product in place of this product within 24 hours even then you make a commission on the ordered product For example if i select a different camera from here and order it even then i make a commission Not just camera even if he orders products from different category then you make a commission on that sale The process to link products is different for youtubers instead of get link click on the small arrow next to it then click on shorten URL Now copy it and paste it in the description of your video If you check my description right now you’ll see different products linked there you have to do the same too That’s all you are ready to start earning How much you earn through it is totally dependent on the number of sales generated There are many people who make tons of money with this But you’ll need to build an audience first So try to make good content and then link related products If you liked the video then leave a thumbs up subscribe to this channel and ask your queries in the comment section


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