Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Make Money WITHOUT A Website 2017

hey Adam here and in this video I’m going to go into a step-by-step demonstration of how affiliate marketing works just in case you’re not familiar with it already it is very very easy and hopefully through my beautiful artwork I have here on the screen I’m the best artist ever I know I hope you guys can tell you guys will be able to understand that affiliate marketing and I’ll make it easier for you guys so with that being said let’s get started affiliate marketing is very very basic it goes on every day in our normal life we don’t even see it half the time but it’s just when basically someone like you for example get a link to a product and you refer someone to that link and when they buy through that link you make the Commission so it’s very basic so let’s say you find a product on Clickbank you’re browsing the marketplace and you come across a product that you want to promote this is how it basically works you basically go and get your link which is right here this part right here you go get your link and you have your own custom link so whenever someone buys through your link click beg knows that you sent that sale and therefore you get the commission now what you need to do next is find people to come to your products and come to your link that you’re promoting so these are the people here and what we’re going to do is they just come to your link whether it’s on a blog or you’ve posted it online somewhere or you sent it out an email they come to your link and when they click on your link right here they then get sent straight here to the affiliate products and I’m going to put a big a here for this is the affiliate product that you are promoting when they buy this affiliate product they then buy the products they get the product because that’s what they wanted and you get paid money for that sale very simple so again this is how it works you find people to go to your custom link which is right here that Clickbank will give you then after they click on your link and they land on the affiliate product that you are promoting which is right here and they buy this product you then make money as simple as that so all you have to do is go out there find people and drive into your affiliate link and once you do you will get a commission and we’re going explain exactly how to do that in the videos coming up but now that you kind of have the basics out of your way and understand affiliate marketing you’ll get it more we’re talking about traffic generation and how to monetize even more and stuff like that in the upcoming videos so that’s it hopefully that makes sense and you understand what affiliate marketing is now and we’ll move on to the next video see you in the next one


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