Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: My FREE Traffic Plan (Made Us $517,780!)

affiliate marketing for beginners this
is my free traffic plan that has made over five hundred and seventeen thousand
dollars so I’m gonna skip my normal intro today and get straight into the
meat and potatoes that’s why things look a little different on this video but I
wanted to start out and let you know that my goal with this channel is to
produce weekly videos to provide good valuable content to help you make money
online so be sure and subscribe to the channel so that you’re notified every
time I make a new video now let’s jump straight into it and and really there is
no staples easy button I mean there is for nine dollars and twenty-nine cents
here but there’s no staples easy button for making money online but this method
is about as close to doing that as I’ve ever seen this comes from a buddy of
mine who and I’ll pull up this earnings report he just sent me the screenshot he
shared with me just a little while ago about a month ago but I want to kind of
get fuzzy when I blow it up but he made over five hundred and seventeen thousand
dollars since 2007 doing things exactly like this so I’m gonna dive in and start
to show you right now okay so we’re over here at the computer and I wanted to
take a quick second because I know the title of this video is affiliate
marketing for beginners and you might be saying what’s cost per action what’s CPA
marketing so real quick a boiled down version is CPA marketing or Cpl
marketing they’re all forms they’re all really forms of affiliate marketing so
all of the affiliate marketing that I’ve been talking about to this point in the
previous videos is really driving traffic to an offer somebody else’s
offer where they make a sale and you get paid on the sale CPA is really cost per
acquisition and that is just for a lead really we’re trying to now just provide
be a lead provider for this seller so that’s the real difference yes there are
more technical differences in nuances and things like that but for all intents
and purposes this is really what we’re looking at doing and just like I said
earlier the example of my buddy that did five hundred and seventeen thousand
dollars in cpa marketing on one offer since 2007
he told me about this i don’t know a month ago and said he was doing it with
really good success and so i just wanted to shoot a video to bring it to you to
show you how you can drive that free traffic to a CPA offer and get residual
passive income coming to you so with no further ado i want to jump over to this
website called skill share now skill share is one of many other websites like
you to me etc that there are people that put together courses on how to do
something without even clicking around the website fundamentals of DSLR
photography I could take a course to find out how to use a DSLR camera here’s
creating word mats here’s essays how to write essays top 10
tricks and tips and tricks to speed up your workflow
all of these are paid courses that people are going to teach you how to do
something and skill share it will pay us a set amount of money every time we just
bring them even a lead doesn’t have to buy into their premium membership just a
lead so let’s scroll to the bottom of skill share consequently you can do this
with any number of those other websites – I’m just using skill share as an
example but if you scroll to the bottom and come to their affiliate page what’s
really really nice about this two things that I really like is they have a 30 day
cookie which is a long amount of time somebody you can drive traffic to their
website to a particular course that might interest them and if they don’t
like it maybe there’s another similar course that they might then sign up for
maybe a day or two a week a couple weeks 30 days later it doesn’t matter
whereas let’s say like an Amazon affiliate Associates program there is a
24 hour cookie so this has a 30 day cookie which is awesome and the other
nice thing is that it says affiliates earn commission for each new customer
that signs up as a Premium Membership obviously a paid membership or we get
paid if they sign up for a free trial and they pay up to $10 I think we’re
probably gonna have to hit a tear to reach that but if we click on the join
for free it kind of gives you a little bit of a breakdown I think right
as a starting out affiliate or a marketer what they’re offering is seven
dollars the referral period is 30 days so you can kind of see here you know if
we had 10 conversions 70 bucks they’re doing the math for us this is on a daily
basis and that would be $2,100 a month so you know you can start to see how if
you can just drive traffic to people to sign up for a free trial 30-day
membership we’re not asking them to do anything not pay any money and we can
get paid as a reward for it so how does he how does my buddy or how do we drive
free traffic to this offer so what’s really really nice is and I’ll come back
to the front side of the website so you come up here and we’ll go to one of the
categories like photo and film here’s fundamentals of photo editing
here’s video editing with Adobe Premiere cool maybe I’ll look at that it’s what I
use to edit these videos with so here are some classes that are very popular
and what we do is if we come over to a website like Quora right let me let me
go to the home page here if we go to a website like kora we can do a search for
what was that photography Premiere Pro so let’s see if we do a search for
Photoshop and what’s the best way to learn Photoshop here’s a great one there
are 332 people that are following this post this question-answer post so if we
go into this question-answer post you can see that here’s somebody they want
to get here’s my learning process I started at home or in a decade ago above
blah so we can come down here and we can answer we can either add a comment to
somebody’s answer or post or we can just answer it ourself we can click on answer
we can say and I won’t type a big long post here but you’ll get the gist of it
you just see here that mark works at reach local you
– but not anymore anyways so we can write an answer like you know I have
taking courses on Skillshare for photography and there was one in
particular that really the instructor really taught me in a great way blah
blah and by the way I just signed up for their 30-day free trial so I got to try
and go through the course at no cost and here’s a link to the course that I took
we’re just trying to provide value and answer people’s questions and Cora is
just one of many of these types of forums that we could post answers to
Facebook groups on photography and all sorts of things you don’t want to come
off looking like you’re trying too hard sell somebody on something you just want
to be there and provide value and you’re sending a link over to the Skillshare
site that will be a direct link on one of the classes let’s say like this class
when you sign up for the Skillshare affiliate program obviously you will get
an affiliate link so you’ll use that you can use like a bitly or a Google
shortener or something that makes the answer look a little bit better but
that’s what’s really really nice about this is if you do it through a Facebook
group forum there are so many people that you can reach this reaches 332
people if we come back over here we’re gonna find good tutorials about photo
editing with Photoshop there are 514 people you can reach just like that by
writing an answer in there so that’s eight hundred and nineteen people you
know you here’s one Photoshop to nine hundred people it’s something else but
you can do all sorts of searches on let’s say Cora and find all types of
groups now if you’re reaching this many people all those people are going to be
notified when you write an answer to that post you can find a different topic
a different subject on Skillshare find it on Quora
and post it the nice thing about this is that it’s perpetual it’s kind of an
evergreen type of program so if you can set aside some time in the day to go
through this every day and find and set up maybe five or ten new posts and
affiliate links you know sky’s the limit this is past
of residual income that will just be coming your way and it really only
increases over time you know like I said these are evergreen so more and more
people are going to be coming to Quora and more and more people are going to
read these types of posts and read your answer and if people are liking it and
they upvote it then it gets bumped to the top so there are a lot of ways or or
topics just really an endless amount of topics that you could do this on and
just for a little stat Cora now has as many active users as
Pinterest they have over 300 million active users on Quora
so it’s not some small time little place but like I said not only is your the
amount of different subjects almost endless on Skillshare and you can put
them on Cora but you can put them on Facebook groups you can put them on so
many other different groups and these things add up over time and before you
know it you could be making an extra hundred dollars a day two hundred
dollars a day three hundred dollars a day just using this technique so if you
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