Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Niche Selection Is Critical

affiliate marketing for beginners today
we are going to talk about niche selection how do you choose the most
profitable niche how do you choose the best-selling niche how do you choose a
niche that doesn’t have any competition in it well these are all great questions
and we’re going to get into that right now before we continue be sure and
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really good information packed inside so in the last video in this series I
walked you through it really was a walk through on Clickbank and solo ads I
really wanted to put together a complete system for especially beginners to be
able to cut their teeth on getting everything up and running because once
you start to understand how affiliate marketing works and you optimize your
system and pick the right niche and do everything that you’re supposed to
ultimately you can see results like I have here this is a two week screenshot
from our Clickbank account as you move forward in your affiliate marketing
journey you really do need to after picking a niche consider building an
entire ecosystem around that niche with a blog maybe a YouTube channel
additional property social media etc you want to really encapsulate a whole
entire community around it and that’s when you’re ultimately going to be the
most profitable so today in this video we’re gonna walk through some things
that you need to consider to help make that decision on which niche I should
consider starting with people ask me all the time what’s the best niche what’s
the most profitable niche to get into and sadly there’s no one single answer
but the explanation is this practically any niche that has a lot of customers
and high-quality high-quality affiliate programs can be profitable in the long
term you just need to take a smart systematic businesslike approach to your
affiliate marketing business I think in the beginning a few of the things that
you really need to consider are not number one not thinking too small in
terms of too small of a niche don’t niche yourself down to the point
where you say oh look there’s no competition there’s nobody going for
this space because ultimately what that means is you’re gonna have few to none
little to no buyers in that niche so you’ll starve yourself out there’s a
reason why there’s no competition in that space like these videos that I do
then let me know by liking this video that way more people will be able to see
it number two is think about the big three
the big three known in affiliate marketing our romance health and fitness
and wealth or money and these types of affiliate programs have what we call an
evergreen effect it’s not something that is a flash in the pan or fad or some
sort of commodity that is here today and gone tomorrow
people are always looking for solutions to their pain points in these three
spaces just think about it how many relationships are people going through
and the emotional pain points and headaches and complications that that
all brings somebody wants to people want to inherently be with other people and
you as an affiliate marketer could solve that problem for them they also all want
to be in better shape especially around the first part of the year when January
rolls around and New Year’s resolutions the health and fitness industry
especially in the affiliate marketing end go bananas there’s an insane amount
of money made in this space and third is wealth or money that is something that
is forever ongoing it doesn’t matter what month it is there are always people
that are in trouble financially and/or always want to be making more money so
think about those three categories when you’re thinking about affiliate
marketing the third thing is recurring revenue models again if you think about
this it’s easy to make a secondary sale to somebody originally who’s happy with
the service or product that you provided so it’s that initial acquisition that is
so difficult so if I can sell an affiliate program to somebody that is on
a recurring revenue model that means that I’m going to get paid into
perpetuity with this system and if it’s web hosting or
you know I don’t know it doesn’t matter whatever the case may be that recurring
revenue model is where I want to be and it’s the one thing that I really like to
focus on sure I have affiliate programs that I run that are not as aligned with
that but I have tested so many so recurring revenue models really bring in
the money and the fourth thing that I think to really consider is to consider
leveraging brand awareness so if you are looking at say products if you want to
sell product lines through some of the other affiliate marketing things that
I’ll mention here in a minute you want to be able to leverage brand awareness
instead of selling some off-brand set of shoes you want to be able to sell Nike
or adidas or Reebok so you need to be part of an affiliate
network that is going to let you leverage that brand awareness now those
people have already spent millions of dollars millions of dollars to get their
brand out there so that everybody knows just do it and the Nike swoosh so take
that to your advantage and leverage that brand awareness again these are just the
things that you want to keep top of mind when going through your analysis and
your niche selection you have any other great ideas on how to select niche
products then leave a comment below okay where do you go to look for these
affiliate offers where can you go to get some ideas and or what you’ve selected a
niche where can you go sign up that’s easiest one of the things that you need
to consider is that if you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing
you really need to get that traction get that education and experience under your
belt and a lot of these bigger higher-end affiliate networks are going
to want to see that when you apply with them so some of the easiest places and
starting out is Amazon Associates if you’re looking to sell products the nice
thing about Amazon Associates there are good things and bad things but the nice
thing about them is they have so many they literally have any product Under
the Sun that you can sell and so you could solve a problem for virtually
anyone that’s product related now like I said a minute ago it’s not necessarily a
recurring revenue model but if you’re crafty you could fashion one in through
products another one is Rakuten
Marketing Rakuten marketing is another affiliate marketplace it’s very beginner
friendly they have a killer easy-to-use interface and they have some big brand
names on there that you could leverage that brand recognition with a few more
to mention Clickbank I did the last video in this series like I mentioned
before I think if you check it out right up here was my Clickbank and solo ads
video that I mentioned earlier you can go through Clickbank and set up with
them exceptionally easily scarily easy to set up with Clickbank for their
affiliate program also places like JV zoo or commission junction which is CJ
affiliates now or warrior plus there are a ton of places that you can go and sign
up for these affiliate networks as well again allow you to further cut your
teeth and build your experience so that you can then go to and apply directly to
some of the more profitable affiliate networks so when considering your niche
it’s better that you initially choose one that satisfy all your requirements
and additionally one that you have some familiarity with experience with or some
passion for one that I chose years ago that I still use today is the travel
industry so maybe the next time you go on a trip the next time you go somewhere
sit down and take full inventory of all of the things that you could possibly do
as an affiliate marketer and walking yourself through the paces but all of
the things you could do as an affiliate marketer to recommend and monetize for
somebody that’s looking to take a trip you could do things like planning
software or apps that you could recommend that help somebody do the
initial planning phases travel credit cards are a big one that payout in a big
way obviously flights selling a flight may be an affiliate to Orbitz or one
other flight search programs you could do travel insurance you could do close
again product sales a new camera hotel car rental meals tours etc you kind of
get my drift go through the whole trip go through
your whole plan and like I said take full inventory of all
of the things as an affiliate marketer that you could recommend and get
somebody going through your funnel once you collect their email address you can
be sending them all kinds of information that is going to benefit and help them
as a traveler and make you a little money as an affiliate marketer another
nice thing and for travel as an example is people are very passionate about
their traveling and people have a lot of people that travel have a lot of
expendable income so that means they’re gonna be able to buy these nicer things
and and the things that you are recommending to them also they can they
will usually travel let’s say annually or you know every so often so it has a
potential recurring revenue component to it
also it’s nice because you can target people that travel in the spring that
travel in the summer the travel in the fall and travel in the winter it’s
really not any kind of dead or downtime when it comes to traveling when you’re
doing this exercise always be asking yourself what does my funnel look like
am I going to send them to my youtube channel or my blog and what is my
contact frequency with this particular type of consumer so you can see there
are a lot of questions that you need to sit down and define and answer first
because this whole system runs really deep and the more you have it defined up
front the more successful you will be on the back end okay now I’m going to take
you over to the Google Ads Keyword planner because we’re going to do a
little bit of investigative work to see how competitive some of these keywords
are for the niche that we want to go after so the first thing that you’re
going to do is go into the ads Keyword planner and now you’re going to click on
the first option here that’s find new keywords and you’ll type them in right
here I’ve already done this search for travel travel deals and travel hacks but
basically we’re looking at the average monthly searches for these keywords and
the competition and this is going to give us an idea of how many people are
searching for keywords in our niche and the competition is obviously going to
tell us how difficult it will be to rank for them so here you see the travel
deals and travel are going to be harder then travel hacks also the bid range
here and I always just look at the low range top of page bid to get an idea and
then let’s go ahead and sort by this so that we can get an idea of how much
marketers are willing to pay for a single click for a keyword in their
niche and when you see these high dollar amounts usually indicates that there are
a high value affiliate products to sell in these niches because people are
willing to pay this much money for a single click so if you come over here
and notice that travel credit cards are something that people are willing to pay
over $20 a click for again without even that guaranteed conversion so that shows
me that it is hugely popular and has the ability to prove produce very
significant returns so you know if you think about it marketers are only if
they were only generating $10 a sale on the credit card deals they wouldn’t be
willing to pay upwards of $20 or more just doesn’t make any sense so there is
definitely big money involved in closing these sales once you’ve got all this
down then you’ve found yourself a good niche now aside from having the right
mindset the skills and experience promoting the right product in the right
niche is critical to your success because good marketing can’t substitute
for bad products in bad niches not in the long run as always remember to
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